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China Media Profile 26 Oct

China Media Profile 26 Oct






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    China Media Profile 26 Oct China Media Profile 26 Oct Presentation Transcript

    • Ormita Business Solution – Advertisement BarterAdvertising Without Spending CashTrade Your Products For Advertising
    • Summary • Ormita can offer you a range of advertising, suitable to your target market. • Instead of paying cash for the advertising you can exchange your own product or service. • Ormita acts as the facilitator in these types of transactions and lets multi-way barter transactions take place. – You do no have to barter with the seller – flexibility will be increased that goods/services will be found in our Network to fulfill sellers’ needswww.ormita.hk
    • Advertising Spaces Available In Ormita • Outdoor boards • Advertisement boards on public transports • Advertisement boards in MTR stations • Newspapers • Magazines • Internet • Sponsorshipwww.ormita.hk
    • Why Should You Consider This? • Increase cash customer base • Build up brand value • Beat the competition to win customers • Advertising without spending money – Obtain goods and services at almost NO COST – Bare lower cost vs advertising with paying cash • Expand audience – New customer group may be reachedwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Spaces- Commercial Buildings
    • Audience- Positions Main audience - Employees and Management Level Staff in Total Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen Corporate General Staff 41% 37% 58% 30% 39% Middle- 19% 23% 6% 21% 25% management General- 17% 14% 23% 20% 11% management Top- 5% 4% 1% 6% 10% management Base (respondents) 410 105 102 104 105www.ormita.hk
    • Beijing Commercial Buildings 鹏润大厦 尚都国际中心 中粮广场 中服大厦 住邦2000 静安中心 紫光发展大厦 中环世贸www.ormita.hk
    • Shanghai Commercial Buildings 飞洲国际 龙之梦大厦 虹桥上海城 东方众鑫大厦 招商局广场 宝矿国际大厦 淮海国际大厦 新时空商务www.ormita.hk
    • Guangzhou Commercial Buildings 光大银行大厦 世界贸易中心 好世界广场 中石化大厦 越秀城市广场 信源大厦 国信大厦 东峻广场www.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen Commercial Buildings 地王大厦 国际商会大厦 华融大厦 安联大厦 兴业银行大厦 中国经贸大厦 中国凤凰大厦 航天大厦www.ormita.hk
    • Advertising Boards Inside Liftswww.ormita.hk
    • Rolling Light Boxes At Lobbies LCD Displayswww.ormita.hk
    • LCD Displayswww.ormita.hk
    • Pricewww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Spaces- Lifts
    • Posters Inside Lifts  Standard Size (420mm×570mm)  Marble Stone photo frame Coverage of Buildings Commercial and Residential Commercial and Commercial only Residential Commercial Only Display example High-end residential High-end residentialwww.ormita.hk
    • Posters Inside Lifts  High deliverable ratewww.ormita.hk
    • Posters Inside Lifts Mandatory The-only-way Boring times Target-oriented Selection of building Reach the target Effectiveness-oriented Various Flexibility increased informationwww.ormita.hk
    • Low Marketing Cost Per HeadCost per head: 243(basis heads in major cities in 2009) 155 Advertising cost per day: 95 RMB1720/board/month÷30 days=RMB57/day 53 Heads per day: 1654 34 30 CPM: 15 8 6 magazines TV commercial Newspaper Cost per thousand RMB57 ×1000 =RMB34 LCD in buildings Posters in lifts Lightboxes in MTR heads Outdoor billboard FM Lightboxes on streets 1654 advertising Cost per head = 0.03元www.ormita.hk
    • Posters Inside Lifts - Market Coverage •61 cities in China •36% of the major cities •46% second-tier cities •200thousands boards •Reaching 200 million peoplewww.ormita.hk
    • Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian, Heilongjiang Tianjin, Changchun, Changzhou, Jilin Xinjiang Liaoning Neimenggu Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Ningxia Hebei Beijing Shanxi Tianjin Qinghai Gansu Shandong Qingdao, Nanjing, Ningbo, Tibet Henan Shanghai Chongqing Hubei Anhui Sicun Zhejiang Suzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, HunanJiangxi Guizhou Fujian Yunnan Guangdong Wenzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Hefei, Hainan Changsha, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Foshan, Dongguan, Xian, Harbin ... ...www.ormita.hk
    • Current Advertiserswww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Spaces- High-end Residential Areas
    • Advertisement Boards in Lifts •Shenzhen •Guangzhou •Dongguan •Foshan •Pearl River Delta •RMB 480/ board/week •RMN 960/ board/ semi-month •RMB 1920/ board/ monthwww.ormita.hk
    • Size 750mm x 360mm 750mm 360mmwww.ormita.hk
    • Comprehensive Coverage in Upscale Communities 1,000 Communities and 14,000 Buildings 梅林一村 世貿大廈www.ormita.hk
    • Upscale Communities - Suitable Products/ Services •Telecommunication •Digital/ Hi-Tech Products •Insurances •Holidays and Travelling •Fashions •Motor Vehicles •Household Products •Health and Care •Consumer Goods •Domestic Applianceswww.ormita.hk
    • Kioskswww.ormita.hk
    • Comprehensive Coverage in Upscale Communities 40” LCD Display LCD monitor displays government information Small Light box Supplementary for the large light box Large Light box Regular Commercial Advertisingwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Spaces- Outdoors
    • Outdoor LED Display Location: Commercial Area in Huaqiang North SEG Plaza Size: 30m x 10m Time of display:8:00 ---22:00(14hours/day) Distance Vision:300m Daily Flow:1 million Daily Traffic: 800 thousandwww.ormita.hk
    • Outdoor LED Display Location: Commercial Area in Huaqiang North Size: 9.6m x 19.2m Time of display:8:00 ---23:00 (15hours/day) Distance Vision:500m Daily Flow:800 thousand Daily Traffic: 800 thousandwww.ormita.hk
    • Outdoor LED Display Commercial Area in Huaqiang Electronics Worldwww.ormita.hk
    • Expressways •Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway •Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway •Taizhou-Jinhua Expressway •G104 (104國道) •Highway 82 (82省道)www.ormita.hk
    • Outdoor Sculptures in Shenzhen Locations Luo Hu Railway Station Shenzhen Bay Port Citizen Centre Exhibition Centre Zhong Xin Plaza Bao An Cnetre Plaza Long Cheng Plaza Long Hua Culture Plaza Jin Guanghua Plaza Xiang Mi Hu Stadium Size: 30m x 10m Time of dispaly:8:00 ---22:00(14hours/day) Distance Vision:300m Daily Flow:1 million Daily Traffic: 800 thousandwww.ormita.hk
    • Outdoor Sculptures in Shenzhen Universidad de Shenzhenwww.ormita.hk
    • Beijing Loops - Billboards and other media Existing billboards/ media Billboards/ media to be built Huixin Sihai Zhongguancun Heping International Zizhu Exhibition Center Guanyuan Changhong Dinghui Lianhuaiwww.ormita.hk
    • www.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Spaces- Railway Stations- Airports
    • Shenzhen West Station Bus Stop Board Size: 8m x 3.5m Price : RMB20,000 / month or RMB 200,000/ yearwww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen West Station Bus Stop Board Size: (20m + 15m) x 4.5m Price : RMB50,000 / month or RMB 500,000/ yearwww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen West Station Location: H1, H2, H3, H4, H7 Board Size : 6m x 2.2m Price : RMB1,5000 / month or RMB 150,000/ yearwww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen West Station Location : H8, H9 Board Size : 32m x 5m Price : RMB60,000 / month or RMB 660,000/ yearwww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen West Station To Bao An or Urban District Railway Station Billboards Board Size : 16m x 8m x 3 Price : RMB1,200,000 / yearwww.ormita.hk
    • Beijing West Station LED Display Biggest Display Monitor in Asiawww.ormita.hk
    • Shanghai Railway Station LED LED at Front Door 9m x 37m High definition to project clear images Twin-LEDs at the Hallwww.ormita.hk
    • Shanghai Railway Station Platform Passageway Tunnels/Exits Subwayswww.ormita.hk
    • Shanghai Railway Station H- D H-C H- H-A H- B123 H-A B123 H-C H-Dwww.ormita.hk
    • Shanghai Railway Station H- H-F E H-E H-F H- H-I HH-H H-Iwww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen Ports- LCD Displays •LED displays at 7 ports of Shenzhen •Luohu, Huanggang etc. •Extensive distribution of LCD •Allows enough time to deliver message •Played once every 7 minuteswww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen Ports TV Commercial Trailer LED Display (still pictures) LED Display (still pictures)www.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen Ports • Luohu • Shenzhen International Airport – International Hall – Fu Yong Pier • Huang Gang Port • Wen Jin Du Port • She Kou Port • Sha Tou Kok Portwww.ormita.hk
    • 1395mm CCTV Mobile Media Civil Aviation Channel Display: PDP Display monitor Size: 42” Coverage: 50 major airports in China 2250mm Districts: Lounges, departure halls, customs and arrival hallswww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen Bao An Airport – VIP Lounge • Time: 07:00 – 21:00 • Duration: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 seconds • No. of cycles per day : 105www.ormita.hk
    • China Southern Air Media Company Ltd •Seat towel ad •Ticket envelope ad •Boarding pass ads •Disposable paper cups http://www.airadv.comwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Spaces- Trains
    • Trains 1,700 trains on service, including Kowloon-Guangzhou Railway and Business-class trains Dongche:Beijing、Shanghai、Shenyang、Guangzhou-Shenzhen; Kwoloon-Guangzhou: Business-class trains Business-class trains: Air-conditioned trains - Beijing、 Shanghai、Guangzhou、Shenzhen、Hong Kong、Lhasa Business-class trains: Long-haul business-class trains between different provinces and Tianjin、Chongqing、Ningbo、Qingdao、Xiamen、Dalian Premium Trains:Air-conditioned trains between second-tier and third-tier cities; A-Class Dongche:Non-air conditioned trains;www.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Spaces- Other Public Transports
    • 北京 上海 广州 天津 重庆 武汉 成都 Bus 深圳 南京 大连 北京 天津 长沙 成都 武汉 南京 50,000 buses 重庆 长沙 上海 12 developed cities/ regions 大连 广州 东莞 深圳 东莞www.ormita.hk
    • MTR - Handlewww.ormita.hk
    • MTR - Coveragewww.ormita.hk
    • MTR - Tunnelwww.ormita.hk
    • Xujiahui, Shanghai Xujiahui is located in well-known Commercial Business District of Shanghai. Commodities are rich in variety and wide range of consumer groups can be found in Xujiahui. It has attracted numerous services professionals, financial and government institutions. Average daily flow of people in Xujiahui MTR station is 400thousands.www.ormita.hk
    • Xujiahui Districtwww.ormita.hk
    • Xujiahui MTR Stationwww.ormita.hk
    • Xujiahui MTR Station 媒体示意图www.ormita.hk
    • MTR Station – Xujiahui Shanghai Exit 1 Exit 2www.ormita.hk
    • Xujiahui MTR Station Full Channel Holographic Projection Dynamic 3Dwww.ormita.hk
    • Xujiahui MTR Station Site Photoswww.ormita.hk
    • MTR Station – Xujiahui Shanghai Price Regular Ads Posting Production Fee (RMB/4 Posting Fee Media Type Production Fee weeks) (RMB) (RMB) Display Board 200,000 Posters 400/M2 - Activity Area 400,000 - 400/M2 500/piece Removable Set A 500,000 1,000/piece 500/piece Adhesive Removable Empty Wall 40,000 1,000/piece Adhesivewww.ormita.hk
    • Shenzhen Bus • Various routes in Shenzhen • Deliverable to large audience • Targeted to different market according to different districts and routeswww.ormita.hk
    • High mobility High delivery rate comprehensive coverage Low Impressive cost per mile pictures Deliverable Comprehensive coverage to large outdoor audience Point of purchase noticewww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Medias- Restaurants (Table Mat)
    • High-class Restaurants •Exclusive table mat advertising media •Covering 5 major Commercial Business Districts: • Futian, Luohu, Nanshan Baoan and Longgang •High-class commercial centers and residential areaswww.ormita.hk
    • High-class Restaurants One Table Mat – One Advertising ONLYwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Online- Golf Courts
    • Golf Courts in Beijingwww.ormita.hk
    • Golf Courts in Beijing •Tai Wei •Tian Jiao •North Star •CBD •Tian Zhu Village •Wan Liu •Village International •Xi Gui •Gao Run •Tian Yi •Hong Hua •Yan Tai West •Mei Song •Hai Peng •Jia Weiwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Medias- Magazines- Newspapers
    • afaqs Reporter Vantage Shanghai Available on barter via Ormita Bi-lingual luxury magazine (Chinese and English) Target groups •Both Chinese and foreigners in Shanghai •Male •Aged between late 20s and 40s •With high disposable income •High consumption on luxury •Enjoy social life like parties, gatherings and other social events •Endeavour life with fashion, luxury, taste and sophistication Circulation •5 and 4 star hotelshttp://www.vantageshan •high-end residential communities ghai.com •top restaurants •spas and boutiqueswww.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Available on barter via Ormita Trade Finance By the Ministry of Commerce Target groups •SME and State-owned organization •Pearl Rive Delta, Yangtze River Circulation •380,000 copies / issuewww.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Available on barter via Ormita Outlook Weekly Established in 1981 April •Exclusively disclose the news from the government •Positioned as a magazine of news from China www.lwgcw.comwww.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Chinese Businessmen Available on barter via Ormita One of the most influential business magazines Gathers points from elites in difference industries Readership •National commerce chambers •Committee of commerce chambers •Members of commerce chambershttp://www.cbmag.cnwww.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Let’s Go Available on barter via Ormita Distributed in trains of the following routes: •Kowloon – Guangzhou •Guangzhou – Shenzhen •Beijing – Kowloon •Shanghai – Kowloon •Beijing – Shenzhen Also distributed in rated hotels, golf clubs and club houses in: •Hong Konghttp://www.letsgo88.net •Shenzhen •in Pearl River Delta Areawww.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Available on barter via Ormita Immediate Purchase •Bi-lingual (Eng, Chi) magazine •Online free reading is available •Provides vendors and buyers information about China and international markets’ trade •Targets hotels, customer services, business club houses, logistic companieshttp://www.immpurchase.comwww.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Available on barter via Ormita Shenzhen Broadcast – Citizen Weekly •Target audience: Shenzhen Citizens •Hot issues in Shenzhen •Entertainment News •Film Dynamics •Daily Services Updates http://zb.s1979.com/www.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Available on barter via Ormita STAR ROOM Magazine •Localized •Focused on industrial development and related updates •Fashion and life-style related http://www.xingkuad.com/Mag azine/index.aspwww.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita Low Carbon World Magazine •Established by Department of Science and •Jointly organized by American IDG Group and China Institute of Science and Technology Information •Issued in whole China for the related industries •Interpretation of low-carbon economy development •In-depth analysis •low-carbon cutting-edge technology •low-carbon industry trends •low-carbon and carbon Political and Economic News livelihoodhttp://www.52ditan.org/index.htmlwww.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita Global People - Established by Renmin Daily •Content: International and PRC policies, economies, culture and celebrities •300 journalists over the world •60% are international pages •Distributed at over 15,000 commercial buildingshttp://people.huanqiu.com www.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita China‘s first professional journal of securities - Established on July 8th, 1990 •“Stock Market Trend Analysis Weekly” is the most established, and earliest publication in China within the realm of professional stocks magazines. •Aims to become China’s most influential finance, investment, and financial planning professional publication •Works tirelessly to provide reliable and currenthttp://www.gsdtfx.com/ professional information to a broad range of investment groups as well as to personal investors.www.ormitachina.com
    • SINO-FOREIGN MANAGEMENT •Chinese Postal Best Seller •The most influential monthly magazine devoted to business management with the longest history of 20 yearswww.ormita.hk
    • FORTUNE CHARACTER •Follows closely “invisible magnates” in second and third tier cities •Participation by entrepreneurs, well-known commerce chambers and magnates •Covering rapidly developing cities in China, especially second and third tier cities •Interviewing more than 600 entrepreneurs per year •Organizing over 100 luxury events annually www.fcvvip.comwww.ormita.hk
    • Available on barter via Ormita Established in 1993 by Shenzhen International Airport 100,000 issues per month The only magazine authorized to distribute in the Shenzhen International Airport -24million passengers (2009) -Lounges (premium and business-classes) of the Airport -Can be accessed at 120 points in the Airport Reach target groups 1) high-income 2) highly educated 3) high social statushttp://ad.szairport.com/ • enhance brand imagewww.ormitachina.com • stimulate consumption by readers
    • Available on barter via Ormita CHINA FLIGHTS was established in May 1955. It is the only authorized press by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to release flight time. CHINA FLIGHTS offers services to airlines, airports and passengers with convenience. CHINA FLIGHTS is distributed to different PRC government departments, as well as foreign embassies in PRC. Subscriptions are available at waiting area and VIPhttp://www.chinaflights.com.cn/ lounges in 30 airports www.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita Hi Life is a monthly magazine distributed in over 260 planes of Hainan Airlines which is the only 5- star Skytrax airline in China. The readership includes people from 90 major cities in China. Hi Life targets groups pursuing a fashionable life- style. The average age of the readership is 33.8 and the annual income per household reaches RMB370,6000. Columns in the magazine include Fashion Spirit, Beauty Attitude and columns regarding luxury goods like cars and watches. www.townsun-ad.comwww.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita Life Elements •Effective communication channel between the brands and the readers •Columns: International, Auto, Design, Lifestyle, Culture •Mainly distributed in specific points in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou •Golf Clubs •5-star hotels •Clubhouses •Foreign embassies and Foreign commerce chambers •Readers •50% in high-class residential areas •20% in commercial areas e.g. A-class commercial building www.ledm.com.cn •20% free subscriptions in business suites of hotels and golf clubswww.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita Elements - Fashion Elements - Jewelrywww.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita Wine in China •Established by a team of wine experts •Facilitating the development of the China wine industry •Enhance the quality of life www.wineinchina.com.cnwww.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita Autouring •Established in 2003 •Aims at providing information to the auto mobile industry and car owners •Brilliant analysis of hot issues in the industry •140,000 copies issued www.autotouring.cnwww.ormitachina.com
    • Available on barter via Ormita World Auto •Established in 1970 •One of the auto magazine with the longest history in China •Editorials •China New Car Assessment Programme & Safety •Interviews •New Auto Showcases •Assessment •Comparison •Brand Stories •etc www.worldauto.com.cnwww.ormitachina.com
    • China Civil Aviation Newspaperwww.ormita.hk
    • Available on barter via Ormita Sports & Style •Established in 1985 •Edited by Shenzhen Culture, Recreation and Tourism Bureau •Specialized in updates of golfwww.ormitachina.com
    • afaqs Reporter Available on barter via Ormita 《REAL HOME》 •150,000 prints per issue in 2011. •Covering major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc. •Lifestylewww.ormitachina.com
    • Life Information •Direct Marketing •A Local magazine in Xi An •Distributed on public transportswww.ormita.hk
    • afaqs Reporter Available on barter via Ormita Care & Health Magazine •Target readers are women who persuade a healthy lifestyle •Market extended to hospitals, hotels and beautieswww.ormitachina.com
    • Global Times Readers include:- •Foreign Embassies in PRC •Foreign mainstream medias Number of issues •6/ week •292/ year www.huanqiu.comwww.ormita.hk
    • China Trade News Inside China:- English Version Outside • Guangdong China:- •Zhejiang • USA •Beijing •Australia •Shanghai •Britain •Jiangsu •France •Shandong •Germany •Fujian etc •Russia •etc Target Industries:- • Exporting enterprises •Health and Medical •Agricultures •Logistics •Finance and Bankingwww.ormita.hk •Textiles and Fashion
    • Renmin Dailywww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising- TV Channels
    • Guangdong TV TV Southwww.ormita.hk
    • Hangzhou TV Station Zhejiang TV Station www.cztv6.com www.hztv1.com.cnwww.ormita.hk
    • Hubei Economics TV Tianjin TV Stationwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising Online- Internet
    • Sina.com.cn One of the biggest Chinese portal Homepage advertising resources:- •Targeted on different provinces or regions •Can select appropriate region for delivery •Increase customers more effectively Shanghai Sina Fujian Sinawww.ormita.hk
    • China Economic Net •Speed •Comprehensive coverage •Precise •Interaction •Entertainment www.ce.cnwww.ormita.hk
    • www.518ad.com www.yule.com.cn •Biggest B2B network in South •Entertainment network China •Speed, Update, Fact •On-line marketing •500 thousand clicks / dy •Brand building •Solutions to SMEwww.ormita.hk
    • JRJ.COM China Finance Online Co. Ltd. was established in 1999. China Finance Online has been listed on NASDAQ (code: JRJC). www.jrj.comwww.ormita.hk
    • FEELCARS.COM Feelcars.com is edited by a professional group of young car-lovers. •A platform for car-lovers to exchange their viewpoints •Interactive way to circulate information and updates of motor vehicles. Editorial categories •Specifications of vehicles •Pictures •News and updates •Discussion forums •Professional reviewswww.ormita.hk
    • oeeee.com hr.cctv.com CCTV Hua Ren (literally means Chinese people) Channel dedicates to promote Chinese culture to the world with its slogan “Let The World•“oeeee”, abbreviation of Know China Help China Go To The World”.“omniscience-eye”•Integrated news and updates It produces different programs which will befrom different part of the world broadcasted on hr.cctv.com and•Hot issues www.xinhuanet.comwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising- TV Channels- Mobile TV
    • CCTV-4 International’s CCTV-7 Military and Chinese Channel Agriculture Channel Broadcasting in 121 different countries CCTV-7 broadcasts programs including targeting Chinese population overseas. documentary and educational programs. Target audience includes Chinese in Advertising are available on barter in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other the following periods: countries in the following continents: - Morning - Afternoon - 26 Countries in Asia - Evening - 45 Countries in Europe - 2 Countries in North America - 12 Countries South America - 5 Countries in Oceania - 31 Countries in Africa http://cctv.cntv.cn/www.ormita.hk
    • Signal Coverage Inside Shenzhen District: - 96% Luohu Futian Nanshan Baoan Outside Shenzhen District: - Coverage rate: 80%www.ormita.hk
    • www.ormita.hk
    • Signal Coverage Government Buildings 3302 Taxis 1510 MTR trains 1248 Public Buses 16000 Commercial Streets 368 Airport Shuttle Buses 74 LED 6 Restaurants and Hotels 1480 Total 19,945 *The number is still increasing.www.ormita.hk
    • www.ormita.hk
    • www.ormita.hk
    • www.ormita.hk
    • MTR Digital TV •8 most developed cities, inc HK •28 MTR Lines, 34,000+ TVs •17-hours broadcast •20,000,000 flow of people every daywww.ormita.hk
    • MTR Digital TVwww.ormita.hk
    • Public TV Channels Zhe Jiang Tian Jin Hu Bei Hang Zhouwww.ormita.hk
    • PRC Advertising- Advertising Frames at Hospitals
    • Hospitals •Lobbies •Stairs •Lifts •Corridors •Waiting Areaswww.ormita.hk
    • Customerswww.ormita.hk