Birds presentación powerpoints (1) copia


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Birds presentación powerpoints (1) copia

  1. 1.  Are vertebrates animals.  Most birds can fly (The Penguin and the ostrich are birds that do not fly)  Have got feathers on their body.  They have also got four extremities: two legs and two wings.  Have got lungs to breathe air.  They are warm bloodied eggs laying creatures.  Are ovipaorus animals and incubate their eggs in their nest.
  2. 2.  Birds have got differents shapes of beaks.  They can be carnivores, hervivores, omnivorous and some more are insectivorous and granivorous. Their food can include: fruit, plants, seeds, nuts, and meat, for example mice, other birds, insects and carrion (the meat from the carcass of a dead animal).
  3. 3. TOUCAN They´ve got a large serrated beak that is good for picking and holding fruit. RAINBOW LORIKEET They´ve got a short, strong beak that is good for breaking open grain and seeds.
  4. 4. GOLDEN EAGLE It´s got a strong beak that is shaped like a hook. It´s good for cutting meat. PELICAN It´s got a large beak with a bag on the botton half. It´s good for catching fish.
  5. 5.  There are around 10.000 species of bird on earth.  They are very different sizes, colours and shapes.  They live in different places and they can travel very long distances.
  6. 6. GENTOO PENGUINS  Gentoo penguins live in the Antarctic, where it is very cold.  They can swim 40 kilometres per hour, faster than any other bird. Like ostriches, they can not fly.  Gentoo penguins build their nests out of stones and they swim to catch the fish they eat.
  7. 7. THE BEST ARCHITEST Look at the amazing nest in the picture! It was built by a weaver bird.
  8. 8. WEAVER BIRD  Many birds build nests to live in.  They make them from grass, feathers and anything they can find.  They sleep and lay their eggs in their nests.
  9. 9. It weighs 1.6 grams and is 5 centimetres long (that’s about the size of a big rubber).  Like bees, it eats the nectar from flowers.  It builds nests that are only 2.5 cm long
  10. 10. The peregrine falcon is the fastest living thing on Earth
  11. 11. It can be up to 3 metres tall and can weigh 60 kilos.  Ostriches live in Africa.  They can’t fly but they are the bird that can run the fastest and that lays the biggest eggs.
  12. 12. Rainbow Lorikeet You can find almost every colour of the rainbow on it.  Lorikeets are a kind of parrot and they live in Australia.  Parrots are probably the cleverest species of bird on earth.
  13. 13.  What are the main characteristic of the birds?  How is the beak of the birds?  What is the smallest bird?  What is the fastest bird?  What is the biggest bird?
  14. 14.  What are the main characteristic of the birds?  The main characteristics of birds are than they have got feathers, four extremities: two legs and two wings, they have got lungs for breathe air.  Are the beaks of the birds equal?  No, the birds have got differents shapes of beaks.  What is the smallest bird?  The smallest bird is the bee hummingbird.  What is the fastest bird?  The fastest bird is the peregine falcon.  What is the biggest bird?  The biggest bird is the ostrich.
  15. 15. I hope you have liked my powerpoint presentation and specially thanks to our teacher Oscar, for his time and dedication.