Regulatory Issues


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Regulatory Issues

  1. 1. Sales MeetingOrlando Morenoomoreno@hotmail.com408.656.2498
  2. 2. Space Segment: Overview  Vitacom has capacity on:  Panamsat-1, North Beam  Solidaridad-2, R1  Solidaridad-2, R2  Solidaridad-2, R3 Total holdings: approximately 25MHz * Vitacom runs a few circuits on PAS1-Latin plus PAS3, contracted on a case by case 408.656.2498 2
  3. 3. Panamsat 1  North Beam covers Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Caribbean and Miami (teleport only!)  PAS1-R new satellite to replace PAS1 next summer. Our contract transfers over. Better footprints  Currently being used mostly for Colombia domestic 408.656.2498 3
  4. 4. Space Segment Management  Centralized in Mountain View  Solidaridad transmission plan updated by Monica  PAS plan updated by Gustavo Duay  New capacity assigned after SOM release only! Careful with “special favors”  Recently implemented a circuit cancellation procedure (anti-SOM), which involves contract review and balance due calculations (Beti) 408.656.2498 4
  5. 5. Future Plans  In conversations with Satmex for capacity on Satmex 5  PAS expected not to grow much  Use of Soli/Satmex5 in Colombia/Venezuela/Ecuador : watch out! Need to involve Andesat!  Other options: Nahuel, Orion, Brasilsat, and ….ah…yes… 408.656.2498 5
  6. 6. Regulatory Issues: earth station licensing Please Note: with very few exceptions, our responsibility is : TO ASSIST THE CUSTOMER TO OBTAIN THE EARTH STATION LICENSE, BY PROVIDING THE NECESSARY TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS AND TO GUIDE CUSTOMER THROUGH THE ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS INHERENT TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES INVOLVED. Remember: we don’t have control of the authorities nor of the timing involved. We rely on customer to provide company related documents to assist with the filing. We charge $2,500 for this type of 408.656.2498 6
  7. 7. Regulatory Issues: exceptions?  We may assume the overall licensing responsibility only in those cases where Vitacom holds a carrier license to operate services  Specifically: we have a permit in Mexico which is operational. GDSS/DDSS  We have a concession in Venezuela, still to be activated.  408.656.2498 7
  8. 8. Updates on GDSS  Concept: point to point circuit between a customer location and a Vitacom Teleport  We provide equipment, install, space segment, maintenance, NOC: all for a monthly fee (3yr) plus connect fee  Note that earth station licensing issue still applies: station is licensed as a private earth station and licensee is the customer! 408.656.2498 8
  9. 9. Teleport Capabilities: USA  Mtn View 1: Solidaridad 2  Mtn View 2: Solidaridad 2 ---> Satmex 5  Homestead: PAS1, PAS3  Napa: PAS5 plus Pacific  Miami-Intelsat: Americatel  Miami-CSC: Solidaridad2 plus others  Miami-Telpan: Solidaridad2 certain 408.656.2498 9
  10. 10. Questions Orlando Moreno 408.656.2498 10