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I troadmap itteam_10222012


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The InformationTechnologyRoadmapSeptember 2012
  • 2. Agenda Opening comments Strategic perspective Our leadership role in the business Architecture approach- Simplicity Infrastructure approach- Dependability Methodology approach-Speed Platform maintenance and continuity IT Roadmap and key deliverables Setting out our vision, naming our team Next steps and Closing comments2
  • 3. Opening Comments3
  • 4. Strategic perspective onOrange Lake Resorts4
  • 5. Where we stand From 2006 to 2012, we experiencedunprecedented growth Growth in resorts Marketing leads Sales Income … Complexity The technology team set the stage in 2006 tounlock the potential of the business The complexity of our business has grown …cost of change is increasing5
  • 6. It’s time to refresh and extend To maintain our momentum, Orange Lakeneeds to increase focus on: Strength of our offerings (value proposition) Expand resort network Enhance club features and benefits Strength of our customer experience and intimacy Interact with customers with more self (smart) servicetouch points) Empower service teams with full view of customer forcontextualized service Delivering more value at a lower cost Rethinking every function, every process to delivermore value in a shorter time at a lower cost6
  • 7. Technology as a leader7IT will once again play a pivotal rolein re-invigorating the business!
  • 8. Our role in the business…o We will refresh, simplify and enhance our platformand services, enabling our business partners toreshape their business processes, thereby, reducingcosts and adding more value to the customero To do this, we need to:o Simplify the platform-o Reinvigorate the infrastructure- making itdependable and scalableo Crush the concept of time (from concept todelivery)o Add skillso Keep the platform fresh and well supported8
  • 9. Architectural approachStriving for simplicity and continuity9
  • 10. 10Area DefinitionPrograming language .NETDatabase MS SQLBusiness Intelligence Business ObjectsData movement SSISIntegration layer SOA Web servicesOperating System MicrosoftDesktop VMsA more simple architecture will help us deliver more valuequicker!• Ease of interoperability around systems• Better leverage of skills, opportunity to develop depth• Faster and more predictable delivery of projects at lower cost• Improved probability of success• Easier to maintain upgrade path, keeping the platform fresh• Ability to tailor solutions for the business rapidly
  • 11. 11User interaction and deliveringvalue:o All “core” business rules aremoved to a business rule layerand powered by a business ruleengine.o The users do not directly accessour data, rather they do sothrough a user interface, a webservice layer and through an ODSand data-marts that IT manageso Rapid application developmentoccurs as we are able to deliverapps and functionality at topspeeds
  • 12. Infrastructure approachStriving for dependability and predictability12
  • 13. The ApproachOne Piece at a Time! Technology Infrastructure is like looking at avery large puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle represents a pieceof technology that performs a specificfunction (i.e.Server, Switch, Router, Firewall, Program, etc.). As environmental changesoccur (i.e. Business needs,technology, performance, growth,etc.) pieces of the puzzle will needto be replaced, added or removedaddress new or changingrequirements.13
  • 14. 14#1 - Reinvigorate the Infrastructure to accommodate current needsand Future Growth.Goals
  • 15. 15#1 - Reinvigorate the Infrastructure to accommodate current needsand Future Growth.Goals#2 - Manage growth and complexity by consolidation.“When you first start off trying to solve a problem, the first solutions youcome up with are very complex, and most people stop there. But if youkeep going, you can often times arrive at some very elegant andsimple solution. Most people just don’t put in the time or energy to getthere.”Steve Jobs
  • 16. 16Goals#3 - Provide proactive IT solutions that are scalable and perform tobusiness expectations.#1 - Reinvigorate the Infrastructure to accommodate current needsand Future Growth.#2 - Manage growth and complexity by consolidation.
  • 17. 17#1 - Reinvigorate the Infrastructure to accommodate current needsand Future Growth.Goals#2 - Manage growth and complexity by consolidation.#3 - Provide proactive IT solutions that are scalable and perform tobusiness expectations.#4 - Consistent long term direction that provides businessfunctionality while minimizing disruption.
  • 18. Methodology approachStriving for velocity and quality18
  • 19. 19o Speed is one of the most competitive weapons a company canhaveo Making decisions on the spot and without delayo Executing quickly at any levelo See trends and opportunities before they are obvious toeveryone elseo IT becomes a competitive weapono IT can deliver projects that make a difference to thecompany quickly – strengthening customer and employeeengagement, streamlining processes … crushing cost whileimproving the customer value equationo IT can respond rapidly to changeo IT can mitigate and manage riskso IT can increase the velocity of its delivery cycleso IT can drive innovation and transformation
  • 20. 20o We introduce Agile delivery methods tailored to Orange Laketo increase speed and value:o Sole focus on improving customer valueo Business driven improvements and prioritizationo Iterative and Incremental Deliveryo We deliver functionality in weeks, not monthso We show more prototypes, and less documentationo Intense Collaborationo Within Information Technology and with our Business Partnerso With our technology partnerso Self Organizationo We are driven individuals, passionate to propel our businessforward.o We lead through Servant Leadershipo We hold each other accountableo Continuous improvemento We adapt to change quickly, change is part of the processProjects will be evaluated for a fit to Agile, we might have hybridmethods in the beginning, but our goal is efficiency and speed
  • 21. 21CoreProject TeamBusiness AnalystProject ManagerDBATesterProduct Ownerand ProductManagerDeveloper (s) andTech leadsArchitectureBusiness SecurityReleaseNOCCapacityPlanningExtendedProject Team
  • 22. Platform maintenanceFor continuity and strategy22
  • 23. 23Product Managerso As product owners, they manage the functional roadmap of theproduct, ensuring upgrades and functionality are released on atimely manner, according to priorities and strategic direction.Partnerso We partner strongly with our vendorso We partner with valuable consulting companies that can help uslearn and growWe increase our capacity adding new resources
  • 24. 24Technology:o Proactive Management:o Address and manage risk before they become issues.o Ensure infrastructure is properly maintained(Patches, updates, Etc..)o Ensure proper toolset is implemented for advancednotification and indebt diagnostics.o Consistent improvement:o Boost performance at every opportunity (Technologyenhancements)o Consolidation to achieve reduced complexity, focusedexpertise & cost reductionso Centralized administration - easy to troubleshoot anyproblems and time reduction
  • 25. IT RoadmapKey deliverables25
  • 26. 26
  • 27. 27ERP-OracleCRM-Salesforce.comTransactionalApplicationsTelecomReportingDiscovererCrystalWordTSw 8.5SMARTCompassDaybreakProtobaseCitizen Dev: WavemakerNortelCiscoERP-MSDynamicsCRM-Salesforce.comEnterprisePortal-SharePointApplicationsTelecomReportingTSW EnterpriseShift 4MS Access- TBDAvaya or CiscoBusiness ObjectsSSRSTSW EnterpriseCompassSMARTProtobaseAvaya or CiscoAspect5.9GenesysNew dialerGenesysNew dialerGenesysERP-MSDynamicsCRM-Salesforce.comCurrent2014 2015Current 2014 2015IT Transformation Current to 2015DBOracleSQLCrystalWordBusiness ObjectsSSRSSQLSQLBusiness ObjectsCrystalWordSSRSDBCiscoLinuxWindowsSwitchesandRoutersServersMonitoringSoftwarePCVmPortalOLCCPortalSchedulerWindows,Cron,SQL,Oracle,etcEnterpriseScheduler-JAMSNagios,Idera,BigBrother,OEMDesktopLaptopSwitchesandRoutersCiscoLinuxWindowsServersPCVmLaptopEnterpriseMonitoringandSchedulerDisasterRecoveryDisasterRecovery
  • 28. IT Infrastructure Roadmap ObjectivesEnterprise1. Performance2. Simplicity3. Stability4. Proactive Notification & MonitoringSECURITY1. Reduce endpoint Vulnerabilities2. Consolidate Security Technologies & Responsibilities3. Security Education4. ISO Certifications5. Personally Identifiable information (PII) SecurityDatabase1. Simplification by consolidation of platform and technology2. Enhanced Database Security3. Disaster Recovery & Redundancy4. Enhanced Tool Set & notifications5. Cost Reduction6. Expand On-site Database ExpertiseTELECOMUNICATIONS1. Enterprise Call Center Technologies2. Enhanced Reporting3. System Flexibility & Expanded Functionality4. Increased efficiency & cost reduction5. Enhanced system integration28
  • 29. IT Infrastructure Roadmap ObjectivesSTORAGE1. Ensure storage environment is prepared for Growth,Scalability and Availability2. Disaster Recovery and Replication3. Performance enhancementsSERVERS1. Simplify environment utilizing consolidation strategy2. Maintain Standardized environments (Builds, Patches, configurations, Documentation)3. Enhanced Notification & Monitoring4. Ensure servers environment is prepared for Growth, Scalability and AvailabilityVM TECHNOLOGY1. Enhanced Notification & Monitoring2. Performance Optimization3. Simplification of Environments4. StabilityNETWORK (INFRASTRUCTURE)1. Simplify environment2. Enhanced Notification & Monitoring3. Ensure infrastructure is prepared for Growth, Scalability and Availability4. Increase overall functionality and performance29
  • 30. Setting our vision, namingour team30
  • 31. o We will be providing business technology ortransformation technology.o We will be employing a team that is not justtechies, but rather business savvy technologists.o We will be leaders who use technology to drivebusiness change.o We will be able to be change agents for OrangeLake, this is a great time to be part of theInformation Technology team.31
  • 32. Charles Darwin32
  • 33. Closing comments andopen discussion33
  • 34. The difficulty of introducingchange“There is no more delicate matter to take inhand, nor more dangerous to conduct, normore doubtful in its success, than to be aleader in the introduction of changes. Forhe who innovates will have for enemies allthose who are well off under the old orderof things, and only lukewarm supporters inthose who might be better off under thenew.”– Machiavelli34