Dale Carnegie


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Dale Carnegie

  1. 1. Dale Carnegie Training® Your Global Engagement Partner Presented by: INSERT CLIENT LOGO INSERT NAME
  2. 2. Who We Are “Coaching for the Moment” Dedicated History Coaches Rapid Network GlobalResults History With offices in over 80 countries and in 30 languages, we provide a • Our coachesof creates Our coaching 1912, world • A unique coaching style • In October have real Dale consistent and localized solution to any of your offices worldwide. performance breakthroughs business experience. first public- Carnegie taught his inThe trainer catches the City. speaking range of key areas. • a wide class in New York Algeria Antigua Honduras Hong Kong Russia Saudi Arabia • They come from around the Argentina Hungary Serbia ineffective habit or tendency Australia Iceland Singapore globe, training in over 30 languages Austria India Slovakia • Your it happens,worldwide • Today, we will start seeing when team are a offers a redirect Bahrain Indonesia South Africa worldwide. Rapid Dedicated Barbados Ireland South Korea Belgium Israel Spain across-the board results in network, Results Brazil Cameroon Italy Japan St. Kitts or correction and then coaches continuously St. Lucia Coaches justimmediate a minimum ofour for a undergo implementation. • They few days. Canada Kuwait St. Maarten reinventing ourselves and 250 Chile China Lebanon Libya St. Vincent Suriname Costa Rica Luxembourg Sweden hours of in-house development in offerings to stay competitive Côte d'Ivoire Macau Switzerland Cyprus Malaysia Taiwan, R.O.C. before allows foraquick adoption • This becoming certified trainer. an ever changing market. Dominica Dominican Monaco Mauritius Thailand The Netherlands Republic Mexico Trinidad & and changed performance. Ecuador Montserrat Tobago • Certified through a process that Egypt Morocco Tunisia • It’s this skill & experience that El Salvador France New Zealand Norway Global Turkey United Arab Coaching in has been ISO 9001:2000 accredited. Germany Panama Emirates we can bring to Networkclient. Greece Grenada you as a Paraguay Philippines United Kingdom United Statesthe Moment Guam Portugal Venezuela Guatemala Qatar Vietnam Guyana Romania
  3. 3. How We Work With You Our business is structured in a way that allows us to provide practical, results oriented solutions for individuals, teams and organizations. Individuals Teams Organizations
  4. 4. OPEN CLASSES for Individuals or Teams Various Formats Time-Spaced 7, 8 or 12 Weeks Intensive 2 & 3 Day Format 1-Day 1 Day Format How We Work With You
  5. 5. Solutions Organizational Business Performance Solutions Team Tailored OUTCOME Performance Solutions Competency Groupings 2-3 Days Individual Competencies 1-Day INVESTMENT (Time & Cost) How We Work With You
  6. 6. OPEN CLASSES for Individuals or Teams Sample Skill Areas Communication Human Relations Leadership Management Sales Presentation How We Work With You
  7. 7. PRIVATE IN-HOUSE INTERVENTIONS for Organizations Our consultative inquire approach, which we call iMAP, takes us through a impact involve process to help identify the solution that best fits your business needs. innovate How We Work With You
  8. 8. PRIVATE IN-HOUSE INTERVENTIONS for Organizations iMap: Customer Engagement Process Your organization’s strategic inquire A strategic conversation with vision – the “should be” as you to understand where the opposed to the “as is”. operation is today, where you want to take it and what needs to change to get there. Ingrain long-term behavior change and impact intent involve gain emotional and intellectual engagement with corporate objectives. Through assessments, surveys and a unique BID Design interventions that support your innovate process, determine the strategic intent, provide measurable alignment around the results, map directly to the competencies vision, competency gaps that needed to power the strategic intent, need to be closed, and attitudes blend competency development with that undermine change. attitudinal change and align emotional intelligence with corporate initiatives. How We Work With You
  9. 9. How We Deliver Results Why Dale Carnegie Training Technology Triangle of Success Cycle of Performance Improvement WORKS…observe andof technology Top Performers The application adapt We know that attitudes Possess the Right Application-Based and skills to a large to the wayresults degree AttitudesFollow-up deliver people & Skills Begins determine results. Our change and improve. training process is built on Cycle of eLearning SECRETS OF this unique understanding. Performance to help deliver the greatest Improvement SUCCESS App Follow-Up Attitude organizational impact. to help people successfully engage with Triangle of clients, prospects, peers, Success and management Improve AttitudeTraining Dale Carnegie Technology Practice Knowledge Sites Social Networking & Increase Skills anywhere, anytime… to Leverage Knowledge www.dalecarnegie.com/app Motivational Action-Oriented Review Time-Tested Knowledge Delivery Method Principles
  10. 10. How We Engage Our Customers Global Reach Small to Mid Size Local Touch
  11. 11. Global Reach Weis Deere John Markets Giant Turner GreenFood Inc. Coffee Roasters Boyes Mountain Fred Weber, HDR Engineering Auto-Owners Insurance Cargill Challenge Challenge “Quality of life is always the big issue in grocery retail. Dale Carnegie Challenge As can't say structuralabout what this process has done prematurely took over "I a result of structural their abilityWeis stores, store is absolutely key to building a Developing people and changes in people and only wayits Thisour company. a of enough changes in Weis stores, store managers prematurely took over for As a resultis last had responsibility,work in create balance. You canwe have Training key two years our to and the 24 managers They year seehave Green number one enjoyedwe grew 29 to teamspercent.core, New England “Over the “Our Mountain in helping steady growth particularly in we are neededto and the responsibility for store and performance and supervision. and going more “If you But with recent plans tostructure ofand supervision. They needed more have tofor store level performance the faster skills Newthis but few wantfirm. Many professionalthe business course, we gained the ability work on people developing new outside atgaining more Through the formality level grow services firms have dabbled England, Green the responsibility successful law market. difference in our stores. The stress level growth. We could not good opportunity to have another year company, lower. People are succession and perpetuation within ourof strong isis developing our hear the and training in addressing staff's concerns regarding the transformation. experience and training inmany, many solutions. But if youhave the work on knowledge, experience that to are addressing staff's concernsorder to To want its culture and to ensure there were its training initiatives in goals. safeguard to entire cracked it. neededwestep upall pursuing common regarding the transformation. MountainCustomers are treated well. The improvements to through in our have experienced this growth without Dale Carnegie Training.” associates. smiling. It’s amazing how many promotions I see come our managers’ specificits employees for theby investing in the vision is capability of results prepare business results challenges ahead. organization aligned behind our chairman'simprovedpowerful and your Solution company life makes them more have taken the Dale Carnegie Course®.” quality of among associates who productive in their jobs and makes us Solution then Dale Carnegieour employees and our shareholders.“ get people, in outstanding rewards for Training understands thatnew management and can help Dale Carnegie's training curriculum and approach mirrored Deere's decentralized more thoughtTraining's global franchise network introduced a Dale Carnegie Little Dale Carnegie out strategyindustry.” and having an experienced – George A well successful in our is essential Solution you there.” that emphasized leadership, team building and ownership. Managers paradigm - model. Also, its localized learning capability supported the kind of dealership one hand to sense check, help out and discuss ideas adds value andand practitioner on As a part of Green Mountain’s growth initiative employees underwent training makes learned to cultivate a culture where employees felt empowered to contribute and President, – Tim Lynch specialized regional training that Johncustomized approach has helpedTony Giordano a continuous ––Claims Crisafulli things happen faster. Dale Carnegie’s Deere was looking for. The ‘cycle number of a of development. For 12 weeks, participants engaged in Assistant VP,Engineering, Inc. participate in the long-term success of the store business. HDR Nancy Division, trainers, understanding the local agricultural conditions, worked alongside the Knoot –Marvin improvement,’ during which they transitioned between the classroom and Deere's senior managers more quickly develop a Senior Vice President, Material Services, greater awareness of effective people territory managers in turn hasintoTechnical Training feedback and mentors.Training, Auto-Ownerspeers. Plant Manager ofInsurance workplace, putting principles region-specific sales as Coordinator,their Eddyville development. This to identify improved their abilitychallenges. fromFred Weber, Inc. practice and getting coaches Results Giant Foods Cargill Health and Nutrition The staff's attitudes shifted from a place of resentment to one of Results Results empowerment, customer service improved, productivity soared, and store profitability At has been placed at helped prepare business away being newfound beliefagent of HRthe end ofgroup hasthe Deere's dealers came and iswith a used as the keythe their Training as a the training, heart of the people to work in teams, and across in skyrocketed. to communicate and sell. They are eager to revenues shot up to $2.1 own abilities has a resultbetween and among departments has improved. know and in As store sales increased by 3% and share what they change. This company, collaboration Boyes Turner’s progress and built strong foundations for the sped up Advances billion. equipped to engage their customers through learning how to build are better and idea highly have - in terms of strengthening its service offering, the firm. The effects are sharingvisibleled to a proliferation of breakthrough projects and innovation successful relationships helped improveits respect. continue steady expansion. creative ideasof its have based on trust andhigh regard by third party independent development that client base and also efficiency and organizations. How We Engage Our Customers
  12. 12. Small to Mid-Size DeltaProducts International, Inc. Dental CoreArchitectsCommunications CamWest UrbanSymons CoburgEngineers, Inc. SCVBank KKE Hugh Dairy Connolly Challenge “SpectacularSymons first our independentofficeagentsto improving we’ve “Since Hugh wasthatwith an participated inin talent, sure. oncevision and “I strongly recommendedorganization Training for butandIf Training,using DeltaProducts Arkansas is the the corporate Dale Carnegie youagain strive Core Dental of changes Dale demandswhen allowing protecting its don’t do CamWest realized anything but Carnegie richit came to us needed additionalposition Urban was recommend have contentplace sales look seriously at Challenge challenged aligning taken of new ownership with its market would managerial financial with Changes to us. You more of “We of that fulfill for perfection. Our theseonsite Project highlyorganization.threatneededdoit to and it, you don’tis new tomiddle managersgreater care, I afford not translateis ever taken on 480want health. peopletraining program. theultimately competitionall Daleproblem trainingaccounts. We’vemanaged levelstheir respectivetothan just and state ofby betweencompete with written can’t told prepared areas of philosophy skills. Many employeeswere Managersadequately them to to among communication while morale is back; were not wouldnew business this “The Carnegie’s management within the skilled in respect exist theirbranch personnel; thewherecustomers staffwereoutsideto taketheirbusiness,” day-to-dayperspectivetools to ever.intasks operation growth.often. I feel responsibilitiesefficacy Our with an that everybodyindividual and handleunderminetoexceptional fantastic. a to we’re going retention is home evidence resolves conflicts win systems is buying understandhad team-building atmosphere, and our customer service andofyear because costlyour richestconspired and havethey weren’t prepared and to people Core's more arising among the a series of we’veacquisitionsprovide certainour that fell trying of their gets expertise; the got the tremendous better staffs,stronglyand commitment to what their companythink a large scopes.” come weren’t Directorinter high turnover. in ourresulting and thiscommunicatingwant to Peoplegrasp in growing discontent andclearly.” move on. I Thank goodness experience. said thatD’Alba. “Wethat stay; rate; don’toffice communication is better; morale –Thomas Mohs, they of Operations better decreased errortime commitment was worth it.should be seeking Solutionandthat can be attributed to Dale Carnegie Training.” is DCT.” forachieve.” portion tohigh of consequently so too is our customer service.” Solution Carnegie Course's public format and group training method helped prepare The Dale Solution Dale Products‘Training delivered a customized Leadership program that fitskillsspecific Core Carnegie Training's flexible stylehandle change by engaging inapproach Leadership Dale Carnegie Training recommendedand comprehensive training a continuous 360- a to effectively a two-phased training approach - the provided leaders worked with Connolly to customize a Presentation the course foraddress their improveproblem areas.both itsthe –Randall M. relationship Managers acted feedback. the on In and rather this training DCT Hause to specific leadership skills, addition to than –Michael has Dale Carnegie Lindemann an–Gary Pestana –Carlos Rackley Trainingcycle of practice andas a part offocusUrban team sales and human Course to a degreeofthat would allow CamWest to solution Urban. They needs that would outside boost individuals‘ confidence and in place for Connolly. andManager,Architects, Inc AIA, Leed GeneralManager, CEO, SCVBank AP Principal, KKE Hughtheory Sales of the organization Dairy needs simultaneously. Bringing all the different departments consultant development program both communication leadership while trying to improve participants put Symons Coburg communication skills. The understanding between into practice while developing business solutions to help improve Results helped solidify CamWest's mission, vision and values. Delta's operational together employees. efficiency and productivity.began training with Dale Carnegie, its sales have soared In the ten years since Core Results from $3 million to in excess of $12 million. have taken Dale Carnegie Training courses. Results more than 70 Connolly employees Gains in individuals' self-confidence have To date, Resultstime to communicateallowed throughout thedevelopare mostlychange is now propelled innovationa team has become extraordinary. We a commonengineers,to Working together for and leadership participants to organization, and language and “Our ability thing as us”, says Thomas Mohs, Director of Operations “has become a “A one Dale piece of our training forofDelta Core does business. each not to meet its years accepted asengineeringpart allwith Dental identify opportunities necessarily we got into anTraining helped of our managers.” with core Carnegie integral because we’re good at and communicate more seamlesslyhow customers numbers, and other. In the four operational, productivity and efficiencyskills. We’veof almost 15% annually. service since training began, CamWest has grown at a reduce coststhat the people who have extraordinary with our communication goals, rate found and improve its The influx capabilities. As workers grewcompany to grow the foundations of a solid team. a of new talent has helped theare able to stand up theirmoment’s notice and deliver been through Dale Carnegie in self-confidence, at a productivity improved, and communication and collaboration flourished.to get result, Delta Dental reached record message that has all the important elements As a people to understand the vision performance in operationsaction,” says D’Alba. and get motivated to take and financial return. How We Engage Our Customers
  13. 13. Local Touch Sample Company Challenge “Morale became less than optimal and consequently, a kind of oppressive air pervaded the SAMPLE LOGO SCVBank work culture. Our teams lack motivation to lucratively meet the needs of the market Solution Dale Carnegie Training put SCVBank through an intensive Team Member Engagement program. Dale Carnegie Training specialists helped implement Results SCVBank has experienced outstanding bottom-line performance over the past sixth months. The changes that were made effected all of the How We Engage Our Customers
  14. 14. 8 Million Successful Graduates and counting… Scott Adams Elizabeth T. Bowles Gene Conley Heather French Dale Jarrett John Maxwell Venus Ramey Kim Alexis Ray Bracy William K. Coors Phil M. Georgas Jon Asgeir John McCone Jennings Randolph Don Alger Morris Bradshaw Jack B. Coulter John Gerhard Johannesson Dr. Earl McGrath Robert Rashid Dr. Edward Annis John Braine Virginia E. Cox C. Mac. Golson, Jr. Jim Johnson Thomas Monaghan George Ratterman Joseph Antorini Laurence W. Britt Bill Cullen Monica M. Gooding John Johnson Bill Monbouquette Orville Redenbacher Raphael Araujo Maurice Britt Dan Curry Elmer Grant Lyndon B. Johnson Hugo Montenegro Nancy Redd Mary Kaye Ashe Paul Brock Betty Cuthbert Linda Gray Delwin G. Jones W. H. Morton Jeff Reeves George Atkinson William E. Brock III Vicor D’Alfonso Nanita Greene Gordon Jump Carl Mundt H. Douglas Riley Rhett Austell >>Warren Buffett Willie Davis Milton Greenspan Howard T. Kaneff Charles Neopole J. L. Robertson Aswin Bahar Donald C. Burnham Michael DeFabis Jerry Greenwald Mary Kay Ash Ken Nitzberg John Robinson Donald A. Baillie Guy Caffee Tony DeMarco H. Franklin Gregory David Kearns Chuck Norris Robert L. Rock William V. Baily Bruce Cairs George Denmark Dr. Sanjay Gupta Jim Kelly William T. O’Donnell John Rogan Alvin Baldus Richard Caligiuri Rich DeVos Bud Hadfield F. W. Knowlton M. G. O’Neil Buddy Rogers Howard R. Bamberg Claire Callan Joe DiMaggio Jimmy Hall Emil Koenig Ray Oyler Leonard Rogers Mike Barnes Michelle Cameron Everett Dirkson Harry L.S. Halley Dennis Kuncinich Jonathan Parapak Michael Rollins T. Ellis Barnes Jack Campbell Sheila Dixon Mark Victor Hansen Emeril Lagossi Edward Pascoe Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosalos W.W. Barron M. Cancelliere Dick Donovan Craig E. Hanson Ann Landers Frank Perdue Isabella Rossellini Dewey Bartlett Carl Cannon Marney Duckworth Sir James Hardy Ike Langendoen Leigh Perkins Henry Rowan Peter Bartling MacDonald Carey Adm. Thomas J. Dyker Fred Harvey Gene Larkin Lloyd Peterson Mark Royals John Bassett, III Harold Carmichael Mike Eanes Stan Hathway John Leng P.K. Peterson Jerry Rubin Boyle Beatenbough Richard Carpenter Jack Eckerd Mat Hazeltine Stew Leonard Rudolph Peterson David Sandler Bill Belichick Roselyn Carter Marion A. Eggleton B. Paul Heidrich R.H. “Bob” Lewis Lonny “Bo”Pilgram Paul Sandifur Robert Bell Elbert N. Carvel Dr. Louis Eilers Julius Hermes Vicki Lewis Alex Pitronic Dick Schafrath Harry Bellman Johnny Cash William Ellinghaus Lillius Hinshaw Art Linkletter Milt Plum Don Schayes Annette Bening David Cassidy, CLU Akira Endo Arthur R. Hirst Mike Livingston Adolf Posumah John E. Schnauz Leonard R. Benton William J. Catacosinos Werner Erhardt Oscar Hornsby, Jr. Connie Mack Marvin Powell Ed Schnuck Ralph Berman John Chaffee Elliot Pete Estes Dixie Howell Harvey Mackay Thomas Pownall Don Schula Lee S. Bickmore Ted Chentis John H. Evans William S. Hubard Johnny Majors D.E. Procknow J. L. Scott William E. Bierer Sammy Chow Bruce Feathers Les Hudson Mickey Mantle Robert Price Jack Scott Jeff Bingaman Vivien Chow Alexander J. Filip Paul Hughes Gino Marchetti Fred Pryor Francis J. Scranton, Jr. John Boehner Glen N. Christiansen Ed Foreman Lee Iacocca William Marcum Mike Quick Betty Shabazz John Bogle Ed Cole Joe Foss Ernest Istook Steve Mariucci Peter Quinn Stephen Shapiro Gary Bogert W. Tredway Coleman Dallas Frazier Alexander James, Jr. J.W. Marriott Jr. John Ralston Jackie W. Sherrill
  15. 15. Let’s Get Started! It's now time to inquire before we can determine what, if inquire anything, we can do to deliver results for you and your organization. impact involve innovate