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Voice Network Management
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Voice Network Management


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Voice Network Management

Voice Network Management

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  • 1. Voice Services Voice Network Management Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498
  • 2. Telephone System Overview 2 Today We Have Numerous Types of Systems –Centrex Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) –Single Line Sets through VoIP –Multi Vendor Environment AT&T, LUCENT, AVAYA, NORTEL Networks, CISCO 408.656.2498
  • 3. Telephone System Overview 3 Avaya (Formerly AT&T and Lucent) –Single Line through 4 Line –Partner Systems (We have some Telephone Sets of every model ever produced to –1A2 Key Sets (Six, 10, 20 & 30 include beta systems.) button Sets) –Merlin Legend (We have some –Merlin Classic Systems (We of every model ever produced) have some of every model ever –Merlin Magix (We have some of produced) every model ever produced) –AT&T ISDN Sets –G3 Series PBX Systems –Partner Systems (We have some –Avaya IP Office Systems of every model ever produced to –Merlin Mail include beta systems.) –Partner Voice Mail –Merlin Legend (We have some –Intuity Voice Mail of every model ever produced) –Merlin Magix Mail –IP Office Mail 408.656.2498
  • 4. Telephone System Overview 4 Nortel Networks –Norstar (Various sizes) –Business Communications Manager (Various Sizes to include VoIP implementations) –Nortel PBXs (Option 11, 61, 81) –Nortel PBX Option 11 VoIP System –Nortel Voice Mail (various versions) –Call Pilot Voice Mail 408.656.2498
  • 5. Telephone System Overview 5 Cisco –Cisco Call Manager VoIP System –Unity Messaging System 408.656.2498
  • 6. Telephone System Overview 6 Number of Users – The University has a combination of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines on single line telephones and telephone systems sharing a POTS telephone lines on numerous telephones. – The number of telephone lines in use is approximately half of the total number of telephone sets. – The University has approximately 14,000 telephone lines with approximately 20,000 plus telephone instruments. 408.656.2498
  • 7. Telephone System Overview 7 How they are managed today – Rutgers Departmental Staff – Rutgers Telephone Office Staff – Avaya Technicians – Blackbox Technicians (Formerly NextiraOne) – Since Rutgers uses a distributed model for telephone systems it is up the department to either support their systems with there own staff or pay for technical support from one of our outside vendors 408.656.2498
  • 8. Telephone System Overview 8 How call accounting is handled – All Centrex POTS lines are billed to the responsible department through the University Billing System. – When a department shares multiple lines they account for the usage for the lines using the University Billing System. – However, if they are trying to account down to the station • The department to purchases a call accounting system that they put on one their own PCs to allocate costs by users or cost centers. • It is a one time set-up that is turned over to the departments to manage. 408.656.2498
  • 9. Telephone System Overview 9 Functionality Overview –Automatic Switch Interface (ASI) –Work Flow Management –Call Accounting & Reporting –Subscriber/Directory Management –Cable Management –Inventory Management –Subscriber Portal Network 408.656.2498
  • 10. Telephone System Overview 10 Functionality Overview –Automatic Switch Interface (ASI) Network Management –Work Flow Management System (NMS) –Call Accounting & Reporting –Subscriber/Directory Management –Cable Management –Inventory Management –Subscriber Portal Network 408.656.2498
  • 11. Automatic Switch Interface 11 • Direct Interface with the Switch • Integrated with a Work Order System • Non-technical easy-to-use tools for managing MAC’s • Real-time Provisioning & Automatic Scheduler 408.656.2498
  • 12. Set Management 12 • Graphical interface • Set management (Analog, Digital and IP) • Set Templates 408.656.2498
  • 13. Automatic Switch Interface 13 • Powerful open switch scripting language • Integrated with work order system • Manage multiple switches from one location 408.656.2498
  • 14. Automatic Switch Interface 14 408.656.2498
  • 15. Work Flow Management 15 •Mirror existing business processes •Create electronic routes for work orders & trouble tickets •Moves orders between groups easily 408.656.2498
  • 16. Work Flow Management 16 • Web work order interface • Integrated with the Management System functionality • Customizable fields and submission requirements • Interface with Rutgers applications (i.e. HDRTI/HDRT) 408.656.2498
  • 17. Call Accounting and Billing 17 • Customizable functionality • Billing reconciliation • Labor & Tolls • Equipment • BAC (Billing Account Code) • PIN (Personal Identification Number) • Authorization Code • Automated Reporting Tools 408.656.2498
  • 18. Call Accounting and Billing 18 • Billing charges are automatically updated as work orders are completed • All charges are automatically summarized and totaled • Detailed reporting and reconciliation analysis 408.656.2498
  • 19. Call Accounting and Billing 19 • Consolidated enterprise billing • View usage charges, cell phone charges, MAC charges • Create a total view of telecom operation expenses 408.656.2498
  • 20. Directory Management 20 • Database is automatically updated as MAC’s happen • Global reporting & changes • Subscriber record provides comprehensive view: Directory, Billing, Equipment, Connectivity, Switch Data • Directory data can be easily shared (i.e. Web phone book, E-911, operator console) 408.656.2498
  • 21. Directory Management 21 Corporate Directory Network Web 411 Operator Network Console Management Management System (NMS) System 911 Telephone Management Administrator System 408.656.2498
  • 22. Cable Management 22 • Track cable, fiber, circuits, terminations • Connectivity paths and cross connects • Global cable analysis reporting • Attach maps and files • Integrated with Management System database 408.656.2498
  • 23. Inventory Management 23 • On-shelf & installed inventory tracking • Automated notification regarding stock levels • Manage one-time and reoccurring costs • Automatically calculate billing totals and taxes 408.656.2498
  • 24. Subscriber Portal 24 • Subscribers manage Set feature changes (Analog, Digital and IP) • View directory profile • Search corporate directory • Submit work order/trouble ticket • Billing & Call records 408.656.2498
  • 25. Benefits and Summary 25 • Streamline Voice Network Operations • Eliminate multiple entry • Consolidate Voice Network functionality • Create network-wide visibility & control • Improve administrative management • Increase scalability and system interoperability • Empower maximization of resources • Increase Voice network security 408.656.2498
  • 26. Questions ? 26 Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498 408.656.2498