JLL Latam IFM Capabilities 2011


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Jones Lang LaSalle Facility Management Services in Latin America

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JLL Latam IFM Capabilities 2011

  1. 1. Latin AmericaConsistent PlatformTrusted Global NetworkIFM Latin AmericaOctober 2010
  2. 2. One company. One experience. Around the globe.At Jones Lang LaSalle, our focus is always on yoursuccess. When you choose us as your real estate partner,you will receive nothing less than top performance andclear value.We are:• The world’s leading real estate services firm• A full-service provider with 180 corporate offices and experts operating in 750 locations in 60 countries, managing a portfolio of over 1.4 Billion SF worldwide.• The only provider capable of delivering a truly seamless experience—anywhere in the world 2
  3. 3. A high-touch approach“Jones Lang LaSalle has become the world’s leading real estate services and investmentmanagement firm by listening and responding to our clients. We pioneered a professionalservices approach in our industry by offering clients total solutions to their increasinglycomplex real estate needs. We focus on long-term relationships, not single transactions.With unparalleled local market knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects ofcommercial real estate and real estate money management, we offer an unmatchedadvisory capability and comprehensive services. We look forward to working with you.” Colin Dyer President and Chief Executive Officer 3
  4. 4. A unified experienceWe are a full-service provider of real estate services.What does that mean?• It means we give you a consistent, efficient and professional business experience from start to finish• It means getting everything you need in one place• It means saving time• It means 36,200 smart people, from different disciplines and in every corner of the world, all with the same goal: your success 4
  5. 5. A track record of achievementWe are the only real estate services firm to have been named:• To Forbes magazine’s Platinum 400 list in 2006, 2007 and 2008• To FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2007• World’s Most Ethical Companies, 2008, 2009 and 2010, by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies and Ethics Inside certified, both in 2008 and 2009• To CRO (Corporate Responsibility Officer) magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens list in 2007 and 2009• By the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a 2007 Energy Star® Partner of the Year 5
  6. 6. Expertise serving a wide range of needsThe clients we serve Our real estate specialties• Corporations • Educational institutions • Office • Museums• Owners and investors • High-net-worth individuals • Retail • R&D centers• Government agencies • Not-for-profits • Logistics and industrial • Healthcare facilities • Hotels • Sports arenas • Mixed use • Transportation centers • Mission-critical facilities 6
  7. 7. Market-leading researchIn response to evolving trends and market conditions, we assembleteams of research experts who work with our professionals to deliverintegrated services built on market insight and foresight.With more than 20 years of historic data on key markets—updatedquarterly—47 Americas research specialists deliver high quality,actionable insights to help you stay ahead of the game.We help you identify investment opportunities and issues throughquality analysis of capital markets and real estate trends, plus marketanalyses, forecasts and strategic studies.We also deliver ongoing forecasts on individual markets, as well asreports on markets, sectors and updated analyses on country/marketrisk and return. 7
  8. 8. A single-source solutionfor occupiers 8
  9. 9. Latin America Management TeamGeorge Amador Martin Rodriguez Juan P. Mendoza Francisco Abrantes Luis Blanes Oscar EstigarribiaLatin America Northern & Mexico Brazil Latin America Latin America Southern Cone As IFM Director in With over 14 years As the Latin AmericaAs the Managing As the businessDirector of our Latin Mexico, Juan Paulo development of experience in Program Manager As IFM Director manages fifteen facility management, Oscar is chargedAmerican operations, manager, Francisco Martin is charged accounts totaling Luis is a Director in with the developmentGeorge is charged is in charge of client with overseeing the roughly 20 million charge of Latin of operations andwith overseeing the relationships in Brazil operations for the square feet. America technology initiativesoperations for the Northern & Southernregion. Engineering and and overseeing the Cone. Operations. Regional Center for Excellence. 9
  10. 10. Latin America Support Teams Human Resources Call Center FinanceCesar Duron Adriane Giannetto Victoria Montero Karla Vasquez Karen Samhat Sergio Bogliolo Erik PerezLatin America Brazil Latin America Latin America Latin America Latin America Latin AmericaCesar is the HR Adriane is in charge Victoria is charged Karla is charged with As a Controller for As the AccountingRegional lead for of overseeing with overseeing the coordination of regional operations, Regional Manager As a VP ControllerLatin America, he Human Resources Human Resources call centers for Latin Karen is charged Erik is charged with Sergio is charged withprovides guidance for Brazil IFM. for the Latin America American accounts. with overseeing the overseeing the overseeing theand support to all Spanish speaking Latin America accounting andcountries and finances, corporate countries. region finances, financial proceduresaccounts in Latin governance and corporate and operations for stewardship for theAmerica and South governance and Latin AmericaFlorida. northern and southern stewardship. cone countries. 10
  11. 11. Full-scale, strategic support for complex needs Our professionals are leaders in real estate outsourcing OCCUPIERS and are uniquely qualified to provide support across large or multi-national portfolios. Corporate Solutions We can help you manage facilities, implement projects, Integrated Facilities Management oversee new developments, execute transactions and administer leases in a manner than aligns your real estate Energy and Sustainability and business objectives. Property Management Call Centers Data Centers – Critical Facilities TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH 11
  12. 12. Latin America IFM coverageLatin America Offices • 750+ employeesCorporate Offices (C) • 8 corporate officesCiudad Juárez Lima • 41 officesMexicali Sao Luis • 25 countriesChihuahua CarajasReynosa Recife • 31 IFM clientsVillahermosa Brasilia • 67 M+ square feet under mgmtPuebla Goiania • 8,000+ sites managedMonterrey (C) Belo HorizonteMiami (C) Campo GrandeGuadalajara Ribeirao PretoMéxico City (HQ) Rio de Janeiro (C)Cancún CampinasSanto Domingo Sao Paulo (C)San Juan SantosGuatemala City LondrinaSan Salvador Curitiba (C)San José São José doPanamá City (C) PinhaisCaracas GravataíBogota Porto AlegreQuito Santiago (C) Buenos Aires (C) Montevideo 12
  13. 13. Jones Lang LaSalle IFM in Latin America 13
  14. 14. Integrated Facilities ManagementAre you demanding efficiency, cost savings and continuous improvement? In an ideal world, real estate executives manage facilities that operate flawlessly, freeing them to focus on real estate strategies that contribute to broader goals. In reality, many spend too much of their time managing routine tasks. As the world’s largest facility management company, we know that the ideal can be real. We’ve shown hundreds of the world’s best-known companies how to operate facilities with maximum efficiency, safety and employee comfort— and dramatically reduce costs in the process.1.4 billion s.f. under management worldwide 14
  15. 15. Our Facilities Management Services 15
  16. 16. Facility ManagementWhat is the Best Practice? People Systems Culture Execution Managing More Informed Leadership & SimplicityPerformance Decision Making Excellence Process Strategy Best Practice Exceed Client Operating Expectations Procedures 16
  17. 17. Energy and SustainabilityOur experts will help you develop sustainable real estate practicesJones Lang LaSalle offers energy and sustainabilityservices to help clients achieve significant environmentaland financial results. Our dedicated team of energy andsustainability professionals’ expertise is unmatched in theindustry. We apply processes and procedures backed byglobal best practices and apply industry-leading technologyand tools to ensure measurable and lasting results. Ourservices include:- Consulting services- Energy services- Retrocomissioning- Strategic program development and management- Sustainability training- Sustainability property and portfolio baseliningMore than 500 LEED® accredited professionals • 73 LEED® certified projects and 35million s.f. completed in the Americas • $95 million in energy savings • Reducedgreenhouse gas emissions by 438,000 tons 17
  18. 18. Property ManagementAn approach built around reduced risk and improved tenant retention Our innovative and rigorous commercial property management strategies help owners reduce their operating costs and enhance property values—all while maintaining a superior work environment for tenants. Our expertise in tenant satisfaction, engineering services, security, energy management and sustainability practices helps you provide tenants a place they’re proud to call home for the long-term.1.4 billion s.f. under management around the world 18
  19. 19. Call CentersDo you measure the ROI of your contact centers? We specialize in acquisition (lease or purchase), disposition and build-to-suit transactions for call center facilities. Our complete range of strategy and implementation services includes strategic advisory services, site selection, industry intelligence, acquisition/expansion transactions services, incentives negotiations, disposition services and project and development management. The bottom line for you: a call center that provides excellent service quality, delivered by an occupancy strategy designed to minimize cost and mitigate risk while maximizing flexibility. 19
  20. 20. Data Centers/Mission-Critical FacilitiesWe recognize that mission-critical facilities are just that—critical If your business requires the use of data centers, our experts can help you navigate the appropriate solution. We offer a full scope of services, with specialists in market intelligence, IT/CRE strategy development, site selection and design and construction. If you need help with ongoing operations as well, our critical environment team will lead the way. They provide the methodology and support service to achieve zero unplanned downtime. They deliver best practices for system monitoring and response, predictive and preventive maintenance programs and plans to align staff with critical system operations. The result: standard operating sequences for both normal and emergency operations. 20
  21. 21. Our comprehensive technology solutionWith our proprietary technology platform, OneView byJones Lang LaSalle, you get a unified perspective of yourbusiness, helping you make more informed decisions inyour real estate planning—in real time.OneView is the only platform available—anywhere in theindustry—that offers a comprehensive range of capabilities:• Financial management• CMMS/preventive maintenance• Call center operations• E-procurement• Transaction and project tracker• Lease administration• Moves, adds and changes 21
  22. 22. Our Technology Platform “We selected Jones Lang LaSalle because they were the only service provider that OneView Portal offered a consistent integrated service delivery and a sophisticated information technology system to streamline Web interface Security Roles Microsoft’s real estate transaction and project management services worldwide” James Ableson – Manager of U.S OneView Analytics Team Document Store International Real Estate, Microsoft OneView OneView OneView Plans & Project Standards & Dashboard Analysis Report Reports Documentatio Templates n Delivery Tools / Functional Systems OneView Transactions Information from “MIS 100” “Best Supplier Technology”Jones Lang LaSalle is the only Insurance Australia Group’s Supplier Client/3rd Party Systems OneView Projects (e.g. Space, Financials, Headcounts)Real Estate Services company of the Year Awards 2007 named to the MIS100 list. OneView Lease Administration OneView Management 22
  23. 23. Transitions and MobilizationStrategic planning leads to success in every transition We will provide: Detailed transition plan Dedicated Team One View tracker Key milestone dates Personnel 100% dedicated to transitions Broad experience Success Success Functional area experts Regular and effective Proven communication Established Tools Process Focus on employees Attention to detail Continuous improvement LATIN AMERICA: 20M SF and 250 people transitioned in the last 24 months. 23
  24. 24. Dedicated Mobilization TeamManaging Management Management Project Project Finance && Acct Finance Acct Real Estate Real Estate Energy & Ops Energy & Ops Compliance Compliance Director F. Abrantes H. Fladt Management Management S. Bogliolo S. Robertson S. Robertson L. Blanes A. Donnelly O. EstigarribiaG. Amador S. Bogliolo J.P. Mendoza J.P.Mendoza A. Banuelos A. Banuelos L. Blanes F. Gago Latin America COE Latin America COE Human Resources Latin America Transition Team Cesar Duron Victoria Montero Adriane Gianetto Call Center Training Karla Vasquez Kim Frickhoeffer Vendor Management & Regional Transition Engineering & Management Activities Team Manager Operations Martin Rodriguez George Amador Luis Blanes Administrative Support Finance Giselle Reyes Sergio Bogliolo Program Management Oscar Estigarribia 24
  25. 25. Key performance indicators (KPIs)Our performance is measured by KPIs defined in agreement with ourclient, and captured by our OneView KPI Tracker platformOperations Service Screen shot of OneView KPI Tracker Critical area downtime Average response time to service requests by location Overtime utilization – Hot/cold calls Number of hot/cold calls – Spills Number of breakdown repairs – Emergencies Number of repeat calls – Moves Preventive maintenance backlog – Small projects Percentage of preventive/predictive maintenance – Large projects procedures completed Average telephone waiting time Energy consumption Abandonments – By energy type Tenant satisfaction scores – Year-to-year comparisons (by month) Callback percentages – By building type Request volumes by type Number of security-related incidents Request volumes by user Elevator or other building system failure Training hours Physical appearance inspections Jones Lang LaSalle costs Financial & Information Management – Base costs – Project-by-project Occupancy costs operating expenses – Incentive measures – Per RSF Training hours – Per employee Compliance incidents – As percentage of revenue & firm-wide operating expenses Recycling volumes Occupancy costs – actual relative to approved budget Conversion of occupancy metrics to clientProject Management “vocabulary” Cycle times MBE/WBE percentages Average project cost Critical dates tracking success On-time completion percentage Average age of accounts payable Actual costs vs. budget Efficiency ratios Actual costs vs. planning estimate Capital investment payback analyses or hurdle rates Volumes Early payment discounts realized – Total project and by types per RSF – New requests Energy & sustainability – Moves Client satisfaction Zero environmental notices of violation Ratio of soft costs to hard costs – Jones Lang LaSalle costs – A&E costs – FTE to project volume – Hard costs to FTE 25
  26. 26. Individual Performance ManagementWe are a performance oriented organization, where our employees’compensation is related to your success Our Performance Based compensation system: • Aligns our employees’ individual performance goals to your business goals • Ties our employees’ metrics and rewards for individual performance directly to your performance and results • Ensures customer service excellence, innovation and Best Practice sharing 26
  27. 27. Thank you IFM Latin AmericaCopyright © Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. 2010