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Abjs 2008 Veillette Staying Up To Date
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Abjs 2008 Veillette Staying Up To Date


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Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Staying Up-To-Date Using Google Reader & RSS Feeds Christian Veillette M.D., M.Sc., FRCSC Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Shoulder & Elbow Reconstructive Surgery Toronto Western Hospital University Health Network Email:
    • 2. Objectives
      • Provide an overview of RSS
      • Demonstrate the power of an RSS Reader and get you started with one
      • Use Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds
      • Review the basics of finding and using orthopedic RSS feeds?
        • Journals – JBJS, CORR
        • Portals – OrthoLinx, OrthoGate, Orthopaedic Web Links
        • Medworm
        • PubMed
    • 3. What is RSS?
      • Stands for Really Simple Syndication
      • RSS is a standard for publishing regular updates to web-based content
      • Look for or while viewing a webpage
      • Its ALL around you
    • 4. OrthoLinx ( )
    • 5. JBJS ( )
    • 6. Why use RSS?
      • To track information from diverse sources
      • To automatically republish dynamic content on any website
      • To connect and remix a wide range of online application
    • 7.
    • 8. RSS Readers
      • Similar to your email program
      • Checks Web sites to see what content has been updated
      • Relies on RSS Feeds to access the information
      • Displays brief description about new information displayed on Web site
      • Provides html link to the full information on the Web site
    • 9. Getting to Google Reader
      • Two URLs to access Google Reader:
      • 2.
    • 10. Create a Google Account Create your new account by clicking here
    • 11. Create a Google Account Enter email address Turn Personalized Search OFF
    • 12. Create a Google Account Once you’ve created your account you will be sent an email from Google to verify your account. The email you receive will be similar to this: Click on this link to activate your Google Account
    • 13. Login to Google Reader
      • Once you have activated your account
      • Goto
      Sign in here with the account name and password you created
    • 14. Google Reader Interface If you want to find out what Google Reader can do for you, you should take a quick look at our tour . Or you can let Dr. Hansen, one of our engineers, tell you a bit about it:
    • 15. Add subscription – Search Click here to subscribe to OR search for an RSS Feed. This is how you add a RSS Feed to your Reader
    • 16. Add subscription - Search
      • You will see a subscription box open up like the image below:
      Type in “orthopedic news” and click Add
    • 17. Add subscription - Search
      • You will see a list of RSS Feeds that match the search term
      Click the “Subscribe” button for Orthopaedic Web Links.
    • 18. Add subscription - Search
      • You are now subscribed to the OWL RSS Feed
      OWL added to your subscription list. Clicking on subscription name will load the latest feed items
    • 19. Add subscription – Paste Feed URL
      • Find a website you want to subscribe to:
        • Medscape Orthopedics
        • OrthoLinx
        • OrthoGate
        • JBJS
    • 20. CORR – Find RSS Feed
      • Goto
    • 21. Retrieve Feed URL Copy the URL of the feed you would like to subscribe: 1. Goto URL in top of browser 2. Highlight the URL 3. Press Ctrl+C OR 1. Goto URL in top of browser 2. Highlight the URL 3. Click the right mouse button and select “Copy”
    • 22. JBJS – Find RSS Feed
      • Goto
    • 23. Retrieve Feed URL Copy the URL of the feed you would like to subscribe: 1. Goto URL in top of browser 2. Highlight the URL 3. Press Ctrl+C OR 1. Goto URL in top of browser 2. Highlight the URL 3. Click the right mouse button and select “Copy”
    • 24. Paste Feed URL Paste the URL of the feed you would like to subscribe to into the “Add subscription” box in Google Reader 1. Click Add subscription to open up field 2. Place cursor in Add subscription field 3. Press Ctrl+V on your keyboard 4. Click “Add”
    • 25. PubMed – Create RSS Feed
      • Goto PubMed
      Enter search term such as “total shoulder arthroplasty” Click Go
    • 26. Send to RSS Feed Select RSS Feed from the Send to Drop Down box
    • 27. Create Feed
      • Set the Limit for items sent in Feed
      • Enter a name for the Feed
      • Click the Create Feed button
    • 28. Retrieve Feed URL
      • Click the XML icon.
      • On the new window, copy the URL in the browser Address box and paste it into your RSS reader
    • 29.
    • 30. Reading your RSS Feeds Click on title to see the full entry on the JBJS Web site
    • 31. Special Features
      • Manage Subscriptions
      • Starred Items
      • Shared Items
      • Labels/Folders
      • List view vs Expanded view
      • Settings
      Read the Google Reader Help Tutorial
    • 32. Read Anywhere, Anytime
      • Read on the go
      • Google Reader works on any mobile phone browser
      • Google Reader keeps you connected anywhere, anytime
    • 33.  
    • 34. References
      • Google Reader Help Tutorial
      • How to Use Google Reader by Andy Wibbels
      • Google Reader Tutorial
      • Ripping it up with RSS
    • 35. Thank you The Orthopaedic Internet: A Collaborative Resource