C O R P O R A T E   P R E S E N T A T I O N   2 0 1 2
Gree$ngs	  from	  the	  CEO	                                                                                   Corporate	 ...
Global	  Network	  &	  Infrastructure	  Global	  Network	  &	  Infrastructure	  Alpha	  Telecom’s	  operates	  a	  unified	...
About	  About	  Alpha	  Telecom	  Established	  in	  1996,	  Alpha	  Telecom	  developed	  into	  one	  of	  Europes	  lea...
About	          Core	  Values	  Forthright	                                                                               ...
Alpha	  Telecom	  Alpha	  Telecom	  Alpha	  Telecom	  provides	  a	  range	  of	  services	  for	  exis<ng	  and	  new	  c...
Alpha	  Telecom	                                                                                                          ...
Alpha	  Mobile	     14	  
Alpha	  Mobile	                                                                                                           ...
Alpha	  Wholesale	  Alpha	  Wholesale	  Provides	  retail	  and	  wholesale	  termina<on	  and	  origina<on	  services	  f...
Strength	  in	  Europe	  European	  Telecoms	  Partner	  Alpha	  Telecom	  is	  becoming	  a	  European	  leader	  of	  te...
Alpha	  Telecom,	  Alpha	  Mobile	  &	  Alpha	  Wholesale	  Contribu)ng	  to	  communi)es	  and	  be2er	  business	  acros...
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Alpha Telecom profile

  1. 1. C O R P O R A T E P R E S E N T A T I O N 2 0 1 2
  2. 2. Gree$ngs  from  the  CEO   Corporate  Informa$on  On  behalf  of  Alpha  Telecom,  I  wish  to  extend  a  warm  welcome  and  thank   Alpha  Telecom  Italia  S.p.A  you  for  your  con<nued  support.  In  the  midst  of  worldwide  economic    uncertainty,  many  companies  are  accelera<ng  their  globalisa<on  efforts   Italy  Offices: Via  Vespasiano,  40  00192  Rome  and  developing  new  business  models  in  pursuit  of  stable  corporate   Via Pomponazzi, 9 20141 Milangrowth.  At  the  same  <me,  advances  in  IT  and  telecommunica<ons  —   T:    +39  06  39730410    including  the  rise  of  smartphones,  tablet  computers  and  cloud  services      F:    +39  06  89280302  —  appear  to  be  heralding  the  arrival  of  a  ubiquitous  compu<ng  era  in   UK  Office:   1, Berkley Street, Mayfair  which  people  can  access  desired  services  anywhere  at  any  <me.     London  W1J 8DJ       T:    +44  (0) 20 34022234  Alpha  Telecom,  adhering  to  its  Vision  2015  business  strategy,  is  striving     F:    +44  (0) 20 70169100to  become  the  first  choice  of  worldwide  customers  seeking  a  European    Telecoms  services  provider.  Toward  this  end,  we  are  con<nuously   CEO:    Orlando  Taddeo  enhancing  and  expanding  our  networks  and  overall  Telecoms   Established:  April,  2012infrastructure.   Capital:    300,000  Euros  We  are  also  extending  our  geographical  service  coverage  and  fields  of   Employees:  20      service  in  Europe.   Services:    Mobile  and  Interna<onal  Telecommunica<ons  Services  Provider        Both  now  and  in  the  future,  you  can  depend  upon  Alpha  Telecom  to   Mission  Statement  provide  innova<ve,  reliable   To  simplify  mobile  communica<ons  by  providing  a  smart,  flexible  plagorm,  using  our  services  that  meet  both  customer  demands  and  the  highest  expecta<ons   innova<ve  network  technology  together  with  disrup<ve  technology  enabling  our  of  shareholders.     partners  to  be  more  successful.        We  are  sincerely  dedicated  to  sa<sfying  our  customers’  needs.   Vision  Statement   To  be  Europe’s  most  successful  provider  of  telecommunica<on  services.     Contents   Orlando Taddeo !   VISION……………………………………………………....  p.  2   CEO GLOBAL  NETWORK  &  INFRASTRUCTURE…...  p.  3   ABOUT……………………………………………………….  p.  5   ALPHA  TELECOM…........................................  p.  9   ALPHA  MOBILE………………………………………....  p.  14   ! ALPHA  WHOLESALE……………………………..…...  p.  17   STRENGTH  IN  EUROPE……...……………………….  p.  19    1     2  
  3. 3. Global  Network  &  Infrastructure  Global  Network  &  Infrastructure  Alpha  Telecom’s  operates  a  unified  global  network  built   •  Class  5  IP  based  MSPs  (Mul<  service  plagorms)  on  state  of  the  art  IP  switching  equipment,  mee<ng  the   •  SBC  –  Session  Border  Controller  requirements  for  high  availability,  performance  and   •  MAS  –  Media  Applica<on  Servers  scalability.     •  VOIP  Peering  –  High  capacity  wholesale  plagorm     •  Mobile  plagorm  –  MVNO  service  management   •  Media  Gateways  -­‐  Cisco  /  Dialogic  The  network  is  built  on  the  fore-­‐front  of  modern    technology.  These  include  the  adjacent:     TDM  Carrier  Partners   MNO   (Mobile  Network   Mobile  Plagorm               Operator)   Media  Gateways   SBC   MSP   IP  Backbone   VOIP   IP  Virtual  Office   Media  Gateways   Service  Numbers   Conferencing   Calling  Cards   Residen<al  Accounts   VOIP  Peering               Alpha  Direct  Routes   In  addi<on  Alpha  has  direct  interconnects  with  over  100  carrier   partners  providing  voice  services  to  over  170  countries.     3   4  
  4. 4. About  About  Alpha  Telecom  Established  in  1996,  Alpha  Telecom  developed  into  one  of  Europes  leading  telecommunica<on  companies.The brand was acquired by an Italian group at the beginning of 2012.    Alpha  Telecom  has  invested  in  the  research  and  development  of  latest  technology  and  the  interna<onal  supply  of  innova<ve,  high  quality  services..    Alpha  Telecom  has  developed,  even  beqer,  high  quality  interna<onal  calls  at  a  compara<vely  low  price.      Alpha  Telecom  offers  its  customers  a  wide  variety  of  op<ons  for  personal  or  business  use.  Extra  benefits  include  a  saving  of  up  to  85%  on  interna<onal  calls  through  BT  and  Skype*.      Promo<ng  the  new  and  exci<ng  image  which  reflects  the  companys  development,  Alpha  Telecom  is  rebranding  itself  as  a  company  with  a  keen  eye  on  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  technology,  understanding  of  the  importance  of  style  and  image  -­‐  but  more  importantly,  how  their  R&D  will  benefit  their  customers  and  the  top  level,  call  quality.  Alphas  carriers  have  increased  tenfold  and  the  company  ensures  low  rates,  to  an  extensive  range  of  interna<onal  des<na<ons.  Also,  incredible  savings  compared  to  other  call  tariffs.      Alpha  Telecom  will  also  be  launching  loyalty  and  recommenda<on  programmes.  Customers,  their  loyalty,  and  our  responsibility  to  them,  will  be  constantly  reviewed  and  to  ensure  an  ul<mate  customer-­‐care-­‐service.      Also  as  part  of  the  branding,  alpha  telecom  has  developed  its  new  mascot  -­‐  GOGO!  –  which  is  used  in  marke<ng  strategies.    Please  see  adjacent:  5  
  5. 5. About   Core  Values  Forthright   Open   RespecBul  We  display  confidence  and  asser<veness  -­‐  but  without   We  are  open  to  ideas  and  feedback  from  each  other.  We   We  respect  the  individual  and  value  the  diversity,  arrogance  -­‐  delivering  solu<ons,  not  problems.  Our   welcome  ques<ons  and  challenges  and  we  are  always   differences  and  unique  contribu<ons  of  every  employee  willingness  to  ques<on  the  status  quo  and  an  unshakable   willing  to  learn  and  to  improve.  We  have  an  appe<te  for   in  our  organisa<on.  We  value  the  contribu<ons  of  passion  in  our  product  drives  us  forward.  We  do  not  shirk   change  and  we  are  willing  to  alter  our  mind-­‐set  for  the   everybody  in  our  team  and  we  give  our  best  to  ensure  from  delivering  honest  feedback,  but  we  always  do  this   greater  interest  of  the  business.  Our  leadership  style   the  ongoing  success  of  the  company.  Our  respect  for  with  posi<ve  team  inten<ons.  We  partner  with  the  very   creates  a  climate  where  the  truth  is  heard  and  the  facts   each  other,  our  customers  and  our  partners  is  reflected  best  global  enterprises  and  we  respect,  protect  and  value   are  confronted  as  a  team.  Our  commitment  to  innova<on   in  their  trust  in  our  service.  our  business  and  that  of  our  partners.  We  are  rigorous,   drives  our  entrepreneurial  spirit.  Exploring  new    not  ruthless,  and  we  have  an  unwavering  resolve  to  do   technologies  and  an  ability  to  welcome  change  are  what  must  be  done.  We  always  nego<ate  from  a  posi<on   central  to  our  culture  and  success.   Integrity  of  strength.     We  communicate  and  act  with  honesty.  We  are  known     for  our  probity.  We  earn  the  trust  of  our  colleagues,   Audacious   customers,  business  partners  and  shareholders  by  Transparent   We  set  and  achieve  daring  and  stunning  goals.  Our  ideas   building  honourable  rela<onships.  We  always  observe  Our  symbio<c  business  partnerships  and  our  user-­‐ and  ac<ons  are  pioneering,  adventurous  and  fearless.   confiden<al  standards.    friendly  products  and  services  demonstrate  the   Our  team  is  fuelled  by  a  collec<ve  self-­‐belief.  We  think    unrivalled  clarity  and  honesty  in  our  business  dealings.   outside  the  box  and  we  are  unconstrained  by  conven<on.  We  provide  a  technically  complex  global  service,  which  is   We  embrace  and  manage  risk  by  knowing  where  we   Quality  presented  to  the  market  with  openness  and  clarity,   excel,  and  by  planning  posi<ve  ac<on.     We  deliver  a  cost-­‐effec<ve  and  unrivalled  service  to  the  enabling  more  cost-­‐effec<ve  mobile  communica<ons.  We   global  market.  We  deliver  what  we  promise  and  we  openly  share  informa<on  and  help  each  other  to  be   ensure  a  consistent  service  based  on  leading-­‐edge  beqer  members  of  the  team.  There  is  a  clear  visibility  in   technology  and  business  acumen.  We  take  the  ini<a<ve,  the  manner  in  which  we  forge  our  rela<onships  with  each   but  we  also  respond  quickly  and  professionally  to  our  other,  and  with  our  customers  and  partners.   customers  and  partners.  Our  culture  of  discipline  means   we  always  follow  through  on  decisions  and  we  minimise   the  need  for  hierarchy  and  bureaucracy.  We  do  not  make   excuses.    7   8  
  6. 6. Alpha  Telecom  Alpha  Telecom  Alpha  Telecom  provides  a  range  of  services  for  exis<ng  and  new  customers:     Alpha  Premier   Alpha  Go   Traveller  Plan   Top  package  offering  full   Complete  economical   Quick  and  easy   and  exclusive  benefits:   package:   communica$on  when       travelling:   •  Superior  call  quality   •  Cheap  interna<onal  calls  from     •  Full  range  of  interna<onal   1p  per  minute   •  Unique  service  for  travelers   des<na<ons   •  Full  range  of  interna<onal   •  Easy  access  to  codes  via  the   •  Top  up  bundles   des<na<ons   internet   •  Free  access  number     •  Cheap  interna<onal  calls     •  Unique  money  back  guarantee     •  Poten<al  savings  of  up  to  85%   as  compared  to  interna<onal   calls  through  other  providers   •  Cheap  interna<onal  calls    9   10  
  7. 7. Alpha  Telecom   All  our  Interna<onal  calls  are  now  routed  over  the  Internet,  which  means  that   Interna$onal  Calling  Cards   an  interna<onal  call  becomes  only  a  local  call  at  each  end,  with  the  Internet   Telephone  calling  cards  can  provide  cheaper  long  distance  rates  when  used   ac<ng  as  a  bridge  between  the  two  phone  networks.   appropriately.  Calling  cards  are  widely  available,  from  local  shops,     supermarkets,  convenience  stores  and  newsagents,  travel  agencies  and   extensively  now  on  the  Internet.  People  who  regularly  call  overseas  ouen  use   On  a  prac<cal  level  the  key  benefits  of  Alpha  Interna<onal  calling  cards   them,  as  do  travellers,  students,  and  those  who  may  not  have  long-­‐distance   include:   telephone  service.  Most  prepaid  calling  cards  are  used  un<l  the  value  of  the     card  is  reached  or  the  card  expires  (whichever  occurs  first).  They  are  then   Cost  savings  -­‐  The  lowest  possible  interna<onal  and  domes<c  telephone   discarded  and  a  new  one  is  purchased.  Some  pre-­‐paid  calling  cards  can  be   rates.   recharged.   Budge<ng  -­‐  Knowing  exactly  what  youre  spending  each  <me  you  use  the     card.  No  more  unpleasantly  large  phone  bills  at  the  end  of  the  month  or   Many  people  worldwide  pay  too  much  for  making  interna<onal  calls.  You  can   quarter.   make  cheaper  calls  when  you  use  interna<onal  calling  cards.  With  a  prepaid   Convenience  -­‐  You  can  use  phone  cards  with  virtually  all  cellular  networks   interna<onal  calling  card  its  easy  to  stay  in  touch  with  friends,  family  and   and  all  payphones.   business  associates  around  the  world  at  very  compe<<ve  prices.       At  Alpha  Telecom  we  sell  our  own  branded  calling  card  products  but  we  also   Alpha  calling  cards  are  all  prepaid,  meaning  they  are  paid  for  in  full  value  of   cater  for  white  label  solu<ons  for  distribu<on  companies  that  require  their   long  distance  rates  or  for  a  certain  number  of  minutes,  in  advance  of  using   own  branded  products.  With  this  service  we  provide  them  with  a  complete   the  card.  Rates  are  the  most  compe<<ve  due  to  low  overheads  and   One-­‐stop  solu<on  where  they  manage  a  par<<oned  switch  for  their  calling   compe<<on.   card  products.  Alpha  Telecom  provides  a  full  A-­‐Z  termina<on  service  for  the   calls  which  are  again  prepaid  by  the  customer.    Due  to  our  bulk  buying  power   we  are  able  to  offer  our  customers  with  aqrac<ve  termina<on  rates  to  make   their  products  compe<<ve  in  the  market  place.  11   12  
  8. 8. Alpha  Mobile   14  
  9. 9. Alpha  Mobile   Our  SIMCHIP  does  the  work  whilst  you  use  your  Mobile  in  the  normal  way.  The  SIMChip     works  in  similar  fashion  to  how  a  calling  card  or  a  two  stage  number  system  would  work.  Alpha  Mobile  specialises  in  providing  a  complete  white  label  SIM  card   Once  installed,  and  you  dial  an  interna<onal  number  (or  an  0844,0800,  0871  number,  our  solu<on.   SIMCHIP  takes  over  the  call  and  would  make  a  local  access  call  (using  an  0207  number,     u<lising  your  contracted  minutes).  It  will  inform  you  how  much  credit  you  have  available  Alpha’s  corporate  customers  are  provided  with  a  complete  white  label   and  then  connect  you  automa<cally  to  the  des<na<on  dialled.    solu<on  SIM  card  that  is  tailor  made  to  suit  their  market  needs  without  having  the  huge  costs  of  owning  an  MVNO  infrastructure.  The  SIM  cards  are  externally  customised  with  the  clients  brand  giving  the  importance  of  being  a  mobile  service  provider.    The  minimum  order  for  customised  SIM  cards  is  10,000  units.   AlphaFast  works  to  ISO  7816  standards  so  it  works  with  H3G,  2.5G,  GSM,  HSPDAand   CDMA  networks  as  well  as  all  mobile  phones  manufactured  since  2005.  Really  old  phones   from  the  late  90s  may  not  work  on  AlphaFast.       AlphaFast  is  the  revolu<onary  new  Mobile  calling  service  that  allows  all  mobile   users  to  make  costs  effec<ve  calls  using  AlphaFasts  toll  quality  low  cost  call  rates.   All  calls  are  made  using  a  AlphaFast  SIM  that  allows  users  to:     •  Call  Interna<onal  directly  from  your  mobile!    the  SIM  CHIP  from  Alpha   •  Keep  exis<ng  number  and  mobile  service  provider  –  Innova$on  at  its  best,    patented  technology    AlphaFast  is  a  revolu<onary  new  product  that  allows  mobile  users  to   AlphaFast  is  a  premium  service  for  business  and  consumer  customers  alike  whether  make  cheap  calls  direct  from  their  mobile  phones  without  changing  their   they  are  Pay  As  You  Go  or  Contract  Mobile  users.  operator,  mobile  phone  number  or  the  way  they  call  or  text.   AlphaFasts SIM is compliant with ISO 7816 and works with 3G, 2.5G, GSM, HSPDA and CDMA Mobile networks --. basically all Mobile Networks.  15   16  
  10. 10. Alpha  Wholesale  Alpha  Wholesale  Provides  retail  and  wholesale  termina<on  and  origina<on  services  for  its  interna<onal  carrier  base  via  a  centralized  online  trading  plagorm.    We  offer  the  following  solu<ons:   Routes   Rate  &  Code  Management   The  Premium  A-­‐Z  is  a  combina<on  of  in-­‐country   The  most  accurate  A-­‐Z  codes  and  rates  are  sent  via  e-­‐ operated  routes  through  niche  carriers  backed   mail  and  posted  online  on  a  monthly  basis  to  eliminate   with  mul<ple  Tier  1  A-­‐Zs  for  maximum  possible   excessive  management.  If  you  need  more  compe<<ve   comple<on.  Our  QoS  specialists  will  work  with   rates  all  you  need  to  do  is  ask  your  account  manager   your  traffic  to  make  sure  you  are  geyng  the  best   and  they  will  do  their  best  to  accommodate  you.     quality  possible  over  your  network.       Payment   Monitoring  Tools     Pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  via  mul<ple  payment  op<ons  including:   Our  online  tools  provide  24/7  real-­‐<me   Credit  Card,  Paypal,  Wires,  ACH  and  Cash  deposits.  We   monitoring  of  all  your  traffic  including  ASR,  ACD,   have  low  minimums  to  start  and  dedicated  billing   PDD,  and  your  balance.     specialists.   Termina$on  for  Quality  Driven  Carriers   Veteran  experience.  CuTng  edge  technology.   The  Premium  A-­‐Z  was  built  for  carriers  that  require  high   Alpha  Wholesale  is  a  Voice  over  IP  (VoIP)  telecommunica<ons  carrier  focused  on  the  exchange  of  interna<onal  long   quality  termina<on  coupled  with  compe<<ve  rates  and  ease   distance  minutes.  The  company  boasts  one  of  the  few  online  exchange  plagorms  for  buying  and  selling  wholesale  and   of  use.  Every  route  has  four  or  more  redundant  carriers  and   retail  termina<on.  With  members  in  more  than  100  countries,  our  customers  range  from  small,  innova<ve  carriers  to   undergoes  strict  quality  tes<ng  to  ensure  a  high  answer-­‐ many  of  the  world’s  largest  telecommunica<ons  providers.   seizure  ra<o.  We  provide  full  ASR  and  ACD  benchmarks  for     routes  around  the  globe  as  well  as  CLI  support  on  most   Alpha  Wholesale’s  major  advantage  lies  in  its  niche  interna<onal  supplier  base,  which  offers  access  to  the  best   routes.  The  product  is  bundled  with  24/7  real-­‐<me  CDR   interna<onal  termina<on  costs  in  a  growing  VoIP  sector.  The  company’s  simple  but  sophis<cated  web  interface  provides   traffic  monitoring  and  top-­‐of-­‐the-­‐line  customer  care  from   cost-­‐effec<ve  market  analysis  and  quality,  reliable  routes.  A  comprehensive  online  help  system  and  dedicated  sales   our  interna<onal  support  team.   agents  provide  seamless  support  to  foster  long-­‐term  rela<onships  with  all  of  our  global  customer  base.    17   18  
  11. 11. Strength  in  Europe  European  Telecoms  Partner  Alpha  Telecom  is  becoming  a  European  leader  of  telecoms  services  provider,  helping  partners  with  their  telecoms  needs,  quickly  expanding  our  opera<ons.  At  the  same  <me,  we  work  to  strengthen  our  core  compe<<ve  advantages  in  Europe  and  beyond.    Innova$ve  Our  innova<ve  Telecoms  services  enable  our  customers  to  succeed  in  this  increasingly  complex  world.  We  an<cipate  both  market  trends  and  needs  to  develop  innova<ve  services  ahead  of  the  curve,  giving  our  customers  an  important  advantage.    Reliable  As  a  reliable  Telecoms  partner,  we  provide  high-­‐quality  services  that  earn  the  customer’s  trust.  Reliability  is  emphasized  in  everything  we  cover,  including  telecoms  and  mobile  services,  opera<ons  and  maintenance,  backed  by  our  robust  European  infrastructure.    Corporate  Informa$on    Alpha  Telecom  tackles  every  challenge  as  the  European  Telecoms  partner  of  mul<na<onal  companies  seeking  business  opportuni<es  in  Europe.    Quality  Europe  Support  Our  seamless  European  Telecom  service  is  backed  by  solid  support  in  the  UK  and  Europe  through  alliances  with  group  companies  u<lizing  our  Telecoms  infrastructure  and  network.    Solid  Partnership  Worldwide  To  sa<sfy  demands  for  Alpha  Telecom  services  that  enable  rapid  overseas  business  expansion,  Alpha  Telecom  has  acquired  signed  contracts  with  reputable  partners  which  provides  IT  infrastructure  plagorms  and  managed  services  across  Europe.    19  
  12. 12. Alpha  Telecom,  Alpha  Mobile  &  Alpha  Wholesale  Contribu)ng  to  communi)es  and  be2er  business  across   .. www.alphatelecom.com - www.alphamobile.com