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WhereIsNow Business Plan


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The WhereIsNow Business Plan. …

The WhereIsNow Business Plan.
It does not contain the financial infos.
If interested, please send an email to introducing yourself .

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  • 1.
          • Company Purpose
    “ We strive to provide our customers The Solution to share and tidy up always updated information, documents and contacts, everywhere they are, any time since, in any format, whatever they contain and with all the people they want to.” You want it, you search it... got it!
  • 2.
          • Problem
    Documents become out of date too rapidly (updated, renamed or moved away). Contacts are changed so frequently that becomes hard to always stay up-to-date and be connected with the people of your life. People and Companies need to inform everyone via email/sms/call about contacts changes and documents updates.
  • 3. Solution WhereIsNow™ always provides the address(es) where you can find the latest version of a document or contact. Every information registered inside WhereIsNow™ received an associated key. Everytime an updated information becomes available, the Publisher simply registers the new information's address(es). Using the information-key association, WhereIsNow™ permits you to get the updated information at the specified address(es).
  • 4. Use Cases – updates Evergreen Links Url forever valid, even if the linked document has been renamed or moved to a different address. “Bookmark it” to save an evergreen bookmark . Pro-actively used to assure the page rank retention of a website. Self updating documents The key is stored into the file and allows the document itself to be automatically updated to the latest available version every time you use it. Just a click. Self updating contacts A contact is a WhereIsNow ™ document. You can update each single self updating contact on your address book and your friends & colleagues can make the same with your contact. Simply share your WhereIsNow ™ key with them. Desk.Now Embed Social Bookmarks
  • 5. Use Cases – adding info Fire.Now Fire.Now is a FireFox extension, it adds to FireFox the ability: -to upload everywhere, documents which become self updatable -to register links to web pages and start providing evergreen links WhereIsNow™ Control Panel Using the web control panel at , publisher can register new documents and contacts receiving a new key, or update already registered information adding the new address(es) where them are now available. WhereIsNow ™ API Every developer around the world can develop new WhereIsNow ™ application in order to add/get info on/from it. It's exactly what happens with Twitter, Google, Facebook ... Remember that WhereIsNow ™ is the solution.
  • 6. Why Now We are surrounded by an ocean of digital information, documents and contacts. We can't stay still with a line in the water fishing amoung countless information.
  • 7. Customers and goals Target customers of WhereIsNow ™: Evergreen links bloggers, business SN's users, webmasters Self updating documents companies, regulation authorities, lawyers Self updating contacts PR, press, companies, students Goal: One half milion active users before end of 2011
  • 8. Competition Document Management Systems (DMS) KnowledgeTree, Documentum Products storing documents, not addresses. Search Engine Google, Yahoo, Bing they provide urls that are not evergreen links Shared Bookmarks & Url shortener Delicious, Dig,, they share urls that are not evergreen links Address Book Manager Plaxo, Unyk Server-side, not single contact based
  • 9. Product Online at built in the Cloud using the Amazon Infrastructure PCT deposit, Trade Mark ( EU-China-India-USA-Russia-JP ) Documents plugins OpenOffice-Office-AdobeReader-FireFox-Vista/XP Contacts plugins: ready for Nokia Ovi store. “ Your WhereIsNow™ Award” To get new plugins like the “Ubiquity command for WhereIsNow™”
  • 10. Product – next developments Contacts plugins versions for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Sony Ericsson and Vodafone online stores. (available October 2009) to provide a Gmail's self updating addressbook. Then moving on the plugin. Documents plugins New formats and applications extensions ( i.e for Mac platform) Implement the .now universal format ( a new kind of archive file ) Crawling & Indexing of the registered Urls To improve search functionalities and to check for expired links WhereIsNow™ as a product (white-label too): Customization, packaging, updates...
  • 11. Business Model Premium Services (8-10 euro/months) No constraints on # of documents and # of contacts Per-document, per-contact and flat monthly rates Marketing information included WhereIsNow™ as a B2B product (2500 euro/license) both an alternative/additional solution to DMS. adds support, training and consulting services Advertising On and inside plugins
  • 12. Team DANIELE IDINI (Sassari, 16 Settembre 1975) Telecommunications Engineer, graduated on 2003 at University of Genova, made his degree thesis in Green Power Solution developing a web application to improve communication between the company and its resellers. Then he worked for Carbotrade Spa developing a module for the integration via SMS of all the gas tanks present in the nord-west of Italy in the management application. As a developer of the MGC Srl ( in Modena ) he has also been involved in the MGC2000 project, an application for the maintenance of fuel systems of the most important fuel companies (Agip, ESSO, Tamoil, IP, Shell).For Televideocom Srl, has then projected a 100km of wireless network to full covered all small cities in the province of Ferrara.
  • 13. Team MARCELLO ORIZI (Sassari, 05 Ottobre 1975) , @marcelloorizi on twitter Computer Engineer, graduated on 2001 at University of Pisa, made both the degree thesis job and the following stage in Marconi Communications (now Ericsson): this research job, related to routing algorithms, has been internationally patented by Marconi ( ). Then, he worked for Sysint as informatic and TLC consultant for very important clients as Telecom Italia, Allied Telesyn, Banca IMI San Paolo with different roles and responsibilities (consultant junior, software analyst, development manager). Since November 2004, for Sysint in the meantime already become Beta80, has worked as development manager of credit card management applications for Cornèr Banca and Aduno, both companies in Lugano (Swiss). At March 2008 Marcello and Daniele founded Prossima Isola. Marcello and Daniele are friends since 1989, they were classmates and Daniele is Marcello’s best man.
  • 14. … more And finally watch the WhereIsNow™ explanatory video This ppt presentation is a self updating document. Download the plugin for powerpoint at the following evergreen link and stay updated: Need more info? check the FAQ here:
  • 15. You want it, you search it... got it!