Wine & Web: Content, Conversions and Lead Generation

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In this presentation, we analyze the birth of a lead, deconstructing each page in the process and each stage in the funnel. Discover the topics and types of content that attract and engage …

In this presentation, we analyze the birth of a lead, deconstructing each page in the process and each stage in the funnel. Discover the topics and types of content that attract and engage visitors.

Finally, we breakdown the page elements of each step in the process. This presentation shows you how to create content that drives results at every stage of the funnel, from high-ranking blog post to the page after the thank you page.

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  • 1. Content, Conversions & Lead Generation Andy Crestodina #wineweb @orbiteers Wine & Web #36
  • 2. This is your funnel
  • 3. This is your funnel on content…
  • 4. % of buying decisions are made before contacting a sales rep source: Corporate Executive Board, Marketing Leadership Council survey of 1900 B2B customers
  • 6. It’s all about empathy… What topics do they want?
  • 7. Help your audience make a buying decision.
  • 8. Your website is the mousetrap, Your content is the cheese… - Barry Feldman
  • 9. 1. Keywords 2. Q&A Sites 3. Listening Sources of Topics
  • 10. Finding Topics: Google Suggest
  • 11. Finding Topics: Ubersuggest Source:
  • 12. Finding Topics: Soovle Source:
  • 13. Google Keyword Planner
  • 14. #convcon @crestodina
  • 15. Finding Topics: Analytics Queries
  • 16. Finding Topics: Analytics Site Search source: Justin Rondeau
  • 17. Finding Topics: Analytics Site Search
  • 18. Finding Topics: Yahoo! Answers Source: Yahoo! Answers #convcon @crestodina
  • 19. Finding Topics: Source: #convcon @crestodina
  • 20. Finding Topics: Listening 1. Sales Team 2. Customer Service Team 3. Client Stories
  • 21. source: Deana Goldasich #convcon @crestodina
  • 22. Source: Periodic Table of Content
  • 23. A Family of Keyphrases Many pages, many phrases
  • 24. Home Page Main Navigation Blog Posts
  • 25. Home Page Main Navigation Blog Posts many pages…
  • 26. PRIMARY KEYPHRASE most competitive phrase SECONDARY PHRASES product categories, services pages TERTIARY PHRASES problem-related phrases, how-to content many phrases…
  • 27. Which posts have ranking potential? Low hanging fruit is delicious!
  • 28. Top content…
  • 29. Find your traffic champions
  • 30. The Spike and the Long Tail Initial spike from email marketing and social promotion (one week) 20 to 40 visits per day from organic search (months or years)
  • 31. Queries Report with Advanced Filter for “Average Position” set to Greater than 10 Posts that rank high on page two…
  • 32. Posts that rank high on page two! Queries Report with Advanced Filter for “Average Position” set to Greater than 10
  • 33. 1. View: Search Engine Optimization > Queries 2. Set Advanced Filter: “Average Position” greater than 10 3. Sort by “Average Position” 4. Confirm the rank and the post by searching for the phrase Finding posts with ranking potential
  • 34. Now for a little on-page SEO… Let’s indicate the relevance.
  • 35. A. Once at the beginning of the title <title> B. Once in the first header <h1> C. Four to six times in the body of the page D. Within the links to the page from other pages on your site. Use the phrase in 4 places
  • 36. 1. Title: Once in the beginning …and it’s the link in Google search results! It appears above the address bar in your browser…
  • 37. <title>Home</title><title>Home</title>
  • 38. 2. Header: once, anywhere
  • 39. 3. Body: 4 - 6 Times
  • 40. Don’t be too aggressive!
  • 41. This stuff works…
  • 42. A Hidden Ranking Factor User Interaction Signals? What’s that?
  • 43. more info: Ideal Length for Blog Posts …and everything else
  • 44. source: Blind Five Year Old, Social Signals and SEO
  • 45. User Interaction Signals • Time on page after clicking from Google • Quick bounce vs. “the long click” • Comments, shares • Correlate with engagement • Impossible to study
  • 46. Why doesn’t MOZ study this?
  • 47. It’s deep in the survey: “dwell time”
  • 48. Increase Time on Page! • Formatting that draws readers in… • Great design • Write longer, in-depth content • Add Video
  • 50. Optimize for subscribers…
  • 51. Before… After…
  • 52. 1900% increase. Not bad!
  • 53. Why it works 1.Prominence 2.Promise 3.Proof
  • 54. Call to Action Conform
  • 55. GOOD
  • 56. BAD
  • 57. Find Your Conversion Champions Which are your most compelling posts?
  • 58. Reverse Goal Path with Advanced Filter for “Goal Previous Step 1” set to /blog/ Subscribers per blog post…
  • 59. Pageviews per blog post…
  • 60. …well hello, champions! Subscribers per page view per blog post
  • 61. Let’s watch that in slo-mo…
  • 62. • Put it into heavy rotation on the social streams • Add it to your home page slideshow • Link to it from your email signature • Run an ad using PPC, Facebook, etc. • Write a guest post. Link back to the page • Include it in a roundup of your best posts • Link to it from other high traffic pages Now put on your traffic driving gloves…
  • 64. Testimonials = supportive evidence
  • 65. Never make a testimonials page
  • 66. When you say it, it’s marketing… When they say it, it’s social proof.
  • 67. Speaking of trust… source: Dr. Albert Mehrabian
  • 68. Regardless of your age, if you’re searching for the answer to the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” you are not alone. Survey after survey shows that the majority of working adults wish they could start over in a different career. They also wish they had more information and better information in making that decision and I couldn’t agree more. Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make in your lifetime. …versus text.
  • 69. Video…
  • 71. But wait! There’s more…
  • 72. Subsequent Conversions…
  • 73. Where there’s traffic, there’s hope...
  • 74. Your Pages. Your Funnel. Let’s break it down.
  • 75. #convcon @crestodina
  • 76. #convcon @crestodina
  • 77. source: Lead Generation Best Practices
  • 78. Bottom Line.
  • 79. Any questions?
  • 80. Thank you! Andy Crestodina @crestodina #wineweb