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  1. 1. THREE WISE MEN OF EAST.For a long time, the baby Jesus born to Bethlehem , the king to theChristians. Everybody wanted to see him. One star guided to the threewise men from East prep to Bethlehem. They bring present: incense, goldand myrrh.They got long suit prep cap.Melchior is bigger and fat. Have got a long chin. He brings gold.Gaspar is bigger and fat. Have got a long chin. He brings incense.Balthazar is small and thin. He’s black. He brings myrrh.Journey a long walk from East. The star guided them to the stable ofBethlehem and brings presents.Adrián and Nacho 6ºA
  2. 2. The Magics of East, is the tradition name. the visitors go to visitJesus birth in Nazareth. They come from foreign countries tobring gifts of great symbolic wealth: gold, incense and myrrh.Melchor,is the older. He is white hair and long beard of the samecolour.they proceeding are from Europe; Gaspar.he is theyoungest.he has got a long hairs bead. His bead is brown. Gasparis from Asia; Baltasar, has got black face ,and his is from África.By María, Sofía and Andrea
  3. 3. THE MAGIC CHRISTMASTHE HISTORY OF JESUS :A shooting star to guide the three wise mento Bethlehem portal , there are with childJesus seeking to new king, and saved himfrom all attacks of Herod there is and wasthe greatest king, who created the world.THE THREE WISE MEN :Tradition of the three wise men are movedto many places , and that tradition hasalways made the kids happy and most of allthe gifts they bring and they love to knowwhat it will bring them although this usuallydo cards with gifts to want .
  4. 4. THE CHRISTMAS IN SPAIN :The holidays in here are always magical andhappy for everyone because you have dinnerswith your families gather in homes to spend apleasant evening , one of which dinners is onthe 24 of December ( Christmas Eve ) andthe other dinner is on the 31 of Decembertoo ( New year ‘ s Eve ) , there are the threewise men , Santa Claus … and all this isbecause the story of Jesus is the most kingin the world . BY : Isabel and Shamira
  5. 5. The wise men are three. They go to see the baby Jesus.Melchor takes gold, Gaspar takes myrrh and Baltasar takesincense. They follow the shooting star to the manger inBethlehem. In the stable of Bethlehem are Mary, Joseph,the baby Jesus, the mule and the ox. Mary was pregnantand came to Bethlehem. Nobody wanted to leave them aplace to stay because all the rooms were occupied. Butthen, someone left them they were in his stable. ThereMary gave birth to Jesus on twenty-four of DecemberPablo and Mario A.
  6. 6. The Three Magic Kings of East are: • Melchior: An old white man with a white beard. His gift for Jesus is gold, representing its real nature. • Gaspar: Young brown. His gift is the incense, which represents the divine nature of Jesus. • Balthazar: black. Your gift to Jesus is myrrh, which represents future suffering and death.By Alejandro and David V. 6ºA
  7. 7. Thethree Wise mens are: Melchor, Gaspar and Balthazar. - Melchor is worried and fat, sometimes are happy. He’s an old man. - Gaspar . Her character is stronge and sad. - Baltasar is young and kind. He’s the more young of the three wise men. STORY: Kings according to the Bible, attending the birth of Jesus with three gits: Gold, frankincense and myrrh. In some countries there is a tradition of represting the kings bringing gifts that children have asked in his letters the night before Epiphany. -Melchor: he is one that gave the gold. - Gaspar: he is one who gave frankincense. -baltasar :he is one who gave myrrh. Now they bring gifts all to the childrenof each 6 of January each year from Spain. From Diana and Virgini
  8. 8. The tradition says that Jesus is borning in theporch of Bethlehem . people are coming to theporch of Bethlehem. The three wise men areMelchor, Gaspar and Baltasar; they bringpresents: Gold ,incense, myrrh and messengers.Melchor and gaspar wear crows and wear longbeards.They come a camel and were long dresses andbig boots.By David and Rubén
  9. 9. Ar tículo I. THE THREE WISE MENArtículo II. The three wise men are threepeople. Their names are Melchor , Gaspar andBaltasar . They travel by camels to takepresents at the baby Jesus. They take : gold ,incense and myrrhArtículo III.In the some countries ,they are very important because theytake present to the children.In the houses , families adorned her house with theporch of Bethlehem because is where born Jesus .
  10. 10. In the house to put the Christmas tree , too. Because in hersummit is the brightest what is la what guide a the magickings to take presents to baby.
  11. 11. The three magic kings of eastfollowed the star, to portal ofBethlehem. They are Melchior,Gaspar and Balthazar.  Melchior brings gold.  Gaspar brings incense.  Balthazar brings myrrh.And everybody to the baby Jesus,together a another person dewordl.By Diego and Aarón