June Wine and Web: Social Promotion

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Social Content, Social Promotion …

Social Content, Social Promotion

It's more than just kittens. Social media is a tool with many uses. Let's take a look at a few:

Finding your people:
Online networking is a very powerful, but underrated use of social media. Twitter is a fantastic research tool. And content is a means to get their attention. We're going to show you how to find and connect with any audience.

Content Curation:
The pros don't do all the work themselves. They get others to help out. Social media is a way to connect with the people who can help you finish that piece. Who doesn't like to be interviewed?

Content Promotion:
There's an audience for every post. You just need to find them. We're going to show you how to find the audience for any piece of content and some time-saving tricks to getting it in front of the right people.

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  • 1. Wine & Web #25Andy Crestodina@crestodina #winewebSocial Promotion
  • 2. Howcontentworks…
  • 3. Email TrafficSocial TrafficSearch Traffic
  • 4. Quick Reminder about Twitter…Not everyone will see this tweet….This tweet will be seen by more people...Hashtags, mentions and special characters…
  • 5. The Twitter Rule of Thirds1/3 ConversationTwitter1/3 Curation, SharingBuffer1/3 PromotionHootsuite
  • 6. I ❤ Buffer
  • 7. SOCIALTARGETINGThere’s an audience for every post
  • 8. First find them…
  • 9. …then mention them
  • 10. Targeted Sharing
  • 11. SCHEDULINGTWEETSSet it and forget it…
  • 12. 1. Evergreen, cornerstone content2. Most useful, most relevant3. Make a listFirst pick out past content…good time travelers
  • 13. Rewrite the Headline, Tweets1. Leave some mystery2. Mention relevant people3. Use images, video, etc.4. Hashtags in the titles
  • 14. Do people use #hashtags?Source: Radium One Mobile Hashtag Survey, April 2013
  • 15. Why do people use #hashtags?Communicatingpersonal ideas, feelingsSearching categoriesand brands of interestRe-directing audience tocontent (links, articles, etc.)Promoting EventsSource: Radium One Mobile Hashtag Survey, April 2013
  • 16. …finally, schedule it
  • 17. One Post, One Tweet…
  • 18. …spike in visibility…
  • 19. …1000+ views
  • 20. Report <-- shows what’s working
  • 21. SCOUTINGREPORTHow the pros go big…
  • 22. HEADLINEREWRITINGfor Links, Shares and Mentions
  • 23. How Upworthy does it…1. Find something worth sharing.2. Rewrite the headline 25+times, always leaving a curiositygap.3. Tailor and share aggressively onevery imaginable networkSource: Nieman Journalism Lab
  • 24. Kaboom.Source: Nieman Journalism Lab
  • 25. Source: Nieman Journalism Lab
  • 26. Popular on Mashable. Viral on Upworthy
  • 27. EMAILOUTREACHfor Links, Shares and Mentions
  • 28. “One of the least sexiest ways to buildinglinks is email out reach. It sucks becauseit’s time consuming and boring… but itworks. It actually works really well.For every 100 emails you send out, at least5 of them should be linking back to you…”Neil PatelKISSmetrics, Crazy Egg
  • 29. 1. Create amazing content2. Build lists200 bloggers200 blogs200 Facebook pages200 Twitter accounts3. Send semi-personalized messagesNeil’s “200” Program
  • 30. 1. Search Google (duh!)2. People who have linked to similarcontent (Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs)3. People who have linked tocompetitors4. Sites with broken links (Broken Link Checker)Targeting: Build Your Lists
  • 31. 1. Personalized: Use their name (several times)2. Relevant: They’ve covered the topic recently3. Proof: Evidence that the content is good4. Offer: A helpful offer to help the recipient“There’s a broken link on your site,” “I can write amini-post,” “I can help you with your marketing”5. Don’t Push: Use a “yes ladder”Want to see it? …Got an opinion? …Mind sharing it?6. Be Weird!The Templatesources: Smart Passive Income PodcastBacklinko Skyscraper Technique
  • 32. Subject: [insert first name of website owner], i think i’m in love with youHopefully I didn’t freak you out by my subject line, but I’m really in love with you. Don’tworry, it’s not in a creepy way, mostly I’m in love with your website [insert their websitename].You probably get tons of people everyday whom are in love with [insert website name], so Iwon’t bore you with my reasons. Instead I thought I could show some appreciate by givingyou some feedback on how you can improve your website.Insert suggestionsAnd if you are wondering how you can repay your biggest fan, feel free to link to my website[insert URL].Ah… just kidding, you’ve already done enough for me by making [insert their website name]so awesome!Cheers,[insert your name]PS: If you do happen to link to my website, [insert URL], it will seriously make my year! Maybeeven decade!source: Link Builders Guide to Email Outreach
  • 33. 1. Send EmailYesMail, ToutApp2. Form SubmissionsClumsy, but easy3. Direct MessageCustomize or get penalized4. Facebook MentionsCosts 1$ each?5. Track in a spreadsheetOutreach#blast!
  • 34. 1. Bloggers and Blogs: 5% coverage / links2. Twitter: 3-5% mentions3. Facebook: 2% mentionsNeil’s Results4 mentions, 8 shares, 20 links…
  • 35. Spammy?Smart?Black Hat / Spam Shady, but OK Totally LegitNot too bright…. Good Idea Brilliant / Genius
  • 36. Wine & WebAndy Crestodina@orbiteers #winewebThank you!