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Presentation socio nomics nyenrode slideshare version

Presentation socio nomics nyenrode slideshare version



Nyenrode Marketing department asked us to create an social media strategy.

Nyenrode Marketing department asked us to create an social media strategy.



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  • Problem AnalysisFor years the number of students who applied for the MSc program are decreasing, this could imply that the interest in Nyenrode has decreased. The cause of the disinterest could be caused by the large investment, low level of innovation or just because of the fact the other universities are more in favor with students.The number of applications are considerably low, currently almost a third as what it is in normal years. To have a successful year and truly experience Nyenrode at the fullest it is important to have a sufficient number of students on campus which is around 120 students. Due to the fact that Nyenrode had enough applicants every year to have a successful year they did not feel the urge to actively market the MSc track among potential students; however, other universities did and standing still is going backwards. During the economical downturn other universities then Nyenrode saw that the new way of communication is important for their marketing and created different profiles on social media platforms to reach the potential students and interact with them. As the marketing department of Nyenrode did not innovate they do not have a market fit, in other words, currently Nyenrode does not know how to get in touch and communicate with the potential students. Nyenrode is often perceived as elitist and students believe that Nyenrode is only hard work and no fun. However, current students of the MSc track experience this differently, but this was not communicated to them in forehand. This all leads in the end to a decrease of the value of the diploma students receive. When the interest, awareness and number of students decreases so does the value of the degree. If less students with a degree of Nyenrode enter the labor market could imply for multinationals that the value of the degree is no longer up to standard. Therefore having a sufficient amount of students each year for the study is good for to continuity of the track and value of the diploma.
  • Research StudentsIt is no secret that almost every student has access to the internet nowadays. But with the rising popularity and availability of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets the personal computer is no longer the only medium through which they communicate online. As is shown in the figure below students connect through the internet in multiple ways and social media and online activities should be designed accordingly to these platforms.
  • How do they choose their education?Do students use social media in making choices about their studies? According to research by Clipit universities in the Netherlands do not use social media in their PR campaigns, either at all or not sufficiently. This is a missed opportunity for those universities since students are easily influenced by opinions from communities, social media and family. The university that is most mentioned on social media during the research is the “Universiteit van Amsterdam”.  Research conducted into motives for study choice showed that around 64% of students are influenced by their personal surroundings, this would include opinions of friends on social media as well as family and professors.
  • Meet PaulAccording to the research we performed we created a personage to understand how the potential students behave on the Internet and how their attention could be drawn.
  • RecommendationAccording to the performed research, including how students use social media and choose their next education. A benchmark how other universities use social media and a general trend research we came to the following recommendations for Nyenrode to increase the awareness of Nyenrode MSc program again among potential students and maintain the value of the diploma.
  • Present on social media platforms in name of MSc programAs it becomes clear from the research, universities do not make sufficient use of social media to attract new potential students. Currently Nyenrode is presented on various platforms; however, none of them is specifically for the MSc program. The students who are looking for a master are a different target group than any other target group for Nyenrode. Students are more sensitive for stimuli than a target group of age 30+ for different tracks, students are activated quicker to make a purchase, or in other words: to choose for an education.
  • Present on social media platforms in name of MSc programLooking at the different platforms Nyenrode should first think which platform they use for what function. This brings us to the graph of attention as presented. This graph shows the level attention Nyenrode receives with Owned, Paid, Claimed and Earned Media. The goals is to have as many earned media as possible, this creates the buzz and awareness of Nyenrode. Owned Media: The corporate website of Nyenrode including its contentPaid Media: Newspapers of local student associations, such as Quintus in Leiden, as it is proven that students consider the arguments of close friends. Google Adwords play an important role, currently Nyenrode is not on top when you use the search engine to look for universities, another thing that will help is Search Engine Optimalisation, this will be explained later in the presentation. Guerilla: With a guerilla marketing campaign Nyenrode can show the potential students that the way of communication, the message has changed. A campaign can create a buzz on the social media and done properly also in offline media. Claimed Media: These are the social media platforms, think of Flickr to show photo’s of Nyenrode itself and from the student association events, Slideshare to share the knowledge Nyenrode has on certain topics or from guest lectures given in class, LinkedIn to create ambassadors of alumni and search for students who are looking for a new study, a blog (wordpress) shows the weekly activity here on Nyenrode. When a leading professor blogs about their profession and classes here on Nyenrode will be followed by many people who are interested in the subject, the professor and Nyenrode. But also a student can help by blogging, showing potential students how the Nyenrode experience is. Youtube, show short clips of guest lectures and lectures from professors. Twitter to communicate with the potential students and share new postings on blogs and a way to share information (articles from professors) and finally Facebook as a platform where students can become fan and can be kept up to date. You can also think of Hyves, as this is still widely used by students (except of students living in the Randstad)Earned Media: this is media that picks up the buzz of Nyenrode and talks about it, this can be created by Guerilla Marketing, ambassadors and others picking up the buzz on social media. Also student associations play an important role with earned media, as students rely on their friends comments. Furthermore ranking sites such as keuzegids and studiekeuze123 are important as well.
  • The SocialTechnographics LadderUsing the tool forester supplied it becomes clear that Nyenrode can expect that they can reach many of the potential students who have interest in studying at Nyenrode. Nyenrode can even expect that a greater part of the students will publish content about Nyenrode on the Internet in forms of a blog, tweet or video. It is already so that people who are currently studying at Nyenrode twitter and write about it on their blogs. Therefore, based on the information Forester supplies it may be concluded that using social media is a big opportunity for any university.
  • Interactive website / platform representing Nyenrode ExperienceNyenrode should implement, next to the corporate website, a separate website for the MSc program. On this website all the social media efforts can be combined to show the true Nyenrode experience and create fit with the expectations of potential students. This page should represent what current students experience on the campus, during class and also in the activities of the associations. This can be realized to create twitter fountains on the hash tag #NyenrodeMSc; students can use this hash tag to share their experiences with each other and are collected on the site. Furthermore Flickr can be used to, next to some corporate pictures, share pictures of events that the student association created. This way potential students see that next to studying there is time left to enrich the experience at Nyenrode with activities. Monthly fresh video’s of guest lectures updated to show who gives lectures at Nyenrode to the potential students, students and professors blogging as mentioned before, slideshare shows the presentation and shares the knowledge and as last some reports written by students from different tracks. Potential students can have a look at these reports and have a glance of what the students learn at Nyenrode. As mentioned, the student association is an important part of the Nyenrode experience as well; there are multiple commissions who have a separate website to show to the outside world what their activities are such as: Nyenrode Rally, Ondernemend Nyenrode, Dispuut Der Welsprekenden, Club der Seewaardighen. This sites could be collected on the interactive site with small descriptions and a link to the site. As last the website should feature endorsements of Alumni, telling what their Nyenrode experience was and how Nyenrode helped them in their professional career. This creates proof of the success of Nyenrode. The idea is to have endorsements of alumni who are already 15 years / 10 years / 5 years done with Nyenrode, potential students can see what they can expect in their professional career.
  • Examples of websites CommissionsHere the examples of the websites created by separate commissions of the students association NCV (NieuweCompagnie van Verre)
  • Interactive website MSc programAn example of how Nyenrode can create an interactive website.
  • Active social media use for engagement with potential studentsSocial media is a fundamental way of how we communicate, thus being present on social media means communicate with the others. Nyenrode should become active in the engagement of potential students and let the students be able to follow Nyenrode to be kept up to date about the developments of the track and new events they can participate. Interaction can be triggered by webinars, online business games and the interactive website itself. To keep the overview for their selves, Nyenrode should make use of a social media monitor tool. This tool searches all the mentions on social media platforms and reports this to Nyenrode, this enhances the effectiveness as the one who is responsible for social media can react immediately.
  • Create guidelines for use of social media internalWithin a large organization such as Nyenrode it is important that there is support of the management, often going on social media is experienced as scary as the organization gives away a bit of her control. Furthermore, the one who is responsible for the social media should be given the freedom to react on her self, without having to check it constantly with her superiors. Social media is being in conversation, if one has to wait for an answer he forgets the conversation and moves on, in other words a possible opportunity is lost. However, even if someone is able to react freely there should be guidelines about how to use social media within Nyenrode, how to react on positive and negative reactions. These guidelines are there as well for others, when someone is not able to react other people can take over and know how to react due to the guidelines. It is also important that those who will use the social media platforms are guided through the functions, understanding of the capabilities are important and mistakes can be limited.
  • Publication scheme for NyenrodeThis is an example of the publication scheme for Nyenrode, as seen everything is guided from Nyenrode to the new interactive website and linked to various social media platforms. He owl in the middle is a tool to control various platforms, through this it is easy to send messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Furthermore Foursquare can be used to interact with those who check in here on the estate of Nyenrode.
  • Think further than social mediaNyenrode can use various software such as Monitors and Hootsuite to track their return on investment of social media; However, this is only effective if they are busy for over a half a year. First it is important to create followers and get the conversation going. Furthermore Nyenrode can look at the number of mentions they have, the increase of visitors on the website and followers on facebook and twitter. SEO is an important part of a successful social media strategy, next to looking at the number of visitors it is also important to create Inlinks to the website, in other words, Inlinks can be earned media as people refer to Nyenrode website. Google picks this up and this create a higher score within Google and therefore Nyenrode will be ranked higher in search queries. Another part of SEO is buying ads on Google; however, if the website is properly designed including metakeys and proper descriptions this is less necessary.
  • Googlebot www.nyenrode.nlAs seen, Nyenrode does not have sufficient amount of keywords. Nyenrode should investigate how their target group searches on the Internet and implement this in the keywords and description of the site. This is reflected in the page rank www.nyenrode.nl currently has, namely 6. Therefore, it is important to not look only to the social media part, but also to the SEO of the various sites of Nyenrode.
  • Googlebot MSc programFurthermore, looking at the specific website of the MSc program it is clear that Nyenrode does not use any keywords and therefore Google is unable to register this website and rank it. Concerning the keywords www.nyenrode.nl is on place 7 when you Google for MSc in management, while this is the title of their education.

Presentation socio nomics nyenrode slideshare version Presentation socio nomics nyenrode slideshare version Presentation Transcript

  • Nyenrode FT-MSc“Back-on-Track”
    Gayle van Beeten
    Oscar Persoon
    Marc Bergers
    How to increase awareness of the possibility to study at Nyenrode among high potential students using social media
  • Table of Contents
    Problem Analysis
    Research Students
    How do they use social media?
    How do they choose their education?
    Personage average student
    Benchmark Universities
    Social Media Plan
    As a Vice President
  • Problem Analysis
    Loose of interest in MSc program
    Insufficient number of applications
    Low marketing efforts over the past years
    Use of social media campaigns by the competition
    The communication of Nyenrode does not have a market fit with their customers
    The image of Nyenrode is different than experienced by students
    Decreased value of MSc Diploma from Nyenrode
  • Research Students
  • How do they use social media?
  • How do they choose their education?
    Low use of social media by Universities
    Students easily influenced by opinions on communities
    With study choice, 64% are influenced by their personal surroundings including:
  • PersonageMeet Paul
    22 years old
    Completed a Bachelor study in communication science
    Ambitious, hard working, entrepreneurial, social & energetic
    Mainly active on Facebook & LinkedIn
    He knows what he wants but,
    Will take advice of from peers and experts when making important decisions
  • Benchmark Universities
    Nyenrode has manynationalandinternationalcompetitors, the most important are listed below:
    The Netherlands (maincompetitors)
    Erasmus University
    Vrije Universiteit
    Utrecht University
    Maastricht University
    Outside of the Netherlands
    HEC Paris (France)
    University Antwerp (Belgium)
    Leuven Gent (Belgium)
    Source: FT.com
  • Big Hairy Audacious Goal
    Being the leading university in the world in terms of branding and the leading example of recruiting new students
  • Nyenrode MSc program
    Interactive and challenging Master Program
    The international focus of the study combined with the campus life
    Intensive teamwork with fellow students
    Extra curricular work and committees
    Students with entrepreneurial, hands-on mentality and great problem-solving capabilities.
  • Recommendation
    Present on social media platforms in name of MSc program
    Interactive website / platform representing Nyenrode Experience
    Active Social Media use for engagement with potential students
    Create guidelines for use of social media internal
    Think further than social media (Search Engine Optimalisation)
  • Present on social media platforms in name of MSc program
    What platforms are necessary?
    Which platforms do we use for:
    Sending / Listening
    Interaction / engagement
    Information sharing
    A clear message on each platform
    Same identity on each platform
  • Present on social media platforms in name of MSc program
    What platforms are necessary?
    Which platforms do we use for:
    Sending / Listening
    Interaction / engagement
    Information sharing
    A clear message on each platform
    Same identity on each platform
  • Present on Social Media Platforms in name of MSc-Track
  • Interactive website / platform representing Nyenrode Experience
    Interactive platform to show Nyenrode Experience
    Including streams from:
    Links and information of the student association and her commissions
    Endorsements of Alumni
  • Examples of websites Commissions
  • What do Alumni say?
  • Active social media use for engagement with potential students
    Create interaction with potential students online
    Trigger by:
    Online Business Games
    Interactive website (Nyenrode Experience)
    Keep overview with tracking software for social media
  • Create guidelines for use of social media internal
    Full support of Management to use social media
    Who is responsible for social media
    How to react on positive & on negative comments
    How does every social media platform work
    How does the publication scheme look like
  • Think further than social media
    Return on Investment
    Mentions on platforms
    Search Engine Optimalisation