British Airways


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British Airways

  1. 1. In short:British Airways PLC is the largest international airline in the world. It isbased at Heathrow Airport in London, the busiest international airportin the world, and has a global flight network through partners such asAmerican Airlines in the United States and Qantas in Australia. As theUnited Kingdoms sole global network carrier, it transports 36 millionpassengers a year to approximately 268 destinations and 97 countries.Until 2008, British Airways was the largest airline based in the UnitedKingdom in terms of passenger numbers.
  2. 2. Stakeholders Local Shareholders communities Investors Aviation and general authorities, re public Airports gulatorsManagement PartnersSuppliers Employees National and Media local government Customers Labour Competitors (passengers unions and cargo carriers)
  3. 3. They say:‘BA believes in active engagement with stakeholders. We have welldeveloped forums for employee communication and consultation,including BATUC (British Airways Trade Union Council) and the BritishAirways Forum. We have an active programme of communication withinvestors, including regular Investor Days at which the companys plansare fully discussed with analysts. We communicate our position onenvironmental and social issues to our suppliers and, where appropriate,ask them to adopt similar policies.’
  4. 4. They say:‘Within wider society, we maintain an active dialogue with national andlocal government, regulators, local community representatives and non-governmental organisations. Over the last year, we have been very keento discuss with others our views on the governments consultation on theFuture of Aviation and runway options, which has included a series oflocal stakeholder meetings with community groups around Heathrow.’
  5. 5. StakeholdersPrimary stakeholders: Secondary stakeholders: Management Airports Employees Local communities and Shareholders general public Investors Aviation authorities Suppliers Competitors Customers Labour unions Partners National and local government MediaKey stakeholders: Employees, Customers, Management,Shareholders, Communities, Media
  6. 6. Customers One of the key stakeholders. Types of communication include: one-way communication (indoorand outdoor advertising, TV, radio, online advertising, directmarketing), two-way communication (social media). Organization addresses its customers in order to: promote thecompany, inform about new offers and existing advantages, attractnew customers, keep existing loyal, communicate organization’sattitudes towards various issues, it’s policies.
  7. 7. Terminal 5 The £4.3 bn Heathrow T5 was designed exclusively for BA’s use. Officially opened on 14 March 2008, began operating on 27 March. From the first day flights were cancelled, passengers werestranded, more that 15000 pieces of baggage were lost. T5 fail on opening damaged BA’s reputation and affectedcustomers. T5 ‘does not work’.
  8. 8. The objective?To restore reputation by: communicating to the travelling public in an ‘open and factual’ way that Terminal 5 is now working effectively; presenting an accurate portrayal of the performance.
  9. 9. ‘Terminal 5 is working’ An advertising campaign that took place every day for a fortnightin August 2008 and again in September. A press campaign where each ad was conceived, executed, anddelivered in less than 24 hours. The campaign appeared in print, online, outdoor (including digitaloutdoor), radio and through direct channels. (travel weekly link)
  10. 10. ‘Terminal 5 is working’ Included actual performance indicators such as the time it takes toget through security, flight punctuality, baggage arrival times, thetime it takes to get from the aircraft to the arrivals hall. Used photography of real customers during their journey throughT5 captured the day before the ads appear in print.
  11. 11. ‘No clever headlines, no clever visuals. All we are left with is a clever idea.’ (Nik Studzinski, a judge and creative director at Mother)
  12. 12. ‘Terminal 5 is working’
  13. 13. ‘Terminal 5 is working’
  14. 14. ‘Terminal 5 is working’ is working! Best Poster Campaign Best Consumer Advertising Campaign Advertising Campaign of the Year Award for best national newspaper ad in August
  15. 15. Was the campaign successful? The ads in the newspapers were not the same ‘stamped’ adverts,which people get used to and ignore with time. ‘Live’ adverts contained relevant information. The information was true and not exaggerated. The adverts resonated with airline passengers. They helped to restore the image.
  16. 16. Was the campaign successful?‘The new British Airways Terminal 5 campaign is great. The agency hasmade a lot of work for itself here and could have taken an easieroption, but the fast turnaround is worth its weight in gold. The adshave a simplicity and honesty that begins to chip away at the recentnegative press feeding frenzy.’ (Ben Priest, co-founder of Adam & Eve)