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  • 1. Office of Research: Sponsored Programs Examples of Key Process Improvement Initiatives March, 2009
  • 2. Background: A (not so) Short History on the Notice to Establish Account (NEA) Process
    • Process established in 1965
    • An adaptation of an Army process
    • The process was updated in 1987
      • New printer was purchased
      • The same printer was in use until Jan 7, 2009
  • 3. Background: The Problem with the NEA process
    • Inefficient:
      • Took up to 1 month to process an award
      • Had to be hand carried from OSP to GCA
      • Costly-up to $10,000 in paper alone
      • Required 7 copies of each award
      • Required 4 handoffs in OSP alone
      • Data entered 3 times for each award (2-OSP, 1GCA)
      • Frequently misplaced files
  • 4. Goals for Replacing the NEA Process
    • Improve the efficiency of the process
        • Combine separate OSP and GCA processes into one
        • Increase data integrity, accuracy and improved distribution of information
        • Get out of processing paper and move to the electronic age
    • Transparency of award status to campus
        • Provide accurate, timely status information
        • Improve speed and consistency of communication of budget number and other changes
  • 5. Solution: Automation in SAGE Suite Campus Research Community Office of Sponsored Programs Pre-Award Administration Grant & Contract Accounting Post-Award Administration Data originates closest to source, but can be viewed and acted on as appropriate in other systems
  • 6.
    • Reduced time to set up awards (2,3 days)
    • Better tracking, no lost files
    • Paperless OSP process
    • Extensive cost reduction
    • Reduced need for Advance Budgets and budget extensions
    • Revised staff roles/flow down responsibility
    • More Consistent Business Practices
    Outcomes: OSP Improvements
  • 7. Result: Researchers get their budget numbers faster!
  • 8. Other Process Improvements
    • 21 On-going Initiatives:
    • Categories:
      • Priority Ongoing Process Improvement Initiatives
      • Long Term Process Improvement (SPAERC/SAGE)
      • Business Practice Modifications (File Mgmt)
      • Tools and Materials Development (Master Agreement list)
  • 9. Budget Extensions
    • For no-cost and cost extensions or supplements.
      • Anticipated date, April, 2009
      • Web-based for easier access and processing
      • Request will go to OSP for approval
      • Flow down responsibility
      • Combines three budget actions into one form and process.
  • 10. Budget Extension Process: Anticipated Outcomes
      • Much faster turn around time for requests for no-cost extensions and supplements
      • Paperless: cost saving on materials
      • Fewer duplicated efforts
      • Lower workload for dept administrators/GCA and OSP
  • 11. 2. Clinical Trial Process Improvement
    • Goal: decrease time to enrollment of subjects to 90 days.
    • Led by Richard Meisinger
    • Exec. Sponsors: Dr. Mary Lidstrom, Dr. John Slattery and Kathryn Waddell
    • Completion date: Winter 2010
    • Cross campus participation (SOM, HSD, OSP, Health System)
  • 12. Clinical Trials Anticipated Deliverables
    • Firm plan to reduce time to enroll patients
    • Clinical Research Handbook
    • A plan, consistent with the Roadmap, for a tracking system to monitor status/location of a proposal in the pipeline
    • Enhanced knowledge of process, timelines and responsibilities
  • 13. What is Next in OSP?
    • More Efficiency Improvements in Process
      • System 2 System proposal submission (Grant Runner)
      • Revised award process for clinical trials
      • VA contracts processing and tracking
      • Intranet re-design
      • Extranet re-design
      • Sub-contract processing
      • Non-federal Model Documents Reference
      • Master Agreement tracking and posting
      • “ Expert” list compiled and posted
      • Review of F&A Waiver Request Process