How to startup from nothing


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I provide the how and why to bootstrap a startup - even if you are neither designer nor programmer. It can be done, and I want to teach people what is working for me.

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  • @triharsaadicahya No, don't share all of it. Write all your killer features. Drill down to the main few features that offer exclusive value. Practice explaining your plan in a few minutes (less time is better) and keep a couple of the best features unspoken. If someone can listen to you, do what you revealed without you and beat you, even with the things you help back, then you need to spend more time learning.
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  • Good collection of information.
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  • @triharsaadicahya You need to talk to people, decide who to work with, and share the basics. Try to do something with a tchnical co-founder that's amll in scope, first. See how that goes, and build on that relationship. Talk to me in G+, if you like.
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  • this is also my problem. i'm a designer that can't code. I've once pitch my idea at local startup weekend, and try to find coder to help me materialize the idea. But, still no luck..
    anyway, i share my idea in various form thinking it is useless if i keep it secret,but i don't know how to 'secure' it. Should we just share it, with the change someone might steal it. What do you think?
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How to startup from nothing

  1. How to startup from nothing
  2. Missed the news? Yet another 17 year-old sold his internet startup for 30 million smackers. Source: Forbes
  3. That kid codes. Maybe you don’t.
  4. Bootstrapping 101
  5. Pause this slideshow. Let’s get you an idea.
  6. Do your research. Make damn sure your fresh new idea doesn’t already exist.
  7. Where and how to pitch your raw idea
  8. Expect to have to hustle to build your initial team.
  9. All the while, always be learning
  10. If you’re neither coder nor designer...
  11. Be the glue, not the solvent
  12. Look for the HUNGRY. Throw back those who won’t go all-in.
  13. Some startup people and lean “cool kids” are quick to tell you aren’t following the tried and trued rules.
  14. PLAY with your team - and show them off.
  15. This stunt pissed Fathead off, while Daiper dug it. Mainly, we share our startup story - the warts and all.
  16. Share studies that support your hypothesis
  17. Feature your people on your site
  18. Thank but also share and repurpose the public compliments your first users give you.
  19. Show the world how far you’ve come by sharing your early versions now and then.
  20. Show people your first wireframes (I got this idea and many more on transparency from Dan & Dino of
  21. Prove to users that you use your site yourself!
  22. Share screenshots that show users what they can get from using your site/app to it’s fullest.
  23. how you used RiteTag to get a startup going... Or if you need a hand in making that happen… Write or video call with me in Google+: SKYPE’s okay too: osakasaul Mention this SlideShare if you connect-request, please. I’ll be happy to help you startup from nothing, too. If you can get from slide 1 - 23, you probably have the attention span required.