Korea Enterprise Mobility MDM Market 2013


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Enterprise mobility market researched in Korea, based on MDM product.

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Korea Enterprise Mobility MDM Market 2013

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility Korea Market Research Jump on the Wagon! No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside Altibase without prior written approval from AltibasePaul Oh- March 2013
  2. 2. Mobilized Business Applications Source: insiderRESEARCH, February 2012 (global study) -2-
  3. 3. SAP Mobility Solutions Bring Your Own Device ■ Global MEAP Solutions ■ Domestic MEAP Solutions Revenue Company 2011 (USD Million) 1,619 MEAP 3,900 (App development) LG CNS 2,300 320 URACLE 20 6.5 Blue Digm 21 MDM 5 (Operation/Management) Source: Gartner, 2011 Domestic Solutions Global solutions reseller Collaboration Source: Gartner, 2011 -3-
  4. 4. Market Definition Source: SAP and Sybase Mobility - Overview - SDN -4-
  5. 5. Comparison tableCompany Profile Strengths Cautions •Being a small startup company, MobileIron could struggle •MobileIron has rapidly earned high levels of mind share in the MDM market, and with scaling, especially globally, as a result of early successful • MobileIron, based in USA appears frequently on shortlists. With strong marketing capabilities, the company has the growth. It is a good potential acquisition target for a larger • Launched its product in September of ability to convey the business value of MDM. vendor that wants to acquire a superior management interface. 2009 and has seen rapid growth in sales •Strong presales and postsales support and programs are particularly effective at •It does not have its own encryption capabilities, must MobileIron • Focused on mobility management. building client relationships and reinforcing credibility. work with whats on-device or through partners, which • Primarily focused on North America, we •The company emphasizes comprehensive life cycle management, including usage could cause higher costs. Buyers need to understand the are seeing expansion into a significant monitoring, cost control, and application deployment and version control. It offers strong limits of embedded protections on each platform, because presence in Western Europe as well. support for corporate and personal devices. these will be the limits to what MobileIron can manage. •MobileIron has a sleek UI and a full-featured tool. •MobileIron offers a physical or virtual appliance, but is not •The product has great reporting and dashboard capabilities. releasing a SaaS offering until 2Q11. • Founded in 2003 USA •Options for insourcing and outsourcing of products and services accommodate a wide •Gartner has received feedback from user references • Georgia, AirWatch emerged from the range of needs, including purchased/insourced systems, SaaS hosted on the user site and regarding poor postsales support. wireless network management services SaaS hosted as a cloud service. •The company needs to increase management experience, and and ruggedized device market, where •The management console features a strong dashboard and detailed reporting capabilities. is pursuing a plan to hire high-profile managers. management SLAs are critical. •Multitenant support is designed in for improved scaling, with selective isolation for •AirWatch has an international presence, but it still relies large installations. on North America for more than 80% of its revenue. •Symantec is a prominent global security player, with strong positions in desktop and laptop •Symantec SMM provides strong security capability with lightweight client options. •antivirus, encryption and comprehensive Integration with other Symantec product frameworks is a strategic advantage for long- endpoint management. Symantec has term Symantec customers. •The MDM console isnt as attractive or user-friendly as offered MDM support in Altiris since •Symantec is emphasizing advanced iOS and Android features, such as elective e-mail competitors and could use updating. Although it provides life Symantec 2004. data wipes, full e-mail access control, selective wipe on application data, hardware cycle management, the console emphasizes a focus on • Symantec has had MDM for years, asset tracking, selective whitelist/blacklist and application management, as well as security. Gartner analysts have not seen data-roaming policies. •Buyers who want to build a complete MDM solution may evidence of competitive public visibility •Symantec has an outstanding track record for overall viability and for competitive sales require additional Symantec product lines, especially to until recently, and cannot verify a and support of a wide range of security services. Their global reseller network is strong complete the security functions. significant presence through client and well-trained. references. •The company has had a long, but historically weak, •Fiberlink has proven long-term viability and global presence, with most revenue competitively recognized role in delivering SaaS and point originating in North America and Europe. • Founded in 1991, Fiberlink services for PCs starting in the early 1990s and for PDAs •The Fiberlink management MaaS360 client agent and user self-service portal are already Communications provides SaaS and starting in the late 1990s. The company has not generated known and visible in the remote access and virtual private network (VPN) market frames managed services for enterprise mobility broad competitive recognition of MDM capability, despite past of reference. management. Fiberlink started business attempts to break free of its historical network management •The company is experienced in mobility and telecom services delivered through scalable in remote access service management, service provider roots. cloud-based network operations centers (NOCs). Fiberlink offers good mobile analytic offering a connection agent to negotiate •Fiberlink has low visibility in MDM — it needs increased tools and device status reporting. worldwide Internet access for traveling investment in sales and marketing. •The customer base is spread across industries that are growth targets for mobile access. users. •MDM SaaS is not yet widely popular, although Gartner •MaaS360 enables iPhone/iPad users to subscribe to enterprise document and database anticipates rising interest as cloud service adoption updates through the Apple enterprise application distribution function. increases. Source: Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2011 -5-
  6. 6. Comparison tableCompany Profile Strengths Cautions •Users must deploy Good for Enterprise Server and transmit end-to-end encrypted data through Goods NOC. •Strongest security for messaging and Intranet access through • Good Technology, based in Redwood the Good client and its FIPS 140-2 certified encryption; Shores, California, has a long history in •Has the best name recognition in MDM and appears frequently on shortlists, although otherwise, it uses native encryption or must use third-party the mobile applications space and the companys primary product is secure e-mail. applications for non-Good applications. thousands of clients globally through its •Goods mobile security features, particularly platform-independent FIPS 140-2 •Good provides its own UI for corporate e-mail and e-mail system, which garnered strong encryption in the e-mail system, have helped to catalyze entry for Apple devices into personal information manager access. In many cases, this sales as a NOC-based architectural organizations bound to stringent data protection requirements. causes complaints from users, who must be convinced of alternative to BlackBerry Enterprise •Good can validate and authorize specific applications before allowing them to connect to the benefits of the added security in exchange for the UI Server for non- BlackBerry mobile shops. a corporate network. This feature is available even on platforms that do not support replacement. Focusing on security, it has seen success blacklisting and whitelisting, such as iPhone and iPad. •The cost of the Good solution can be relatively high per user with financial services, government, •Good has a track record for supporting and managing both corporate and personal data seat, compared with other vendors. Furthermore, the healthcare, legal, professional services and applications and is compatible with both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes installation and configuration of advanced security features are and other security-conscious enterprises. •Extensive help desk features are included, as well as a user self-service portal. complex and require a learning curve. •Good does not offer management or integration for BlackBerry. •Zenprise has a strong tool UI and functionality. •It provides end-to-end security via an embedded VPN and sandbox that can control and • Zenprise was founded in 2003 and is encrypt application traffic. based in Fremont, California. It is a small •It enables Web content filtering and URL filtering on mobile devices, which differentiates •Fair execution and postsales support were reported in our company focused solely on MDM. It Zenprise from its competitors. survey; however, marketing is weak, and competitive Zenprise recently acquired a small French security •The product can quarantine noncompliant devices based on policies, devices, operating- visibility reported by Gartner clients is low. and MDM company, Sparus, to better system versions, and compliance violations (e.g., user installed blacklisted applications, •The tool offers weak dashboard and reporting capabilities for support mobile security and encryption. user "jail broke" the phone, user hasnt upgraded the operating system that addresses supported devices. security vulnerability). •Zenprise has a large, installed MDM customer base. • Sybase, an SAP company, is based in Dublin, California. It owns the longest- •Afaria offers broad life cycle management benefits and, when combined with Mobile established MDM platforms, reaching Office, constitutes a comprehensive wireless e-mail and mobile application integration •Afaria can be relatively expensive per user seat (twice that of back to PCs in the late 1980s. Afaria framework. It constitutes the most mature platform among MDM vendors for managed competitors); but this is also true of other vendors with broad was created in 1997 for laptops and software distribution. functional platforms. To use features such as e-mail subsequently released in 2000 as the •Feature sets for help desk support, application and service management, including encryption, buyers may need to invest in Mobile Office, in first nonindustrial MDM platform for expense management, are well-represented across the most popular smartphone addition to Afaria. Sybase Palm and Windows devices. Afaria platforms. Noncompliant devices can be quarantined. •Feedback to Gartner indicates that buyers find the installation support is offered for Android, •Sybase is one of a few MDM vendors that offers an embedded VPN in its e-mail of Afaria to be complex. Companies planning a new/first BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, Nokia S60, client, plus a sandbox facility to isolate and control application access to business purchase must plan for a learning curve. Windows Mobile 6.x and any phone data and VPN connections. •The Afaria UI has been on the market for some time and model that supports Open Mobile •Afaria offers support for an Android application portal for enterprise application needs an update. Alliance (OMA) Device Management management. Afaria Advanced Enterprise Security (AES) for Android, adds more than (DM). Afaria also has value-added mobile 80 device management features on Samsung Android devices. features for tablets running Windows 7. Source: Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2011 -6-
  7. 7. Market Forecast and Analysis AS IS 2011 Revenue To Be ■ Global 20 16.4 (USD Million) Go with Partners 15 Only MDM Revenue • Mobile manufacturer 11 10 6.6 6.4 5.3 4.5 5 2011 Revenue 0 (USD Million) • Domestic MEAP Vendors Source: IDG Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Management Software • Leading SI companies, Vertical solutions 2012–2016 Forecast and Analysis 2012 Revenue (USD Million) • Vertical solutions: CRM, Accounting, Groupware, Content Mgmt, ■ Domestic 150 126 Payroll, ERP 105 100 50 0 34 14 20 2.5 2012 Revenue (USD Million) USD 10 Million Korea Leading SI Companies & Mobile CSP Vertical Manufacture Mobility solutions B2B Source: www.naver.com solutions CUSTOMER USD Million USD Million 404%↑ 167% ↑ Source: IDG Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Management Software 2012–2016 Forecast and Analysis -7-
  8. 8. Market Approach Afaria Core Industries Growth Industries Emerging Industries High Tech Finance/ Healthcare Automotive Logistics Oil/GAS & Consumer Retail Government Life Science Shipbuilding Media Insurance Chemical Where to sell 2013 2014 2015  Target : Named User Account  Target  Target  Mission Named User Account, Prospects Named User Account, Prospects & Needs to know demands, needs  Mission Suspects Tactics: Successful sales cloning  Mission - Inside Sales(Monthly) Tactics: Market Expansion - eDM(Introduction to MEAP) - Inside Sales(Monthly) Tactics: - Seminar Based promotion(Quarterly) - eDM(Introduction to Case Studies) - Inside Sales(Monthly) - Conference(Yearly) - Seminar Based promotion(Quarterly) - eDM(Introduction to Case Studies) - Conference(Yearly) - Seminar Based promotion(Quarterly) - Conference(Yearly) -8-
  9. 9. Market Strategy SI & Vertical solutions Nexcore platform, Nexcore Mobile SmartMobileRanking Company Global Co-working Ranking Company Group Group Main 2011 Revenue with major players http://www.mcnc.co.kr/ http://www.3hit.kr/index/bbs/board.php?bo_table=comm_01&wr_id=40 http://www.cjsystems.co.kr/business/smart/mobile.asp 2011 Revenue Main (Holdings) http://news.inews24.com/php/news_view.php?g_serial=686427&g_menu=020200&rrf=nv Business (USD million) (Holdings) Business (USD million) MobileDeskhttp://www.mobiledesk.co.kr/mobiledesk/intro/induction.do 1 삼성 SDS SAMSUNG Electronics 3,900 15 - - 209 2 LG CNS LG Electronics 2,300 16 DOOSAN Consumer 206 http://www.finger-post.com/common/partner/partner01.asp 3 SK Telecom 1,619 17 DongKook Steel 200 4 POSCO Steel 983 18 대림 I&S Daelim Construction 196 HYUNDAI 5 Automotive 668 19 현대정보기술 Lotte Retail 186 Automotive 6 한화 S&C HANHWA Chemical 575 20 동양시스템즈 TongYang Finance 159 7 KT DS KT Telecom 498 http://www.inection.co.kr/ 21 포스텍 STX Shipbuilding 146 8 롯데 정보통신 Lotte Retail 462 22 HYOSUNG Chemical 125 9 신세계 I&C SHINSEGAE Retail 337 23 현대유엔아이 HYUNDAI Logistics 120 KUMHO 10 Logistics 320 24 GS ITM GS Retail 120 ASIANA 11 동부 CNI DONGBU Finance 317 KB 25 KB 데이타시스템 Finance 117 Finance Group Woori 12 Finance 284 26 코오롱베니트 KOLON Chemical 116 Finance Group 13 CJ Consumer 257 27 농협정보시스템 NONGHYUP Finance 113 SSANGYONG 14 쌍용정보통신 Chemical 222 28 한진정보통신 HANJIN Logistics 113 CEMENT Source: The maps of business investment 2011 -9-
  10. 10. Electronics: Smart TV/STB Application Management 1. Firmware Update 2. App Update SD → HDAnalog → Digital(EU, India, South America Emerging market) ■ STB Global Market ■ STB Manufactor ■ STB Middleware Revenue 2011 Revenue 2011 Company Company Index 2012 2013 2015 (USD million) (USD million) 1,700 62 Global Market (억달러) Korea Product Become a Home Media Server! 27 28 30 193 35 티비스톰 인프라웨어 8 43 7% 9% 13% market share 122 오비고 24 Source: National IT Industry Promotion Agency, STB Market Reseatch2011 48 Domestic Customers 96  Satelite Brodcating- Skylife 49  Cable TV – CJ Hellovision, Tbroadband, CNM, HCN  IPTV - KT, SKT, LGU+ 290 - 10 -
  11. 11. Finance Insurance – SFA Security Management Mission possible! Secure Customers’ Information ■ Life Insurance ■ Non-Life Insurance 2011 Revenue 2011 RevenueRanking Company Ranking Company (USD Billion) (USD Billion) 1 SAMSUNG LIFE 9.9 1 SAMSUNG FIRE 6.2 Life Insurance → Bancassurance 2 KOREA LIFE 5.1 3 KYOBO LIFE 4.8 2 HYUNDAI FIRE 3.6 4 TONGYANG LIFE 1.2 3 DONGBU Insurance 3.3 5 SHINHAN LIFE 1.7 2013 Life Insurance Growth 3.1%, KIRI Research 2013 4 LIG INSURANCE 3.1 6 HUNGKUK LIFE 1.4 7 ING LIFE 2.1 5 MERITZ FIRE 1.8 8 MIRAEASSET LIFE 1.7 6 HANHWA INSURANCE 1.4 9 KDB LIFE 1.1 7 LOTTE INSURANCE 0.7 10 ALIANZ LIFE 1.4 11 AIA 1.3 8 HUNGUK INSURANCE 1.1 12 Metlife 1.2 9 GREEN INSURENCE 0.4 13 Prudential 0.7 14 DongBu Life 0.5 2013 Non Life Insurance Growth 46.5%, KIRI Research 2013 Source: The maps of business investment 2011 - 11 -
  12. 12. Healthcare: HIS/EMR Security Management Visible Market! 1. ProtectionTo catch 60 of HIS related Information large hospitals 2. Protection of patients EMR Dr. SMART Project 2012 By SAMSUNG SDS Smart Nurse, Smart Med sign project 2012 By SKT HER project 2012 By SKT ■ EMR Global Market ■ HealthCare Solution Vendors U-HealthCare Revenue 2011 Revenue 2011 Company Company (USD million) (USD million) 삼성SDS 3,900 엔지테크 5 2012 USD 2B →2015 USD 5B LG CNS 2,300 12.5 1,619 테크하임 7 186 60.6 인피니트 45.7 멘토소프트 0.6 30.6 동은정보기술 10 이지케어텍 31.5 56.8 4 34 Source: Accenture EMR Markets Whitepaper Reseatch2010 - 12 -
  13. 13. Logistics – Application management/Monitoring 4 Hub Terminals Processing 80 ~ 100 Boxes daily 80 Sub Terminals Distribute City/District 800 Delivery Office 5,000 Delivery Car Delivery for customers ■ Land Logistics ■ Merchant ship Revenue 2012 Revenue 2012 Company Company (USD Billion) (USD Billion) Hub Terminal 2.7 한진해운 8.4 Sub Terminal 1.3 현대상선 6.1 1.6 STX팬오션 4.2 Source: CJ CLS Website 0.6 SK해운 1.8 0.4 - 13 -
  14. 14. Enterprise – Solution App Application ManagementCollaboration with Mobile manufacturer • How to provisioning Enterprise App ? • How to/When procedures to accommodate the BYOD initiative? • Can manage to various OS? • Is it possible perfect security, authentication management? • How about firmware update, fixes, revision? - 14 -
  15. 15. Wrap Up  Korea mobile market matured by Leading Enterprise SI companies  2013 Expected market size USD 10M.  Collaboration with need partners(Korean MEAP solutions, Mobile manufacturer, Vertical solutions) needed  First target industries are High Tech, Finance Insurance, Health care and Automotive.  In Korea case, security issues will organize association, community and then enact roles by establishment - 15 -
  16. 16. Appendix – references ▪Website - www.sap.com/korea/solutions/technology/mobility-platform.epx [SAP AG] - logica.com [SAP Afaria partner] - akili.com [Antena partner] - http://www.insideview.com/ - http://www.uracle.co.kr/ [Uracle] - http://www.bloter.net/archives/65696 [블로터포럼] 모바일 시대의 통합 해결사 ‘MEAP’ - http://www.itconference.co.kr/203385 [MCAP vs MEAP : 특징과 구현 방안] - http://www.moofwd.com/platform/features/meap-mcap/ [VS. MEAP OR MCAP] - http://kimstar.pe.kr/blog/260 [MEAP - Mobile Enterprise Application Platform] ▪ Paper - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2012 - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2011 - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2009 - Magic Quadrant for Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms, William Clark, Michael J. King 2011 - Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms 26 April 2012 - IDG Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Management Software 2012–2016 Forecast and Analysis - 2012 CIO Summit Korea - SAP Afaria 7 2012 - SAP WT 2010 BUSAN Track1 성공적인Enterprise Mobility 구현을 위한 Platform 도입전략 및 방안/서원설 이사 - A-Partners-Guide-to-Selling-Afaria – Sybase - SAP and Sybase Mobility - Overview – SDN - Top tools for BYOD management, Network World 2012 - Ten reasons to choose SAP for enterprise mobility, SAP - IDG Techfocus MEAP 2012 - Accenture EMR Markets Whitepaper Research 2010 - NIPA 정보통신사업진흥원 STB 시장 기술 보고서 2011 - KIRI 한국보험연구원 보험회사의 모바일 도입 현황과 시사험 2012 - Mobile Application Development: Challenges and Best Practices Accenture ▪ Book - THE MAS OF BUSINESS INVESTMENT 2013, 업계지도, 리더스하우스 - THE MAS OF BUSINESS INVESTMENT 2012, 업계지도, 리더스하우스 - THE MAS OF BUSINESS INVESTMENT 2011, 업계지도, 리더스하우스 -Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2011 ▪ Advisor - SK C&C Nexcore Div. Eugene Jung/Architecture Manager - 16 -
  17. 17. THANK YOU !!!Paul Ohos81paul@gmail.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/pub/paul-oh/13/926/692
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