Ormita: Buy goods and services at a 95% Discount with Barter


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Ormita Commerce Network: Your business can buy goods and services at a huge discount by leveraging your excess capacity and turning it into essential things you need using barter. Ormita can help make it happen

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Ormita: Buy goods and services at a 95% Discount with Barter

  1. 1. Use Exchange to Get Up to 95% Discount Imagine you are a hotel. In return for issuing €5000 worth of vouchers you receive €5000 worth of printing. Until those vouchers are used you haven’t paid out anything, even though you are getting your printing up-front. Even better - the printing is now costing you less than 10% of what you would pay if you were spending cash. Effectively your business would be turning unsold time into printing. ormita.com GET NEW CUSTOMERS When you sell for cash you can’t always get new customers. Your market is limited to who hears about you or sees you and, even then, your competitor might offer special discounts just to drive customers away from your business. When you use barter there are hundreds of business owners who, like you, are willing to purchase from you. Why? Because bartering costs less to buy compared to spending cash. BUY FOR A LOWER COST When you are a member of Ormita you have two choices each time you buy something: 1. Take cash from your pocket (cash you earned from existing sales); or 2. Make a new barter sale and use that income to buy what you need. Everyone knows that it is better to pay for things you want with new income, but why? Because new income costs less than existing income. When you don’t sell something you loose the value forever. Empty hotel rooms, unsold time, empty space etc. If you can sell them to a new customer then you have almost 100% profit. When you sell a product to a new customer you have to take out the cost of staff, office space and other expenses which you have already paid for. • When you exchange for things you need you save cash. • No cash comes out of your pocket. • Every time you buy, you are making 1 new sale as well. That new sale may cost you as little as 5% or less to make (the cost to sell to a new customer) so things you buy become cheaper. Using Ormita allows you to reduce your costs and increase your profit. Calculating Your Cost Savings Ormita buyers are new sales that you never would have otherwise had. These customers were previously buying from your competitors instead. Ormita will take these customers away from your competitors and bring them to your business. If you are in the service industry then your cost to serve a new customer is relatively low (transportation, telecommunications, stationery, additional printing & postage etc). Accommodation and space related businesses also have low-overheads for additional sales (those over-and-above their existing cash customers). Typically these include cleanings costs and additional utility use. Inventory-related businesses may have costs anywhere from 20% through to 70% to order or manufacture or purchase a replacement part. Ormita affords you the opportunity to buy at wholesale costs using your own goods and services as a purchasing mechanism. A Unique Offering Save cash by exchanging what you have for what you need. 24 hour, 7 day a week online brokerage services. Buy, sell and transfer instantly. No monthly fees and no annual fees. Low transaction fees No cost until we find you customers and help you to spend. Read more on the next page www.ormita.com  
  2. 2. Some other benefits … Make New Sales •Ormita will find you new customers for your product or service. •These customers will purchase your product using barter instead of cash. •The value of this barter transaction is credited to your account in the Ormita system. •You can use this new value to make purchases from other Ormita members for products or services that you need. •You earn full market value for unsold stock or time and convert it into products you need. •You sell your spare time or unsold products to new customers. Save Cash •Access interest free credit. •Repay credit line with new sales. •Buy at a discount of up to 90%. •Buy without using cash. Increase Your Assets •Invest in other businesses without the need for cash. Increase Your Financial Liquidity •Collect bad debts easily. •Repay debts you owe others with your own product or service instead of with cash. Attract New Cash Paying Customers •Buy more advertising. •Get more referrals. •Have more people test your product. Build Your Brand •Ormita will help find you more distribution channels •Gain repeat business and take customers away from the competition. •Improve your customer and staff loyalty. Retain Staff and Customers •Create customer loyalty programmes. •Provide staff incentives. •Pay for client entertainment. Become More Efficient •Decrease wastage. •Earn full value for overstocked, last season or end-of-line items. •Reduce storage costs. •No need to discount. Exchange for… … Advertising, Asset Purchases, Business Supplies, Capital Expenditure , Client Entertainment, Equipment Purchases, Food, Freight, Graphic Design, Hardware Leases, Health and Beauty, Holidays, Maintenance Repairs, Marketing, Medical Services, Needed Goods, Office Supplies, Packaging, Promotional Items, Refurbishments, Signage , Staff Rewards, Stationery, Technical Supplies Services, Travel, Wholesale Items… … and much more… Steps to Joining Ormita Step 1 You register your interest online with Ormita. Step 2 One of our Client Directors will meet with you to create a needs analysis of your regular and upcoming business expenses, community commitments, investment goals and lifestyle enhancement ideas. Step 3 A buying schedule will be created - representing a minimum of $2,000 worth of you cash expenses per month. Step 4 Your Client Director will find suitable suppliers to provide many or all of these expenses. Step 5 Once our suppliers agree to sell, your business begins its commitment to provide a fixed amount of your product or service to our other customers. Ormita provides a low-risk way to exchange what you have for what you need using the concept of multi-barter. You pay no fees until we do our job in bringing you new sales and helping you to spend this new income. Trade with more than 220,000 businesses world-wide through the Ormita Commerce Network. International Offices Australia • Bulgaria • Canada • China • Croatia • Cyprus • Germany • Hong Kong • Israel • Italy Malta • Mexico • Morocco • New Zealand • Romania • Singapore • Slovenia • South Africa • South Korea Ukraine • United Kingdom • USA • Zambia www.ormita.com Do you want to know more about Ormita or become a member? Enter your details at www.ormita.com and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. You can also phone us or email us at customer-service@ormita.com Become a Member Today: www.ormita.com