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Bob the Astronaut
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Bob the Astronaut



This presentation was made for a computer project in our IT class at UAS.

This presentation was made for a computer project in our IT class at UAS.



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Bob the Astronaut Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Bob the Astronaut By: Sara Jaafar, Aminah Yaghi, Orianne Montaubin Ms. Sunder’s Computer Class, Universal American School of Dubai
  • 2. Bob’s control station called him and told him that it was three minutes to launch time…He was nervous since it was going to be his first time in space.
  • 3. Bob fastens his seat belt and pushes the buttons on the control board. Now it was ready to go. The people watching him from outside were starting the countdown.
  • 4. 10… BLAST OFF!!! 3… 9… 7… 8… 6… 2… 4… 1… 5…
  • 5. The spaceship soars through the layers of the atmosphere until it was dead black and only the stars gave off light.
  • 6. As Bob enters Earth’s orbit, he sees asteroids and meteorites.
  • 7. As he flew through the eternity of space, he passed by a huge white sphere. Bob later realized that he had seen the moon.
  • 8. Bob got tired so he decided to take a nap. What Bob did not realize though was that his head fell onto the controls. All of a sudden, the spaceship began to lose control and crashed into the planet Mercury.
  • 9. Bob woke up after the huge crash. From the window of the spaceship, Bob could see the distant planet Earth.
  • 10. As Bob looks at this strange planet that he landed on, a little green man came to him. Bob was afraid and decided to stay in the space ship. The green man came to the front window and said “I am General iStockphoto of the iStockphoto alien tribe.”
  • 11. After checking his controls, Bob realized that his spaceship was broken and there was a crucial part missing. After contemplating all the possibilities he had no choice but to ask the alien man for help. Can we make a trade?
  • 12. General iStockphoto, after hearing that Bob wants to trade help the spaceship part for a new one, tells Bob to give him the controller of the spaceship or else he wouldn’t give him a new spare of the broken part.
  • 13. Bob was unsure but decided to give General iStockphoto the controller because he thought it was the only was to stay out of trouble. Luckily, Bob remembered that he had some equations that told him how to work the spaceship without the controller. THE EQUATIONS!!!!!
  • 14. After Bob and General iStockphoto did the trade, Bob went to work on the spaceship.
  • 15. As Bob rounded up all his gear and decided that the least he could do was wave goodbye to General iStockphoto (in fact he was missing his controller because the equation was very, very, very long). I wish I had the controller!
  • 16. Bob walked over to the table and grabbed the paper. One look at the paper and he knew that it was going to be tough.
  • 17. After many hours, Bob finally figured out how to work the controls without the controller. He prepared to relaunch the spaceship.
  • 18. The engine roared to life and lift off into space. He took one last look at the planet and General iStockphoto. He was finally on his way home.
  • 19. Finally Bob managed to make the spaceship land. It was not done correctly , actually it was all wrong but at least he had landed on the right planet, Earth.
  • 20. Bob was home.