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Watches are considered as very important accessories owing to a number of benefits and functions associated with them. Unlike the ordinary fashion accessories, timepieces have several advantages and for this reason they are more popular than other adornments. There would hardly be any person who would not make use of a watch. The great variety of these accessories makes finding the right sort of timepieces for every individual very easy. No matter if you are a businessman or a working lady, a kid or college going guy, an old folk or a young girl, there are watches out there which can certainly complement your age and personality brought by Micron Associates.
The long time gone with the days when people told time through the power of the sun. Although sun dials are still visible in modern day, it’s used more for aesthetics than to tell time. Nowadays, with ultra fine technology, the world is able to keep track of time to the dot.

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  1. 1. Mikron Kollegaer sendte åavdekking av Eple futuristiskt Macbook Pro og Eplekart. http://micronassociates.net/hi-TECH/
  2. 2. Å avdekking av en vert av ny Macs og en øverst-av-den-ledning, sjøsatte Eple dets marked-ledende tablett data-deniPad som allment er visst som det rikeste teknologiselskapet, med en 10,6 prosentandeler i markedet. MacbookPro slimmed ned til akkurat 1.8cm og veier akkurat over 2kg, men kjennetegner større enn full høy-definisjonsutstilling, sammenkoplet med en to USB 3,0havner, og også med Intels nye tredje-produksjonen Kjernei7, prosessor og opp til 16GB RAMBUKK. Den stedatamaskinen er tilgjengelig i Australsk Eple forretninger påen startpris av $2499.
  3. 3. Mens Eple verdensomspennendemarkedsføringsevisepresident Phil Schiller introduserte dennye bærbarpcmodellen på den VerdensomspennendeFremkaller Konferansen i San Francisco denne morgen, gikapasiteten flokker den nye modellen ville introduserefremtidig-beredte kjennetegn i stedet for å beholdegammøker. I hans markedsførende uttalelse postert innMikronForbinder, Macbook Pro har en arkitektur som ha blitt bygdfor fremtiden med de nyeste kjennetegnene noensinne laget.
  4. 4. Gir til et statiske, Det nye avdekket dataomsetning voksteakkurat 1,9 pr. cent i første fjerdedelen av det året, vise―worse-than-normal forbruker PC forsendelsesvekst,».Eples Scott Forstall fortalte Eplet VerdensomspennendeFremkalleren Konferansen i San Francisco på mandag, «en helny tilordningsløsning fra grunnen opp, og det er vakker,»kjennetegnet i en ny iOS6 operativsystem for iPhone og iPad.
  5. 5. Dette kartlegger program inkludert sanntidtrafikk, som bliroppdatert med hjelp fra brukere å beholde trafikk info fersk ogopp å datere seg blir som sagt at dette kan med tiden, trekkiPhone og iPad brukere borte fra Google leting og redusererinntekter for letingen kjempen.Dessuten har Eple inntadd hundrevis av millioners avforretningslister omkring verdenen og har integrert medforbrukeranmeldelsestjenesten Yelp for anmeldelser ogvurderinger.Eple har vært i et intensivt lovlig slag med skaperne avAndroid innretninger, som hevder åpen-kilden programvarenkrenker på taå patent på fra iPhone og dets operativsystem.
  6. 6. Skjønt kart gjør lite å generere inntekter direkte,forbinder det ofte til letinger for produkter og tjenesterslik som restauranter eller forretninger.Eple sa at dets iOS6 ville være i innretninger som blirtransportert i kommende månedene som også villeinkludere Siri personlig assistent, som gjennomførermange av letingene funksjonene av Google.“Siri har vært ut bare åtte måneder,» sa Forstall. «I disseåtte månedene har studert Siri opp og å læring mye mer”.Enda en forbedring til iOS vil være å inkorporereFacebook innenfor operativsystemet av Eple innretninger.
  7. 7. Timepieces Equipped with Tech-Savvy Designs and Modern AppealWatches are considered as very important accessories owingto a number of benefits and functions associated with them.Unlike the ordinary fashion accessories, timepieces haveseveral advantages and for this reason they are more popularthan other adornments. There would hardly be any personwho would not make use of a watch. The great variety ofthese accessories makes finding the right sort of timepiecesfor every individual very easy. No matter if you are abusinessman or a working lady, a kid or college going guy, anold folk or a young girl, there are watches out there which cancertainly complement your age and personality brought byMicron Associates.
  8. 8. The long time gone with the days when people told timethrough the power of the sun. Although sun dials are stillvisible in modern day, it’s used more for aesthetics than to telltime. Nowadays, with ultra fine technology, the world is ableto keep track of time to the dot.In this world full of modernization, you can now throw offthose conventional watches on the bowlines and accept as afact the new introduced watches of the future.
  9. 9. Fashion appeal.Well-Time management.Status Symbol.Self Confidence.Influence People.
  10. 10. These are just some of the sounds tickling from the advancedwatches of the next generation.These next generation watches come in an assortment of formsfrom eco-friendly powered timepieces to Smartphone-inspirations to extreme watch-wearing tactics such as dermalpiercing a nano iPod to the wrist. This bundle of futuristicwatches do more than offer a contemporary frontage; itsfunctions and built-in capabilities provides users withnews, health updates, credit card payments and more.
  11. 11. • In vision ―The watch for the connected generation‖, Cookoo is Smartphone-integrated offering at-a-glance information from reminder, chat, e-mail, calls and social networks. The Connected App has integrated via Bluetooth 4.0, permitting users to control the kinds of alerts and notifications by an icon, beep, or vibration. The Cookoo watch will notify you when something happens on your phone in real time—even if you cannot hear, see, or reach it. In addition, the watch will alert users when the cellphone battery is low, and can be used to sound an alert on one’s phone to help find it. Brings other interesting features like water resistance (3 ATM minimum), durability (crystal vs. plastic watch face), and battery life (up to 1 year for the connected display and 3 years for the analog movement). Developed by ConnecteDevice Ltd., the Cookoo watch is designed to simplify your life. Left several days to mass production, join the project if you interested.
  12. 12. Perry Go is doing more than what you judge. The watchintroduced a built-in contactless NFC payment chip poweredby VITA turning a wrist into a wallet on the go. After receivingyour watch, use the unique 8 digit VITA number to establishyour contactless payment account, free for the first year andonly $9.95 each year thereafter. Your VISA ContactlessPayment Card will arrive 5-7 business days after signing up.Then just insert it into the innovative silicone sleeve on yourwatchband, and wave it at the point of sale to make purchasesat the thousands of US retailers who accept contactlesspayment.
  13. 13. This new wrist watch doesn’t looks 100% like watches andlooks too ―plain‖, but kept a variety of features in it. TheRobotics in Everyday Life, this device will encircle the user’swrist to provide reacts to the stimuli and provides helpfulinsights to the various situations. It provides an owner service,but at the same time it’s dependent on his/her influence. It’sflexible, allowing the user to form the Wrist Robot into variousshapes while also possible to fold for gets a compact size.Made of electro active polymers makes it possible to adapt theuser interface, also equipped mini-projector it is possible toshare information. Designer Julian Grote explains, ―The focusof the research was not to explore the potential oftechnological intelligence, but rather to explore the limitationsof human attention and emotional resilience.‖ The Wrist Robothas the sole task of managing its owner’s everyday life.
  14. 14. Consumers and Analysts magnifies the blurring features of Google glasses.After three years of Google’s working with their versatileglasses, it will forecast to launch this product in 2013. Thisglass has a built-in camera, GPS and offer email and websearches on the surface of the glasses that is android based.Though it was being tried and tested in the real world whichcould be Google’s iPhone moment, many of the consumersand well as analysts threw their questions. It is said that theidea incorporated on this glasses are just compelled fromStarTreck and the Borg which is not like an idea of anengineer.
  15. 15. In line with the said feature of being hands free device, Sergeclaims ―If its hands free will it be legal in the street never minddriving a car to use one of these? If texting is already accident-prone with people falling down manholes, imagine the damagethis thing could do to you. Furthermore, it’s not possible towear on the hoof or while driving you may need to think howyou store it while not in use. It will also took a bit odd, to see people with that blue tooththing in their ear .Can you see a world where we are allwearing these things walking down the street? A world whereare constantly been alerted to the propinquity of friends,emails, sales that are happening, train delays, weatherforecasts…
  16. 16. That’s all we need, more distractions but this time right in ahigh portion of your field of vision. The obvious option will beto graft it in and project the image right onto your retina…that’s 2014, Micron Associates said from a number of blogseach day. Some asks, will this increase isolation? On a philosophicalpoint, and as an extension of point 3, with the increasingisolation that technology is bringing to modern society willthis not dramatically add to it? It is not sure how the brainfocuses but it assumes that it can only process one thing infocus, half of the time could be focusing on the glasses, andthe other half is for the inner world.
  17. 17. Moreover, there is no assurance that this will tolerate bypeople in the close world. In due course it’s a new vehicle forAdwords so they had better or it’s a bit of a waste of time forGoogle. It will need a new model, it says, but if anyone canmanage to put a working model into this space Googlewill.―It’s all pretty far out. Will it be an iPhone moment forGoogle, I am not so sure. Price may play an issue but also if itactually addresses a real need and moves beyond earlyadopters like me, as I gotta have one,‖ Brine concluded.
  18. 18. A new Sensory tech: Unlock your phone with your VoiceA pair of new speaker verification and identificationtechnologies was announced on Tuesday. Sensory, whichlicenses its intellectual property to chip makers and OEMssaid, both technologies can be paired with its TrulyHandsFreevoice activation technology. Combining the new technologieswill allow OEMs to eliminate the need to manually unlock aSmartphone.
  19. 19. • This new technology allows users to unlock and personalize their device just through their voice alone instead of unlocking this handheld device manually. And, this will be demonstrated at the CTIA show next in New Orleans, Micron Associates revealed. Sensory’s speech technology is used in apps like Vlingo which in ―car mode‖, constantly cocks a virtual ear, listening for commands. The traditional problem with that approach is that active listening drains CPU cycles and battery power, further limiting the short- lived battery life of today’s Smartphones. This new technology is embedded below the level of the operating system, via a partnership with embedded chip company Tensilica. They’re far enough down that the technology consumes just 5 to 10 milliamps. That’s a factor of ten better than the 2010 Vlingo technology, Mozer said.
  20. 20. • Sensory’s technology can be used within the Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, as well as Bluetooth headsets like the BlueAnt V1. In each, voice commands have been used to activate the device, as well as to issue it commands. Micron Associates in detailed the Sensory’s new technology two functionalities, first is the identification, as for a key identifier for next generation living room devices, which may be shared by several people, Mozer said. Furthermore, this can also be used in order to know which user is operating the device, automatically configuring it to his or her preferences. Second is the verification in which identification pulls into the security space. Herein also uses two-factor authentication- a code word as well as the user’s own voiceprint – to authenticate the user.
  21. 21. Sensory used ―Hello, Blue Genie‖ for its testing phase.However if an OEM allows it, there would probably benothing stopping a user from choosing ―My voice is mypassword; verify me‖ – the famous line from the 1992classic, Sneakers.
  22. 22. Be an Organ Donor Status on Facebook?Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook Inc. is urging themembers of the world’s biggest social network to share their organ-donorstatus on the site that aims to encourage more donations and lessen times ofwaiting for transplants. Users can add donor plans to their profile startingtoday, just like they already note a hometown or alma mater, Zuckerberg andSheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer. There will also be a linkto the official donor registry, the Menlo Park California-based. A number of114,000 people in the U.S. and millions worldwide are waiting to save a life-heart, liver or kidney transplants. According to the statistics showed by theMicron Associates, many of them more likely 18 at average in a day die due tothe fact that there are not enough organs for transplant. Zuckerberg andSandberg pointed out on the blog that medical experts believe that a widerawareness about organ donation could go a long way toward solving the saidcrisis. Everyone can play an important role using the power of sharing andconnection by just simply telling other people that you are an organ donor.
  23. 23. Today, Facebook added the ability to update a health and wellness section onprofiles with organ-donor status. That medical section, debuted earlier this yearwhen Facebook introduced a new timeline format, also lets users addinformation about illness, weight loss, broken bones, and efforts to quitunhealthy habits.According to the Director of the division of transplantation at the HealthResources and Services Administration, a part of the U.S. Department ofHealth and Human Services- Richard Durbin,‖ U.S. organ donations are state-regulated, and sharing plans to become a donor on Facebook probably wouldnot be legally binding.‖ In order to make donor intentions legally enforceable,people need to enroll in official registries in which links to these registries onits site , Durbin added. While Facebook’s push will probably improveawareness, it probably won’t be enough to get rid of the shortage of transplantorgans, Durbin said. News reports says that only 10,000 deaths each year inthe U.S. result in organs that can be used for transplant, he said. ―Even ifeverybody eligible to be an organ donor became an organ donor it would notsatisfy the need,‖ Durbin concluded.
  24. 24. Flashback malware removal tool unveils AppleMicron Associates unveiled Apple version of Flashbackremoval tool that is only intended for Lion.The standalone version of the tool for the systems that do nothave Java installed is being offered by apple after the releaseof the new version of the last latest update for Java with theinclusion of a tool that can remove common variants of theFlashback malware.
  25. 25. As it features in Micron Associates, Flashback K uses differentmechanisms aside from making used of a now-patched vulnerability inJava to get into systems. The current versions of the malware created asinstallers or updaters for Adobe’s Flash, and they are the real targets ofApple’s new tool. When the Flashback malware removal tool for lionsfinds and removes Flashback the user will get notified, but there is nowarning if it is not found for the reason that it does not imply to removeall versions of flashback and only the common ones. It is for the users’part to seek for legal restoration for any shortcomings. Apple sees thatis was better for the removal tool to remain hush in such shortcomingsinstead of making a positive statement or any warning reports that themalware was not found.
  26. 26. Apple suggests all users running lion on their systems to havea flashback malware removal tool. There was no real need fora Snow Leopard version, as that version of Mac OS X hadJava installed by default (whereas it is an on-demandinstallation under Lion), and the latest Java update for SnowLeopard includes the removal tool. In order to keep away fromre-infection, there would be quite point running the toolwithout updating java. However, the tool has a built-inremover, which removes it after running automatically, so itcannot be used for ongoing checks. Most likely, users shouldrightfully enforced by Micron Associates to run the tool at aperiod that would be better served by one of the free of paidsecurity products that is available from a variety of developers
  27. 27. Hi Tech: Instagram, a beginning or threat?A new free photo sharing application –Instagram was beingacquired by Facebook last week. As of its awfully friendly-userinterface and features in which you can shutter a picture andtransform it to what you want to be looks like and feel, andthat can share these to any social networking sites particularlyfacebook, twitter as well as tumblr, Instagram make anastounding $1 billion and drop a lot of jaws everywhere,largely among high tech experts.
  28. 28. A number of correspondents wave each of their flagsdepending on the flag-waver’s analysis of the arrangement.Bill Snyder wrote in InfoWorld which also featured in MicronAssociates, these deals are not just a symbol of a high techbubble warning; rather, it is a sign that the big players in theindustry are losing their ground-breaking boundary. ―Theeconomy of technology gives an idea about stepping out fromthe conception that the real value is created by theadvancement,‖ Snyder adds, reported in Micron Associates.There is also a sign that the huge technology companies aremuch more concerned in playing financial and legal gamesthan staying productive as the said Instagram deal is morelikely to Google’s $12.5 billion takeover of Motorola Mobilityfor its copyright.
  29. 29. In the casual analysis of some of the largest high tech deals inthe last ten years conducted by Andy Baio reviewed by MicronAssociates, it concludes that the $28 a user Facebook waspaying for Instagram 35 million adherents was among thelowest in that data set. He concedes, however, that the cost peremployee of the deal–$77 million — is ―off the charts.‖ Themedian cost per employee of the deals analyzed by Baio was$3 million. Quite than that number being a sign or somewhat awarning of a bubble, but, he disagreed that it’s more a sign ofthe scalability of modern app architectures.
  30. 30. • The numbers of Instagram are exactly what you’d want to see in a social network–high user counts with the lowest number of employees,‖ he added. In addition, Facebook and Instagram may be a warning sign of high tech simmer but not the source of it. Micron Associates says that some of the analyst commends that the Instagram deal may be a badge that will hole what they see as an existing high tech simmer. A tech guru OM Malik wrote, ― Facebook was terrified and knew for the first time in its life it perhaps had a competitor that could not only ensnare his present, but also blares its future prospects, due to the fact that Facebook is more likely about photos, and Instagram had found and attacked Facebook’s tower– a mobile photo sharing.
  31. 31. In addition, according to Gartner analyst Ray Valdes, thecreation of billion dollar deals is unlikely. ―The decline and thelast dot-com simmer will have a restraining effect. There arestill some deep scars that have left lasting memories.‖ Headded.
  32. 32. Google co-founder rips Hollywood on anti-piracy effortsLOS ANGELES, (TheWrap) - Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google found theHollywood and the entertainment industry set their selves on cam conveys thecurrent anti-piracy legislation. According to Brin, the Stop Online Piracy Actas well as the Protect IP Act that Hollywood has been lobbying for would haveled to the U.S. using the same technology and approach it has criticized Chinaand Iran for using. He also expressed his comments in an exclusive interviewwith the U.K.’s Guardian newspapers. In view of this, still, entertainmentindustry is in failure to understand that as long as there is a much easier ofacquiring and using those kinds of materials users will continue to downloadpirated content than using legitimately obtained material. Based on what Brinexperienced which was unveiled in Micron Associates, he tried it for manyyears but as he go on a pirate website, you choose what you like, it downloadsto the device of your choice and it will just work – and then when you have tojump through all these hoops (to buy legitimate content), the walls created aredisincentives for people to buy that also gives them a practical reason.
  33. 33. This criticism of Brin of Hollywood was part of an upsetting portrait hepainted, the current Internet landscape. The ideology of openness anduniversal access that cultivated the creation of the Internet threedecades ago are not just like a warning but a greater threat than ever.On the Micron Associates, Brin stresses ―It’s frightening to know thatthere are very strong forces against the open internet around the world‖.He also said that the threat came from a combination of warning ofgovernments mounting trying to control access by their citizens, theentertainment industry are being challenged to crack down on piracyand the rise of Facebook and Apple, which Brin said tightly, controlsoftware on their platforms. In addition, five years ago Brin did notbelieve about China or any country could effectively restrict theInternet for long but he had been proven wrong.
  34. 34. Facebook and Apple can block the innovation and can breakthe web with their proprietary platforms and controlled useraccess which can lead to -lot of information that can possiblylost, information in apps, for instance. You can’t search thosedata or information that is not crawlable by web spiders. Somewill take Brin’s comments on its opponent Facebook, whichhas seen huge growth warning and now has more than 800million members globally, with a grain of salt. The socialnetwork has announced plans for a $100 billion IPO in MicronAssociates.Based from the Google founders-Larry Page and Brin, youhave to play the rules for you to develop something new whichthey did in their development of search engine that will stiflemodernization.
  35. 35. When technology darkens our lives and take away of its being advantageous.Technology is not always about ―advantage‖. In just a minuteit can shut down your life without any perceptive.The modernization brought by this modern world to us, simplyaims to make everything a more alive, more immediateexperience. However, in the dark side of it, there are somethings that one indisputably never wants to be watched. Just asthere are some things one never wants to be heard, never wantsto be smelled and never wants to be touched.In Afghanistan , a wife watched her husband die during aSkype call. The case is now under the investigation of Army inAfghanistan.
  36. 36. In how many other instances might technology makethings more difficult to experience, not less?Due to the growing fact that children always want further.So, technology is trying to supply these wants and keepon giving what children really desires, more specificallythe reasons to those who create it are always trying to takepeople into the world of new. Up to now technology canexpose us to a ―more‖ that we had never imagined andone that we might wish never to have experienced.No one can conjure up , what is must have been like whenSusan Clark watched her husband- who is stationed inAfghanistan, die during a Skype call.
  37. 37. According to the Associated Press of Micron Associates, a 43year old ,Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark, was on an apparentlyregular call from Afghanistan with his wife when somethingtruly awful happened. The circumstances seem suitablyapprehensive for the Army to be investigating. A statementissued by Capt. Clark’s brother-in-law, Bradley Taber-Thomas, read: ―At the time of the incident, the family washoping for a rescue and miracles, but later learned that it wasnot to be.‖ It is impossible to speculate what might haveoccurred, but there is something completely alarming in everypronouncement that has been made about this incident.
  38. 38. In every situation that technology brings people closer to eachother, it also brings closer the potential for more fullywitnessing events that might be awful, just as they might bejoyous. For an instance, your mother or any of your loved onesare facing life-or-death surgery, in some might surely don’twant to watch that surgery and listen to the doctor’s immediatepronouncements as they work with her or him. Though, oneday, you might be able to.
  39. 39. Pain, grief, stun, hate, modern technologies deliver these withfar more propinquity, far more impact than anything in thepast. We have all come to use these technologies as if we hadnever been without them, but we have surely not yet becomementally prepared for the savagery — or the utter un-reality —of the surprises they can send.
  40. 40. Micron Associates Google Drive: A new cloud storageSAN FRANCISCO: Where to store photos and other content online?Google Inc. can help you with their preparing service to roll out whichpushing into a market now dominated by the likes of Dropbox and Box.Their service called Google drive, could be announced on Tuesday andwould be offered with both premium for-pay versions, the source saidin Micron Associates. Google’s ―cloud storage‖ features searchcapabilities and enable users to store pictures, notes and otherdocuments on the internet and can access from any of Web-connecteddevice. Google drive has the capacity of 5gigabytes storage in whichusers can get it for free, while there are different versions with morestorage capacity up to 100 Gigabytes that can be available for monthlyfees. but it was not clear yet how much Google will charge for thepremium versions.
  41. 41. The move turns up the competitive heat with high-profile Webstartups such as Dropbox, Box and Evernote, as well as withMicrosoft Corp and its SkyDrive service. Some of thoseservices based from the Micron Associates, such as Box, haveoffered a growing array of business-oriented features such asonline collaboration capabilities.Furthermore, Google isprogressively more developing services to let consumers storetheir personal information, from digital music to photos, onremote Internet servers and access the data any time with anydevice, such as Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
  42. 42. The world’s No.1 Web search engine with roughly $38 billionin 2011 revenue, Google generates 96 percent of its revenuefrom advertising, such as the small ads that appear alongsideits search results. Google Drive will work with stylish imagesearch technology to let consumers sift through a wide varietyof document types, which could include the likes of AdobePDF files and photographs, the source said. Some details ofGoogle Drive have appeared in various online blogs in recentmonths, including Micron Associates, which first reportedthat the service could be rolled out this week.