A starter on body language essentials


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Know how mirroring could work for you.

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A starter on body language essentials

  1. 1. A Primer on Body Language Essentials The Secrets of Persuasive Communication Mirror, Mirror
  2. 2. ACTIONS We all know that speak LOUDER than WORD S
  3. 3. Experts say Words 7% Tonality 38% Body Language 55%
  4. 4. Why You Should Learn BL Essentials  Establish trust and credibility even before you open your mouth  Learn to pick up subtle cues  Feel comfortable in your own skin and make others comfortable around you  Relate easily to the opposite sex  Make others feels special – and not because you want something from them  Communicate your ideas with subtle authority  Be the Alpha You!  Get anyone to say yes to you
  5. 5. Body Language could mean Body Language Word Choice Body Gestures Facial Expressions Tone Pitch Voice (Volume) Scent Posture Space
  6. 6. Think about these: • Was there ever a time when you feel bad about a person you just met? • Was there a time when someone told you that you look and move like you father/mother? • Had a friend once noticed that you and your wife/husband are starting to look alike? • Do you and your best friend share a few traits?
  7. 7. What is Mirroring? • Mirroring is when you unconsciously imitate the person/s you are interacting with • It is brought about by the Mirror Neurons in your brain • These Neurons are triggered by various factors in our everyday lives
  8. 8. What is Mirroring? Mirror Neurons are being effectively used by:  TV networks  Film  Sales People  Leaders Among many others. Usually Mirroring happens naturally with those who make you feel comfortable, and even, at time with those you dislike. It’s almost second nature.
  9. 9. Mirroring So what does this mean to you?
  10. 10. Mirroring If your brain unconsciously mirrors another person, it means you can consciously mirror him/her!
  11. 11. The Benefits of Mirroring • Establishes rapport • Delivers trust • Encourages comfort • Targets the YES! Factor
  12. 12. Where to use Mirroring • Coaching Sessions • Meetings • Presentations • Romantic Dates • AND MANY MORE!!!
  13. 13. Mirroring in 5 Steps  Body Movements  Facial Expressions  Breathing  Voice  Blinking
  14. 14. Verbal Mirroring  Mirroring doesn’t stop with expressions, gestures, carriage, voice and breathing  You can also mirror communication styles!
  15. 15. Verbal Mirroring YOU Visual KinestheticAuditory
  16. 16. Verbal Mirroring • Illustrate, look, sight, clear Visual • Hear, ring, listen, whisper Auditory • Grasp, rough, touch, calm Kinesthetic
  17. 17. Surviving the Rough Spots Start with a Starbucks Barista Go Easy Be Aware of the Other Person Be Sincere
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