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Placement Bulletin 2010-11

  2. 2. From The HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT’S DESK … Since its inception in 1957, The Department of Psychology has provided a unique and valuable experience in the world of learning and higher education. It has had an inexorable endeavor towards excellence in all the realms of education- are it scholastic or extra- mural, as well as the perspective towards life. With an enrolment of students from all parts of the country and abroad, Master of Arts in Psychology has grown as a highly influential and premium discipline. The North Campus, which offers a specialization in Organizational Behavior, as a part of the Masters' degree, has contributed efficiently towards better conceptualization of organizational life. Students of Organizational Behavior encompass the study of organizations from multiple viewpoints, methods, and levels of analysis. Organizational behavior attempts to understand and model the factors that come into play when people work together, towards a coordinated goal. This area of specialization earns a lot of respect in strategic Human resources since students here, besides having the conceptual clarity, are more oriented towards research and human behavior. Organizational behavior is becoming more important in the global economy as people with diverse backgrounds and cultural values have to work together effectively and efficiently. Intensive knowledge in this field helps the students to contribute in diverse organizational processes that include recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, training, etc. The course entails systematic study and careful application of knowledge about how people - as individuals and as groups - act within organizations. As an integrated part of the curriculum, MA Final year students undergo internships in various organizations and also work on field projects in their area of interest. Organizational behavior study and practice, in North Campus, has developed and expanded through creating integrations with other domains like Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Social Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Cultural Psychology to name a few, in which all students are trained. Thus the course promotes individuals who enter organizations with a holistic approach to human capital in organizations. With immense pleasure I would like to mention that our alumni are holding important and respected positions in some of the best Indian and Multinational Companies. Our students have tremendous potential and competence to excel in the organizational setup. I cordially invite you to visit our department and be a part of our placement program since our students have the ability to provide a new perspective to organizational life. PROF.ANAND PRAKASH Head of the Department, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi. 2
  3. 3. VISION & MISSION THE VISION Adding value to organizations by selecting, nurturing and maximizing psychological capital of individuals and groups. THE MISSION  Contribute to strategic Human Resource Practices  Develop dynamic and synergistic organizations  Formulate socially relevant organizational practices  Synchronizing business practices with human values and sensitivities 3
  4. 4. UNIVERSITY OF D E L HI The University of Delhi is the premier universi ty of the country a nd is kn own for its hi gh sta ndards in teaching and research and attracts eminent s cholars to its faculty. I t was established in 1922 as a unitary, teaching and resi dential universi ty by an Act of the then Ce ntral Legislative Assembly . The President of India is the V isitor, the Vice Pre sident is the Chancellor an d the Chief Justi ce of the Supreme Court of India is the Pro-Chan cell or of the Universi ty. Ever sin ce its in ception , a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research has made the University of The University is known f or its high Delhi a role-model and path-s etter f or standards in teaching and research and other universities i n the cou ntry. Its attra cts e minent scholars. It off ers rich a cade mic tra dition has always cours es a t the Undergraduate a nd Pos t- attra cte d the most talented students Graduate levels in most subjects an d has who later on went on to make a distinguished alumni body and faculty. important contribution s to their soci ety. It had a modest beginning with j us t three colleges, two faculties (A rts and Science) and ab out 750 s tude nts. The Faculty of A rts has si nce been reputed to be one of the finest insti tution s f or providing higher educati on. I t is world - ren owned and has produ ced eminent pers onalities in all walks of life. 4
  5. 5. DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Since its ince pti on i n 1962, the Psychol ogy and oth er laboratories that department has come a long way i n cate r to vari ous areas of specialization. becoming a ful ly functi onal and comp etent entit y. It has grown to a strength of more than 20 faculty The lab oratories enable students to gain members. The Universi ty Grants hands on exp erience of measurement, Commission (UGC) identified assessment and ps ychometri c testing. Departmen t of Psych ol ogy as Departmen t of Spe cial Assistance (DSA) I t also h ouses an independent libra ry in 1989. exclusivel y f or the faculty and s tudents of ps ychol ogy which is equipped with a The departme nt of fers a profe ssi onal l arge numbe r of text and ref erence cours e leadi ng to a Mast er s degree i n books . I t is mandatory f or all studen ts Psyc holo gy, and various s pe cializati ons who join to un derg o training in at th e p ostgradua te ( Pre- PhD) an d i ndustri es, mark eti ng, an d research doctoral level (PhD ).The curri culum is organizati ons, h os pitals, sch ools and designe d to give training in vari ous couns eling agencies. psycholo gical skills and techniques such as test cons tructi on and s caling The departmen t of psychol ogy p rides techniques , psychotherapy, behavior i tself on accommoda ting bright and modification and application of promising s chol ars from all over the behavi oral technol ogy in indus trial, country and ab road, which is guaranteed cl inical and social settings. It through a rig orous selecti on procedure undertakes con sultancy w ork in Human i nvolving a wri tten examinati on and Resource Dev elopment a nd Human pers onal i nterview. The fa culty that Resource Manag ement. consists of w orl d renowne d and eminent academicians from all fields of The f ocus of research is organi zati onal psychol ogy se ts uncompromising behavi or, social psych ol og y and clini cal l earning g oal s an d pers onal condu ct psychol og y especially in the areas of standards f or their s tudents. Mos t fa culty industrial and org ani zati onal i ssues, members have undertaken proje cts f or health, s ocial issues and couns el ing. prominent organiza tions like ICMR, DST, U GC, ICSSR, DRDO and the like. The departme nt h as 8 laboratories which include Work Psychol ogy, Cog nitive Psychol ogy, Neurop sychol ogy, Experimental Social Ps ychol og y, Clinical 5
  6. 6. COURSE OUTLINE M.A PREVIOUS – 1ST YEAR  Basic Organizational Processes Organizational Behavior & Process Societal Culture & Organizations Organizational Change & Effectiveness Knowledge Management, Retention Competency Mapping  Planning, Selection & Recruitment Manpower Planning Recruitment Process Job Analysis  Applied Psychometrics Psychological Testing & Applications Test Construction & Standardization  Statistical Experimental Design Normality Special Correlations Experimental Designs  Qualitative Methods Paradigms of Research Field Methods Textual Methods & Analysis  Social Psychology Theoretical perspectives, Self & Identity Social Relations & Group Processes FIELD TRAINING 2-months summer training Training & Development, Consumer & Market Research, Assessment Practices, Organizational Culture and Climate Intervention. 6
  7. 7. COURSE OUTLINE M.A FINAL – 2ND YEAR  Industrial Relations & Worker’s Compensation act Trade Unions, Compensation  Training & Development Training process, Evaluation Developing Training Modules Methods & Techniques  Multivariate Techniques Multiple Regression SPSS applications Factor Analysis Discriminant Functional Analysis  Cultural Processes in Organizations Culture & Climate: Dynamics Assessment & Consequences  Group Processes in Organizations Group Researches & Practices Team building Organizational Learning Leadership Concepts  Organizational Development & Change Designing Interventions Methods of OD Building Learning Organizations  Human Resource Practices Challenges of HR Management Strategy & Human Resource Planning Meeting HRM Requirements, Globalization 7
  8. 8. THE FACULTY PROF. GOPA BHARDWAJ (Placement Cell Coordinator) M.A. Psychology, M.Sc. Applied Psychology, Aston University, U.K., Ph.D Industrial Psychology She has been honored by National Productivity Management for lifetime contribution to Organizational Behavior. She has been a recipient of Commonwealth Fellowship and has to her credit more than 50 Research Publications in National and International Journals. Completed projects for Ministry of Defence and ICSSR, focusing on various organizational issues such as leadership, emotional intelligence etc. Consultant to various establishments like GAIL, DRDO, BHEL. Nominated Vice President, Community Psychology Association of India. Member of Scientific Committee and paper presenter at the International Congress on Women and Culture-Masculinity, Femininity & Social Change-2008, organized by Institute of Psychology, Gdanskie, University of Poland. Book review for edited Vol ‘Culture and Gender: An Intimate Relation’ published by Gdanskie Wydawnictwo Psychologicze, Poland in 2009. PROF. ANAND PRAKASH (Head of the Department) M.A., D.Phil He has been teaching for the last 33 years, specializing in Organizational Behavior, Applied Issues and Qualitative Research. Till date 16 students have been awarded Ph.D. under his guidance. He has received 2 National Awards- Career Award from UGC and Young Scientist Award from the Indian Science Congress. He is also the President of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), India. PROF.N.K. CHADHA M.Sc. Maths, M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Psychology, M.Phil Psychology, Ph.D Psychology He has authored 20 books and 96 research articles, has constructed 11 psychological tests. Till date about 35 students have been awarded PhD's under his guidance. He is a member of large number of National and International bodies. He has been a part of major projects sponsored by, to name a few, University of Kentucky, USA; Penn State University, USA; Auckland University, New Zealand; University of Virginia, USA. MS. NIDHI PRAKASH M.A. Applied Psychology She has worked in the area of Organizational & Employee Health and Assessment Centers. She has also completed several researches and is working on few in the area of Work-Life Balance, Stress & Coping and Performance. 8
  9. 9. SKILL SET Studen ts of Masters in Ps ychol ogy research to harnes s the potenti al of (Organi zational Behaviour) recei ve in- qual itative techniques of analysis of depth training to integrate a cademi c narrati ves such as movi es, text, knowledge wi th technical prowess. di scourse analys is, ethn ogra phy, Throug h pra ctical applications of interviews and f ocus groups, amongst the oretical knowledge, e xperiential many others, to help them move be yond learning and field trai ning, the y are the tip of the ice berg. equipped with th e necessary ski lls to ensure the y successfully me et the demand s of the organizati ons. As an outgrowth of the academia, our sch olars are ta ken through an amal gamation of e xperiences , myriad exercises, insightf ul practicals and outb ound training p rograms helping us delve deep in to organizati onal intricacies . EXP ERIENTIAL LEARNING To compl ement the theory an d accentuate compre hensi on, practical FIELD TRA INING learning through experiential sessi ons is The curriculum carries a 2-month a key aspe ct of the classroom; f os ters training program i n organi zati ons to the s of ter skills neces sary to mould bri dge th e gap between the classrooms them into a ccompl ished prof essi onals. and th e workplace. The field inte rnships Vari ous management games encourage are usually cond ucted from May to Jul y. them to thi nk, refl ect over and apply Each student is me ntored by a member their learnings of communicati on of the facul ty from the d epartment and dynami cs, diversity management, grou p a supervis or from the organi zati on. processes , conflict resoluti on, team The fi eld i s vari ed with studen ts bui lding, leadership devel opment an d interni ng i n differe nt aspects such as self awareness, to name a few. Training & Devel opment, Consumer a nd Market Research, Assess ment Practi ce s The department encourages th e and Orga nizati onal Culture and Cl imate stude nts to be involved i n quali tative Interventi on. 9
  10. 10. SKILL SET KEY SKILLS  Psychometric Testing: Construction, customization, administration and interpretation  Innovative solutions: providing research driven solutions to organizational problems  Development of recruitment, selection and training modules  Designing workshops and skills based training programs  Insight into employee needs that enables designing and implementation of customized strategies and tools  Organizational research using an integral approach: blend of qualitative and quantitative research methods AREAS OF EXPERTISE  Organizational Climate and Culture  Competency Mapping  Performance Appraisal  Team Building  Personality and Aptitude Assessment  Recruitment and Selection  Change Management 10
  11. 11. BATCH OF 2010-12 The batch of 2010-12 is currently in their first year of Masters in Psychology (Semester 1 + Semester 2). They are eligible for field internships. Akanksha Dochania Akanksha Sharma Amrit Kumar Jha Divya Baweja Garima Tyagi Hitti Rai Kriti Vashisht Madhavi Lahiri Mezhuvilie Talie Misha Mathew Nancy Jose Purva Choudhary 11
  12. 12. BATCH OF 2010-12 Rashbha Dochania Reetu Richa Malhotra Rosa Ahmed Stuti Gandhi Sumedha Chopra Tanvi Vijay Twinkle Chopra Vidhushi Sukam 12
  13. 13. Batch of 2009-11 The batch of 2009-11 is currently in their final year of Masters in Psychology (Semester 3 + Semester 4). They are eligible for final placements. A brief description of their field internships is given below. AARUSHI SHARMA AMRITA NARANG MA FOI RANDSTAD AC NIELSEN Assessment Practices, Market Research & Designing Training Modules Consumer Psychology on Team Building, Assessment/Development Centres ANEESHA VERMA ANKITA BANDYOPADHYAY MA FOI RANDSTAD AC NIELSEN Training & Qualitative Market Research, Job Set- Development, creation up; Transcription; Analysis of data of training modules Human Resource Live Projects on Competency Mapping and Assessment ARSHIYA DAS ASHINI GUPTA HEWITT TNS GLOBAL Leadership Consulting- Qualitative Consumer Research, Assessment & Understanding market trends, Development behavior attitudes, brand management & providing business solutions. AVANTIKA MALHAUTRA JYOTI RAWAT GE CAPITAL SERVICES NTPC INDIA LTD. Team Dynamics Assessment Job Description Repository, Employee Engagement, Organization Restructuring 13
  14. 14. Batch of 2009-11 MANASWITA BHARADWAJ NEHA ARORA INDIAN OIL CORPORATION DIPR, DRDO LTD Designing Employee Engagement, Leadership Module, Recruitment & Selection review of literature PRIYANKA SAIN RENUKA SONI ABACUS MANAGEMENT CEREBRUS CONSULTANTS CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD HR Best Practices, Talent Development & Compensation & Benefits Assessment & Strategic Survey, Quantitative & Solutions Qualitative Analysis RICHA CHOUDHARY RICHA VIJ CEREBRUS CONSULTANTS MOTHER DAIRY PVT. LTD., Competency Interview of HR Heads, Survey Mapping, ESIC, on Compensation and Benefits, Routine HR Work Analysis of Data (Market findings & overview). SANCHITA SHARMA SHRUTI ARYA AC NIELSEN AC NIELSEN Making recruitment Qualitative Research, questionnaire, Moderation, Webnography, Analysis, Final Presentation. Transcription, Analysis, Field Work, Presentation Slides 14
  15. 15. Batch of 2009-11 SUGANDH GUPTA SURBHI SIKKA DEVYANI INTERNATIONAL ABACUS MANAGEMENT LTD, RJ CORP CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD Recruitment & Selection, Talent Development & Employee Engagement, Assessment Strategies, Data Mystery Customer Project, Assessment, Development Assessments & Interviews Centre Tools SUSHMA LAMA SUYASHA SAHA NTPC ABACUS MANAGEMENT Team Dynamics CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD Assessment Talent Development, Assessment Strategies, Profile Writing, Talent Segmentation SWATI ARORA VASUDHA SINGH DIPR, DRDO FUTURE GROUP Profiling of Routine HR work, leaders, review of Recruitment, Employee literature Engagement YUKTI WADHERA Mother Dairy Competency Mapping, ESIC, Routine HR Work 15
  16. 16. RECRUITER’S SPEAK DEEPAK ADHAR, BUSINESS HEAD (NORTH), MA FOI CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LTD. “Students of the Delhi University M.A. Psychology (OB) were enrolled as a part of the assessment practice to apply their academic knowledge (especially psychometrics) under the supervision of specialists in this field. The idea was to get some fresh perspective and at the same time give them a flavor of the HR Consulting industry. The MA Psychology (OB) course is customized to groom an HR Consultant, I dare say perhaps more than a pure HR Course from any Business School considering the depth to which many topics are covered. The Department of Psychology of Delhi University is by far one of the if not THE leading institute in the country wherein the course content is relevant, current and comparable to any international academic institute.” SAMRAT KAPOOR, MANAGER, MAX NEW YORK LIFE “For Max New York Life, recruitment of quality advisors is the key to sales and marketing of its Financial Services and products. After the induction of psychology students of Delhi University as smart interns, the organization has gained a lot in terms of recruitment. Given the thoughtful understanding of intern's work profile and mature approach of psychology students towards it, there has been win win situation for the students, and company, both. MNYL looks forward for a long term more fruitful relations with psychology department in future.” MUDIT MEHROTRA, PROGRAM MANAGER, RIGHT MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL “Right India (formerly Grow Talent) has had a long and fruitful relationship with the students of M.A Psychology (O.B), Delhi University. Many of their students have been recruited by us over the years and form the backbone of our company. They are bright and enthusiastic minds with strong quality- orientation and analytical abilities. Their knowledge of their field is very strong and is applied brilliantly in all the projects handled by them as HR Consultants The students of this course are well groomed for entering the corporate world and have impressed us with their talent, commitment, hard work and desire to learn.” DR VIRENDRA P SINGH, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR- HUMAN RESOURCES, DEVYANI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, RJ CORP (PEPSI, PIZZA HUT, KFC, COSTA COFFEE) “I have seen and observed students of Department of Psychology, University of Delhi with lot of satisfaction for more than a decade. They have strong theoretical base, coupled with sincere desire to learn & make value additions to changing contours of Corporate India from Organization Behavior perspective. Their teachers set uncompromising learning goals and personal conduct standards. Unlike many disciplines, students from Department of Psychology, University of Delhi come to corporate world lot more prepared and ready for a fast induction and enculturation. My organizations and my HR colleagues have been simply amazed by quality and commitment of this young talent pool.” 16
  17. 17. RECRUITER’S SPEAK SAKSHI SEHGAL, HR TEAM, AC NIELSEN ORG-MARG PVT LTD/INDIA, THE NIELSEN COMPANY “It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that the students of Delhi University associated with The Nielsen Company have been performing outstandingly. It has been an extremely pleasant experience to have students with such diverse knowledge and great Analytical Skills. These students have given tremendous support and have shown a great zeal for learning which makes us look forward to the institute and its bright students. Their innovative styles of working and the hard work put in reveals the dedicated efforts of the Institute and the faculty with the students. We hope and wish to be associated with the Institute for future requirements.” SAURABH JAIN, SENIOR CONSULTANT, HUMAN CAPITAL, DELOITTE "Students from Psychology Department of University of Delhi have the right mix of Drive, Creativity, Enthusiasm and Team Work. They clearly demonstrate the high levels of Energy, Commitment and Innovation.” ALVIN DAVID, MANAGER HRD, NEWGEN SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD “Hiring students having specialized in OB (Psychology) has given our HRD group at Newgen Software an added advantage. Looking at the today's dynamic Business scenario and Cut throat competition and increasing focus on speedy delivery, their understanding of human behaviour and Organisational human processes brings in unique perspective to our approach towards our human assets. Their acquired skill set makes them highly effective in rolling out effective hiring practices, conducting coaching and performance feedback sessions and devising and delivering effective training and developmental modules. Students of OB have proven their credentials in strategic and Core HR functions at Newgen. For us they will prove to be a rare and apt future corporate HR strategist.” ABHISHEK KUMAR DY.MANAGER- MAWANA CONSULTANCY SERVICE MAWANA SUGARS LTD. “The contribution of psychology student is well appreciated as we were able to document the minutest observation in our consulting assignments which might have been missed out without the students' inputs. The ability to go beyond and deeper to the subject always brings more authenticity to the subject and process. The students contribution will always be of great importance especially with respect to Content Analysis, Tool Development for Assessment Centres, Quality Documentation etc.” 17
  18. 18. ALUMNI SPEAK SHIVANI KAPUR, DEUTSCHE BANK, BATCH OF 2010 The two years at Masters in Psychology (North Campus) has been a journey which has enabled me with the right skill sets and attitude to compete effectively in today's corporate world. Specialising in Organizational Behavior gives an excellent overview into all aspects of behavior that can be exhibited in an organization. This has enabled me to be equipped with the necessary competencies to effectively fit into all HR roles and responsibilities - Resourcing, L&D, HR Generalist, OD & Consulting. KITTY KHER, AMROP INTERNATIONAL, BATCH OF 2009 “This department has provided me with a platform to enhance my skills, grooming me not only to successfully embark on the journey into the corporate world but also to face any challenge in life. The department has played a vital role in enhancing the intellectual/analytical abilities as well as sensitivity to the uniqueness of all human beings, instilling confidence in all students to emerge as winners in different walks of life. The right blend of theoretical knowledge and values has enabled us to make an effort to create synergy in the dynamic world of organizations.” SARANYA SRINIVASAN, CORPORATE HR, C.K. BIRLA GROUP, BATCH OF 2008 “Two years in the department were not only fruitful in creating a confidence to handle every role in the area of Human Resources, but also giving me a perspective in sensitizing self to the human existence in an organizational set up, to understand the behavior and reason behind a particular human behavior further to channelize it to the harmonious relationship between the two: the individual and the organization..” ANSHU CHAUDHARY, DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, BATCH OF 2008 “The fact that we are trained as 'Psychologists' is what makes us stand apart and fit well into any HR role, be it of Strategic HR, HR Consultant, Psychometric Expert or Line HR. We, the ‘Organization Behaviorists’, understand ‘talent’ better. We claim an expertise in understanding their idiosyncrasies, their competencies, their aspirations, their discontentment and their dreams. And after all, not just HR but the entire organization is about 'people'.” 18
  19. 19. ALUMNI SPEAK DEVYANI MATHUR, HUMAN RESOURCES, DEVYANI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, RJ CORP, BATCH OF 2007 “Being part of the Masters Program of the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi (North Campus) has given me skills and knowledge to equip me to make a smooth transition from student to a corporate professional Most importantly the course and the interaction with the faculty and students has paved the way for one to become a more open, accepting, questioning, approachable and an understanding being, which is what is valued the most, everywhere in personal as well and professional relations. The growth, respect and accolades earned by me as an HR professional can be easily attributed to m having been associated with the prestigious Department of Psychology and am honored to be an alumnus of the Department.” SAMPURNA SONOWAL, GROW TALENT CO. LTD., BATCH OF 2007 “Carrying forward my journey with Psychology has given me insights about not only Human Behavior, but also how a mind at an organization works. It made me realize that I am not perfect, but all my efforts are towards perfection. I feel we can become assets to any organization, if our potential is moulded in the appropriate manner. All the best to all!” KANKANA KARKUN, NEWGEN SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD., BATCH OF 2006 “I am able to stand out in the sea of competitors, thanks to my background in Psychology. It has made me efficient at carrying out process-driven activities, has given me a dual edge - being in a Human Resources field, I am able to work confidently in all HR related areas - right from Recruitment to Employee Relations to Training, and yet maintain the human element in these activities. Our key to understanding people provides us the edge in the corporate world." NISHTHA TIWARI, INSPIREONE CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD. , BATCH OF 2005“ “Psychology gives me good conceptual background in offering organizations the right solutions, understand the strategic goals and relate it to people development initiatives/challenges and help leverage human capital in today's dynamic environment. People development no longer just being an HR issue gives us larger canvas to use our expertise in Assessments, Training, Organizational Development projects and Employee Engagement strategies.” 19
  20. 20. STUDENTS’ PLACEMENT CELL 2010-11 PRESIDENT Aarushi Sharma 9818332550 GENERAL SECRETARY Sugandh Gupta 9873990257 TREASURER Avantika Malhautra 9810086188 COORDINATOR Ankita Bandyopadhyay 9871524095 Prof. Gopa Bhardwaj PLACEMENT CELL COORDINATOR 20
  21. 21. PREVIOUS RECRUITERS  Airtel  Ma Foi Randsta d  Areva T & D  Maruti Suzuki  Aviva  Max New York Life  BHEL  Management Devel opment Institute,  CK Birla Group Gurgaon  Defence Res earch & Develop ment  North Delhi Power Limited Organi zati on  Network 18  Delhi Metro Rail Corpora tion  Newgen  Deloitte  NIIT  Deutsche Bank  NTPC  Devyani Internati ona l Limited  Pri cewaterhou seCoopers  Es corts  Quadrangle Consul ting  ICICI Prudential  Quatrro  Internati onal Business Machines  SAIL  Inspire One  The Neilsen Compan y  Jubi lant Organ os ys  Wipro I nfote ch  MMTC India Li mited 21