Cala Global Customer Services

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CALA Regional Meeting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico …

CALA Regional Meeting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Retreat to support Sales and Marketing

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  • 1. CALA Regional Meeting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Orlando Moreno [email_address] 408.656.2498 Global Customer Services
  • 2.
    • Our Priorities
    • Our Business Rules
    • Strategy and Objectives
    • Restructuring the organization
    • Major Initiatives by Department
    • Contact Names and Numbers
    • Questions
    Agenda [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 3. OUR PRIORITIES Customers Share Holders Employees NICE SYSTEMS [email_address] 408.656.2498
    • Rule #1
      • The customer is always right
    • Rule #2
      • If the customer is ever wrong, reread
      • Rule #1
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 5. Services Strategy and Key Objectives [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 6. 6 Key Focus Areas
    • Strategy and plans
    • People
    • Tools and systems
    • Training
    • Process
    • Measurements
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 7. Global Customer Services Objectives
    • Become a “Customer Centric” organization
    • Establish a baseline for each Client Services function & group
    • Understand who our customers are and what are their expectations
    • Structure and organize Client Services to meet customer expectations now and in the future.
    • Clearly define the roles & responsibilities for each department
    • Support those things we do well and change those that we don’t
    • Establish a way to measure our business and manage by facts
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 8. Global Customer Services Objectives
    • Develop and implement a formal escalation process
    • Establish a “forward looking”, service planning group and process
    • Establish a department responsible for “productizing” our service offerings and driving service revenues
    • Enhance our training content, capacity and delivery methods
    • Improve our responsiveness to our customers
    • Think, plan and implement globally in everything we do
    • Communicate, communicate, communicate ………..
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 9. CEM CUSTOMER SERVICES STRUCTURE Customers On-site Support Remote Support Implementation Support [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 10. Organization Structure - Line Groups Customers Customer Support Centers = Customer Touch Points Professional Services Groups Business Services Groups [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 11. Organization Structure - Support Groups Customers Customer Care, Service Planning, Training, QA & Infrastructure = Support for the Line Functions Professional Services Groups Customer Support Centers Business Services Groups Service Operations, Global Accounts [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 12. CEM Global Customer Services
    • 167 - People Globally
      • 53 Professional Services
      • 62 Customer Support Centers
      • 11 Regional Support Engineering
      • 25 Training & Consulting Services
      • 16 Staff Support of Line Departments
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 13. A m e r i c a s E M E A A P A C Globe Split into 3 “ Regions of Operation” [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 14. Organization Re-structuring & Charts [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 15. Major Initiatives By Department [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 16. Professional Services - Line Group
    • Assume responsibility of all implementation/installation activities
    • Establish regionally located Professional Services groups
    • Develop and implement a formal “statement of work” for each customer project and installation
    • Develop and implement a formal hand-off process from Pre-Sales to Professional Services to Customer Support and Regional Support
    • Develop a “menu approach” for Professional Services activities
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 17. Professional Services - Line Group
    • Menu approach
    • Modular pricing
    Installation Staging Applications Eng Lab Testing Upgrade PM New System Project Management Installation Service Bureau Partners/ Dealers - Field requests - Price activities - Schedule work - Coordinate activities Customers [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 18. Customer Support Center - Line Group
    • Assume responsibly for all remote support activities
    • Establish uniform Customer Support Centers (CSC) and processes
    • Staff the Centers appropriately
    • Staff our Customer Support Centers to accommodate 13 hour days per center and “follow the sun” support
    • Plan and implement enhanced remote support capabilities
      • Real time customer/dealer case status access via Vantive
      • Implement U NICE NTER capability
      • Web accessible search for FAQ’s
    • Establish a formal “Level 3” Support function
    • Establish and implement a “Support Entitlement” process
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 19. M a n a g e m e n t Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Direct End User Customers (Israel & select US customers) Dealer Field Technicians & Engineers Product Specialist (LSG) Product Generalist (Front Desk) Customer Help Desk C ustomer S upport C enters Integration and Systems Experts Sales/ Marketing Ops/ Manuf. Regional Engineers Serv. Planning R&D 1- 800 - #’s FAX WEB [email_address] 408.656.2498 Escalation & Reporting Entitle via Vantive
  • 20. Total Cases Q4/1999 – Q3/2000 [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 21. Average Case Cycle Time (Open to Close) [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 22. Business Services Group - Line Group
    • Consolidate groups which deliver non-remote support under one management structure
    • Establish regionally located and regionally focused Business Services Groups
      • Regional Support Engineers
      • Regional User Trainers
      • Regional Applications Trainers
      • Regional Consulting Services
    • Own and drive the delivery of support revenues
      • Develop and implement formal service products and offerings
      • Establishment of service contracts , with standardized pricing and formal service level agreements
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 23. Global Customer Care - Support Group
    • Function as the Customer Relations and Loyalty Specialist
      • Customer advocate within NICE
      • NICE advocate within the customer
    • Manage and expand the Post Installation Customer Survey
    • Develop and manage a Customer Satisfaction Survey of our entire installed base (25% each quarter)
    • Plan and implement a “Focus Account” review process
    • Expand our Customer Reference Management program for our partners and dealers to include the APAC and EMEA regions
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 24. NICE Training - Support Group
    • Open our Training Centers so that any dealer, can attend any course, offered in any Center, worldwide
    • Focus our training strategy and plans on several specific areas:
      • Expand our training capabilities
      • Focus on teaching people how to do their job
      • Promote the use of advanced delivery vehicles (ie: WEB based training, CBT, self paced, etc.)
      • Bring training to dealer and customer locations, when feasible and responsible.
      • Elevate our training positions as career path opportunities for many of our best and brightest technical and managerial people.
      • Establish user training and train the trainer programs in all regions
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 25. Number of Students Trained by Quarter Totals for all technical courses [email_address] 408.656.2498 56 87 68 122 57 134 43 76 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr 1998 1999 2000
  • 26. Service Operations, Global Customers - Support Group
    • Establish a “ dedicated services team” focused on planning, delivering and measuring all service related activities for named GAP customers
      • One NICE person, one contact for all services related activities
      • One person for all project management activities
      • One person for all installation activities
    • Duties will enhance the current Global Account Team activities
    • Function as services advocate within NICE and our dealers for the Global Customer
    • Work with the customer to establish clear understanding of the service expectations and requirements
    • Actively manage the service and technical capabilities of our dealers
    • Develop and implement service improvement programs with our dealers
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 27. Global Quality and Infrastructure - Support Group
    • Support the implementation of remote monitoring, diagnostic and management capabilities of Unicenter and other advanced capability systems
    • Plan and implement the full remote capabilities of the Vantive system worldwide:
      • Remote terminals
      • Real time customer case status
      • Web accessible search for FAQ’s
      • Etc., etc., etc.
    • Plan, implement and manage the reporting processes and systems for our Global Client Services organization
    • Establish and manage the the quality measurement processes for our Global Client Services organization
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 28. Global Service Planning - Support Group
    • Will serve as our “forward looking”, “forward planning” group
    • 4 primary areas of responsibility:
      • Establish the serviceability requirements of each new product to be placed into the market
      • Analyze service costs and trends
      • Develop and implement service improvement programs
      • Function as the focal point for the development of new product trial plans . The focus area is all the non-product stuff.
    • Develop, implement and maintain a formal escalation process
      • Standard across the organization
      • Technical and management escalations
      • Time and priority based
    • Work with Operations to identify the key failure parts and returns from the field/customers
    [email_address] 408.656.2498
  • 29. Questions? [email_address] 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno [email_address] 408.656.2498