Social Media Strategy Guest Lecture Hotelschool The Hague 28 feb 2013

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For the Course Business Model Innovation I was asked to do a guest lecture concerning Social Media strategy with main focus on customer perspective.

For the Course Business Model Innovation I was asked to do a guest lecture concerning Social Media strategy with main focus on customer perspective.

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  • Don’t forget the Google products!Google finds themselves very importantThis can be used in the overall Online Reputation Management
  • Woman? Woman are often leading in the choice where to stay!
  • Filters!Create the right filters and interact on people. Example of lasvegas hotel


  • 1. ObjectiveTo make you aware of whatSocial Media is. That it is part of thedaily life we are in, like brushing your teeth…how it can be used including Do’s & Dont’s
  • 2. ????????
  • 3. ObjectiveTo make you aware of what Social Media is. Thatit is part of the daily life we arein, like brushing your teeth… how itcan be used including Do’s & Dont’s
  • 4. ObjectiveTo make you aware of what Social Media is. Thatit is part of the daily life we are in, like brushingyour teeth… And, how it can be usedincluding Do’s & Dont’s
  • 5. 2004
  • 6. 2012
  • 7. Differences?
  • 9. Social Media ?
  • 10. Fundamental shift in the way people are communicating• Facilitating conversations• Sharing knowledge• Experiences• But just another way of communicating: 38 Year 13 Year 4 Year 100 million users in 9 months
  • 11. It is not:
  • 12. Introduced a new way of communicating BRANDMessage Message CONSUMER
  • 13. Introduced a new way of communicating BRANDBrand Loyalty Engagement Feedback BrandingAmbassadors Knowledge Customer Expertise insights Customer ServiceIndirect Sales Top of Mind CONSUMER
  • 14. It’s all about love and trust
  • 15. Create Ambassadors!• Get guest to talk about you! – Share – Give – Interaction Voice of the company CUSTOMER
  • 16. Channels
  • 17.
  • 18. The (viral) effect:
  • 19. Are you ready for Facebook?• Facebook Graph Search• Facebook Offers (Groupon Like)
  • 20. Leading Examples Proactive
  • 21. Reciprocity
  • 22. Make it personal!
  • 23. What’s the succes?
  • 24. Developments
  • 25. Read and write reviews… Anywhere any time!Interact with your followers anywhere any time!
  • 26. • What do you want • Interact • Who are your• Social Media is • Which message to achieve? • Manage followers? only part of the on which channel? • What is your story? expectations • Where are they bigger picture • Every channel is • What do you want • Create Customer active? unique! Delight • What makes themGet the basic right! to share? • Every target group click?• Homepage • What content do is unique • A returning• SEO/ SEA you have to share? • You are selling not a activity• Email Marketing product/services, every but experiences! week?• Use Cross Channel marketing • How will you use • Which social every channel? media channels • How often will you do you use? use every channel? • Every social media channel is your homepage • Who will be • What metrics will • Use analytics to responsible for social you use to find track conversion media internally? out the ROI • Monitor! Tool?
  • 27. Setting up1. Set up basics (website / SEO / SEA)2. Website statistics / analyse3. Your goal with Social Media4. What is your target group5. Which social media channels6. What are the advantages / disadvantages of the channels. Shortcomings?7. How is your target group active on social media8. What do they know about your brand?9. What is your value proposition (story)10. What do you have to share?11. What makes them click?12. Do you tell the same story on every social media platform?13. Who is responsible for social media within the organization?14. Create guidelines within the company to use social media15. How do you monitor?16. Adjust your filters to find your target group (#Hotel #Amsterdam)17. Interact with target group18. Create KPI’s19. Analyze and adjust
  • 28. Quick Scan IBIS
  • 29. What do you think?When you see this picture…
  • 30. Ask yourself… Message? Message? Message? Target Group? Target Group? Target Group? Channels? Channels? Channels?How to cater target groups of three brands at once?
  • 31. Is this your message? Remember?
  • 32. How do you reach your ambassadors?
  • 33. !
  • 34. Do you like what they are saying?People tend to talk about the positive things andwrite about the negative things…
  • 35. Why Social Media?• Not direct sales, but indirect• Create top of mind with your followers• Social media is part of the bigger picture en part of the complete guest experience.Facts & Figures:85% Increased brand exposure70% Traffice to the website increased65% Has more intel about the needs and demands of guests58% Generated more leads58% Have loyal fans / ambassadors55% Improved their SEO40% Improved Sales
  • 36. Business Rules
  • 37. Thank you!Follow for more info