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Web based control
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Web based control






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Web based control Web based control Presentation Transcript

  • Web-Based Control of Pressure Loop Apparatus using LabVIEW Osama Azim (BE/1499/06) Information Technology, VII sem Under: S.S.Tripathi (Department of ECE)
  • Control Applications
  • Model Based Design for Process Control Systems
  • MBD for Web-based Control using LabVIEW
  • System Design
    • Control System Design (Pressure Loop Control)
    • Web-Based Control Design (Virtual Laboratory System)
  • Pressure Loop Control Chamber Compressed Air
  • Control System Design Closed Loop Feedback System Pressure Loop Control
  • P, PI and PID Control
    • Proportional Response: Difference between the set point and the process variable . Increasing the proportional gain (K c ) will increase the speed of the control system response.
    • Integral Response: Sums the error term over time. Effect is to drive the Steady-State error to zero.
    • Derivative Response: Causes the output to decrease if the process variable is increasing rapidly. Increasing the derivative time (T d ) parameter will cause the control system to react more strongly to changes in the error term and will increase the speed of the overall control system response.
  • PID Control for Pressure Loop
    • error_term = setpoint- process_value
    • p_term = kp * error_term
    • d_term = kd * (error_term - prev_error_term)
    • prev_error_term = error_term
    • i_state = i_state + error_term
    • i_term = ki * i_state
    • output = p_term + i_term + d_term
    PID closed loop system response
  • Simulation Result
  • Virtual Laboratory Design DAQ
  • LabVIEW G-Web Server
    • G Web Server is a HTTP/1.0 compatible web server used to run applications on the web
    • Its a stand alone VI
    • Load and Run CGI VI
    • Work with CGI applications to create documents whose content frequently changes and to process queries and form requests.
    • Integrate with other Computers
    • Work on different Platforms (LabVIEW Compatible Platforms)
    • Implement Security; L imit access by directory or by VI name, Control access by the client address, the referring document, or through group and password files.
  • G-Web Server Test
  • Client End
  • G-Web Server with an Application
  • Client Side
  • Web Based Control in Industry Network (An Overview)
  • What do we use it for ?
    • Towards Virtual Laboratories:
    • Distance Learning for B.I.T. Extension Centers and B.I.T Mesra
    • Feasibility Study:
    • - Web based control in Medium/Small Scale Industry
    • - Web based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) using LabVIEW
  • THANK YOU Questions?