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Return on hashtags: using what gets desired results
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Return on hashtags: using what gets desired results


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Show me what I’m getting from my hashtags. RiteTag does that. Here's why you should accept nothing less. …

Show me what I’m getting from my hashtags. RiteTag does that. Here's why you should accept nothing less.

Things to do with your RiteTag scheduled posts:

1. After a quick look at My top-performing tags in Tag Optimizer, and double-clicking retweets, favorites, or clicks on links, you might want to use one of your top-performers in the tweet/post.
2. No longer relevant or timely? Delete it. Just takes two clicks.
3. Change/add/remove attribution - @usernames, they're editable, too.
4. Change the date and/or time. You may also want to try changing the range of hours your auto-scheduled tweets go out - in Settings.
5. As your Twitter chops improve, and you see that you'll get one and two levels deep of retweets/shares on a huge percentage of your RiteTagged posts, you may want to leave more room for them. Do that by trimming excess words and abbreviate when possible. Do that, too, from Scheduled.

RiteTag converts your full URLs to our own proprietary tinyURL so we can track - just for you, not made public - what happens with each of your tweets and the URL(s) in each of them.

Published in: Social Media, Technology

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  • 1. #returnonhashtags Show me what I’m getting from my hashtags Show me which tags got me > real results, not this #tripe! >
  • 2. Return on Hashtags: Measuring what they get us & refining our smart-tagging to what works
  • 3. I see 5 new articles/day: “Best hashtags for [jobs, HR, etc.]” “Top Ten” Really...?
  • 4. Just me, or are you left with looming... questions?
  • 5. What makes them good…? Why? Because Many people were… at some point using them?
  • 6. Hashtags searched from Topics: a great starting point In RiteTag I use A.I. to get ● hashtag suggestions ● content they’re used with ● who uses them ● how many times/acct. ● the density of their use
  • 7. I test hashtags. Do you? They aren’t the “best” if they don’t get me results. The “My top-performing” tab Just double-click headings for hashtags: ● that got YOU the most link-clicks ● that got YOU the most retweets ● that got YOU the most faves
  • 8. Start with what’s worked
  • 9. Use RiteTag’s Stats to save Tag Sets
  • 10. Choose hashtags from 3 sources RiteTag A.I. tags Tag Sets My top-performing
  • 11. In Stats & Top-performing, I measure link-clicks and retweets, and I use hashtags that get me results I seek. The Rite tags are hashtags that are: ● topic-relevant ● reaching ● deliver results... ... for me
  • 12. Results for me trumps this: “Top Ten” Really? Ask “why?” Because they’ve been used the most? Hey. People do dumb stuff every day, wake up and do it again the next day. (And you’ll find their advice as top story on all the top blogs, too.)
  • 13. You’re not telling me why they’re “top” “TOP TEN” Really? What about the vast differences in what non profit orgs do…? Wouldn’t the top ten hashtags for an organization reach donors, volunteers or clients that are into what THAT ORGANIZATION is doing…?
  • 14. Schedule smart-tagged posts Use a tool that tracks what YOU get for your smart-tagging trouble. (Yes, there is one.)
  • 15. Insist on evidence Are they telling you why one is better than another…? Are they telling you what people get - for using them? Here’s what I get, just for retweets -> 1 in 10 of my tweets sent from RiteTag. 15 out of 17 of my last retweets are on my RiteTag smart-tagged tweets.
  • 16. Scheduling Optimization + Hashtag Optimization RiteTag: the hashtag tool that measures the results you get for your smart-tagging trouble. You waste no time getting results, and the more you do, the more “My top-performing tags” and Stats leads you to what works - for YOU. With RiteTag, our focus is to increase your exposure to followers, while going the furthest to help you #reachbeyondyourfollowers
  • 17. There’s no need #to #do #this You’ll only look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Not scientific, and not a good way to gain and retain clients.
  • 18. We understand that the great equalizer in Twitter is a relevant and well-searched and tracked hashtag. RiteTag empowers the little guy every bit as much as we serve the world’s top PR, SEO and social media agencies. So...
  • 19. Try us free, without obligation ● ● ● ● ● ● ● FREE: unlimited RiteTag A.I. searches, tag black-listing, real-time “standalone” data, hashtag influencers, instances count… FREE: unlimited Tag Sets, 30 days rich Stats - tracking every tweet you RiteTag, every hashtag used in a tweet/schedule from RiteTag FREE: unlimited Scheduled post editing FREE: 5 interactive RiteTag Reports/month - industry leader! FREE: 5 tweets/custom schedules/auto-schedules PER DAY. FREE: Chrome & Firefox browser extensions FREE mobile applications are on the way, too! For now, a full responsive site.
  • 20. Jump on the introductory price of just $108.00 for the year. (We can promise you that will go up.) We’ll be adding features and functionality that will: ● ● ● increase the speed of the site, the search, the browser extensions increase the quality of our search results decrease the time it takes to get things done and increase the ways we suggest doing more of what’s working - in tags and tactics.
  • 21. Lock in now at the lowest we’ll ever be. Get the features we’ll be adding as we grow - and prices rise…) For $9/month (annualized - $108/year) you get: ● ● ● 20 interactive RiteTag Reports/month - compare with 50 tweets/custom schedules/auto-schedules PER DAY. “Beta-access” to our upcoming Android app - included at no cost. US$13/month or, for a 30% savings, $108 for the year.
  • 22. Search #hashtagacademy in G+ We’re doing monthly workshops for those serious about getting content seen. Just search #hashtagacademy in Googleplus to see when our events. for media inquiries.