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After graduating from high school I entered the Mercedarian Friars          one another so that we can do God’s work on ea...
Adult Confirmation                                For Advent, the Catholic Biblical School
CATHOLIC SCOUTING                                                      Generations of Faith Training
New Free Games/Postcards                              books, textbooks and more. They also buy your unwanted,
Solidarity Saturday                                                 Youth Charity Dance
          A Social Justice youth r...
St. Mary, New Haven: Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Contact: John
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ORE Newsletter - December 2009


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ORE Newsletter - December 2009

  1. 1. Archdiocese of Hartford December 2009 Office of Religious Education 467 Bloomfield Avenue ORE Connections Bloomfield, CT 06002 (860) 243-9465 Phone (860) 243-9690 Fax Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Year for Priests witnessed my mother in tears as my father Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min. Ext. 13 embraced her. They led me and my brother Director of ORE, During this Year for the Priest, in procession with other members of the His- we will be sharing stories of some of the Catholic Scouting Chaplain panic faithful for the first time into the upper priests and seminarians from the Arch- church for Mass after the then smaller com- diocese of Hartford. We ask that you munity for years had Mass in the lower Ms. Patricia Keck, M.A. Ext. 16 keep all of our priests in your prayers in a chapel. It was then that I learned about Assistant Director, Religious Education, special way. hope. I often witnessed, after coming home Catechetical Leader Training, Year for Priests from school, my mother, before working 3rd Catechesis, Sacramental Preparation, Catechist June 19, 2009 - June 19, 2010 shift at a factory, cooking for us as my father Formation, Generations of Faith, arrived from work so that we would have a hot Resource Library We thank you, God our Father, for those meal together. It was then that I learned who have responded about love. I developed the most basic under- Mr. Carlos Aedo, M.A. Ext. 15 to your call to priestly standing of the virtues of faith, hope, and love Coordinator for Catechesis for Hispanics ministry. Accept the within the school of my family—their wit- ness. The seed of a priestly vocation that was sure knowledge of Mrs. Shawnee Baldwin, M.A. Ext. 20 sown from my baptism was cared for in this your love. Open their Coordinator of Youth and Youth Adults garden. hearts to the power Ministry, Confirmation (Youth), CYO Sports and consolation of the Holy Spirit. Lead (Basketball) Although I was attending a Catholic them to new depths of union with your Son. Increase in them profound faith in school, Sacred Heart in New Britain , I did the Sacraments they celebrate as they not take my faith seriously. I was often called Ms. Shannon Perzan Ext. 18 nourish, strengthen and heal us. in to the principal’s office for disciplinary Coordinator of Catholic Scouting, problems. At graduation my classmates voted Video Library, CYO Sports (Cheerleading) Lord Jesus Christ, grant that these, your me class clown. Yet my teachers, both the priests, may inspire us to strive for holi- Daughters of Mary and the laity, never ness by the power of their example, as BJ Daly Horell, MTS. Ext. 11 marked me as a lost cause. Sister Mary Jenni- Coordinator of Catholic Biblical School men of prayer who ponder your word fer would take time to tutor me in the sum- and follow your will. mer, help me with my science project, or sim- O Mary, Mother of Christ and our ply call me in to her office to talk about my Mrs. Mary Marsan, M.Div. Ext. 14 mother, guard with your maternal care progress in school. The example set by these Coordinator of R.C.I.A., Adult these chosen ones, so dear to the Heart teachers, especially the Sisters, has always Confirmation, Adult Formation, of your Son. Intercede for our priests been a lasting impression in my life that would Lay Ministry that, offering the Sacrifice of your Son, eventually be a part of my discernment of a they may be conformed more each day to priestly vocation. Mrs. Jill Costa Ext. 19 the image of your Son, our Lord and In New Britain High School I was a Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. more reflective student than the class clown I Mrs. Shirley Morris Ext. 12 St. John Vianney, universal patron of was previously labeled. Attending a weekend priests, pray for us and our priests. youth conference at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York with Hispanic youth Specialized Youth Ministry Padre José Mercado of the Archdiocese of Hartford I was intro- Catholic Boy Scouting Chairperson duced to the Order of Our Lady of Mercy, John Meakin, Jr. (860) 688-7440 When the late Pope John Paul II wrote in his book Gift and Mystery that the Mercedarian Friars. In speaking with the Catholic Girl Scouting Chairperson discernment of a priestly vocation began Friars at their information table I was im- Dina Garafola (860) 742-1465 in the first seminary he was formed in, I pressed with their charism of seeking to re- deem those captives in the world that find CYO Basketball Program instantly identified with the Pope—it was John Egan (203) 596-9610 the family. As a child I often witnessed themselves in danger of losing their faith. As everyone in high school was applying to col- ( my father, after a long day of hard work, in his room at night, under a lamp medi- leges and universities, I was discerning a voca- CYO Cheerleading Program tating upon Sacred Scripture. It was then tion to the consecrated life. Robin Norko (203) 281-9663 that I learned about faith. One Sunday, I (
  2. 2. After graduating from high school I entered the Mercedarian Friars one another so that we can do God’s work on earth. We do not moving to their formation house in LeRoy , New York . My novice pray alone. We pray in solidarity as children of God. master during a class told us that first a Friar is called to be a Merce- Sometimes when a person dies, that person needs further darian, then a priest or a brother. It was then that I began to realize purification before he or she can enter heaven. We call that purifi- I was not called to be a religious, but a diocesan priest. Since my cation process, purgatory. earliest moments of discerning a vocation within the Church, before What is purgatory? I have heard many explanations over considering consecrated life, the priesthood was at the center of the years. I am going to offer an explanation that makes the most God’s call in my life. sense to me. Purgatory resembles a place or a process by which In 1997 I entered the Archdiocese of Hartford’s Pope we meet those people with whom we have had difficulties or con- Paul VI House of Formation while attending the University of Hart- flicts on earth. Purgatory provides us with the opportunity to re- ford. I received a B.A. with a double major in Philosophy and Eng- solve those issues. Once we reconcile with those individuals, we lish Literature. After my graduation, I was assigned to study at can make the transition to heaven. Once our anger and bitterness Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. I received is gone then we can enjoy God’s peace forever. an M.Div. and M.A. with a concentration in Sacred Scripture. I was Consequently, those in purgatory continue to need our ordained a priest on May 20, 2006 at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph prayers to help them make that leap from anger and hate to love. by the Archbishop Henry J. Mansell, D.D. My first assignment as a newly ordained priest was to Saint Joseph Church in Bristol, as pa- Those already in heaven, those that we have known and rochial vicar, and Saint Paul Catholic High School, as part time loved on earth pray for us on a regular basis so that we can deal chaplain. After serving in Bristol for three years, I was appointed as with the difficulties and complexities of life here on earth. pastor of Saint Augustine Church and School in Hartford and Di- The Church is not confined to earth. It also exists in rector of the Office of Hispanic Evangelization where I currently heaven. We are never alone. There is always a communion or a serve. communication between the natural and supernatural life. The diocesan priesthood, unlike the call to the conse- It is just a matter of time on earth before we join our fam- crated life, is a call to serve as a parish priest within a local Church ily and friends in the next world. In heaven there will be no more such as the Archdiocese of Hartford led by a Shepherd, the bishop, conflicts or suffering but only a peace and joy that will last forever. ours being Archbishop Henry Mansell. As a diocesan priest you are first called to be a priest—an icon of the eternal priesthood of God bless you. Jesus Christ—in a life of service to all. It is the diocesan priest who ~Monsignor Michael J. Motta lives within this world among the joys and hardships of individuals and families in a parish, yet to all lives as a sign, serving and leading others through this earthly life to the next in communion with ADULT FORMATION/ God. This is the life in which God has called me to—the priest- hood. EVANGELIZATION/RCIA Charity in Truth – Workshop Stay tuned! A workshop on the Holy Father’s new From the Director’s desk… encyclical will be held in the Spring. The event is being spon- sored by the Office of Religious Education, the Office for One is the Loneliest Number Catholic Social Justice Ministries, and the Office of the Diacon- The readings for Advent not only prepare us for the cele- ate. Information will be mailed shortly. bration of Christmas but they also speak about the end of the world. Preparing for Christmas is a much more pleasant topic than talking Lay Ministry about death. My ideas for the following were intended for the No- Do you know any lay people who are active in your vember newsletter. However, I did not get them in on time for that church in various ministries, but need some training? Our next publication. So, here they are for December. Merry Christmas and Lay Ministry classes will begin in September 2010. The Lay God bless you. Ministry Program could enhance your parish life by providing When all is said and done, you come to the realization that training for the lay volunteer. The Lay Ministry program is an life on earth is all about relationships with one another. When you 18 month formation program that includes classes in theology, respond to your brothers and sisters in need with care, compassion spiritual development and pastoral skills as well as a parish in- and generosity, God is very pleased. The reward for those charita- ternship. For more information check our website, www. ore- ble actions is eternal life in heaven where you will live forever with or call Mary Marsan at 860-243-9465. those very same brothers and sisters. Life in heaven is also about RCIA Workshops relationships. Our next RCIA Workshop will be held on Saturday, Our God is a God of mystery. Although God is one, God January 23, 2010 from 9 am to 12 noon at the Archdiocesan exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a relationship of love. St. Center at St. Thomas Seminary. This workshop will be on the John says that God is love and love is God. Love always exists in third period of the RCIA process, The Period of Purification and relationship. Enlightenment. The Presenter will be Lisa Orchen, Facilitator When we come to worship at Mass we come as a commu- for STEP, on-line courses, Notre Dame University. To register nity of faith and love looking for strength and encouragement from please use the enclosed flyer or call Mary Marsan 860-243- 9465, email Page 2
  3. 3. Adult Confirmation For Advent, the Catholic Biblical School Recommends— Adult Confirmation preparation classes will be held Hark! The Herald Prophets Sing: The Prophets on the Sundays of in the spring beginning on Tuesday, April 6, 2010. The adult Advent (Jeremiah, Baruch, Zephaniah and Micah) celebration for Confirmation will be on May 18, 2010 at the Where? St. Patrick-St. Anthony Parish, Hartford Cathedral of St. Joseph. Registration forms for spring Confir- When? Sat., Dec. 5, 9-3 and Sun., Dec. 6, 1-3 pm mation will be available on our web site at the end of January Who? Mr. Paul D. Sansone studied Scripture at the Catholic Univer- 2010. There will be classes in Spanish too. sity of America, Washington, D.C. and has been active in adult educa- Best Practices tion and faith formation for many years. Offering: $20.00 (includes lunch on Sunday) The Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Asso- Registration: Contact Fran Martyn at 860-756-4034 or fmar- ciation (PNCEA) has developed a program called “Best Prac- tices for Parishes”. It is a self-study and action planning tool. Notes: Attendance at this event will count as a “make-up” for Scrip- It enables parishes to assess seven dimensions of parish life ture Days missed in the past. This program is not sponsored by the using experiences and ministry experts. The assessments be- Catholic Biblical School. come the basis for planning and implementing improvements in specific ministry areas. Each dimension has its own work- “Year of the Priest”—A Biblical Perspective book with instructions and worksheets which can be During this Year of the Priests, Sr. Barbara Bozak, CSJ invites us to downloaded from the internet. The seven dimensions of par- think about how all baptized Christians are "Called to be a Priestly ish life are: Prayer and Worship, Catechesis, Evangelization, People." As we celebrate this year the gift that ordained Justice and Charity, Stewardship, Ministry to Family/Pastoral priesthood is to all of us, this presentation will challenge all of us to Care, and Community Building. For more information or to be a holy presence to others as we live from day to day. Join us order, go to on March 6, 2010, from 9:30 to noon at the Archdiocesan Center at New Resource St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield. A Concise Guide to Adult Faith Formation by Neil CBS Fifteenth Anniversary Publishing Contest A. Parent is now available from Ave Maria Press Beginning in January and for the entire CBS fifteenth- ( Neil Parent is the former Execu- anniversary year (2010), the Catholic Biblical School will be accept- tive Director of the National Conference for Catechetical ing entries for our Publishing Contest. Leaders. The book contains chapters on: The Adult as Chris- We are looking for brief, inspirational reflections based on a tian Disciple and Lifelong Learner, The Parish as Context for biblical text or theme. Entries should explore how that text or theme Adult Faith Formation, The Adult as Faith Learner, Attending connects with the contestant’s own life story. That is, entries should to the Voice of God as Teacher, Supporting the Independent show how the contestant’s faith and way of living have been influ- Learner, and Turning Vision into Reality. enced by their reading of the text or their understanding of the bibli- New resources for RCIA cal theme. and Adult Faith Formation Winning entries will demonstrate a solid understanding of biblical exegesis and interpretation as taught by the Catholic Church Apprentices in Faith, an online resource for the and the Archdiocesan Biblical School and will include reflection on RCIA is offered by RCL Benzinger. Apprentices in Faith is Catholic faith and living. organized according to the stages of the RCIA. Team mem- Submissions must not exceed 300 words and must be sub- bers can access and download as much as they need whenever mitted electronically to Winning entries will be they need it, including background information, session mate- chosen among all entries received in a given calendar month in 2010 rial and additional resources. Each session includes both cate- and will be published, with the author’s name and Biblical School chist and participant materials. For more information and to affiliation (if any), in the CBS Blog at http:// preview the site, go to Entries will not be returned and upon The Faith Connection is now online. The Faith Con- receipt become the property of the Archdiocese of Hartford Office of nection is a two-page resource that helps parishioners prepare Religious Education. for and respond to the Sunday Scripture readings they hear proclaimed at Mass. The Faith Connection online will enable Biblical School Events for Grads you to e-mail this weekly resource directly to your parishion- Mark Your Calendar: ers, post it on your web site or print it for faith formation March 6, 2010: Sr. Barbara Bozak, Called to Be a Priestly People gatherings. For more information or to subscribe go to: March 21, 2010: Sr. Mary Boys, The Passion and Death of Jesus April 24, 2010: Sr. Jewel Renna, Prayer and the Bible The Complete Catholic Biblical School Calendar is now ONLINE! CATHOLIC BIBLICAL SCHOOL For instructions on how to access the online calendar, type We’re blogging! Sign up to subscribe to BJ’s Bible Blog—get this URL ( into your browser and in the the latest news from the Catholic Biblical School sent directly white menu bar scroll down from “ORE Hartford” to “Catholic Bibli- to your email. Go to: and click on BJ’s cal School.” For more information contact Ms. Jill Costa in the Office photo, then enter your email address in the field provided. of Religious Education (860-243-9465, ext. 10). Page 3
  4. 4. CATHOLIC SCOUTING Generations of Faith Training Several parishes have asked about upcoming training Technology & sessions. One session will be in Orlando right before the Catholic Scouting and Camp Fire Fashion Me A People Conference. If we can get several par- In trying to keep up with today’s young people, busy ishes together, we could offer a program locally (the cost may Catholic Scout and Camp Fire Leaders as well as parents, we be prohibitive for individual parishes). If you are interested, have finally found another way to bring Catholic Scouting and please contact Pat Keck. Camp Fire to your your computer. Not only are we in Catechetical Leader Retreat the process of updating our Catholic Scouting handbook on our website but we are also blogging and Facebooking! They are Save the Date!!! Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at Enders Island great ways to get connected to other scouts and scout leaders as in Mystic. well as keep up to date on the latest and greatest in Catholic Scouting and Camp Fire. Check it out! Congress Keynote Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Scouting Website: A copy of the text presented by Dr. Adele Gonzalez, keynoter at the Religious Education Congress is available on National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire our blog. Go to and click on Pat Keck’s Website: blog. National Catholic Committee on Scouting: Interactive Connections Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Scouting & Camp Fire Blog: Would you like to join those whose goal is to pio- neer in the area of Digital Catechesis? If yes…join those who Facebook: will be attending INTERACTIVE CONNECTIONS for the first ever faith-based education technology conference in January 2010. Why attend? The conference will include an New NCCGSCF Logo Products Available E-approach to catechetical ministry, best practices and inspi- ration, nonstop networking opportunities and a collegial envi- The National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and ronment. The theme of the conference is “Catechesis in the Camp Fire has new logo products available. Visit 21st Century: Ministering in a Digital World”. It will take to purchase tote bags, polo shirts, cozy's, and place on January 12-January 15, 2010 at the Doubletree Re- patches with the new logo on it. sort Orlando, Florida. For more information or to register, Upcoming Events email Sr. Carolyn Cerveny at March 15, 2010: All applications and fees due from activity H1N1 Update books from all Catholic Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers. The latest update from the U.S. government offers a All applications due from activity books from Catholic Girl 30 page document entitled “H1N1 Flu: A Guide for Commu- Scouts and Camp Fire. nity and Faith-based Organizations” and is available for a free April 25, 2010: 3:00 pm.: Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic download at Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Recognition Sunday: cfboguidance.html. There are also some new free print re- Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary. sources available for downloading at May 16, 2010: 2:00 p.m.: Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Boy freeresources/print.htm. Scout Recognition Sunday: Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford. Please post these events in parish bulletins, websites and NCCL 2010 Annual Conference email. Contact Shannon Perzan for more information. Save the date! The National Conference for Cate- chetical Leadership annual conference is scheduled for April 18-22, 2010 at Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay tuned for more details regarding speakers, workshops, etc. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION NPCD 2010 Convocation The annual National Association of Parish Catechet- Fashion Me a People ical Directors convocation is scheduled for April 6-8, 2010 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. Save the date – January 7-9, 2010 at the Hilton Disney Workshops for Religious Education include: “Worship, Sac- Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Presented by the Center for Ministry raments and Catechesis”; “Connecting Parents and the Cate- Development, the theme of this fourth annual conference on life- chetical Program”; “Lifelong Catechesis – Junior High Spe- long faith formation (children, youth, adults, and intergenera- cific”; “Using Technology for Catechesis”; “Making Scrip- tional) is “The Word of God for All Ages”. Speakers include ture Come Alive”: “Spiritual Life: A Priority for Teachers Tom East, Steve Angrisano, JoAnn Paradise, Paul Henderson, and Catechists”; “Evangelizing and Catechizing Young Joan Weber, Leif Kehrwald, Tom Tomaszek, Santiago Fernandez Adults”: “Of One Heart: Integrating USCCB Doctrinal Ele- and many others. For information, go to ments with Pedagogical Design” and many more. For more information or to register, go to Page 4
  5. 5. New Free Games/Postcards books, textbooks and more. They also buy your unwanted, unused Religious Education Books © 1999 or newer. Visit Just a click away at Free for more information. We have a limited links for whole community catechesis (“Gather in My Name”), number of catalogs. To request one, contact Pat Keck. Question of the Week, Lives of the Saints, Catechist Articles (share ideas in the Catechist Corner!), resources for the family Creating A Catechetical Plan (“From My Home to Yours”), vocation articles (“Letter from Africa” and “Postcards from Vatican City”), activities for stu- A new resource from Rev. Robert D. Duggan, Creat- dents to celebrate the Year for Priests. For junior high students ing A Catechetical Plan: A How-To-Do-It Resource, is avail- – encourage students through online self-assessment. Fun for- able from the National Catholic Educational Association mats based on “We Live Our Faith” for grades 7 and 8. Interac- (NCEA). The manual contains a practical guide to the plan- tive games by chapter or unit include Hangman, Word Search, ning process (organize the planning process, form the core Multiple Choice or Crosswords. Most games can be printed out team, assess your current reality, write the plan, implement the for students with limited online access. For games – go to plan, and evaluate continually. It contains planning work- sheets (goals, objectives and strategies), a sample plan, and resources for core team formation. Available at Catechist Magazine on Facebook You can now interact with CATECHIST magazine on Facebook! Become a fan of CATECHIST magazine’s Face- book page and you’ll receive regular posts that will support you YOUTH MINISTRY in your mission and that you can share with your friends. Catholic Youth Spectacular 2010 You’ll find regular reflections on the daily Gospel and weekly ideas for sharing the upcoming Sunday Gospel with your stu- It seems so far away but it will be here before you dents, features and tips for your classroom, and information know it. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2010. Keynote: Jesse from across the Internet. To receive these regular postings, you Manibusan. Location: Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas must have a Facebook account. You can set up an account eas- Seminary. Time is 2:00-7:00 pm. All information (overview of ily and quickly by visiting To become a the day which includes dates for management committee meet- fan of CATECHIST magazine on Facebook and receive regular ings (December 9th 1:30 at ORE), meeting dates for a Diocesan postings search CATECHIST magazine from your Facebook Youth Council (DYC) to help plan the day (first one is Febru- home. ary 20th 10:00 am.-2:00 pm.); and ways to promote the day; intent to participate form (REQUESTED RETURN DATE is The Catholic Faith & Family Bible by Christmas); Save the date flyer for youth that you can cus- The Center for Ministry Development, in partnership tomize; permissions; registration form; code of behavior) is at with Our Sunday Visitor Curriculum Division, has developed a Send in your intent forms new resource for intergenerational faith formation – The Catho- especially if you have youth who want to be on the Diocesan lic Faith & Family Bible. If your parish is engaged in whole Youth Council (DYC). Poster attached/ included with this community catechesis, Generations of Faith, and/or intergenera- mailing. tional faith formation, the Catholic Faith & Family Bible is a Souper Bowl of Caring resource for both the gathered learning setting and the home. Text articles explore all aspects of Catholic faith and practice. Sign up now and get ready to participate in Souper There are more than 85 text articles addressing all aspects of Bowl of Caring on February 7, 2010. Get more information or Catholic faith and practice. To order or for more information, register your group at Participate in a go to service blitz. Amazing Catechists Disciple Project For Catechists, Parents, Youth Ministers and those in Prepare and serve a meal at the Immaculate Shelter in Adult Formation Ministries: Another free site…they are just Hartford. Available dates 2009-2010: January 17 . February getting started, but the services will include: A point-and-click 14, 21, 28. April 4, 18. May 8, 9. Book a Hunger 101 session archive of tips from readers and fellow catechists, arranged by to prepare your youth for this project or other projects you grade level or program, called “Tips and Insights”, Forums for have scheduled that deal with poverty/ hunger. sharing and connecting with other catechists in both English and Spanish, Columns in English and Spanish, Bible stories retold Standing as One Human Family for use in your homes and classrooms, Children’s religious art- Bring your peer ministers, youth advisors, social jus- work, Videos, photos and audio contributions from readers on tice committee, other interested youth and adults to a life alter- absolutely anything that relates to teaching and enjoying our ing in-service “Training of Trainers” on Friday, February 26th faith together. Go to or Saturday, February 27th 10:00-4:00 at the Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary. Registration begins at 9:30. ESCO Cost is only $20.00 per person (bring 5 or more and its Educational Sales Company (ESCO) sells religious $15.00pp) and includes lunch and all materials. Registration education books – Catholic Bibles, Catechisms, children’s flyer on our website. Page 5
  6. 6. Solidarity Saturday Youth Charity Dance A Social Justice youth rally on Saturday, March 20, Join youth from around the Archdiocese on January 2010 10:00-6:00 at the Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Semi- 16, 2010 (snow date January 23rd) 7:30-10:30 for the ever nary, Bloomfield. Interactive activities and informed speakers popular fun(d) youth charity dance in its 11th year!! Spon- will raise awareness of social injustice issues in the world - hun- sored and held at the parish center at St. James Church, ger, violence, human trafficking and more – and what we can do Rocky Hill, coordinated by Sharon Gagne. 860-712-5245 or about it. Registration begins at 9:30 and we start promptly at The theme of the dance is “Barnyard 10:00. Cost is $15.00 pp (bring 5 or more and its $10.00 pp). Boogie for the Hartford Catholic Worker”. The proceeds will Includes lunch and a light snack. Registration flyer on our web- go to Hartford Catholic Worker http:// site. Looking for help to plan this day. Admission to the dance is $8.00. Teens should also bring a “New” stuffed animal and Corporal Works of Mercy Project items from the wish list.. The dress for the dance is country - Check out this website for a possible service project Jeans are encourage. Decorations for the dance are also a fundraiser within your parish – parishioners buy a paper cow- boy hat for $1.00, color in, and return to decorate the room. Youth Ministry Basics Class Contact Sharon for a template and the wish list. Help with Great training for ALL your catechists and youth volun- decorating, food, drinks, and cleaning up for the dance is ap- teers. Call Shawnee to sign up volunteers or to schedule training preciated. Spaces for the dance are limited so reserve your at your parish. $100.00 pp. Discounts for additional persons from spots early. Deadline to register is Jan10th For every 10 the same parish. youths there must be one chaperone. Please make sure your chaperones have had their protecting God’s children training. January 8-10th – the whole series. Location St Francis Xavier, New Milford. Starts with dinner at 6:00 Friday. Goes to World Youth Day – Madrid 2011 @10:00 pm. Saturday is a full day 8:30am-10:00pm with breaks for food and Mass. Sunday is 8:30-2:30. Bring your stamina and Sharon Gagne (St. James, Rocky Hill) is coordinat- spending money for shared meals. Register your interest by Janu- ing a World Youth Day pilgrimage to Madrid, Spain (August ary 4th. 15-21st ) with a pre-trip to Fatima, Road to St. James, and Avia. Contact Sharon if you are interested in one or both op- Just5Days - Summer Mission Opportunity tions: or 860-712-5245 http:// The Center for Ministry Development has designed a new program, Just5Days, to help teams of middle schoolers and Candlelight Vigil their adult leaders grow in their Catholic faith while serving their brothers and sisters in need. Just5Days will be in Springfield, Get youth involved and learn more about the on- MA the week of July 12-16, 2010. We are excited to tell you going Genocide in Sudan. The "Light on Sudan on the Short- more about Just5Days and Young Neighbors in Action, our high est Day" candlelight vigil – organized by the St. Joseph Col- school service learning program. Learn how these programs can lege Social Work Student Alliance takes place December 21st help to grow your youth ministry – in the parish and Catholic in front of Saint Joseph College along Asylum Avenue. Par- school. ticipants are to line the side of the streets (on school property) in visible solidarity with the people of Sudan. The vigil will Please join us for a Come and See event... include speakers from the community and begins at 6:00p.m. Saturday, December 5, 2009, 11 AM –12:15 PM Contact Tracy Knight with any questions 860.707.0897 Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament 127 Holyoke Road, Westfield Adoration Find out about CMD’s vision for service learning and how it will Adoration returns to St. Bartholomew, Manchester benefit the young people you work with. If you can’t come to every third Friday at 7:15 with music by the R.O.C.K Group. this gathered event, please join us from the comfort of your com- Contact Vicky Rispoli at 860-646-1613 for more information puter. • December 10, 3-4:15 PM (EST) – Just5Days and Young Neighbors • December 14, 2-3:15 PM (EST) - Just5Days • January 14, 11 AM-12:15 PM (EST) – Just5Days and Young Neighbors YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY CREDO: Web site Get a RSVP: Please register for any of these Come and See opportuni- newsletter by writing to P.O. Box 1236, Glastonbury, CT ties by contacting Nancy at 253-853-5422 or 06033. For more information about the programs: St. Patrick, Enfield: Saturdays 7:00-8:30. Contact: John - Ann Marie Eckert, Coordinator, 716-819- Miller (413) 786-3023 0925 and St. Rose, New Haven (Spanish): Sundays at 6:00 p.m. - Sean T. Lansing, Coordinator, 414- Contact: German Hernandez: 203-865-6149 875-9866 and Page 6
  7. 7. St. Mary, New Haven: Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Contact: John Alvaro 203-562-6193 OTHER Rock Group Holy Hour: Fridays: 7:15 pm: 1st Friday: Our Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center Lady of Mt. Carmel, Waterbury; 2nd Friday: Holy Spirit, Newington; 3rd Friday: St. Bartholomew, Manchester. 4th Go to for the program Friday: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Meriden; guide for December, 2009 – February, 2010. Caritas Christi Center A website to surprise, challenge & support you in making meaningful faith connections. Two December events: Advent Evening of Reflection and Simple Supper: Catholic Dinner Club (for ages 18+) Wednesday, December 2, 6-9 pm. Sr. Carol Perry, a Scripture Prayer 6:00. Dinner 6:45. Speaker 8:00. Members scholar, will speak on the Advent Readings in the Gospel of pay $20.00 pp. Non-members pay $25.00 pp Luke. A simple supper will be served followed by a Taize Make reservations by the first Friday of the month. Come Prayer Service. Donation: $10 adults, $5 students and seniors. @7:30 for the speaker only ( $10.00pp). Questions? Contact Eucharist as Meal, Sacrifice and Real Presence: Keith 860-747-3513 or Thursday, December 3, 7-8:30 pm. The Center will present an interactive DVD series by Fr. Robert Barron, Professor at Mun- Theology on Tap, New Haven 2009-10 season delein Seminary. He gives a fresh look at the Eucharist and its spiritual meaning as sacrifice. Discussion and personal applica- Held on Mondays in the back room of Bar, 254 tion will follow. Facilitated by Sr. Patricia Cigrand, ASCJ. Crown Street, New Haven. Check out Suggested donation is $10. for more information. To register or for more information: (203) 281-2569. Catholic Underground Saturdays 7:30pm - 10:30pm. St. James Church, EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 896 Main Street, Manchester. See Visit our website at for more information about this ministry. 2009 Calendar Reminder: Go to and click on calendar. All of our events for Religious Education, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, RCIA, Adult Confirmation, Biblical School, Catholic Scouting, Lay Ministry, and CYO Sports are included. You can list the events by date, print the calendar, click on an event/workshop to get all of the information regarding times and locations or you can search for an event. If you have any questions, contact Pat Keck. Remember to check often. New events will be added and others updated. Page 7
  8. 8. Merry Christmas from the Archdiocese of Hartford Office of Religious Education Archdiocese of Hartford NON-PROFIT Office of Religious Education U.S. POSTAGE PAID 467 Bloomfield Avenue PERMIT #4 Bloomfield, CT 06002 BLOOMFIELD CT Page 8