Portuguese characters


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Portuguese characters

  2. 2. Ferdinand MagellanHe is Ferdinand Magellan.He was born on the 1480,in Ponte de Barca (Portugal).He was ready to go allaround the world but died.He died on the 27th of April 1521,in Mactan (Cebu, Philippines).At the age of 41.
  3. 3. Dulce She was bronon the 8th of– She is Dulce Pontes. Pontes April 1969,in Montijo (Portugal). She is 43 yeards old. She is a famose singer in Portugal.
  4. 4. VA S CO D A GA M AH e w a s b o rn i n K o c h i , In d ia,D e ce m b e r 2 4. I t w a s a fa m o u s N a vi g a to r a n dP o r t u g u e s e E x p lo r e r . A t t h e e n d o f h i s li fe , fo r a b r i e f p e r i o d i n
  5. 5. Name: Luis FigoDate and city birth: 4th novembre, 1972, Lisboa, ‘’PortugalJob: he was football playerKnow for: one of the best footballerAge: 40Text: he is Luis Figo. He was born 4 th of november, 1972, inPortugal.He is 40 yeards old. He was one of the best football player inthe world, and played some very important equipment such as:Sporting club, F. C Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.
  6. 6. Pedro Álvares Cabral:Pedro Àlvares CabralPedro was born in 1467 or 1468He was a sailor.
  7. 7. Pedro was considered "the discoverer of Brazil’’Pedro was a sailor Portugés.
  8. 8. HISTORICAL PEOPLE NAME: JOSE SARAMAGO DATE AND CITY OF BIRTH: 16th November, 1922. Azhinaga (PORTUGAL) JOB / OCCUPATION: writer KNOWN FOR: In 1998 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature DATE AND CITY OF DEATH: 18th June, 2010. Tias, Lanzarote (SPAIN) AGE OF DEATH: 87
  9. 9. TEXT:He is Jose Saramago. He was born on the 16th of November1922, in Azhinaga (PORTUGAL). He was a writer, novelist, poet,journalist and playwright.In 1998 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.He died on 18th of June 2010, in Tias, Lanzarote (SPAIN), at theage of 87.
  10. 10. This is jose the PManuel  is rime  Minister of  portugal between  the years 2002-2004
  11. 11. He was born on March 23,1956, in the city of Lisbon
  12. 12. •Th eend
  13. 13. • He is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.• The was born in Madeira 5 February 1985. He is 27 years old.• Your ocupation is playing football.• Know for play’s football
  14. 14. He was playing football in the Manchester United, He now plays for real madrid this i in the Portuguese selection
  15. 15. THE END
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