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Blogging For The Classroom
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Blogging For The Classroom



Online version of the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) Conference presentation given by Spiro Bolos on 2/26/09. Includes definitions, rationales, examples, tools, and strategies for success in both ...

Online version of the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) Conference presentation given by Spiro Bolos on 2/26/09. Includes definitions, rationales, examples, tools, and strategies for success in both teacher- and student-authored blogs.



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Blogging For The Classroom Blogging For The Classroom Presentation Transcript

  • Blogging for the Classroom Spiro Bolos New Trier High School spirobolos.blogspot.com
  • What is a blog?
  • “Blogs in Plain English” | from commoncraft.com
  • “If you are in the position where you need to take a white person to lunch for business or pleasure, saying “I know a great sandwich shop,” will always bring out a smile. The white person will then tell you about the great sandwich shop in the town where they went to college and how they had a crush on a waiter, or that there was some special sandwich that they always ordered. This will put the person in a good mood.”
  • What is Blogging for the Classroom?
  • Hosting What is Blogging for the Classroom? online discussions
  • Creating What is Blogging for the Classroom? Class Publications
  • What is Blogging for the Classroom? Sharing your lesson plans
  • Organizing What is Blogging for the Classroom? your activity/event
  • Creating a What is Blogging for the Classroom? functional website
  • Rationales
  • John S. O’Connor
  • Wheaton, IL
  • Winnetka, IL
  • “Why Facebook Is for Old Fogies”
  • “It's a teachable moment...an opportunity to address the differences between formal and informal writing. They learn to make the distinction...just as they learn not to use slang terms in formal writing.” — Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist at Pew
  • “The Pedagogy of Weblogs”
  • “Weblogs are truly a constructivist tool for learning.”
  • “Weblogs truly expand the walls of the classroom.”
  • “[B]logs archive the learning that teachers and students do.”
  • “[T]he Weblog is a democratic tool that supports different learning styles.”
  • “Weblogs can enhance the development of expertise in a particular subject.”
  • “[B]logs can teach students the new literacies they will need to function in an ever expanding information society.”
  • “There are many skills and concepts that need to be addressed...to foster these new literacies. It is not just a matter of transferring classroom writing into digital spaces. Teachers need to address...how to cite and link and why, how to use the comment tool in pedagogical ways, how to read web materials more efficiently...”
  • “Blogging requires us to teach students to critically engage media....[h]ow to become efficient navigators in these digital spaces where they will be obtaining a majority of their information.” — Anne Davis, Georgia State University
  • Types of Classroom Blogs
  • Teacher-centric
  • Student-centric
  • “...sometimes it did not even seem like a homework assignment.” — Sara D., Class of 2009
  • Student Blog Student Blog Student Student Blog Blog Student Blog Student Blog Aide Home Student Blog Blog (Teacher)
  • Student Blog Student Blog Student Student Blog Blog Student Blog Student Blog Home Student Blog Blog (Teacher) “Outsider”
  • www.anamericanstudies.com
  • H om e Bl og (T ea ch er )
  • St ud en tB lo g
  • St ud en tB lo g
  • St ud en tB lo g
  • St ud en tB lo g
  • St ud en tB lo g
  • St ud en tB lo g
  • St ud en tB lo g
  • [from the Pew Internet and American Life Project: “Writing, Technology and Teens”] “Forty-seven percent of teen bloggers write outside of school for personal reasons several times a week or more, compared with 33 percent of teens without blogs....
  • Teens also report that writing for an audience motivates them to write well and more frequently — and blogs are one way of providing this type of audience.” — “Blogging Helps Encourage Teen Writing”, eSchool News
  • How private is this?
  • Closed
  • Closed
  • Open
  • Open
  • What tools do I need?
  • Tools www.zemanta.com
  • Tools Google Analytics
  • (Sunday)
  • Tools Google Docs / Spreadsheets / Forms
  • Spreadsheet
  • Tools RSS Readers
  • Advice What has worked in the past
  • 1) Validate within the classroom
  • 2) Allow comments to count for participation
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