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The Pseudo Legacy - Chapter Four, Part 13 B

The Pseudo Legacy - Chapter Four, Part 13 B



Chapter Four, Part Thirteen of the Pseudo Legacy, a Sims2 story by Orikes.This is the second half of Part Thirteen.

Chapter Four, Part Thirteen of the Pseudo Legacy, a Sims2 story by Orikes.This is the second half of Part Thirteen.



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    The Pseudo Legacy - Chapter Four, Part 13 B The Pseudo Legacy - Chapter Four, Part 13 B Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome to the second half of Chapter Four, Part Thirteen of the Pseudo Legacy! Previously, Aeric revealed what he had learned when he talked with Moon while experimenting with astral projection. He came to an understanding of sorts with her strange affinity for things as well as her muteness. Some of the younger children of generation five joined their older cousins and siblings in school for the first time. For a variety of reasons, possibly both mundane and magical, Ava Whedonberry became the target of bullies, including her distant cousin Mercedes Turner. Things escalated quickly into an all out brawl when the other kids got involved. The fight was eventually stopped by townie George McCarthy before teachers could intervene. Finally, Dean and Miranda welcomed their third child in front of an audience of children. Shockingly, their new daughter, little Sam happened to carry the green skin from her father’s side of the family.
    • “Look at how big they’re getting, Genesis.” Micah practically glowed as he tickled one of his two youngest grandchildren. Henrietta giggled helplessly while her “twin” sister Irondequoit watched from her grandmother’s arms. “It seems like they were born just yesterday.” Genesis gave him a fond look as a gentle smile formed, “It has been rather quick. I was worried they wouldn’t be old enough to come with us to the beach house, but amazingly they’ll be just old enough.” Bouncing Irondequoit in her arms, she looked at the two toddlers thoughtfully. She’d always been a smart one and this particular mystery had obviously piqued her curiosity.
    • Overhearing, I quickly interjected a clarification, “It’s actually not that odd. They were born at the end of fall and at the perfect time of day to age up to toddlers right away, so they get to be children before the end of winter. There’s nothing fishy or unnatural at all about them growing up so quickly.” Nate gave me a look. I was obviously talking a little too fast to justify the age of our daughters. Grimacing, I glanced back towards Micah and Genesis in case I needed to smooth things out. I had been doing my best to keep everyone thinking I was just a normal sim like everyone else. It had been a long time since ‘voice’ had talked to anyone directly, so I had faded into legend with the family. I’m pretty sure Nate knew more than he let on, but most of the rest of the family was unaware of my role in things.
    • Luckily for me, they were both more interested in their granddaughters than my rambling justification on why the girls would be old enough to go to Twikkii Island with them and their cousins. I had to stop and just smile for a moment. To be completely honest, it really did work out perfectly, but to give these four a chance to spend more time together, I’d have bent time itself. Not that I try and do that too often.
    • The birthday party was a small affair as far as Legacina parties go. While the house Nate and I shared was fine for a small family, it wasn’t set up to accommodate the massive parties that the main house threw, or even the big bashes that Micah still throws even today. No one seemed too upset. Well, I had gotten an angry call from a couple of simselves irritated that they weren’t invited, but I told them I’d make it up to them. This was for the girls and their grandparents. We’d do something bigger for when they turned into teenagers.
    • I’d honestly never considered having kids. That wasn’t part of my job description here in Terra Lostundo and I always assumed it would be a little vain to do something like that. Especially with one of the Legacinas. And on top of that, it would distract me from my real purpose here. Don’t’ get me wrong, it is distracting, but I wouldn’t change a thing for the world. Between the two of them, Irondequoit and Henrietta bring a smile to my face whenever I look at them. They remind me of Nate in so many ways. What can I say? I’m just a big softie when it comes to the sims I adore. ~-~-~-~
    • True to their word, Micah and Genesis took their grandkids on vacation to their new beach house the day after the girls’ birthday. Over the years, the two of them had been very successful in their careers and had more than enough money set aside to buy a beautiful house right on the ocean. There was a first floor bedroom for them and then a loft room where all the kids would sleep. They had all seven of their grandchildren there with them. All told there were four boys and three girls. Jeremiah’s four boys, Jacob, Caleb, Aaron and Noah, were the oldest. Mercedes was in the middle and Henrietta and Irondequoit were the youngest. Despite her grumblings, even Mercedes was enjoying the vacation by the first afternoon.
    • Micah sighed happily as he looked out over the rolling surf, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Genesis chuckled softly, “Well, there was a small matter of there always being someone still in diapers until just this week. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have wanted diaper duty when there’s sand involved. We did the right thing waiting until they were all old enough.” Grunting in agreement, Micah shrugged, “I suppose. Still, this is a wonderful idea. I’m going to have to tell Persey and Brody about it. They need to do this with their grandkids too.”
    • Sliding her hand over his in a gentle caress, Genesis smiled fondly, “This was a brilliant idea, Micah. One of many you’ve had over the years.” Quirking a lopsided grin, he glanced over at her out of the corner of her eye as his fingers entwined with hers, “The best idea I ever had was marrying you. You know you’re still the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, right?” Despite many comfortable years together, Genesis’ cheeks colored warmly as she glanced at him, “I love you, Micah.” His smile rivaled the sun as he raised his eyebrows, “How about tonight after all the kids are asleep, let’s say me and the prettiest girl on this beach go skinny dipping together?”
    • Later, while Genesis was inside making dinner for their hungry horde of teenagers and children, Micah found a moment alone with Mercedes. This was something he had decided to do alone. He knew that Genesis, as well as Kiley and Julie, thought he didn’t see how bad his oldest granddaughter had gotten. “You wanted to see me, Grandpa?” Mercedes plopped onto the seat and gave him a brilliant smile. Despite all her faults, she did adore her grandfather. “Are you having a good time, Princess?” She hesitated for a moment then nodded. After all, he hadn’t been there for the conversation with her mothers where she’d said she’d have a miserable time with her cousin, “This is a lot of fun, Grandpa.”
    • Micah nodded with a quiet smile, “Good. Your grandma and I were a little worried that you wouldn’t let yourself have fun with all your cousins here.” Okay, so maybe he did know. Mercedes frowned, “Well, I am having a good time, Grandpa. You don’t need to worry about me.” “Well Princess, I’ve heard some things about you that do have me worried.” Her eyes narrowed and she immediately grew defensive, “What have you heard?” “There was a story about you picking on one of your other little cousins in school...” Micah trailed off as he watched her face. This was not a conversation he was enjoying, but it was one he felt was necessary.
    • “But they don’t like me, Grandpa!” Mercedes threw her arms up in the air as she sniffled, “They’re always mean to me and no one wants to be my friend. I didn’t start anything, they started it.” Tilting his head, Micah regarded her sadly, “Mercedes, are you sure about that?” “Star is always mean to me and Louise doesn’t want to be my friend and..” Holding up a hand, Micah interrupted her with the faintest touch of warning in his voice, “Mercedes...”
    • “It’s true!” “Mercedes Michayla Turner, this is your grandfather you’re talking to. Don’t try and fib to me.” She finally stopped defending herself and just looked at him with a wounded pout on her face. Micah continued, “Best friends don’t happen just because you say so, Princess. They take time and patience. All friendships start from something small, little things like an unexpected smile or a shared laugh. Little tiny things. Best friends have to grow over time, through laughter and joy, tears and comfort. You can’t force those things.” She listened and looked down at her lap with a vaguely guilty expression on her face. “So,” Micah raised his eyebrows as he regarded her down turned expression, “Were you exaggerating when you said everyone was being mean to you?”
    • Looking up, Mercedes grimaced, “Maybe a little?” His expression sad, Micah said honestly, “I don’t like hearing about you being mean to anyone for any reason, Princess. It makes me sad to think you would do that. You may not get along with everyone, but there’s never any reason to hurt someone’s feelings because you’re upset.” He gestured up to the house, “All your cousins up there want to be your friend. I bet all your other cousins would too if you apologize for what you did.” She ducked her head and spoke in a small voice, “I didn’t want to make you sad, Grandpa.” She hesitated and then asked, “How did you know?”
    • Holding out an arm, he gestured for her to slide closer to him, “Princess, I am an old popularity sim. There isn’t a sim in Terra Lostundo that I haven’t at least chatted with once, and every single one of your cousins is a child of a niece or nephew of mine that I still talk to every week.” Wrapping his arm around her shoulder he said, “It’s hard to get a secret by one of us chatty old geezers.” Cuddling into his side, she said, “I love you, Grandpa.” “I love you too, Princess.” With a sad expression she couldn’t see, Micah just sat there holding her gently as they watched the waves roll up on the beach. He had heard what she had done to Ava and it had disturbed him greatly. She was his granddaughter and he loved her, but he worried about what would happen in the future if she didn’t change her ways. ~-~-~-~
    • Eventually the Turner vacation came to an end. Sunburns were gotten, sand was turned into castles, waves were splashed in, tourist traps were visited, and many, many pictures were taken. It was a time that seemed to last forever and barely an instant at the same time. (From left to right: Noah Thayer, Aaron Thayer, Caleb Thayer, Genesis Turner, Mercedes Turner, Jacob Thayer, Micah Turner, Irondequoit Monroe, Henrietta Monroe)
    • As the taxi rolled away, Micah and Genesis waved the driver off. Genesis smiled a rested, relaxed smile, “Oh that was fun, but it’s good to be back.” Mercedes sighed with just a hint of petulance, “Why couldn’t we have stayed for another week? I didn’t want to leave.” Genesis snorted softly. She chose not to remind her of her original comments about the vacation, “School starts up again on Monday, Mercedes. We couldn’t stay any longer.” At her sour expression, Micah raised his eyebrows and smiled, “By the way, your mothers are also back. I think they might have a surprise for you.”
    • Quicker than they could blink, Mercedes was off and running into the house, leaving her grandparents standing on the sidewalk. Genesis raised an eyebrow at Micah, “Are you sure that was the wisest way to let her know they were back?” Micah gave an innocent shrug and a smile, “Oh well.” “MOM! MOM! I’m home! What did you get me! What did you get me! I hope it’s something awesome!!” Just inside the door, Mercedes skidded a stop with a confused frown.
    • “Hi. I’m Porsche!” A girl that looked to be just a little younger than her stood there waving with a bright smile, “I’m your new baby sister! Your moms picked me out in Takemizu. I was born there but I learned how to speak Simlish when I was really little so I speak it really good and I don’t have much of an accent. Oh, and my name wasn’t always Porsche, but since you’re named after a car, I thought I should be named after a car just like you since you’re my sister now!”
    • “What the hell!?” From the couch, Julie said gently, “Language, Mercedes.” “But..” Mercedes sputtered as she looked from Porsche over to her parents, “But I thought you said you had wanted to get a little baby and you never said that’s what you were going to Takemizu for. I didn’t WANT a little sister.” Quickly she added, “I didn’t want a little sister that was the same age as me.” Porsche took the angry expression from her new sister with aplomb as she looked over to Julie and Kiley.
    • Kiley sighed and smiled, “We were going to adopt a baby, but while we were over there, we met Porsche and she made a very convincing argument for adopting her instead of a baby.” Giving an amused chuckle, Julie said, “In other words, she wormed her way into my heart and I talked your mother into adopting her instead. Look at it this way, Mercedes, you don’t have to worry about a baby getting into your things and ruining them. Porsche is old enough not to break the toys you share.”
    • “Wait, you mean I have to share my stuff?!?” Mercedes grumbled as she eyed her new sister. The other little girl just grinned, “You’ll end up liking me, I promise. Come on! I want to show you the stuff I brought you from Takemizu. It’s up in our bedroom!” Mercedes relented ever so slightly, “You brought me stuff? Well, I guess...” Then it hit her, “Waitaminute, OUR room? You mean I gotta share a room!?” ~-~-~-~
    • “Are you sure about this, Persey?” Matthew regarded his wife with a concerned expression. Raising her eyebrows in an angelic expression, she smiled, “Sure about which, Matthew? Babysitting my grandson? Of course I’m sure about that.” The two of them stood on the front porch of Lisa and Hugh’s house. Matthew frowned with a familiar little line furrowing between his brows, “Persey, you know exactly what I mean. Stop playing around.”
    • She laughed and stepped forward to put a hand up on his cheek, “You’re so cute when you get grumpy, Matthew Hourvitz Legacina. We’ve gone over this several times. This is where I need to be tonight.” His frown remained in place, but a touch of humor danced into his dark blue eyes, “You always make me feel like a foolish boy when you say my name like that. And I’m older than you.” Sighing, he pulled her close for a quick kiss, “I wish I could stay with you and..” “It’s alright, Matthew. We have to take this one step at a time.” Suddenly the door burst open with an energetic blond blur in a red shirt, “Grandma! Grandpa! You’re here! You’re here!” Hugh immediately leapt at Matthew for a hug.
    • Grunting with a laugh, Matthew caught his grandson, “Careful there kiddo. Your gramps isn’t as young as he used to be. Don’t want to break me by hugging too hard.” Hugh grinned, “That’s silly, Grandpa. You can beat me at basketball so you can’t be breakable.” Stepping back, he gave Persephone a quick hug and then looked between the two elders, “Are you both here for dinner? Mom let me help make macaroni and cheese and it smells really good.” Matthew ruffled the boy’s hair, “I can’t stay little man. I need to get back into the store since its inventory time. Your grandma is staying, though. You two have fun.”
    • Shortly, Matthew had left and Persephone was saying goodbye to Lisa and her date for the evening, dormie Xavier Bear. One last time, Lisa asked, “Are you sure about this, Persephone? I really appreciate the offer, but I don’t want to put you out or anything. I could..” “Lisa.” Persephone interrupted with a patient smile, “You have reservations for a posh restaurant, elusive tickets for a highly anticipated concert, you have a beautiful dress on, your hair is lovely and you have a handsome date. Go out and have a good time. Hugh and I will be just fine tonight. I promise.”
    • While Persephone and Lisa discussed the evening’s details, the two gentlemen in question stood there nervously. Xavier scratched his neck uncertainly while Hugh shuffled his feet. The older man looked down at the boy, “Why are you nervous?” Looking up, Hugh said, “I didn’t know Mom was going out tonight. I.. wasn’t expecting Grandma to baby- sit.” His eyes narrowed, “Why are YOU nervous?” Xavier grimaced, “Well, this is.. I mean, I’m wearing a suit, your mom’s wearing a dress. We’re going to a fancy restaurant and then a dress-up type of concert. It’s our first official ‘real’ date.” Hugh’s brow furrowed as he tried to parse this, “So all those times you and mom hung out and then went into her bedroom and made funny noises weren’t official dates?” Xavier groaned and muttered, “Shut up, kid. You’ll understand when you’re older. Maybe.”
    • Finally, Persephone smiled and gestured towards the door, “Enough talking. I’ve raised enough kids to know what to do, Lisa. If you give me anymore instructions you’re going to be late for your dinner reservations.” Lisa laughed, “Fine, fine, we’re going.” Giving Hugh a quick hug and a kiss she got a bit of lipstick on his cheek, “You be good for your grandma.” And with that, Xavier opened the door and escorted Lisa off on their date. ~-~-~-~
    • Elsewhere that night in Sim City, Ian was keeping Ophelia company while Robi and Mary met over official Clan business at the home Robi shared with Ophelia and their daughter. “And then she said ‘bite me’. I swear Opie, she’s finally starting to develop a sense of humor. It’s a miracle.” Ian was obviously in good spirits. Ophelia arched both eyebrows as she listened, “Wow, you’re in a good mood.” Considering him for a moment, she eyed him thoughtfully, “Something’s different about you.” Regarding her warily, Ian stepped back, “No, nothing’s...”
    • “Hah!” Ophelia laughed and clapped her hands together, “You finally shagged Mary, didn’t you!?” Ian blinked and raised a hand to ward off the conversation, “Hey, that’s private.” “I was right!” Ophelia gave another delighted laugh, “I can always tell when you’re getting some, Ian. Your shoulders loosen up and your smile occasionally makes it to your eyes.” She smirked and teased, “So was it as good as the sexual tension screamed it would be?” He frowned, “Hey, we weren’t THAT obvious.” A pause. “Were we?” “Oh Ian, you have no idea. I know these things, and you two really needed to get naked and sweaty.” She hesitated then corrected, “Or whatever you living undead do.”
    • Finally, Ian gave a chuckle and a shake of his head, “Yes, we’ve had sex. I’m not sure what that means in the grand scheme of things, but occasionally .. Well, occasionally it’s nice.” Looking at her thoughtfully he says, “Y’know, there’s something different about you too.” She eyed him and said, “Well, it can’t be lack of sex. Even if I’m exclusive with Robi, I’m still getting more than enough to keep me happy.” A slow, fond smile began to form over Ian’s lips, “Nope. It’s not Robi. It’s Rachel. Motherhood suits you, Opie. You look more content than I’ve ever seen you look.” For a long moment, the two friends just stood there staring at one another, seeing the changes in each other for the first time.
    • They broke the silence simultaneously. “Okay, awkward time over.” “Anyway, I..” Together they laughed. Ophelia spoke first, “Let’s make a deal, Ian. I’ll try not to poke your soft spots if you agree not to poke mine. This way we can keep a little dignity. Deal?” “Deal.” Ian gave her a lopsided smile, “Do you think they’ll be much longer?” “How am I supposed to know? You’re the one that’s in the inner circle or whatever they call it.”
    • Inside the office, the conversation was less pleasant though equally intimate in some ways, “Robi, I do not understand. The things you have asked me to do are beyond what you requested of me when you made me your lieutenant. Is there something you are not telling me?” Mary hesitated and regarded him with an imploring expression, “I would hope you know by now that you can always confide in me.” Robi frowned as he looked at the concern in her face, “Mary...” He began but trailed off. Giving a little shake of his head, he said, “It is a yes or no question, Mary. Are things in place to ensure the safety of my wife and daughter should anything happen to me?”
    • He watched her expectantly. Mary finally made a frustrated sound in the back of her throat and looked away from him. Words clipped, she responded simply, “Yes.” Closing her eyes, she clarified after a moment of silence, “Should anything befall you, I shall assume the leadership of our clan. The arrangement has been confirmed with the other Masters in our neighboring cities as well as a few beyond that where we have alliances. It has also been confirmed that your wife and child will remain under Clan protection for perpetuity. Should any seek to harm them, they will face our wrath and justice.”
    • Robi nodded, finally satisfied, “Excellent.” He looked at her profile as she kept her face turned away, “Mary, I know.. I know this is a great deal to ask of you, but having a child changes your perspective. I simply want to make sure everything is in place, should anything happen.” There was another pause and he added gently, “I promise, though situations may change, I will not be leaving you just yet.” Mary finally looked back at him, her expression pensive, “I do not wish to take your place, Robi. The cost is too high.” “You do not give yourself enough credit, Mary. You are more than capable and would be an excellent and admirable leader.” He gave a faint smile, “Just surround yourself with those you know you can rely on. Now, on to other business. Tell me what you’ve learned about the Witches Cabal.”
    • After a little more discussion, Mary and Robi ended their conference. Mary emerged from the office to find Ian engaged in conversation with Robi’s daughter, Rachel. “Please say you’ll stay for dinner, Uncle Ian?” Rachel gave him her best smile and practically danced from foot to foot as she looked up at him. Ian had opened his mouth to respond when Mary stepped out of the office. A private little smile formed as he watched her for a moment, almost forgetting the little girl in front of him.
    • “Uncle Ian!” Rachel grinned and reached out to tug on his sleeve, “Please say you’ll stay? I want to tell you and Mama and Papa and Ms. Mary about a special thing that happened at school today.” Attention pulled back to her, he raised both eyebrows, “Oh? A special thing? What’s that?” “Well, if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret and I can’t tell you until I tell Mama and Papa so you should stay for dinner with us. Please?”
    • Ian couldn’t help but laugh at her earnest expression, “I would love to, Rachel, but I can’t. There’s someone else I need to go visit tonight. He’s a little boy just a little bit older than you so I can’t go too late since he’ll need to sleep before school, just like you will.” Rachel’s face echoed her disappointment as she sighed, “Okay, but you gotta promise me to come stay for dinner another night?” “I promise. It would be my honor.” He grinned and stepped past her to join Mary as they left.
    • “Mary had quite the long face when she came out of your office. You didn’t fire her or anything, did you?” Ophelia gently teased as the small family sat down to dinner together. Robi didn’t really need to eat like mortals did, but each night he still sat with them to create the semblance of a normal family. Arching an eyebrow at his wife, he smiled, “Of course not. She takes her duties too seriously and is overly hard on herself.” Ophelia smirked and murmured for his ears alone, “I hear that she likes Ian being overly hard on her nowadays.” Robi choked on a bite of dinner he quickly covered with a cough. Giving Ophelia a scolding but amused look, he turned his attention to his daughter, “Rachel love, how was your day?”
    • Opening her mouth to speak, Rachel remembered her manners and paused mid mouthful to quickly swallow, “Today was great, Papa. My class is going to put on a school play and guess what!” She practically bounced in her chair, “I get to be Peter Pan!” Robi raised a single, confused eyebrow, “It was my understanding that Peter Pan should be a boy, should he not?” The little girl rolled her eyes, “Papa, that’s old fashioned show-vin-in-sim. That’s what my teacher said, so she just chose the bestest people for the parts. And I’m the bestest to be Peter Pan!” The ancient vampire turned and looked imploringly at his more modern wife, “That is.. nice?” Ophelia barely contained a chuckle as she gave an encouraging nod. Rachel looked up at her father, “You’ll come see the play, right Papa?”
    • Robi hesitated and then responded gently, “If it takes place after the sun sets, I would be delighted to attend your play, love. Do you know when the performance will be?” Her face fell and her voice grew small, “It’s going to be in the afternoon after lunch.” Giving a little sigh, Robi reached out and gently touched her hand, “Rachel my love, you must understand. Papa cannot be awake during the day. It is dangerous for him. We have explained this to you before.”
    • Looking up at him, Rachel sighed, “I know, Papa. I just thought..” She paused and then continued, “The last time we did something at school you were the only Papa that did not come. I thought maybe this time you could maybe try?” Robi’s brow drew into a frown as he tried to respond to the pleading in her eyes. Ophelia saved him by speaking up, “Rachel, I’ll bring our video camera and I’ll make a recording so your Papa can see the whole thing.” Offering an encouraging smile, she added, “This way we can all watch it again and again together.” Immediately Rachel perked up, “Okay, Mama. That’s a good plan!”
    • As they finished dinner, Ophelia reached up to caress Robi’s cheek, “She’s still so young, Robi. She doesn’t understand. When she’s older it’ll be easier.” His expression was somber, “Will it? Or will it bring her to resent me for only being in her life only at my convenience?” Ophelia raised an eyebrow, “Wow you’re maudlin tonight.” She leaned forward and kissed him, “She loves you, Robi and you’re a good father. Heh, look at this, me reassuring you about your parenting skills? My how times have changed.” Turning, she walked towards the kitchen with a seductive sway in her hips, “Lets get Ms. Pan ready for bed and then I can find a way to turn that frown of yours upside down.” She smirked, “Literally.”
    • Rachel raced up to Ophelia and grabbed her mother’s hands as Robi was putting the last of the dishes in the sink, “Mama, Mama! Will you help me put a costume together so I can be the bestest Peter Pan?” Laughing, Ophelia started dancing with Rachel on her feet, “Sure, squirt. I’ll warn you, though, I’m no good with a sewing needle, but I do know some of the best tailors in town. We’ll figure out some way to get you a good costume.” “It’s gonna be the bestest show ever!”
    • Robi sighed as he listened to Rachel happily prattle on about her school play that he would not be able to see, no matter how much she wanted him too. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and then smiled, “Come Rachel, Papa will read you a bed time story after your bath.” “Oooh, will you read me another story about Mr. Toad, Papa?” “Whichever you like, love. After your bath.”
    • After Rachel was soundly asleep dreaming of Mr. Toad’s adventures, Robi and Ophelia settled into enjoy one another’s company. Ophelia slid close to him, running her hand up his cool, pale back while watching his face, “You’re still thinking serious thoughts, aren’t you?” Robi gave a soft snort and then nodded, “I feel old, my lovely Ophelia.” She arched an eyebrow, “Well, you may be as old as dirt, but you don’t look it.” Leaning forward to nuzzle his chin, she said, “It’s all in your head, Robi. You can’t actually feel old if your body’s not aging. Just let it go.”
    • “It is not so simple, Ophelia. There can be a weariness to the soul that is not evidenced by the body.” He paused and then added, “The look on Rachel’s face when I told her I could not come to her play...” Sliding into his lap and drawing closer to his face, Ophelia said gently but firmly, “Robi, your daughter loves. I love you, heaven help me. We love you for who you are, even if we only get to have you for half the day.” Leaning forward, she brushed a lingering kiss over his lips, “Now, if I don’t get to have you the way I want very soon, you’ll have a pouting woman in your lap.” Robi couldn’t help but smile as he captured her lips in a kiss to oblige her desires.
    • Later, after Ophelia had fallen into a satisfied sleep, Robi had slipped out of bed and quietly left the room. She often tried to stay up with him, but sleep would often claim her before dawn came. Robi wandered the house restlessly for a time. He had already slipped into Rachel’s room to tuck her in. As usual, she had kicked her covers off, so he had pulled them back up around her shoulders. Eventually he found himself back in the bedroom he shared with Ophelia. She was so peaceful when she slept.
    • Sighing with a resigned air, he spoke in a soft whisper, “It is time.” Moving over to the bed side, he gently stroked Ophelia’s hair back from her face. Then, turning, he slipped out onto the balcony.
    • Under the stars and the moon, with a cold winter breeze blowing in over the nearby sea, Robi took a deep breath and let the taste of the city wash over him. His city. He knew it so intimately. If he let his senses stretch out, he could feel the living thrum of the city in the very beating hearts of its residents. Almost reverently, he smiled and savored this feeling. “Remember this. Remember it all.” ~-~-~-~
    • “And when he came to the place where the wild things are, they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth,” Persephone sat with Hugh in the middle of his bedroom floor, reading his favorite bedtime story, “and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.” Hugh grinned in spite of himself. He’d been a little worried all evening, but he really did love this story. Pausing for dramatic effect, Persephone changed the tone of her voice, “till Max said “BE STILL!” and tamed them with the magic trick.”
    • Persephone looked up when Hugh did not react to that line like he usually did, “I think your eyes are getting bigger than your face, young man.” Hugh gave Persephone a confused look, “What does that even mean, Grandma?” “It means you’re not paying attention to the story because you’re about to fall asleep. Come on, Hugh. Let’s get you tucked in.” Briefly biting his lip, he said earnestly, “Y’know, Grandma if you’re tired you could take a nap in mom’s room instead of staying in the living room. She has a nice comfy bed.”
    • Pulling him into a hug, Persephone gave a soft chuckle, “That’s okay, Hugh. I’m not that tired. I’ll just read a book out in the living room.” He hugged her back, but his face screwed up uncertainly, “Are you sure, Grandma? The couch is really uncomfortable and mom’s bed is a lot softer.” “I’m very sure, Hugh. Now come on, into bed.”
    • Pulling the blankets up over him and stroking his hair back from his face, Persephone smiled fondly down at him, “You look just like your father sometimes, Hugh.” “But Daddy has red hair.” Realizing what he said, he looked up with wide eyes, “From the pictures I’ve seen. I’m really tired now, Grandma.” With a sad little smile, Persephone leaned down and kissed his forehead. Turning off the light, she slipped out of the room.
    • Hugh waited for a few moments to make sure Persephone wasn’t coming back in the room. Sitting up, he threw off his blankets and sighed forlornly. Looking across the room at his stuffed monkey, he said in a whisper, “I think Grandma knows, Mr. Monkey. Daddy’s going to be mad if I spoiled the secret.” Just then he heard a faint click that was quickly followed by a cold breeze coming in the open window.
    • “Daddy!” Hugh kept his voice in a loud hush as he rushed over to Ian climbing in the window, “Daddy, you shouldn’t visit tonight. I really wanted to see you, but you shouldn’t visit tonight.” Tilting his head, Ian regarded his son curiously, “Why not, kiddo? I promised you a game of monopoly and I always try and stick by my promises.” “But... but..” Hugh was practically hyperventilating as he tried to explain while whispering louder than some people talk. Reaching out and putting a calming hand on Hugh’s shoulder Ian said, “Take a breath and tell me slowly. What’s wrong?”
    • Hugh took a deep breath and began slowly, “Mom’s out on a date and Grandma is babysitting me and she’s still awake and she’s out in the living room reading a book and I think she suspects that I’ve got a secret because of things she said and ...” A click came from the door leading to the living room, followed by the door opening and then a questioning voice, “Ian?”
    • Ian’s eyes flew up from Hugh’s face to look towards the door while his hand reached for the window behind him. He froze as Persephone stepped fully into the room. Very softly she breathed his name once more, “Ian.” This time it wasn’t a question.
    • For a long moment, Ian just stood there with a horrified expression on his face. Seeing Hugh was easy. Hugh didn’t have any preconceived notions on who or what his father should be. But his mother? His mother would remember who he once was. “I.. I’m sorry.” Not taking his eyes off of his mother, he took a step backwards towards the unlatched window behind him. He didn’t want to see revulsion and rejection in her eyes.
    • Hugh stepped between Persephone and Ian and raised his hand, “Grandma, don’t make Daddy go! I’ve been good and I’ve kept his secret and didn’t tell anyone, but now you know and .. and.. I’m afraid Daddy won’t come back.” Ian and Persephone both blinked away from each other to look at the fearful little boy standing between them. Voice choked, Ian said, “Hugh, I wouldn’t... I wouldn’t do that to you.” He turned towards the window once more. Persephone finally spoke, “Don’t go.”
    • Gently touching Hugh on the top of his head, Persephone closed the distance between herself and Ian. He stood there frozen, expecting to see fear or anger in her eyes. Ever so gently, as if she were afraid to startle a skittish animal, Persephone reached out and lightly touched Ian’s arm. Exhaling a breath that was almost a sob, she said, “I was right. You’re here. You’re really here.” A hand lifted to his cheek to brush trembling fingers against the pale, deathly cold skin. “Mom..”
    • Before he could say anything more, she pulled him into a fierce hug that ignored everything unusual about her undead son, “Oh baby, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you. Everything’s going to be okay now. Everything will be just fine.” ~-~-~-~
    • Back at Ophelia and Robi’s home, Ophelia woke with a cold breeze blowing in an open window. Pulling back the covers, she shivered and looked around, “Robi, I know the cold doesn’t bother you, but some of us still have blood pumping through our veins and we’d rather not wake up as popsicles.” She could tell that dawn was just tipping over the horizon. Rolling her eyes, she headed over towards the open sliding glass doors, “Silly vampire. You probably went to bed and forgot to close the window for us mere mortals.” She sighed and added, “That or you were still too depressed about Rachel to remember.”
    • Reaching the door, Ophelia paused and looked outside, not comprehending what she was seeing for a full heartbeat. The sun had fully crested the horizon with light dancing and glinting off the waves lapping at the beach across the street. Robi just stood there at the edge of the balcony with the full force of the morning sun’s rays beating down on him. She frowned and blinked as what she was seeing finally registered to her still sleepy brain.
    • “ROBI! NO!”
    • “What are you doing!? Don’t do this! Not this!” Hysterical, she raced outside unmindful of the winter chill on her barely clothed body, “Don’t you leave me! Don’t you leave our daughter.” She reached out to him and grabbed his shoulder, fully intending to drag his charred but hopefully still living body into the shelter of the house. “Ophelia. Ophelia, stop.” “I won’t lose you!”
    • “You’re not going to lose me.” In her efforts to drag him back into the house, she’d spun him to face her. She froze as she realized what she was seeing. Unbelieving, she reached up a hand to his cheek. Despite the chill of the winter air, she could feel the warmth of him. The living, breathing warmth of him. “What.. what did you do?” “I was weary, my love.” Robi smiled gently as he explained, “I was weary of so many years with little meaning, of watching time leave me behind. I thought I could bear seeing you and Rachel age and whither as so many have before, but this time was different. I could not bear the thought of it. So I chose to become mortal. I chose to face the rising sun.” He raised a tender hand to caress her cheek.
    • Ophelia jerked back from his touch and glared. Crossing her arms as much for warmth as to get her point across, she “So, you put a lot of thought into this, huh?” Blinking with a confused look, he nodded hesitantly, “I did. I did this for you and for Rachel.” “For us?” Her voice had a hysterical edge to it as she gave an angry laugh, “For us? It seems more to me that you did it for you and that’s it.”
    • Robi’s brow furrowed and he stepped back, crossing his arms as he regarded her, “Was I mislead? Did you only love me when I was a Master Vampire? Did you only love me for my power?” “No you idiot!” Ophelia yelled, “I love you because I love you, but I can’t seem to get it through your head that this is supposed to be a partnership! This isn’t the 1600’s or the 1700’s, Robi. Hell, this isn’t even the 1900’s anymore. Marriage is a partnership and you can’t just make all the decisions and expect me to be some subservient, meek little wife. This is a big decision and you didn’t even THINK of talking to me about it?” “Oh.” Realization dawned as he blinked at her. “Yeah, oh!”
    • Stepping forward, he gently pulled her into his arms. She remained stiff, but she did not protest. Gently lifting her chin he spoke honestly, “My apologies, my love. I did not mean to upset you and you are right. I did not think of you as the vibrant, strong, resourceful, modern woman that you are.” She gave a little sniff, but her expression was softening, “Damn right you didn’t.” “I plan to live out the rest of my mortal days at your side, Ophelia. I wish to grow old with you, loving you while a hoarde grandchildren play around our feet and cause mischief. I want to learn how to be your partner. Will you be patient with me and teach me, now that I have no choice but to live in this age?”
    • Taking a deep breath, she whispered, “Dumbass. Yes, I’ll try. Maybe we can do this together.” As a response, he simply kissed her deeply and passionately. The details could be dealt with later. Oddly enough, they had time. ~-~-~-~
    • Across town, Ian raced home against the rising sun. Just barely in time, he burst into the house, “Mary! I’m back. Sorry I’m late, but I’ve got news.” Quickly pulling the door shut behind him, he tried to catch his breath as he felt the stinging burn of the sun fading. It had been a close call and even still he felt the sun urging instinctively him towards his coffin. Pulling the curtains as well, he called out again, “It’s amazing, Mary. My mother had a vision that I was alive. Well, sorta. Anyway, it kills me how smart she is sometimes. She was there waiting for me when I arrived to visit Hugh. I thought she would be upset, but she wasn’t.” Falling silent, he realized that Mary had not responded. If she was in the basement with the coffins, he would have heard her call out to him. Something was wrong.
    • Ian paused for a moment and let his senses reach out through the house. These abilities were new and definitely not as expansive as a masters were, but he could tell who was in his home and where. His eyes flew open as he realized Mary was upstairs and not down with the coffins, “Mary!?” Panic clutched at his stomach.
    • Bursting into the bedroom, he found Mary huddled on the bed, facing the sunshine as it poured in through the windows, not caring that it was burning her flesh. “Mary!?” Ian rushed over and pulled the curtains over the window, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you downstairs in your coffin? Are you trying to kill yourself?” She gave a forlorn laugh that was more sob than anything else, “Yes? What does it matter.”
    • “Mary, of course it matters!?” Ian was at a loss. He’d never seen her like this before. She’d always been so strong and so contrary. Moving towards the bed, he reached out a hand to her, “It matters to me, Mary.” Burying her face in her hands, she gave another muffled sob, “He’s left us. He’s left me. I should have seen the signs, but I was blind. I was too willing to believe he would never leave us.” Confused, Ian knelt down to try and catch her eyes, “Who left us? Tell me what’s wrong, Mary, please.”
    • “Robi.” Ian’s eyes widened in shock, “Robi’s dead?” “Not yet.” Mary raised a hand to cover her eyes, “But now it is only a matter of time. A matter of years. He chose to become mortal and face the sun once more.” She sobbed again, “He promised he would not leave me yet, but he was clever with his words. For now he is still here, but now I get the joy of watching him whither and die a shriveled, forgotten old thing.” “When did this happen?” “Just before dawn. I .. I felt the power shift to me. I felt his power come to me.”
    • Mary sobbed again, this time burying her head in her hands as her shoulders shook, “I am not strong enough for this. I cannot be the Master he thinks I can. I cannot.” Ian shook his head, “Mary, you are strong enough. You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known. Please Mary..” “No, I’m not!” Flinching away from him, she said, “I was his second for over a century. I know how to do that, I know how to support him. But I cannot lead. I.. I should let the sun claim me and end it now. Let the power fade and someone else can come to the city and claim control.” Realizing she was beyond reach for the moment, Ian reached out to lift her shoulders up. Voice firm, he said clearly, “No decisions today, Mary. You need to rest and then you can decide what needs to be done. We can discuss it after the sun sets.”
    • She put her arms around his neck as he lifted her up. Gazing into his eyes, she looked heartbroken, “You will leave me too, Ian. Come the setting sun, you will go too and I will be alone.” “I’m not going anywhere, Mary. Come on, help me get you downstairs.” He tried to guide her towards the door, but she simply clung to him where they stood. Another anguished little sound escaped, “You will leave me because you can become mortal again. Robi is no longer Master and you are no longer bound by his decisions. I can choose to allow you or any of the others to live and face the sun as mortals once more.”
    • “I.. I can become human again?” Ian blinked at her in shock, “But.. I thought the price paid to bring me back meant I had to stay this way for a generation and one year?” Clinging to him, she gave a helpless little shake of her head, “I can choose to pay the price for you. I.. I..” Another sob slipped through her as she buried her face against his neck, breathing in his scent, “It is now my choice and I could force you to stay. But I cannot. I will not. Because.. because...” She closed her eyes as her shoulders shook. Closing his eyes, Ian held her as her words slowly filtered in. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head, “No decisions today, Mary. We’ll talk when the sun sets, after we’ve both rested. No decisions now.”
    • Reaching up to caress his face, she whispered, “Heaven help me, I love you, Ian.” Then her knees gave out and she collapsed, falling forward against him and then careening towards the floor. Acting quickly, Ian caught her and scooped her up into his arms, “Let’s get you downstairs, Mary. After you get some rest and then some dinner we’ll talk things over. When the sun sets and not before.” Voice weak and muffled against his chest, she murmured, “We do not have to talk. You can go, I will not keep you against your will. I will not do that. I could not keep Robi, I cannot keep you.”
    • Feeling her growing weaker, Ian held her for a moment as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath he did not physically need, but helped to steady him, “Mary, I’m not going anywhere. For now, I’m still here. Let’s get you downstairs.” ~-~-~-~
    • “Oz, are you up here?” Hugh came up into the den at the top level of the Legacina house and looked around, “Come out, come out where ever you are.” It was several days after that eventful night and it was time for a birthday. A birthday that the guest of honor was not very thrilled about. “Come on, Oz. I know you’re up here.” “No, I’m n.not!”
    • “I’m not c.coming out.” Oz’s voice came from the far end of the room, muffled by the sound of boxes and heavy things in the way, “I don’t want a birthday party and I don’t want to grow up. Tell everyone to g.go home!” Hugh followed the sound of his cousin’s voice and stopped a few feet away, “But that’ll make everyone sad.” Oz’s face instantly turned uncertain, “I.. I d.don’t want to make anyone m.mad.” A grin blossomed on Hugh’s face as he reached in and dragged his reluctant cousin out of his hiding spot.
    • Once he had Oz out in the open, Hugh said, “Becoming a teenager’s gonna be awesome, Oz. Why don’t you wanna have a birthday party?” Reluctantly Oz resigned himself to having to face his birthday. Still, he stood there looking forlornly down at his hands, “I d.don’t like everyone looking at me.” Hugh’s face screwed up in confusion as he tried to process this foreign concept, “Really? But everyone here likes you. I mean, its me and Moon and Ash and Ava and Uncle Dean and Aunt Miranda and your sisters and your mom and dad and Star and Uncle Brody and Aunt Heather and Uncle Aeric and Aunt Venus and..” The list seemed to go on and on as Hugh recited the list of guests and Oz just grimaced. Forlornly he muttered, “Why can’t I just stay a kid?”
    • “But you gotta have a birthday, Oz.” Hugh replied excitedly, “I can’t have my birthday until you have your birthday and I want to be a teenager so bad. You gotta go first.” The blond boy ducked his head to catch his friend’s down turned gaze, “Besides, I don’t wanna have adventures as a teen if my best friend isn’t there with me.” Oz peeked up through his lashes, “Really?” A shy, lopsided smile formed, “I guess maybe I could..” Hugh grinned from ear to ear, “Awesome! Besides...”
    • “...Chastity is already a teenager. She’s downstairs. She said she can’t wait to see what you look like when you grow up, Oz!”
    • Oz just gulped nervously, reverting back to his ostrich instincts, “Are you sure I can’t stay here?” Rolling his eyes with a grin, Hugh grabbed Oz’s hand and tugged the reluctant birthday boy towards the party downstairs.
    • “George!” Jo rushed over to the door as the hesitant young man stepped in, “Lou wasn’t sure if you were coming, but I told her if you were smart you’d be here.” He couldn’t help but smile, “Hey Jo. I’m glad that I’ve proved that I’m smart enough to follow up on an invitation properly.” “Of course you’re smart enough! You’re prolly smarter’n everyone here totally.” If there was a little bit of hero worship in Jo’s words, George was nice enough to not say anything.
    • Instead, he mentioned something obvious, “Your eye looks a lot better Jo. I can’t even tell you had a black eye there any more.” Disappointed, Jo sighed, “Yeah, I know. I was hoping it would stick around a little longer. It was totally awesome and made people know that I’m tough and to not mess with me. All I had to do is grrr at someone and they’d leave me alone.” George tried not to chuckle, but he did smile, “I don’t think you need a black eye for people to know you’re tough, Jo. I think that’s pretty obvious just talking to you.”
    • “Really?” Jo’s face lit up, “You really think that?” He gave her a crooked grin and nodded, “I do. And I don’t think you need to prove it by getting into fights. Real tough people don’t have to get into fights to show how strong they are.” Jo’s eyes narrowed, “Well, maybe. But if someone says bad things about my brother or sister again, I’m still gonna punch ‘em.” “Well, you have to do what you have to do, but really tough people know when to walk away from a fight.” She wasn’t exactly convinced, but she doted on what he said, so the conversation continued as the rest of the guests arrived.
    • “So, you’re the mysterious Robi Mace that married my daughter.” Elsewhere at the party, Brody very deliberately ‘bumped’ into his son-in-law. Heather stood off to the side and sighed, “Be nice, Brody.” “I am being nice.” Robi gave a polite nod and smile, “Yes, I am Ophelia’s husband. You must be Mr. Legacina, her birth father.” “Yeah, I am. And I should probably give you a piece of my mind for not inviting me to the wedding. Ophelia and I may not be close, but I am trying to fix that and I would have liked to have attended her wedding. And jeeze man, Rachel’s already in school and this is the first time I meet you?” Brody smiled, but he had no hesitation at expressing his blunt opinion.
    • Robi leaned back and tapped his chin as he considered his father-in-law, “You are right, sir.” Brody blinked, “I am?” Living with his contrary family, he wasn’t accustomed to people telling him he was right very often. “I must apologize profusely for being remiss in extending an invitation to you and the rest of Ophelia’s family. She wished to keep the nuptials a small affair and I bowed to her wishes, but I still should have sought your permission to take her hand in marriage.” Robi’s words carried an archaic formality to them that made Brody blink before he responded, “Well, you didn’t need my permission, just hers. And she does seem happy.” Tilting his head, he regarded Robi with a curious expression. Thoughtfully, he sniffed the air. Leaning forward, he sniffed again.
    • “You smell strange. Kind of musty, like old books or a dusty attic. It’s weird, it’s not your clothes either. It’s just you.” Robi blinked and stood very still as Brody sniffed him. “Brody, stop sniffing my husband. It’s not polite.” Ophelia came to her husband’s rescue with an amused smirk, “I doubt you ever did that to Aeric when Venus married him.” “I raised Aeric. I didn’t have to sniff him to make sure he was okay.” Still, Brody leaned back and grinned, “You’re sure he’s making you happy, Ophelia?” She quirked an amused look in Robi’s direction before looking back to her father and nodding, “He is. So stop giving him the third degree.” For his part, Robi gave a polite cough and leaned over to Ophelia, “I am reminded of another reason why you had so little difficulty adjusting to the early years of your marriage. Please do not take this remiss, but your family is strange, my love.” Ophelia just laughed, “Oh, you have no idea, Robi. No idea.”
    • Once all the guests were there, Oz finally stepped up to his cake. Despite his protests, he found the courage to go down and be the center of attention for at least the few minutes required to transition from child to teenager. Looking up at all the faces, his breath caught and he froze. Then he took in the encouraging smiles and the friendly cheers. It was still overwhelming and some of his family were scary, but there wasn’t a person here he didn’t like at least a little bit.
    • Taking a deep breath, he leaned forward and blew out the candles. There was no preamble, no speech, just a quick breath and then the candles were out. “Here goes...” The sparkles took him and he finally grew up.
    • The party wasn’t as big as it could have been. It definitely wasn’t as big as Louise’s had been. Still, it was a crowd and everyone was excited to see how Oz had turned out. Looking at his teenaged hands, Oz slowly grinned. Taking another deep breath, he turned to face the crowd of faces. Offering a tentative smile, he asked, “So who w.wants cake?”
    • “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Hugh looked up at Oz as he grabbed his slice of cake, “Wow, you got tall.” “Well, b.both my mom and dad are tall.” Oz grinned and answered the question, “And no, it wasn’t so bad. I still don’t feel comfortable, but I guess it’s not as bad now that I’m a teenager.” Hugh grinned widely, “Good, ‘cause I’m next. And I expect you to be at my birthday. No hiding in my bedroom with Mr. Monkey this time, Oz.” Oz laughed, “I d.don’t think you need to worry about that.” It was probably a good thing that Oz had missed the way Chastity was watching him walk by while she talked to Louise. It would have just made him even more nervous.
    • “Grandma, this is an awesome party.” Hugh left Oz to his cake and went to talk to Persephone on the other side of the room. He paused, carefully looked around and said in a conspiratorial whisper, “I just wish...” Persephone held up a finger to silence him, “I know. I do too, but not just yet, Hugh.”
    • “But soon, right Grandma?” His grin was irrepressible as he looked up at her hopefully, “I hope by my birthday. That would be totally perfect.” Persephone gave a little smile and nodded, “That would be perfect. We’ll have to see Hugh.” She glanced up and looked around, “Remember, we can’t talk to anyone about it just yet. We’ll see about your birthday, but you still need to be careful.” His expression fell slightly, but then he nodded with the same familiar smile, “Okay Grandma. But I’ll keep hoping for my birthday.” She chuckled and then blinked, raising a hand to her face as she wavered on her feet for a moment. Hugh blinked with a sudden touch of fear, “Grandma, are you okay?”
    • Persephone didn’t respond for a moment. Instead she concentrated on standing upright. After a moment of keeping her eyes closed, she spoke carefully, “Hugh, Grandma is fine. Can you please do me a favor, sweetie?” Nodding his head even though her eyes were closed and couldn’t see it, Hugh said, “Yes Grandma. Anything. What do I need to do?” “Can you tell Star to come see me upstairs? I .. I think I’m going to go lay down for a moment.” Hugh gave her a confused look, but nodded. Okay, I’ll go find Star. I’m good at doing that.” And with that, he was off. Very carefully, Persephone quietly moved over to the stairs to head up to her room.
    • Elsewhere in the house, Oz found a moment alone with his father, “D.dad, I wanted to say th.thank you for the party. I know I d.didn’t want one, but everyone seems to be having a g.good time.” Elijah gave his son a smile, “You’re welcome, Oz. Thank YOU for letting us give you a party. I know you don’t like them as much as your sisters.” Oz’s expression faltered and his eyes fell, “I’m.. I’m sorry I’m not like them, D.dad. I know you.. I know I’m not what you w.wanted in a son.” Elijah blinked and stared at his teenaged son for a dumbfounded moment.
    • Oz turned to start walking away, but Elijah reached out and gently grabbed his shoulder, turning him to face him, “Oswald Christian Legacina, I don’t know why you think you’re not what I wanted, but every day I’m so grateful that you’re my son.” Oz blinked and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Elijah put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, “Every day I’m more and more proud of who you are and the man you’re someday going to be. Don’t ever think you’re not who I wanted.” He smiled a crooked smile very much like Oz’s own smile, “You and your sisters may not be who I expected, but that doesn’t ever mean you’re not who I want or who I love.” “I.. I’m sorry Dad,” Oz finally found his voice, “I d.didn’t know...”
    • Elijah pulled his son into a fierce hug, “Stop apologizing, Oz. It’s okay. Honestly it is.” After a moment, Elijah grinned and murmured, “I’m just glad you put up with us throwing big parties like this all the time.” Oz couldn’t help but grin, “It’s h.hard, but I t.try.”
    • While the party was continuing for some, one guest had to leave. Louise walked George outside and couldn’t help but tell one more joke, “And then she said, “That’s what she said!’” George’s laugh was honest, “That’s horrible, Lou!” She grinned impishly, “Horrible but funny, right?” “Yeah, I guess so.” He grinned and shook his head, “I wish I didn’t have to go, but I have to work tomorrow morning. It’s what I get for volunteering for a Sunday morning shift and forgetting I had a party to go to.”
    • “Thanks for coming, though. I’m really glad you came.” Louise paused and then gave an oddly shy grin, “I hope it wasn’t too lame.” “Lou, it wasn’t lame at all. Your family is really cool.” He grinned lopsidedly, “I fully expect to be invited to Jo’s birthday next season. Though, I think even if you don’t invite me, she’ll hunt me down and kill me if I don’t show up.” “Yeah, Jo’s kinda like that.” Louise suddenly clapped her hands together, “George, tomorrow night a bunch of us are going to go ice skating. Do you think you get off work earlier enough that you could go with us?”
    • George thought about it for a moment, “Well, I get off at four and I guess if I eat something on the way I could go. It sounds like fun.” He looked up to find her looking at her with an odd expression on her face, “Uh.. Lou?” Her cheeks colored and a tiny little smile formed, “I’m going to kiss you now, okay?” “What?” He blinked. “I’m going to kiss you.”
    • And with that, Louise leaned forward and furtively brushed her lips against George’s in a first kiss. It was an awkward, lovely moment. Pulling back, she grinned, “Do you hate me now?” George swallowed, “Uhm. No. Not even close.” He hesitated and said, “Actually, I wouldn’t mind if you did it again.” Given that opening, Louise stepped closer and began a second kiss that was equally awkward, but lingered long enough for both of them to gain a hint confidence in their enthusiasm.
    • Jo rushed away from the balcony back towards the house. Stopping just outside the doors in to the second floor, she gave a big sniffle and wiped her nose, “S’not fair.” Even over here, she could hear their soft, intimate voices as George finally said goodbye for the night. Trying to contain angry, frustrated tears, Jo stomped her foot and muttered again, “S’not fair. Louise always gets everything first. Why’s she gotta have George too? He’s my friend!” Giving a last sniffle, she looked backwards once before heading into the house.
    • Upstairs, a confused Star knocked and then entered Matthew and Persephone’s bedroom, “Aunt P? Hugh said I had to come see you. He also said you might be sick, which can’t be the case because why would you call me. You would have asked for Grampa or Grandma or maybe even Aunt Genesis. So what’s up, Aunt P?” Closing the door behind her, she looked towards the older woman who was standing there looking out a window.
    • Star stood there for an impatient moment before moving forward again, “Aunt Persey? Whassup? Are you okay?” Persephone didn’t seem to realize Star was there, but very slowly she began to turn around and face the teen. Her voice was distant, almost hollow, barely audible, “When..”
    • “Holy shit!” Star jumped back with wide purple eyes as she stared at Persephone, “What the hell... LOU! Someone!? Anyone!”
    • “When..” Persephone’s voice was still struggling, as if the words weren’t sure how to come out. “You’re freaking me out, Aunt Persey...” Star took another step backwards. “Remember... shining heart... when ... prodigal ... shatters... depend on the strength ... unseen guardian..” Persephone’s eyes were milky white, echoing the hollow tones of her distant voice as the scattered words slowly seemed to form in pieces.
    • Taking another step towards Star, Persephone’s words gained confidence and an ominous ringing audible to only the two women in the room. “All will be lost if the celestials fail. Darkness will reign as the veil is torn asunder until all is gone as it was in the days that were and were not. Remember these things. If the shining heart of night does not find the way to open the gate, the many truths that have been seen and cannot be unseen will be destroyed. When the prodigal heir shatters, all rests on the strength of the unseen guardian who must forsake her very heart for the life of all others that ever have been or will be.” For a moment, Persephone’s own voice seemed to drift over the echoes of the mystical intonation, “Star, you are the unseen guardian.”
    • “ME!? You’ve GOT to be joking. I’ve never been unseen a day in my life!” ~-~-~-~ And here, of course, is where I leave you! What does Persephone’s prophecy mean and how will it affect the future of the legacy and all its members? Will Star accept her role? What does her role even mean? What has happened between Ian and Mary now that she has been handed Robi’s role in the city? Will Ian choose to become mortal, or stay by her side? Will Micah’s words with Mercedes make any difference? Will her new sister curb her meaner tendencies? These questions and more in the next installment of the Pseudo Legacy!
    • “Why d.did a chill just go down my spine?” ~-~-~-~ Just as a heads up to my readers, it’s probably going to be at least a couple of months before I can update again. I will be taking my turn in the Boolpropian Round Robin Legacy (which you should totally read if you haven’t because everyone so far has done a fantastic job with it) for the next five weeks and then after that, I’ll be off to GenCon. Once I’m back, I actually - finally - have some playing to do. This update pretty much gets me to where I’ve played - the end of winter. I’m expecting to do two more updates to wrap up Chapter Four which will get us to Chapter Five which means Generation Five will be in college. Hopefully everyone’s still enjoying the ride. I know I am! In the mean time, let me give a little bit of a rundown on the teens of Generation Five.
    • Louise Legacina If it hadn’t been figured out yet, Louise is definitely going to be the heiress for Generation Five. While I know Oz and Jo both have their proponents, Lou fits what I need for the next generation and I think she’s the best suited for it. Here are her stats: Aspiration: Knowledge Zodiac: Sagittarius Personality: 1/10/10/9/5
    • Oswald Legacina Oz doesn’t do as bad at parties as I make him out to, but he is definitely as shy as I portray. He makes friends easily enough, but he shies away from large crowds. Aspiration: Fortune Zodiac: Virgo Personality: 10/1/6/3/8
    • Star Walton Star’s the oldest child of the generation and steals almost every scene she’s in. Somehow she writes herself in ways I can’t even describe. Aspiration: Pleasure Zodiac: Gemini Personality: 2/10/10/10/0
    • Hugh Trottier Hugh isn’t yet a teen in the story, but he will be as soon as I do another chapter since his birthday occurs right away during play. (So does Moon, but I haven’t played her yet.) Hugh is another character that’s writing himself. I’d intended to take him in a different direction, but he grabbed my fingers and made me write something else. Aspiration: Fortune Zodiac: Taurus Personality: 7/8/3/8/2
    • Mercedes Turner Mercedes is actually slightly older than Oz, so would have aged up right before he did. She’s another character that has gone in directions I didn’t quite foresee, but for her its not quite as pleasant. Aspiration: Knowledge Zodiac: Gemini Personality: 3/10/10/1/3
    • And that’s it! I’d love to include all twenty-six of the generation five children. More on Jeremiah and Meadow’s boys, or Sophie and Orlando Thompson’s brood, or even Comet’s sons Alpha and Beta, but there just isn’t room. The neighborhood has finally reached a point where I NEED to let some sims fade into the background. I will continue to talk about them on LiveJournal, but here in the story, they become supporting characters. Until next time, happy simming!