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Brochour Graphic Design

Brochour Graphic Design






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    Brochour Graphic Design Brochour Graphic Design Document Transcript

    • ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Focus on knowledge School of Architecture and the Built Environment Division of Urban and Regional Studies
    • Division of Urban and Regional Our activities are currently concentrated Studies in the following areas: Social, economic and ecological factors, together with political processes, form our society. These factors are inherently related in a complex and interlinked way. • Planning for urban and regional infrastruc- Planning for the management of this com- ture plexity therefore calls for multidisciplinary approaches. The Division of Urban and • Planning and decision making processes Regional Studies has brought together OUR DIVISION researchers from the technical as well • Housing, social conditions and economic as the social sciences to study concrete development planning issues in theory and in practice, from the local and regional perspectives. • Governance and institutional capacity Our focus is on actors, processes, strat- egies and the requirements and con- • Culture, heritage management and city sequences of planning. The Division is marketing engaged in teaching planning at the un- dergraduate and post-graduate levels. • Urban design, retail and services A major feature of the Division’s work is cooperation with international partners in academic institutions and practitioners in the field of planning.
    • Name Function Email Phone Adolphson, Marcus Doctoral Student marcusa@infra.kth.se 790 9438 Asplund, Eva Senior Researcher asplund@infra.kth.se 790 9259 Berglund, Elin Doctoral Student elin.berglund@infra.kth.se 790 9245 Bergman, Bosse Senior Researcher bosse.bergman@infra.kth.se 790 9258 Björk, Caroline Doctoral Student caroline.bjork@infra.kth.se 790 9422 Bradley, Karin Doctoral Student bradley@infra.kth.se 790 8591 Brokking, Peter Researcher peter@infra.kth.se 790 9270 Byström, Emma Research assistant emma@infra.kth.se 790 7905 OUR STAFF Cars, Göran Professor, Dept. Head cars@infra.kth.se 790 7938 Ceccato, Vania Associate Professor vania@infra.kth.se 790 6000 Dovlén, Sylvia Researcher sylvia@infra.kth.se 790 9259 Engström, Carl-Johan Associate Professor Carl-Johan@infra.kth.se 790 7384 Grafeuille, Juan Economist juan@infra.kth.se 790 8312 Gullberg, Anders Researcher andersgu@infra.kth.se 790 6000 Haas, Tigran Assistant Professor tigran@infra.kth.se 790 8504 Hammami, Feras Doctoral Student feras.hammami@infra.kth.se 790 8988 Hilding Rydevik,Tuija-Marie Associate Professor tmhr@infra.kth.se 790 9262 Håkansson, Maria Researcher maria@infra.kth.se 790 9280 Isaksson, Karolina Assistant Professor karolina.isaksson@infra.kth.se 790 9623 Jersenius, Håkan University Adjunct hakan.jersenius@infra.kth.se 790 9258 Johansson, Mats Associate Professor matsj@infra.kth.se 790 9218 Kanyama, Ahmad Senior Researcher aaka@infra.kth.se 790 7334 Khakee, Abdul Professor Emeritus ablkhe@infra.kth.se 790 8008
    • Name Function Email Phone Larsen, Katarina Researcher larsen@infra.kth.se 790 9241 Lundström, Mats Johan Doctoral Student mats.lundstrom@infra.kth.se 790 9246 Hansen, Malin Research Assistant malin.hansen@infra.kth.se 790 9438 Mushumbusi, Zephyrin Doctoral Student mzmu@infra.kth.se 790 6000 Naeselius, Caisa Administrator caisa@infra.kth.se 790 7980 Olsson, Krister Senior Researcher kristero@infra.kth.se 790 9247 Orrskog, Lars Associate Professor lasse@infra.kth.se 790 7932 Ranhagen, Ulf Associate Professor ulfr@infra.kth.se 790 7905 OUR STAFF Rauhut, Daniel Researcher rauhut@infra.kth.se 790 6000 Santos de Cassia, Rita Doctoral Student ritac@infra.kth.se 790 7922 Skantze, Ann Associate Professor askantze@infra.kth.se 790 9259 Snickars, Folke Professor, KTH Dean folke@infra.kth.se 790 7909 Suleiman, Rebhieh Doctoral Student rebhieh.suleiman@infra.kth.se 790 7932 Söderlind, Jerker Adjunct Professor jerker@infra.kth.se 790 6760 Tag-Aldeen, Zeinab Doctoral Student Zeinab@infra.kth.se 790 8557 Theodorsdottir, Hlöökk Asdis Doctoral Student ahth@infra.kth.se 790 6000 Tornberg, Patrik Doctoral Student patrik.tornberg@infra.kth.se 790 9262 Vestbro, Dick Urban Professor Emeritus dickurba@infra.kth.se 790 8522 Viking, Nils Senior Researcher nils@infra.kth.se 790 9242 Werner, Inga Britt Associate Professor ingabritt@infra.kth.se 790 8559
    • Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Applied Analysis in Urban Planning and Design Public Places and Spaces City as an Experience Arena Research Methodology and Scientific Theory Compositions in Urban Design Retail and Marketing Concepts and Tools in Urban Analysis Service Management and Working Methodology Contemporary Trends in Urban Planning and Design Structural Components in Urban Planning and Design Economic geography Sustainable Project Management OUR COURSES Future Studies and Forecasts Sustainable Urban and Rural Development Heritage Management in Urban Planning Urban and Traffic Planning, Advanced course Master’s Project in Regional Planning Urban Center Planning, Basic course Planning for Regional Development Urban Center Planning, Advanced course Planning Theory, Basic course Urban Governance Planning Theory - Advanced course Urban infrastructure Planning the Sustainable City Urbanism Worldwide Political Economy for Environmental Planners Urban Theory, Basic course Processes in Urban Planning Urban Theory - Advanced course Project Town Planning
    • Educational Programs • Urban Planning Program (Given in Swedish) • Master of Science in Spatial Planning (SP) • Master of Science in Urban Planning and Design (UPD) OUR PROGRAMS • Master in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure (EESI) • Urban Centre Planning Program (Given in Swedish) • Housing and Real Estate University (Given in Swedish) • International Summer University Program • International Urban Environment Training Program • Post Graduate Program (PhD Program)
    • Current Research Fields & Themes • Urban Planning and Development (Stadsutveckling och stadsplanering) Research within this theme includes: - Principles for urban development (physical patterns and mix of functions) - The relation between traffic and transport, and the built environment - City marketing and strategies for building the attractive city - Culture as an engine for urban development - Analysis of planning processes for urban development • Regional Planning and Development (Regional planering och regionutveckling) Research within this theme includes: OUR RESEARCH - Studies of the dynamics underlying regional development - Economic and other impacts of regional enlargement, due to improved conditions for transportation - Analysis of monocentric versus polycentric strategies for regional development - Studies of intra-regional and inter-regional development processes - Relations between social capital and processes of innovation - Analysis of effective processes for building regional development strategies •Environment and Sustainable Development (Miljö och hållbar utveckling) Research within this theme includes: - Analysis of different dimensions of sustainable development - The interrelation between these dimension and how conflicts of interest can be handled, system for trade off, e.g. environmental negotiations - The concepts of environmental justice and social justice - Analysis of how the various dimensions of sustainable development can be integrated in the planning process
    • For more information www.kth.se/eng/education 32 Head of Department and Division: Professor Göran Cars, Ph.D. (Phone: +46 (0) 8 790 7938, cars@infra.kth.se) Undergraduate Studies: Ms. Maria Håkansson, Ph.D. (Phone: +46 (0) 8 790 9280, maria@infra.kth.se) Designed by: osaart@gmail.com Cell: 070 478 4163 Graduate Studies: Mr. Peter Brokking, (Phone: +46 (0) 8 790 9270, peter@infra.kth.se) CONTACT US Doctoral Studies: Mr. Krister Olsson, Ph.D. (phone: +46 (0) 8 790 9247, kristero@infra.kth.se) Admissions and Programs: Ms. Caisa Naselius, (Phone: +46 (0) 8 790 7980, caisa@infra.kth.se) Facility Management: Mr. Sultan Mahmoud, (Phone: +46 (0) 8 790 7936) IT Support: (Phone: +46 (0) 8 790 8564, support@infra.kth.se ) Division Fax: +46 (0) 8 790 6761 Postal address: KTH - Royal Institute of Technology (Kungl. Tekniska Högskolan), Division of Urban and Regional Studies, 114 28 Stockholm, Sweden EU. Visiting address: Drottning Kristinas väg 30, 1st floor (L-Huset), KTH Campus