FIRSTFare 2012 competitive analysis presentation


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FIRSTFare 2012 competitive analysis presentation

  1. 1. Scouting FRCCompetitive Analysis at FIRSTCompetitions
  2. 2. Who am I?Tucker GordonFlaming Chicken (2009-2013)1540 Co-Captain (2011-2013)Head scout (2009-2011)Competitive Analysis Manager (2011-2013)
  3. 3. OverviewWhy scouting?FRC Competition StructureHow to scout Pre-Competition Pit Scouting and Webcast Scouting Match Scouting Alliance SelectionFinal thoughts / Q+A
  4. 4. Why is scoutingimportant?One team can make or break an allianceRequires relatively few resourcesOpportunity for lots of members to get involvedEssential for alliance selectionLeg up on the competitionFIRST rankings are unreliableJudges like it
  5. 5. Scouting Procedure:Pre-Competition ScoutingPit ScoutingMatch Scouting Data and CommentsConsolidating and Picking
  6. 6. Pre-CompetitionScoutingLots of teams go to 2 regionals Find ones that you’re competing against Watch them and take notesTheBlueAlliance.com
  7. 7. Pit ScoutingThursday afternoonBasic information Height/weight Autonomous Preferred position Quality Drive train
  8. 8. MatchScouting: (Mostly Friday)
  9. 9. Methods of Scouting:Lots of paperSmartphone/tablet appsSpreadsheetsDatabases
  10. 10. Paper-based ScoutingLogomotion: Breakaway:
  11. 11. Smartphone/TabletApps:
  12. 12. Databases:CowscoutBlue AllianceCheesy Scout
  13. 13. Roles:At least 8 scouts Shifts make people happy1 or 2 supervisors in stands Manage shifts and communicate to drive team1 or 2 managers (can be supervisors) Compile list Executive decisions on list
  14. 14. Things to TrackEvery matchMatch scorePoints scored by each teamAuto vs tele-opPosition (starting and during match)Other pertinent statistics
  15. 15. Making a Pick-List:
  16. 16. Data ManagementMaster spreadsheetSortable with different statsWritten comments!Develop a formula (ax+by+cz...ect) Helps to create ranking scores
  17. 17. Friday Night Hold a meeting Bring anyone who’s interested Make picklist subject to change Mark teams to watch on Saturday
  18. 18. What’s in a Pick? First Picks: Scoring Autonomous End game Second Picks: Defense Autonomous End game
  19. 19. Ranking Teams: Go team-by-team 2 Lists: First picks and second picks First run-through Eliminate teams Narrow list down to 23 Rank top 23 teams
  20. 20. Strategic Preparation:Look at current FIRST rankingsWho could pick you? Will you say yes or no?Make list
  21. 21. The Pick-ListPaper or tablet (make sure internet is off)Picker = head scoutAbility to cross off teams that have been pickedInclude 3 lists: First picks Second picks Yes/no
  22. 22. SaturdayObserve robots and adjust pick listDon’t need to do heavy scouting Chance for scouts to relax and have funBeware of admirers!Don’t be an admirer
  23. 23. SaturdayHave your head scout make your picks Knows the mostDon’t be afraid to say no
  24. 24. Story Time
  25. 25. Final Thoughts:Look at Chiefdelphi.comScouting can make or break youLots of teams don’t do itGetting everyone involved
  26. 26. Questions?gordont@catlin.eduEmail me, I love this stuff