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Wine & Web: Analytics Lies and Trush
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Wine & Web: Analytics Lies and Trush



Presentation from January 29, 2013. It covers Google Analytics basics, including how it actually works. Then it turns into a giant rant about all the ways in which Analytics data is inaccurate. ...

Presentation from January 29, 2013. It covers Google Analytics basics, including how it actually works. Then it turns into a giant rant about all the ways in which Analytics data is inaccurate. Finally, we look at how powerful the tool really is with a advanced Analytics trick...



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Wine & Web: Analytics Lies and Trush Wine & Web: Analytics Lies and Trush Presentation Transcript

  • Wine & WebGoogle Analytics…Lies and TruthAndy Crestodina@crestodina #wineweb
  • Google Analytics Basics
  • How Google Analytics Works
  • Such lovely reports!
  • Google Analytics: Visitor Flow
  • Traffic Diversity: Social, Email, Search
  • Content: views, time on page, bounces…
  • Social Traffic
  • And as long as you add campaign code… Source: Google URL Builder
  • Email Traffic: Campaigns
  • Search Traffic
  • Traffic Sources (and diversity)Healthy!Risky…
  • Traffic SourcesSearch TrafficVisitors who found you through a searchengine, organic and paid (PPC)Referral TrafficTraffic from other websitesDirect TrafficVisitors who knew about you already andtyped your address directly into a browser
  • …but are they accurate?
  • Google Analytics Lies!
  • Search Traffic Lies: Brand KeywordsBrand searches may exceed 20% …isn’t that really “direct” traffic?
  • Search Traffic Lies: Hidden KeywordData(not provided) often exceeds 50%
  • 39% of Organic Keyword Data is (notprovided) 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Source: Search Engine Land, Nov 2012
  • Referral Traffic Lies• Traffic from your own site? Link issues (www, http://, full URL in links)•Traffic from webmail?Email links when clicked within a browser• Traffic from social sources?
  • Direct Traffic Lies All traffic for which a “referrer” wasn’t specifiedSo really “direct” traffic is any visit that…1. isn’t from a link on a search engine or website2. and doesn’t have campaign code
  • Direct Traffic LiesSocial traffic Traffic from mobile apps without campaign code (some twitter apps, mobile ads)Email traffic Traffic from programs like OutlookOther traffic Visits from non-browser files like PDFs, Word Docs, this Powerpoint or other filesCampaign traffic Any click from a link containing bad campaign codeInternal links Traffic from pages with missing GA Code
  • In-Page Analytics: Lies and TruthWhich link did they click?
  • Crazy Egg doesn’t have this problem…
  • Other Problems1. No cookie? No data.2. New visitor? Or new computer?3. Time on page? Or time on tab?4. Is that you in your stats? No filters.
  • Is this a problem?
  • Google Analytics Truth
  • Blog OptimizationWhich blog posts convert visitors into subscribers?
  • Subscribers per Blog PostReverse Funnel Path with Advanced Filter for “Goal Previous Step 1” set to /blog/ Interesting!
  • Page views per Blog Post Why do I need this??
  • Subscribers per Page View per Blog PostAlso known as …conversion rate! #winning
  • Let’s watch that in so-mo…1. View: Conversions > Goals > Reverse Funnel Path2. Set Advanced Filter: “Goal Previous Step 1” contains /blog/1. Sort by “Goal Completions”2. Export to Excel3. View: Content > Site Content > All Pages4. Set Filter: show only /blog/5. Combine within the spreadsheet to calculate Conversion Rate
  • Now drive some traffic to it!1. Add links to older posts that still get traffic.2. Write new posts on similar topics and add a link.3. Write a roundup of your top posts. Put it on top.4. Keep sharing: Twitter, FB, G+, LinkedIn, Friendster5. Add it to your email signature.6. Put it in your home page slideshow.7. Use that $100 Google Adwords promotion in your drawer. Try buying traffic with PPC. Hey, I could do that!
  • Wine Lies & Web TruthThank you!@orbiteers #wineweb