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  • POLITICAL--Could have withdrawal of funding from major donors for example: the United States — the country that provides the most financial support to UNESCO, contributing around $60 millionannually in dues — has stated that it is withholding all funding from the organization in light of UNESCO allowing member statestatus for Palestine. Source: http://ceep.indiana.edu/projects/PDF/SP_UNESCO.pdf
  • Unesco (mow)

    1. 1. UNESCOMemory of the World (MOW)
    2. 2. “Silver Bible”, 6th century, Northern ItalySource: www.unesco.org
    3. 3. Prague collection -- philosophical studies -- 17th century – Czechia Source: www.unesco.org
    4. 4. National Archives -- South AfricaArrest warrant for Nelson Mandela Source: www.unesco.org
    5. 5. Danish National Archives Act of Sovereignty 1665 Source: www.unesco.org
    6. 6. Portrait -- Johannes Brahms by K. Rona, 1896 Manuscript - op. 102 Source: www.unesco.org
    7. 7. Human Rights Documentary Heritage 1980 -- Democratic Uprising against Military Regime – Gwangju, Republic of Korea Source: www.unesco.org
    8. 8. Launch of the MOWProgramme in 1992
    9. 9. MOW Vision• Heritage belongs to all• Preserved and protected for all• Permanently accessible to all
    10. 10. Programme Objectives• Facilitate preservation• Assist universal access to documentary heritage• Increase awareness worldwide Canada - Hudson’s Bay Company Archival records, Cartographic Records Source: www.unesco.org
    11. 11. Programme Structure• International Advisory Committee (IAC)o Secretariat• Regional MOW Committees• National MOW Committees
    12. 12. International Advisory Committee (IAC)• Appointed by D-G UNESCO• Key body responsible for Programme implementation• Determines fund allocation• Secretariat
    13. 13. Regional Committees• Subsidiary of IAC• Unite people from different countries to achieve Programme objectives• Maintain Regional Register• Encourage cooperation / training• Fostering of national committees
    14. 14. National Committees• Autonomous entities• Maintain National Register• 59 countries with National MOW Committees
    15. 15. MOW Register• Most publicly visible aspects of the Programme• Nominating for the MOW Register
    16. 16. Importance – Technical• Helps development of stable technologies to preserve vulnerability• Improves accessibility and use of documentary heritage• Pilot projects -- contemporary technology to reproduce original documentary heritage on other media• Technical committee serves as starting-point for advice / networking
    17. 17. Importance – Social• Solicits accountability from governments• Encourages cooperation and training• Global outlook – group effort• Mechanism for advocacy / campaigning• Provides education / promotion via products
    18. 18. Importance – Cultural• Universal access• Supports the meaning of “world significance”• Encourages cross-country linkages of collections and undertakes special projects• Balances traditional knowledge with modern methods
    19. 19. Importance – Economic• Digital information has economic value as a source of knowledge• Promotes resource-sharing and optimal use of resources• Collective fundraising• Produces products that further its objectives -- books, pamphlets, CDs for profit
    20. 20. Our Opinion – Pros MOW• Provides permanent knowledge• Fosters partnerships -- special projects• Facilitates meeting of experts, sharing expertise, networking• Provides formal selection process for Register• Preservation of world heritage strengthens the information profession
    21. 21. Our Opinion – Cons MOW• Programme under large UNESCO umbrella -- administrative “red tape”• Could get political• Ensure less wealthy nations have access to Programme• Training in all languages not always available
    22. 22. Conclusion• Creates foundational piece for future generations• Captures many formats of human heritage• MOW – mechanism to record methodologies, expertise, training, etc. For preservation action• Encourages political will for global development of documentary heritage
    23. 23. Final Thought...“MOW PROGRAMME IS NEEDED TOPREVENT COLLECTIVE AMNESIA ABOUTOUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE”Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AVoZq8dHJA