Craap evalutaion of meme


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Craap evalutaion of meme

  1. 1. The Gender Pay Gap: Challenging the Rationalizations. Perceived Equity, Discrimination,and the Limits of Human Capital Models.Currency: The article was published April 26, 2012. It was put in the Sex Role in Feb. 2013,Vol. 68 Issue 3/4, pg. 169-185.-Both new and old sources are needed for this article.-The links were functional. The bibliography is from 2012.Relevance:-Yes, the information relates to the topic. It gives me a lot of statistics from around the world.-I think the intended audience is young women either in college or entering into the work force.-I read over three other articles before I choose this one.-Yes, I’d be comfortable citing this source for a research paper. I think my professor would be okwith it as well. It’s an Academic Journal from our MU libraries database and has a lot of currentstatistics.Authority:-Author: Hilary M. LipsPublisher: Springer Science and Business Media, LLC 2012Source: Sex Role, Feb 2013, Vol. 68 Issue 3/4, Pg. 169-185-Credentials:1965-67 University of Ottawa Science1967-70 University of Windsor B.A.(Hons.) 1970 Psychology1970-74 Northwestern University M.A. 1973 Social PsychologyNorthwestern University Ph.D. 1974 Social PsychologyProfessional Affiliations:Canadian Psychological Association (Fellow)American Psychological Association (Fellow)
  2. 2. APA Divisional Memberships: General Psychology (1)Society for the Teaching of Psychology (2)Experimental Psychology (3)Personality and Social Psychology (8)Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (9)Psychology of Women (35)Association for Women in PsychologySoutheastern Womens Studies AssociationSoutheastern Psychological Association-Yes, the author is qualified to write about this topic she has a lot of knowledge about it.-Yes, the Authors contact information is on it:H.M LipsDepartment of Psychology, Radford UniversityBox 6946, Radford, VA 24142, curriculum Vitae tells a lot about her career and her achievements. I believe what it saysbecause it states every little thing she’s done. It has also been recently updated so it has the mostrecent information (May 22, 2013)Accuracy:-The information comes from her books and the U.S. Census Bureau.-The information is supported by a lot of statistics.-You can verify the information from a lot of different sources, there are a lot of articles on thissubject. I feel like I have a little bit of knowledge about this subject; I have been in the workforce for a long time.-I think that there is some emotion in this article. I think it might be a little bias as well.-As far as I saw there are no grammatical errors in this article.Purpose:-I think the purpose of this article is to inform everyone about what is going on in the world thatwe don’t realize or see.-The author makes her purpose very clear.-The statistics and article it’s self are facts.
  3. 3. -The point of view appears to be objective.-I think there are personal, cultural and political biases in this article.Taking Sides. Clashing views in gender.Authority:-Author: Jacquelyn W. WhitePublisher: McGraw-Hill 2009-Credentials:Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her research focuseson gender issues.She recently completed a term as director of Women’s Studies. She also was past president forthe Psychology of Women.-Yes this author is qualified to write about this topic. She has published many articles on thistopic and help may others write on this topic.-Yes, the author’s publisher is in the book???????????????????- The curriculum vitae has thing about the authors career. I believe it because it’s her wholecareer.