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digital story telling

digital story telling

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  • 1. Avalanche-Book Report Name : Ori Teicher ז '4 Class : Date :23.12.11
  • 2. The main character-Buster
    • The main character is Buster the dog. Buster is a half
    • brown and half white color skin , and very smart dog.
  • 3.
    • In the begining Buster´s family wanted to travel to Scotland for skiing, but Buster couldn´t come with them.
    • Mrs. Baxter told her son, Ben, to take Buster to the Kennels.but, Ben put Buster in his bag and drove with the family to Scotland.
  • 4.
    • Suddenly, Buster jump from Ben’s bag and surprise everyone. when they arrived to Scotland they realized that they were luck that Buster was there. Mr. Baxter was trapped in the snow because of an avalanche and Buster went to call for a help .Mr. Baxter told him that from now on he goanna come with them every year.
    • in the end Buster got a medal for saving Mr. Baxter.
  • 5. Setting
    • The story starts in Mr. Baxter house in the winter. after that they are traveling to Scotland and when they arrive there, they drive to skiing village and after that they travel to the mountains for ski.
  • 6. Problem
    • Mr. Baxter was lost , he didn’t see the sign that was written next to him: “danger avalanche” and he was stuck in the snow.
  • 7. Outcome
    • The main character, Buster smelled
    • Mr. Baxter and followed him.
    • Suddenly, Buster saw Mr. Baxter trapped in the snow and he went to call for help. Mr. Baxter was
    • Saved thanks to Buster.
  • 8. The End