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What Constitutes A Good Project Goal Statement
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What Constitutes A Good Project Goal Statement



What Constitutes A Good Project Goal Statement

What Constitutes A Good Project Goal Statement



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What Constitutes A Good Project Goal Statement What Constitutes A Good Project Goal Statement Presentation Transcript

  • Project Management What constitutes a good project goal statement? Orlando Moreno omoreno@hotmail.com 408.656.2498
  • What constitutes a good project goal statement? The project goal statement should be the driving force behind the project. It should be the touchstone against which everything done on the project is measured. A good project goal statement is SMART  Specific  Measurable  Agreed-upon  Realistic  Time-framed 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 2
  • What constitutes a good project goal statement? Specific: The goal should state exactly what the project is to accomplish. It should be phrased using action words (such as "design," "build," "implement," etc.). It should be limited to those essential elements of the project that communicate the purpose of the project and the outcome expected. 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 3
  • What constitutes a good project goal statement? Measurable: If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. In the broadest sense, the whole goal statement is a measure for the project; if the goal is accomplished, the project is a success. However, there are usually several short-term or small measurements that can be built into the goal. Caution: Watch for words that can be misinterpreted such as; improve, increase, reduce (by how much?), customer satisfaction (who decides if they're satisfied and how?), etc. If you must include them, be sure to include how they will be measured. If you use "jargon" terms, be sure that everyone who reads them interprets them the same way. 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 4
  • What constitutes a good project goal statement? Agreed-upon: Does everyone in the organization have to agree that the project is necessary and desirable? No. Then who? Obviously, those who must do the project need to agree that it is necessary. Realistically, those individuals who control the resources necessary to get the project done need to agree that it is important. In addition, those who will be impacted by the project should agree that it needs to be done. Beyond that, agreement about the project is not likely to impact your ability to get it done one way or another. 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 5
  • What constitutes a good project goal statement? Realistic: This is not a synonym for "easy." Realistic, in this case, means "do-able." It means that the learning curve is not a vertical slope; that the skills needed to do the work are available; that the project fits with the overall strategy and goals of the organization. A realistic project may push the skills and knowledge of the people working on it but it shouldn't break them. 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 6
  • What constitutes a good project goal statement? Time-framed: Probably one of the easiest parts of the goal to establish the deadline. Very little is ever accomplished without a deadline. This is particularly true of work that is in addition to everything else that you need to do in your day. Building the delivery deadline into the project goal keeps it in front of the team and lets the organization know when they can expect to see the results. Most effective project goals are between 25 and 50 words. They can be written on one side of a 3" x 5" card. They can be quoted at the drop of a hat. 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 7
  • Stage 2 > Document Your Business Strategy  2.1 Company Background  2.7 Core Business and Its and Description Boundaries  2.2 Industry Definition  2.8 Business Unit Core and Goals  2.3 Priority Industries  2.9 Company Financial Picture  2.4 PEST Analysis  2.10 Company Strategy and  2.5 Core Values Goals  2.6 Company Mission and  2.11 Key Success Factor Vision Analysis Tool 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 8
  • Stage 3 > Assess the Current IT Situation  3.1 Organizational Chart  3.7 Hardware Inventory  3.2 IT Irregulars  3.8 IT Expenditure Analysis  3.3 Skills Mapping Tool  3.9 Current IT Projects  3.4 Network Diagram Primer  3.10 Project Scope Statement  3.5 Vendor Contact Information  3.11 Industry Trends  3.6 Software Inventory  3.12 Competitor Profiles 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 9
  • Stage 4 > Propose a New IT Situation  4.1 Questions to Focus Discussion  4.2 IT Governance Maturity Model (preview)  4.3 SWOT Analysis  4.4 Future IT Options Questionnaire  4.5 Brainstorming Tool  4.6 Summary of Strategic Objectives  4.7 Summary of Strategic Directions 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 10
  • Stage 5 > Perform a Gap Analysis  5.1 Assess Your IT Alignment  5.2 Review Your Strategy to Assess Skills  5.3 IT Infrastructure Gap Analysis  5.4 Recommendations to Resolve Strategic Gaps 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 11
  • Stage 6 > Propose a Strategic Vision and Governance Model  6.1 IT Vision Meeting Agenda  6.2 Strategic Objectives List  6.3 IT Core Values  6.4 IT Vision Statement  6.5 Steering Committee Charter 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 12
  • Stage 7 > Build a Strategic Decision Making Framework  7.1 IT Strategic Goals  7.2 Balancing IT Measures  7.3 Budget Analysis Worksheets  7.4 Budget Summary  7.5 Analysis of Available Options  7.6 Business Case Template  7.7 Comprehensive Project List  7.8 Info-Tech Project Ranking Framework  7.9 Prioritized List of Projects 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 13
  • Stage 8 > Publish, Promote, and Maintain Your Strategy  8.1 Notes for the Strategic IT Plan Template  8.2 Notes for PowerPoint Slide Presentation  8.3 Communications Plan Template 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 14
  • Questions Orlando Moreno omoreno@hotmail.com 408.656.2498 408.656.2498 omoreno@hotmail.com 15