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Orlaco presentation - Mining
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Orlaco presentation - Mining


Orlaco vision solutions for mining equipment, including radar.

Orlaco vision solutions for mining equipment, including radar.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. ORLACO Welcome! 2012
  • 2. ORLACO – a brief overview ORLACO ORLACO ORLACO organisation products solutions • Overview • Cameras • ISO 5006 • Focus • Cables under • Departments • Monitors Machine directive • Capacity • Product 2008-42 • Customers quality assurance • Enhance operator • Product visibility specials • Radar
  • 3. ORLACO – a brief overview>20 years of experience, family owned private companyISO 9001: 2000 certified, planned 2012: TS 16949ISO 14001: 2004 certifiedOwn R&D and Production of Camera’s, Cables & Monitors based in theNetherlandsOrlaco has own offices in North America, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Franceand SingaporeDistributors world wide who can give support>140 employeesORLACO references: Available upon request
  • 4. ORLACO – four main focusses Heavy Equipment • Mining • Earthmoving and road construction Cranes Forklifts On-road trucks
  • 5. ORLACO – special markets Maritime Military Emergency vehicles
  • 6. Product DevelopmentIn-house product development Design collaboration with OEM
  • 7. Product Development: Testing equipmentClimate room• Temperature -75 ..+180C, humidity control, advanced computer control.Ingress protection testing• IPX7 testing• IPX8 testing (to be agreed with customer)Electrical measurements• EMC preparationNOTE:Tests e.g. EMC, RT&T,FCC and EX are mainly executed at third parties like TÜV, KEMA,DARE andor Nemko.Test results made available to Orlaco by our current OE customers
  • 8. Assembly plant
  • 9. ORLACO – key products Input Throughput Output
  • 10. ORLACO key product: camera •Operating temp: -40˚C to +85˚C •Color CMOS technology >70dB, <2.5lux •IP69K (DIN 40050-9) waterproof due to over-pressurized housing •Shock & Vibration resistant, random vibration 20..2000hz, 15G + 26G steptesting •Heater 2,4W, Pulse Width Modulated, activated from +20°C to -40°C. •Direct connect to Bat+: 10V/Dc..30V/Dc Tested following relevant standards: Radiated immunity, Emission, BCI, RF injection, Burst Surge DC ports, ESD.
  • 11. ORLACO key product: Cables and PlugsCables and plugs: moulded IP69Kwaterproof plugs, high pressurewash resistant
  • 12. ORLACO key product: RLED monitor •Operating temp. between -40˚ to +85˚C. •IP67 according IEC 60529 •10-60V/Dc input power •Shockproof 9.8G IEC 60068-2-27. •EMC 100V/m immunity. •Power supply protected against: -Inductive kickbacks, -Load dumps, -Over- / under voltage. •Possibility to mirror camera image and set marker line per camera •Automatic Brightness Control. •Custom made design possible.
  • 13. Product qualityAPPROVALS• Electromagnetic compatibility in compliance with 72/245/EC, 95/54/EC• Mirror directive 2003/97/EC, 2005/27/ECCOMPLIANCE• ISO 16001:2008 Earth-moving machinery -- Hazard detection systems andvisual aids -- Performance requirements and tests• ISO 5006:2006 Earth-moving machinery -- Operators field of view -- Testmethod and performance criteria
  • 14. Product quality: ISO 16001 vs ORLACO specsDescription ISO16001 Orlaco Auto switching & Auto switching &Monitor control not manual not manual standby standbyOperating Temp. -30˚C / +60˚C -40˚C / +85˚CShock & Vibration 10G 15GWaterproof IP67 IP69KTV Lines 200 400Recovery Time 1,5 sec 1,0 sec
  • 15. Product quality: EMC ISO13766 Orlaco 30 V/m Immunity for 100V/m Radiated Sub Assembly Immunity (ISO11452-2) 100 V/m for functions that control machine movementBulk Current Injection: ISO11452: >75mAPower Transients: ISO7637, Testpulses Vs= <-500V and >100VESD operational: 8kV Direct/15kV Air DischargeIncluding tests for radiated, conductive & far field emissions standards
  • 16. Product quality: Plug & Play, downwards compatibleFlexible Plug & Play system: 1 or up to 4 camera’s possible
  • 17. ORLACO and vision solutions in Mining +
  • 18. Example Off-highway haul trucks with ORLACOfrontcam, sidecam and radar
  • 19. Off-highway haul truck with ORLACO rearview andradar
  • 20. Customer requirements and ORLACO solutionsCommon incidents / accidents in the mining industryVehicle-to-vehicleVehicle-to-peopleVehicle-to-infrastructureORLACO products play a key role in reducing these incidents. Whenproperly installed and with good instructions ORLACO delivers:Increased safetyReduced equipment damageIncreased productivityBetter ergonomics for operator
  • 21. ORLACO solutionsOperator visibility Allround view with help of cameras to implement ISO 5006 / 16001 Mitigate more that 90% of all incidents Stand alone system; little maintenace; minimum investment&Proximity warning Short and long range radar Stand alone system combined with CCTV; minimum investment Radar always in combination with ORLACO camera/monitor
  • 22. Mining equipment: blind spots and ISO 5006
  • 23. Mining equipment: blind spots and ISO 5006Red line around the machine should be visible from theoperator’s point of view.The red line is at 1m from the machine at height = 1.5mUsage of camera’s is in most cases necessary Camera coverage ISO5006
  • 24. ORLACO solutions: the importance of side viewNot only rear-view, cameras are also used for side-view as on this haul truck asthe mirrors do not give the operator a good view of the truck’s surroundings.
  • 25. Off-highway haul trucks and visibilityThe operator isfaced with hugeblind areas aroundthe vehicle.Mirrors are onlypart of the solution.ORLACO’s allroundviewing systemprovides theoperator withoptimal viewing andthe machine iscompliant toISO5006.
  • 26. Off-highway haul trucks and visibilityWith ORLACO cameras – good operator vision to the rear and front
  • 27. ORLACO solutions: locating the camera’s Front- C#1 Drivers BlindCamera’s located on dump trucks: Side C#3 Side C#4•Cam#1: Forward Travel – Front View•Cam#2: Reverse Travel – Rear View•Cam#3: Left Turning - Driver’s Side View•Cam#4: Right Turning – Right Side View Rear C#2
  • 28. Front viewGoal•Eliminate blind spot (5-10mon large dump truck).•Each side of the front of thevehicle should be seen,including the entry to thestairway.•View of 8 meters should beseen to assist in viewingpotential road hazards /debris that could damagethe tyres / vehicle.* Always consult end-user toclarify desired view.
  • 29. Installing the front view camera LocationThe most front end of the vehicle.
  • 30. Rear viewGoal•Eliminate rear blind spot.•Load placement – assistancewith backing to berm.•Prevent tyre damage bydetecting rocks beforereversing.•Confirm load completion / trayempty – resulting in reducedcycle time, increasedproductivity.•Keeping the berm intact.* Always consult end-user toclarify desired view.
  • 31. Installing the rear view camera LocationNear the lights, back-up sensor, etc. offers the best view as well as protection.
  • 32. Side viewGoal•Eliminate blind spot.•Assist with lining uptruck with shovel duringloading operations.•Assist with observingdebris and otherobjects duringreversing.•Should clearly see thefront end of each tyre.* Always consult end-user to clarify desiredview.
  • 33. Installing the side view camera Location On the front endcorner of each side.
  • 34. ORLACO and radar solutions Orlaco’s RadarEye is your active camera solution
  • 35. ORLACO: The basic packageSuggestion of a basic package – rear view with radar – thatcovers Operator Visibility as well as Proximity Warning.The system is automatically switched on when the machine isput in reverse, e.g. for dump truck, loader, grader.
  • 36. ORLACO and radar solutionsContact ORLACO for customized advice on the use of radar onyour machine.
  • 37. Thank you for your attention! Contact Orlaco: P.O. Box 193 3770 AD Barneveld The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 342 404 555 Fax: +31 (0) 342 404 556 Email: Web: