AP Document Management Software Avoids Three Common Cash Leaks


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AP Document Management Software Avoids Three Common Cash Leaks

  1. 1. Quality Phoenix Record Management Software Speeds Adoption Time
  2. 2. Phoenix Record Management SoftwareAdoption is vitally important to the success of any software implementation.High quality Phoenix record management software allows physicians to speed adoption time aswell as maintain a comprehensive view of patient records.With the new federal healthcare IT standards, achieving and maintaining high adoption rates is keyto satisfying meaningful use. That means there’s more pressure than ever before on the adoption of EMRs. Access to a single and complete view of patient information goes a long way toward physician acceptance and use of EMRs.
  3. 3. The Challenges Physicians won’t see the full value of EMRs if they still have to dig through paper files and openother software applications to get a full patient picture. Physicians are frustrated that they still don’t have patient information all in one location even with an EMR in place Physicians think and work differently from one another and it’s often difficult to accommodate those differences in an EMR
  4. 4. The SolutionPhoenix record management software provides a Physician Portal that gives physicians andclinicians the unified patient view they need.It allows for real-time access to information from Meditech and all other clinical systems in asingle online view. That way, they need only go to one place for patient information instead of many. They can see lab results, radiology data, pharmacy data (including allergies), discharge summaries, nursing documents, EKGs, PACS images and more.
  5. 5. The SolutionPhoenix record management software Physician Portal can be customized by specialty tohighlight areas that are clinically relevant to a given physician’s role on the patient’s care team. Physicians automatically see a dashboard view for their specific clinical discipline.The Physician Portal can also be personalized by each physician to meet his or her individualpreferences and needs. This frees physicians to do the work they do best instead of wasting time collecting information.
  6. 6. Why Record Management Software?Leveraging a single and secure content repository that can scale to manage billions of contentobjects, Phoenix record management software provides a modular suite of ECM applicationsincluding: Production Document Imaging, Document Management, COLD/ERM, Business Process Management, and Records ManagementThese applications are used to capture, process, distribute, and manage the lifecycle of the contentthat drives core operations like: accounts payable, claims processing, loan approval, medical billing, and compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.Phoenix record management software can be installed on premise, delivered as a hosted serviceover the Internet, or deployed in any combination thereof.
  7. 7. Why Record Management Software?Quality Phoenix record management with Physician Portal encourages adoption and informationsharing, putting you one step closer to meaningful use.With trusted best practices gleaned from implementations at hundreds of Meditechorganizations, Phoenix record management software works with you to find the best solution foryour needs.
  8. 8. Why Record Management Software?Managing content-driven business processes with Phoenix record management software reducescosts, increases revenue, improves customer service, and builds a platform to support governance,risk and, compliance initiatives.Combining industry expertise with a flexible and full-featured ECM product suite, this software isthe basis of solutions that have improved operational efficiency.Contact your local document management company for more information about their Phoenixrecord management software.
  9. 9. About the AuthorRon Thompson, Jr. is the owner and CEO of OSAM Document Solutions, Inc. OSAM providesdynamic, customized document management solutions. For more information about Phoenix recordmanagement software, visit http://www.osaminc.com/.