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South Asia vocabulary South Asia vocabulary Presentation Transcript

  • South Asia Vocabulary
  • The most famous building in India, a tomb built for the wife of a Mughal emperor.
    • Taj Mahal
  • A large ancient city in the Indus River valley.
    • Mohenjo~Daro
  • A hurricane that occurs in the western Pacific Ocean
    • Typhoon
  • An inherited social class of traditional Hindu society that separates people from other classes by birth,occupation, or wealth.
    • Caste
  • A village council in India
    • Panchayat
  • Small fragments of rock or other materials that can be moved around by wind, water,or ice .
    • Sediment
  • A large landmass that is part of a continent but that has its own geographic identity.
    • Subcontinent
  • In India, a group formed in 1885 to provide a forum for Indians to discuss their problems.
    • Indian National Congress
  • Money or property given by a bride’s family to her new husband and his family.
    • dowry
  • A regional variety of language
    • dialect
  • A member of an ethnic group that migrated from what is now southern Russia, settling in India.
    • Aryan
  • The Books of Knowledge of the ancient Aryans which were the basis of Hinduism
    • Vedas
  • Indian leader who encouraged his followers to use nonviolence to resist the British and bring about social change.
    • Mohandas K. Gandhi
    • (“Mahatma”)
  • A group of fundamentalist Muslims who took control of Afghanistan’s government in 1996.
    • Taliban
  • Includes computers, software, and the Internet, that helps us process and use information.
    • Information Technology
  • A mountain range that stretches about 1,500 miles across south-central Asia.
    • Himalayas
  • A fibrous plant used to make twine, and burlap.
    • Jute
  • A language spoken in Pakistan
    • Sindhi
  • A seasonal wind brings a great amount of rain
    • Monsoon
  • A member of a group of people in India formerly known as “untouchables”.
    • Dalit
  • The classical language of India and Hinduism
    • Sanskrit
  • A temporary military rule during a time of war when the normal government has broken down.
    • Martial law
  • A religion developed in ancient India
    • Hinduism
  • Mauryan emperor who created a unified government
    • Ashoka
  • A series or chain of islands
    • archipelago
  • A movement begun in the 1960’s which introduced new farming methods to developing nations.
    • Green Revolution
  • Related to the family of languages that includes almost all European and many Indian languages.
    • Indo~Aryan
  • The official language of Pakistan.
    • Urdu
  • An empire lasting from 1526-1707 that covered most of the subcontinent of India.
    • Mughal Empire
  • A group formed by Muslims in in India in 1906 to protect their rights.
    • Muslim League