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Beth Harte at O'Reilly's Twitter Boot Camp, June 15, 2009, New World Stages in New York City.

Beth Harte at O'Reilly's Twitter Boot Camp, June 15, 2009, New World Stages in New York City.

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  • 1. Logistics of Integrating Twitter into your Existing Marketing & PR
    • Presented by Beth Harte, Principal
    • Harte Marketing & Communications
    • @bethharte
    • www.theharteofmarketing.com
  • 2. This is why you need a plan
  • 3. This is why you need a plan Image Source: www.bulldogblog.net/articles/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/money.jpg
  • 4. This is why you need a plan Image Source: iStock.com
  • 5. This is why you need a plan Image Source: http://teendriver.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/pinkslip.jpg
  • 6. This is why you need a plan Image Source: iStock.com
  • 7. Integrating Twitter into your marketing & PR plans Image Source: iStock.com
  • 8. Twitter is just a tool Image Source: http://www.dow.com/infuse/news/download/lowres/tools.jpg
  • 9. Is Twitter the right tool for the job? Image Source: http://www.monash.edu.au/pubs/monmag/issue20-2007/assets/images/opinion-obesity-2.jpg
  • 10. Are people talking about your company?
  • 11. Is your company ready to engage? Image Source: www.ald-inc.com
  • 12. What if no one is talking about you? Image source: http://www.nyworms.com/images/groupcrickets.jpg
  • 13. Don’t waste time, money & resources Image Source: thebsreport.files.wordpress.com
  • 14. Integrating Twitter Image Sources: http://trouble.philadelphiaweekly.com/archives/jigsaw_cookie_cutter2.jpg
  • 15. With Twitter you’re talking to everyone Image Source: iStock.com
  • 16. Silos don’t work Image Source: iStock.com
  • 17. This is what you are up against
  • 18. Now that the glimmer is gone… Image Source: http://www.whatonearthcatalog.com/graphics/products/regular/CA3931.jpg
  • 19. Are you ready for a lot of work?
  • 20. Measuring Twitter Image Source: iStock.com
  • 21. Return on Investment Image source: www.meditatus.co.uk
  • 22. What’s the return? Image sources: http://www.mywasher.net/minfo/Images/money.jpg, http://mymoneymakingexperiment.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/make-money-blogging.gif
  • 23. What’s the investment? Image sources: blogs.discovermagazine.com, www.ecu.edu, www.clydepumps.com/overview-2
  • 24. Know your starting point Image Source: http://www.defenselink.mil/home/images/photos/2004-04/photoessays/pi040204d08.jpg
  • 25. Create a Plan Image Source: iStock.com
  • 26. Define the goal for using Twitter Image Sources: associatedcontent.com, wampower.com, blog.communiquepr.com, www.blogtalkradio.com, www.talkwow.net
  • 27. Reactive vs. Proactive Image Sources: www.eurotraining.co.uk/fire.htm, www.rhodo.co.nz/images_b/Soothill-Garden-(4).jpg
  • 28. Define Measurable Objectives Image Source: http://www.heartofwisdom.com/images/blog/mcups.jpg
  • 29.
      • A specific desire communication or behavioral effect;
      • A designated public (or publics) among whom the effect is to be achieved;
      • The expected level of attainment; and
      • The timeframe in which those attainments are to occur.
    Define Measurable Objectives
  • 30. Types of Objectives
    • Output: Physical products
      • Tweets
    • Outtake: What will the publics take away from the tweets
      • Messages, perceptions, understandings
    • Outcome: What quantifiable changes in attitudes, behaviors, or opinions should the tweets have
      • Do you want them to buy anything, stop complaining or tell their friends (RTs)?
  • 31. Measurable Twitter Objectives
    • Output: To send 5 daily tweets to all Twitter followers during the next 6 weeks to announce an upcoming event
    • Outtake: To increase the awareness of our brand on Twitter so that we obtain 20% more followers than our closest competition by the end of the first quarter
    • Outcome: To share discount codes on Twitter to increase the sale of X product by 20% in 30 days
  • 32. Define the Twitter Strategy Image Source: nassaulibrary.org
  • 33. Define the Tactic
  • 34. Know your ending point Image Source: http://www.sweatyguineapig.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/crossing-the-finish-line.jpg
  • 35. Tools to Measure
  • 36. Do it all over again… Image Source: Flickr, ralphventon
  • 37. Make management happy Image Source: iStock
  • 38. Make management even happier