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ReTweet: Key Take-Aways from Twitter Boot Camp
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ReTweet: Key Take-Aways from Twitter Boot Camp

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Sarah Milstein at O'Reilly's Twitter Boot Camp, June 15, 2009, New World Stages in New York City.

Sarah Milstein at O'Reilly's Twitter Boot Camp, June 15, 2009, New World Stages in New York City.

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  • 1. ReTweet: Key Take-aways
    • Sarah Milstein
    • @SarahM
    • @TweetReport
  • 2.
    • Has Twitter jumped the shark?
  • 3. WTF?
    • olivehues Twitter = wild west. All the "experts" have differing opinions. Brands vs idv. Serious vs. Funny. Ctrl your message vs empower. #OTBC
  • 4.
    • erictpeterson "Social Media is not about you. It's about how you can add value to the communities you're a part of." (via @timoreilly at #otbc)
    Add value
  • 5.
    • bevisible don't just mindlessly pass-on what you think is interesting, do research and make it easy for people to read it #otbc
    Think about your readers
  • 6.
    • MichaelBarrs Tim O'Reilly says it's important to research tweets....I didn't research that. #OTBC
    Have a personality
  • 7.
    • ronaldbradford Find employees that have the knowledge and expertise to plug into the network. Find the digital curators. @steverubel at #OTBC
    Tap the Twitter lovers
  • 8.
    • ronaldbradford Zappos Employee tweet policy. Be real and use your best judgment. @zappos at #OTBC
    Have a human policy
  • 9.
    • SBrownCCI #otbc. Where can we plug in laptops? and when?
    Sidebar: expect spontaneous community
  • 10.
    • GeekGirlCamp Know your starting point, create a plan, define your goals for using Twitter (cust service, broadcast, news, biz dev) @Beth Harte #OTBC
    Have a strategy
  • 11.
    • 14str8 Spend as much time researching on twitter as you do tweeting. via @CarriBugbee #otbc
    Listen. Listen. Listen.
  • 12.
    • taskwun People want to connect with people, not companies or brands. Humanize your twitter approach. (via @twittermoms) #otbc
    Take the opportunity to be human
  • 13.
    • GeekGirlCamp Interact with your community if you are in one - Answer questions! Answer praises! Ask questions! Monitor your mentions! @wholefoods #OTBC
    • meadonmanhattan Marla's presentation is like a good feed: she has humor, sound bytes, RTs, gifts, content, varied pace. Like it. #otbc
    Humans hold conversations
  • 14.
    • 14str8 Think in terms of the passion you create, not in terms of the page clicks you generate. via @erictpeterson #otbc
    Humans are passionate
  • 15.
    • RonHogan #otbc @ericmueller: 80 percent of the traffic to Flashlight Worthy Books comes from @flwbooks & other Twitter links
    Measure data important to you
  • 16.
    • dwag29 Use Twitter to achieve higher purpose of your business, not just sell products @zappos # otbc
    Think big
  • 17. Sarah Milstein
    • @SarahM
    • @TweetReport (Twitter resources)
    • [email_address]
    • http://sarahmilstein.com
  • 18.