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LandUp: Content, Keywords and SEO
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LandUp: Content, Keywords and SEO


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Presentation given for the LandUp conference on 11/9/12

Presentation given for the LandUp conference on 11/9/12

Published in: Design
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  • Get Ready for an editorial calendar explosion
  • Doesn’t mean you’ll be less busy. In fact you’ll be inundated with content opportunities. HOW FUN IS THAT!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Content, Keywords and SEOAndy Crestodina@crestodina
    • 2. The BigPicture…
    • 3. Traffic: Social, Email, Search
    • 4. Content Strategists… “Achieve business goals bymaximizing the impact of content.” Source: Contentini
    • 5. SalesyHelpful!
    • 6. “Focus on the core problem yourbusiness solves and put out lots ofcontent and enthusiasm, and ideasabout how to solve that problem.” - Laura Fitton
    • 7. “I urge you to start writing content thatactually is either 1) actionable, 2) a strong opinion, or 3) proven to some degree.” -Bill Sebald
    • 8. Whatdo they want to read?
    • 9. Obvious, right?
    • 10. Sources of Topics 1. Keywords 2. Q&A Sites 3. Listening
    • 11. Topics: Google Suggest
    • 12. Topics: Google Keyword Tool
    • 13. Topics: Analytics
    • 14. Topics: LinkedIn Answers
    • 15. Topics:
    • 16. Topics: Listening 1. Sales Team 2. Customer Service Team 3. Client Stories
    • 17. Source: Ann Handley
    • 18. Source: Ann Handley
    • 19. Choose your words “Don’t think OF the market ….think AS the market” Source: Social Triggers
    • 20. Howshould you sound?
    • 21. Source
    • 22. Choose your wordsLatinate Words Anglo-Saxon Words- More formal - Less formal- Longer (polysyllabic) - Short (often monosyllabic)- Fancy, proper - Forceful, directExamples Examplesacquire, transmit, constru get, send, build, stop, put, mct, resist, deposit, imitate, ock, setdetermined
    • 23. Choose your wordsLatinateWould you do me the honor of introducingme to this female acquaintance of yours?Anglo-SaxonHey, that girl you were talking to is hot!Take me to her, will you?
    • 24. Choose your words Write like an 8th grader! …but don’t dumb it down
    • 25. SEO has 3 parts
    • 26. How Search Engines WorkSource: SEOmoz, 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors
    • 27. How Search Engines WorkSource: SEOmoz, 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors
    • 28. SEO (over) simplifiedLinks = How trustworthy your site isOn-Page = How relevant the page isKeyphrases = What the page is relevant to
    • 29. How to choose keyphrases
    • 30. 3 Criteria for Choosing Keyphrases
    • 31. Search VolumeTextResource: Google Keyword Tool
    • 32. Search TrendingResource: Google Insights
    • 33. RegionalInterestResource: Google Insights
    • 34. CompetitionCompetition is high if the sites on page one…• Are famous (wikipedia, etc.)• Have title tags that begin with the keyphrase• Lots of AdWords ads• Have a higher domain authority than you* *see Open Site Explorer
    • 35. CompetitionLook out for universal search results• Local (change tactics/choose another phrase)• Videos (opportunity?)• Images• Products• News
    • 36. RelevanceText
    • 37. How to usekeyphrases
    • 38. On-Page SEO• Once at the beginning of the title <title>• Once in the first header <h1>• Four to six times in the body of the page• In links on other pages that link to the page.
    • 39. More Internal Linking
    • 40. Thank you!Andy Crestodina@orbiteers #wineweb
    • 41. Wheredoes this content come from?
    • 42. Source: Deana Goldasich