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International Trade Example

International Trade Example






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    International Trade Example International Trade Example Presentation Transcript

    • Barter Proposal Helping Your Brand To Break Into New Markets Without Needing To Spend Any Additional Cash
      • Summary of Proposal
      • Ormita can offer you a range of advertising and public relations services in several of key markets such as Canada, China, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, UK & the USA
      • Advertising is offered to you on a pure barter basis
      • You can benefit from:
        • Increased brand exposure
        • Reduced capital expenditure on advertising and public relations
        • Cash paying customers - referred by happy recipients of your bartered offerings
    • www.ormita.com.au Types of Advertising Available to Your Business on a Barter Basis
      • Television
      • Sponsorship of Events
      • Radio
      • Public Relations Providers
      • Newspapers
      • Magazines
      • Internet Websites
      • Billboards & Indoor Media
    • www.ormita.com.au
      • A global database of more than 93,800 media outlets
      • Providing strategic positioning against your competitors
      • Workable business and brand building PR strategies
      • Highly qualified, talented and experienced PR specialists
      • Every proposal is tailor made to meet your unique needs
      • Excellent execution skills
      • Timely follow-up and post project evaluation
      • Seamless multi-lingual and global delivery
      • All of our media is available on a barter basis
      Our Media Strengths
    • www.ormita.com.au
      • We are involved in every phase of normal PR activity
      • Global media delivery
      • Strategizing, planning, implementation and measurement
      • Intense stakeholder mapping
      • Three-month reviews
      • We help in other stakeholder relationship management
      • Regular Media monitoring reports
      • Competitor Tracking
      How We Manage Stakeholder Perceptions
      • Regional Media Availability
      • 27,187 Billboards in 9 countries
      • More than 3,122 urinals in 4 countries
      • 2,538 video screens in 7 countries
      • 8,971 point of sale advertising sites in 5 countries
      • Regional magazines and newspapers
      • Internet websites for various demographics
    • www.ormita.com.au Some of our Larger Radio Brands
    • www.ormita.com.au Some of our Larger TV Brands
      • Some of Our Larger Publications
      • Basics of the Barter Process
      • We can work with you to select a list of media suitable for your target market.
      • We find the cash equivalent rates for your required media.
      • You confirm your booking and, instead of paying cash , offer the same equivalent cash value of your own product or service.
      • No direct barter takes place . The media you are buying from may not be the same people who will take your product or service in return.
      • Ormita will “onward barter” your product/service outside your local market and does not resell your product or service for cash.
      • Basics of the Barter Process
      www.ormita.com.au Your Business You wish to acquire more cash paying customers from these three target countries
      • Basics of the Barter Process
      www.ormita.com.au Your Business You have two options Pay cash to buy advertising and P.R . Doing this you run the risk of having no customers purchase from you and loosing money. Barter / Swap for advertising and P.R. This way you are guaranteed to cover your advertising cost and new customers will be “trying” your product; thereby creating more referrals.
      • Basics of the Barter Process
      • Basics of the Barter Process
      www.ormita.com.au Your Business Ormita Customer A Ormita Customer B You get media from Ormita on barter You give Ormita your product or service in return Ormita will barter your product or service on
    • www.ormita.com.au Ormita Will Barter Your Product or Service “Off Market”
      • Ormita will never devalue your current cash market
      • Ormita will only offer your service for barter into markets where it does not currently exist and/or where there is low brand awareness
      • Customers who acquire your product or service through barter are more likely to give positive feedback
      • The cost for you to service an additional customer is nominal versus what you gain in advertising in return
    • www.ormita.com.au Basics of the Barter Process
      • You can buy first and sell later
      • Every time you buy your account is debited for the value of the product or service you are purchasing
      • Every time you sell your account is credited
      • Ormita will provide you with an interest-free line of credit
    • www.ormita.com.au
      • We can custom-make a P.R. Campaign to meet your needs with no obligation to you.
      • With thousands of international media assets, we can create a demographically targeted campaign that will attract your target audience based on any, or all, of these factors:
      • age group
      • geographic location
      • income / assets
      • gender / sexual orientation
      • occupation
      • marital status
      • hobbies / interests / sporting and social activities
      • professional occupation
      • industry associations
      • If you don’t wish to go ahead – you are not obligated to do the barter deal or pay any other costs.
      We Can Tailor A Package To Meet Your Needs With No Obligation To You
    • www.ormita.com.au Ormita Members Are New Revenue
      • Ormita customers do not replace existing cash customers
      • Ormita brings new you only new customers
      • These customers generate new revenue
      • Your businesses uses this revenue to pay for:
      • - advertising
      • - existing fixed costs
      • - brand development
      • - business expansion
      • - new acquisitions
    • Some of Our Better-Known Non-Media Customers
    • www.ormita.com.au Some Customers You May Recognise
    • www.ormita.com.au Some Customers You May Recognise
      • Some Little-Known Statistics
      • Approximately 70% of all Fortune 500 companies engage in barter [1] .
      • Eight out of ten corporations engage in barter [2] .
      • Approximately 65% of all New York Stock Exchange-listed companies engage in barter trade [3] .
      • The SWISS Wir alone does 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (over $2 billion US dollars) and boasts 80,000 members nationally [4] .
      • The WIR also enjoys a membership base of nearly 20% of all Swiss businesses in a country of only 7 million people [5] .
      • At its peak in 2001-2002, an estimated 6 to 10 million Argentines participated in the Red Global de Trueque barter system, including doctors, manufacturers, and even railways, turning over approximately 6 billion US dollars per annum in transactions and accounted for approximately 15% of Argentina’s mean personal income [6] .
      • Approximately 400,000 businesses engage in formalised barter in the United States [7] .
      • In North America 80,000 small businesses used barter for the first time in 2007 and over 800,000 American companies bartered at least once. [8]
      • Barter accounted for 31% of export operations from the Ukraine in last year with highly liquid goods accounting for between 60 and 70% of all goods exported by barter [9] .
      • Companies that actively barter can do as much as 5-10% of their business annually through trades. [10]
      • [1] Schmidgall, R.S., Damitio, J.W. (1999)., Bartering activities of the Fortune 500 and hospitality lodging firms., Michigan State University, International Journal of Hospitality Management
      • [2] American Association of Advertising Agencies. (2003).
      • [3] (2004)., Annual Report, National Association of Trade Exchanges
      • [4] Lietaer, B & Belgin, S. (2004)., Of Human Wealth: Beyond Greed & Scarcity. Galley Edition.
      • [5] Valentini, E. (2003)., Switzerland’s WIR System and Barter Worldwide, International Trade Currency System
      • [6] Stodder, J. (2007).,Residual Barter Networks and Macro-Economic Stability. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Hartford, Hartford CT.
      • [7] (2004)., Fact Sheet, International Reciprocal Trade Association.
      • [8] Frisk, S., (2007). The American Economics Association
      • [9] Kuchma, L., (1998). Press Release. Embassy of the Ukraine to the United States of America. (14 Oct).
      • [10] Schact, J. (2004)., "The Business of Bartering", Illinois Meetings & Events (Fall Edition).
      • Some Examples of Recent Cross-Border Trades
      • Dec 2010 – Jan 2011
      • Kairali Resorts ( www.kairli.com ) Took: $43,198 USD of advertising Repays in: Hotel rooms, entertainment Hidden Benefits: Rooms sold to new customers only who may come back and buy with cash.
      • Hertz Rentals ( www.hertz.com ) Took: $274,150 USD of advertising Repays in: End-of-life ex-rental cars Hidden Benefits: Rental cards disposed of without warehousing, auction and other costs and at a higher margin than with outright cash sale.
      • Nokia Electronics ( www.nokia.com ) Took: $89,715 USD of printing and packaging Repays in: Incorrectly packaged models / overstock models Hidden Benefits: Models sold outside of their market only; thereby creating a new market for them who may buy with cash.
      • Some Examples of Recent Cross-Border Trades (cont…)
      • Dec 2010 – Jan 2011
      • 4. BlueScope Steel ( www.bluescopesteel.com.au ) Took: $25,000 AUD of hotel vouchers Repays in: Surplus steel items Hidden Benefit: Surplus only allowed to be sold to non-BlueScope customers, thereby taking customers away from their competitors.
      • Galena Cellars Winery ( www.gelenacellars.com ) Took: $35,000 USD of expo space Repays in: Wine Hidden Benefit: Sold offshore to new markets only which had never experienced Galena Wines and for higher than local market value.
      • M.A.C. Cosmetics ( www.maccosmetics.com ) Took: €68,175 of advertising Repays in: Remnants / end-of-stock-lots of product Hidden Benefit: Sold offshore to new markets only and for full retail value.