The Role of Social Networking ithin Consumer's Digital Lives


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The Role of Social Networking within Consumer's Digital Lives. Matteo Montan - Head of New Business - Buongiorno

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The Role of Social Networking ithin Consumer's Digital Lives

  1. 1. The Role of Social Networking within Consumer's Digital Lives Matteo Montan - Head of New Business
  2. 2. Agenda • About B! And B! Digital • Setting the scene: major changes & trends • B! : shaping the OS of your digital life • Focusing on Social Media • Hellotxt, the personal social networker
  3. 3. B! Gobal Market leader in mobile entertainment  Listed at Milan Stock Exchange since July 2003  1000 professionals in 24 offices serving 57 markets  260 M Revenues, 40M Ebitda (2009)  120 + operators connected  200M unique mobile numbers served at least once in 09  2bn SIM cards reachable.  Global technical infrastructure  Balanced & proven business model
  4. 4. B! BUSINESS MODEL B2C B20 B! Digital • 11M subs to B! Mobile • Full Portal • Supporting brands to clubs Outsourcing solutions develop their digital • 500K new customers • Loyalty and Mobile strategy acquired each week CRM solutions • Mobile Ad, CRM & • HTXT leading social Loyalty programs , media aggregator couponing... Be3A – Buongiorno proprietary platform
  5. 5. B! DIGITAL M-SITES & APPLICATIONS CRM & LOYALTY B!Digital is currently present in: Italy, France, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, USA
  6. 6. B! MOBILE Market Place • Created to support B! B2C strategy ( B! is one of top spenders wwide in mobile ADV) • Acting as agency for B! , a focal point integrated with all major networks • Developing its own ad-network , aggregating thru its platform publishers particularly in EMEA, Russia and Latam • 2010 forcast: 1.5M page views
  7. 7. Buongiorno’s 2010 Directions: New Business Buongiorno will leverage on its ongoing performance to grow in 2010 by a 2-legged approach Achieve top line Invest in a new • Social Media growth in the current business opportunity • Skill gaming both expected to take • Digital Payments in B2C and in B2B off by year end • Connected Devices
  8. 8. Changes&Trends: Mobile vs. Desktop Internet Source: “Internet trends, April 2010” Morgan Stanley
  9. 9. Changes&Trends: Social Media vs Email Source: “Internet trends, April 2010” Morgan Stanley
  10. 10. Changes&Trends: iPhone ramp drives growth Source: “Internet trends, April 2010” Morgan Stanley
  11. 11. Changes&Trends : Mobile Social Media! What has changed? The Rise of Mobile Social Media Facebook: >1 user out of 4 access it via Mobile ! Source: “Internet trends, April 2010” Morgan Stanley
  12. 12. New Business vision: the OS of your Digital Life N E Talk & Read, watch, Play for fun Play for Shop E share listen money D S E Smart Social Network Aggregator R V I Social Content Stores C News & books, Social On Line E video, music Games Casino E-commerce B Cloud computing – Single Sign On – Multiple devices I Z M Integrated Ad-platform Integrated Payments Systems O D E L End users Carriers HW manufactures B2C / ADV B2B B2B
  13. 13. Social Media at OS core - The Landscape Ecosystems  The product is the network itself Vertical “Answering a  Mass market proposition, so by default Multi-functional & specific demand Multi-platform where the  Allows other organisations to feed off their ecosystem community adds value”  Address a clear market space – acts as a filter  Community adds value to product and user  Focuses on specialisation and Social App - Enrich your “social” life quality  Addressing a use case for Users of Ecosystem – improving it
  14. 14. Looking at Social media mass market proposition Blogger The “Voyeur” Superconnector Mass Market Communicators  I’ve something interesting to say  SN = Extension of my I like to see  How do I broadcast my identity & relationships what’s going messages?  I’ on more than 1 network on  I’d like to stay in touch  I have time to kill but...  I’m overwhelmed by posts Beneficial tools:  Simplify > one app for more SN  Express myself > Richer Updates  Organize > Filter/Ranking
  15. 15. Hellotxt, the personal networker Hellotxt the personal social networker designed to simplify, enrich and organise your life online • All a user’s Social Networks in one interface • Inbound and outbound communication • Broad range of media supported • Multiplatform compatible • Media Filtering for relevance (3.0 release) • Freemium + Advertising model (3.0 relase)
  16. 16. Hellotxt 2.0: multiplatform
  17. 17. Hellotxt 2.0: Simplify Simplify: Put all your Social Media messaging in one place, inbound and outbound Reading Posting
  18. 18. Hellotxt 2.0: enrich Enrich: Beyond simple text updates towards richer media sharing Doodle Updates Geo Location Multi Media
  19. 19. Monetising Hellotxt – Freemium model • Handling millions of posts per month – a rich inventory for advertising proposition • Premium App features to improve experience in return for a small fee Advertising Proposition - Two inventories – in bound and outbound communication managed by B! Digital Marketing Agency and dedicated Ad platform, B! Mobile Phase 1 (Standard): • CPM (top 20% users) and CPC (inc backfill) for remaining Phase 2 (Geo and smart inventory): • Data mining to produce a more targetted proposition for advertisers, covering: • Geo-status (geographicallly dissected inventory) • Geo-search (user generated requests) • Key word tracking (clear understanding of user preferences and interests) HelloTxt 2.0 HelloTxt 3.0 HelloTxt 4.0 HelloTxt Launched (freemium) Geo 4.5Geo/Smart (free) Inventory Inventory (freemium) (freemium) Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 Q1 2011
  20. 20. Contact & Questions THANKS! THANK YOU! Matteo Montan –