Ormita Commerce Network Member Information Pack


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Member information pack for the Ormita Commerce Network. How to trade using the Ormita Commerce Network B2B barter platform. Call Ormita today to find out how we can help your business grow.

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Ormita Commerce Network Member Information Pack

  1. 1. Ormita Information Pack
  2. 2. Why Join Ormita for Free? 3 More than a Business Network 4 Summary of Benefits 5 Is My Business Right for Ormita? 6 How Transactions Work 7 Registering Online 8 Searching Our Member Directory 9 Membership Fees 10 Contacting Ormita Worldwide 11 Everything you need to knowEverything you need to know
  3. 3. Bringing you guaranteed new business The Ormita Commerce Network provides businesses with the opportunity to increase their customer numbers, open new markets, access alternative (interest-free) finance and generate client referrals. Ormita is a closed network of businesses that prefer to buy from one another. Income earned from sales made to other businesses must be spent within the group. Free marketing & promotion • Your own dedicated broker to help promote your business • New customer referrals (online and brokered) • Website listings (with your own logo, video, brochures and unlimited product listings) • Member deals via weekly e-blast • Annual community resource guide listing • Entry to annual events • Opportunity to put your marketing collateral in new member welcome packs • Invitations to Business-After-Hours mixers and other networking opportunities • Business counselling with experts • Access to business seminars, workshops, and other classes • Facebook, twitter & social media promotion • You may invite other businesses to join the network free of charge Free international export assistance • Foreign market research • Marketing advice • Translation assistance • Free use of meeting and conference facilities in 10 countries Export assistance available on barter • Accounting advice • Advertising • Client entertainment • Graphic design • Hotel accommodation • Legal advice • Printing & packaging • Trade shows • Trademark registration * Free international export assistance is available subject to certain criteria. You should be a trading member with Ormita and your account must be in good standing. We reserve the right to refuse certain companies based on our own internal evaluation criteria. Why Join Ormita for Free? • Businesses should aim to increase sales by 10-15% • Purchases are funded out of new sales to businesses within the Ormita network • You do not need to buy directly from someone that you sold to • You do not have to sell to every member - or sell all year round
  4. 4. Mutual support When you spend with your current suppliers there is often no guarantee that they, or others they do business with, will ever buy something back from you. These are “one-way” transactions because every cent you spend is money that you may never receive back. When you make purchases from others within the Ormita network, your trading relationships are based on reciprocity and mutual support. As a member of Ormita you are working with others to build a better, and fairer, business environment. Ormita has more than 220,000 business members. You can also invite new traders to the network free of charge. If your business is not at 100% capacity all of the time then you have an opportunity to increase your revenue and reduce your current cash costs. The Ormita network can help you supplement your cash income and offset some existing costs against new sales. More than a Business Network
  5. 5. Brings new customers Ormita brings new customers to a business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by the company. This may result in more “word-of-mouth” referrals, an increased work-portfolio, more recommendations, improved organizational skills, higher visibility and more cash sales. Provides repeat business Participants will patronize other members businesses over the competition because the credits they have earned are spent within the “community” of members. Pays for purchases out of new sales Businesses acquire what they need, or want, and pay for it with additional sales of their products or services. Improves cash-flow There are two ways to increase cash flow – reduce costs and create additional sales. Ormita does both! Ormita provides business owners the opportunity to acquire what they need from businesses within our network and to fund these purchases out of new sales that they generate within our network. This means that our members preserve their cash for other needs. Increases profits When you sell via Ormita you earn credits that you can spend within our network of members. When you spend this credit you offset your existing by paying out of those new sales, not existing cash reserves. The net result is more income and cash in your pocket. Creates wholesale buying power When members purchase using Ormita they are buying out of the profit margin created from new sales – not their existing cash income. Provides a test market Ormita offers a risk-free method of trialling new products "off-market", creating a "buzz", soliciting feedback, generating referrals and testing consumer acceptance before a full product launch. Gives your business a competitive edge Businesses can attract customers away from their competitors, fund prizes and gifts for existing customers, create new promotions and expand their customer base. Summary of Benefits
  6. 6. Trading ideas In deciding whether or not to join Ormita, the first question a business owner must ask is: “Do I have something to trade and can I do it without impacting my current business cash-flow?” • Mid-to-high margin products or services • Depreciating inventory • Empty seats • Excess capacity • Idle production time • Overstocked inventory • Seasonal products • Slow-moving merchandise • Time-sensitive products or services • Unfilled appointment time • Unsold space If you have one or more of the above then you can use it to offset your existing cash expenses by selling it to other members of the Ormita network. Ensuring repeat business A business is always in demand because there is only one (or a few) of them competing in the Ormita marketplace. 1. Value is created through selling your products and/or services to other members. 2. As a member you agree to spend this new revenue with other members of the Ormita network. 3. Whatever it is that you need, be it advertising, distribution, equipment, office supplies, repairs and maintenance, professional services, training, entertainment, a holiday, or anything else; as long as someone else has it, chances are you can get access to it! Ormita is a closed network of businesses trading with one another, thereby ensuring repeat business. The network can also help to generate new cash referrals for your business. Save cash while networking • General new sales of slow moving inventory, unsold time or space. Become more efficient • Take overstocked, last season or end-of-line items off-market while earning full retail value. • Substitute imports with higher quality, locally provided goods or services at wholesale prices. • Decrease wastage and develop new consumer habits. Build your brand • Build a community network around your brand. • Expand distribution channels and market reach. • Gain repeat business and take customers away from the competition. Is My Business Right for Ormita?
  7. 7. The Ormita exchange platform Ormita acts as a clearinghouse for the trade of excess capacities, goods and services - much like an alternative commodity exchange. Participants buy and sell their excess capacity and/or stock in return for already budgeted for products and services or new investments. Rather than needing to engage in direct barter between participants Ormita brokers transactions through its own marketplace. Transactions are detailed in a computerised ledger which records the value of the items purchased (debit) and sold (credit) - much like a clearinghouse does for stocks, or a commercial bank does for checks. Recording transactions The Ormita ledger system utilises a “credit” as a method of accounting for sales and purchases. • 1 Ormita Credit = $1 Cash in your local currency. • When a business buys its account is debited. • When a business sells its account is credited. Just like any brokerage firm, Ormita receives a cash commission on each transaction each time you make a purchase. Sellers pay no transaction fees to Ormita. Buyers pay a fee of 7% in cash. How Transactions Work
  8. 8. Who can register with Ormita • Registered companies, sole traders & partnerships • New start-ups • Charities / non-profits • government enterprises Creating your online account Enter the following information to complete your online registration: • Select your country and language • Enter your email address • Enter your username and password • Complete the other details together with the verification code The fields will be verified. If there is any problem/missing information, an error message will display in red, indicating what is required. Correct the fields as indicated. Registering Online https://www.ormitatrading.com/createAccount/createAccount.php
  9. 9. The search bar A search bar is conveniently located at the top of every page of the website. Search results Results are not limited to 'whole world' matches,. i.e. the word "plumb" will return matches with Plumber and Plumbing as well as Plumb. Narrowing down searches The more search criteria entered the narrower your search results become. For example, searching for "Luxury Hotel" will find only the listings with the exact phrase Luxury Hotel in either their account name, description, keyword(s) or product listing. Viewing search results Search results appear with newest members showing at the top of the page followed by older accounts. ‘Hidden’ results Some company names may appear as “Hidden”. In other situations the contact details of the company may be hidden. To view these details simply invite the company to Connect to you. Searching the Member Directory
  10. 10. An affordable system Ormita makes its money by charging a cash commission every time you buy something from another member of the network. We strive to make this fee as low as possible and charge no other fees of any kind, including when you make a sale to another Ormita member. Joining Fee 0 Fee when Selling 0 Monthly Fee 0 Annual Fee 0 Fee when Buying 7% Membership Fees No Joining Fees No Annual Fees No Monthly Fees
  11. 11. If you have any questions or need information you can’t find on our Web site, please give us a call – our experienced Customer Service Representatives are available to answer your questions. Australia +61 7 3106 3811 Austria +43 1 311 7296 Belgium +32 2 808 9128 Brazil +55 21 3958 0819 Canada +1 647 931 6841 China +86 27 85412366 Croatia +385 1 300 0874 Cyprus +357 25 025092 Czech Republic +420 22 888 1634 Denmark +45 89 88 11 29 Estonia +372 668 2549 Finland +358 9 3158 2401 France +33 1 8288 3929 Germany +49 931 3069 99281 Greece +30 211 790 2320 Hong Kong +852 5808 2722 India +91 44 23710135 Israel +972 3 720 8938 Italy +39 015 952 6193 Latvia +371 6 616 3598 Luxembourg +352 2033 2510 Malta +356 2778 1011 Mexico +52 55 4170 7577 * In countries where Ormita does not have local representation calls will be answered by our head office Customer Service Team. Contacting Ormita Worldwide Morocco +212 522 995 252 Netherlands +31 20 808 2007 New Zealand +64 9 974 9159 Nigeria +234 1255 8901 Norway +47 21 98 89 79 Poland +48 22 307 3022 Portugal +351 30 880 1735 Romania +40 3 1630 0662 Russia +7 498 619 5663 Singapore +65 3158 1477 Slovakia +421 2 3305 7871 Slovenia +386 1 600 1417 South Africa +27 12 004 2339 South Korea +82 70 7705 3525 Spain +34 91 119 6149 Sweden +46 8 4083 9907 Switzerland +41 43 508 1008 Turkey +90 850 377 8101 Ukraine +380 44 392 0736 U.K. +44 203 519 6833 USA +1 646 843 6214 Zambia +260 97 789 5034 Contacting Ormita Worldwide
  12. 12. All information correct at the time of printing For information, advice and support, contact the Ormita Customer Support Team. Important information We may monitor or record calls to make sure we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help improve the quality of our service. © 2014 Ormita Commerce Network Limited. All Rights Reserved.