Cloud customer journey and customer success management


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Cloud Customer Journey
Customer Success Management
Cloud Services Framework

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  • Technologyenabling rapid innovationDeployment providing agility and flexibilitySubscription changing the selling model – capex Opex
  • Cloud customer journey and customer success management

    1. 1. Cloud Customer Journey & Customer Success Management Omid Razavi, PhD SAP Cloud @orazavi
    2. 2. Agenda • Cloud Services Framework – What cloud means to enterprise software? • Cloud Customer Success • Cloud Customer Journey Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 2
    3. 3. There is a technology revolution! What is different about the Cloud? BYOD Internet of Things Globalization Identity Local Software Defined Network Big Data Gamification Cloud Virtualization In-Memory Computing Collaboration Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi App Store Personalization Social Integrated Ecosystem Web Wearable Computing Mobile Hybrid Analytics Cyber Security Open Source E-Commerce Community 3
    4. 4. For enterprise software providers, Cloud is …  A set of technologies  A deployment model  A subscription (vs. license) revenue model  All of the above, plus a supplier/consumer relationship where supplier is accountable for the outcome, and owns the risks. Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech by J.B. Wood, Todd Hewlin, Thomas Lah, Nov 2011 What role Services play under the cloud? Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 4
    5. 5. Traditional services organization model The silos! Sales Services Customer Training Thank you for calling us! • • • • • Jan 14, 2014 Support Press 1 for Sales Press 2 for Services Press 3 for Training Press 4 for Support Press 5 for … … @orazavi 5
    6. 6. Cloud Customers Expect … Different needs based on customer persona Strategic (Economic) Know my Know my business! business! Deliver value! Functional Know my Guide me! business! Make it simple! Technical Know Fix it! my Teach me! 6 14, 2014 Jan business! @orazavi
    7. 7. Cloud Customer Services Framework
    8. 8. Customer Services Actions and requirements Clear Requirements Supplier Take Action Customer Take Action Unknown Requirements Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 8
    9. 9. Customer Services What to do Get it done Tell me Do it with me Help me Teach me Customer Take Action Supplier Take Action Clear Requirements Unknown Requirements Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 9
    10. 10. Customer Services Driving the correct actions Clear Requirements Support Services Customer Success Customer Community Education Services Customer Take Action Supplier Take Action Professional Services (& Partners) Unknown Requirements Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 10
    11. 11. Customer Services The new services portfolio Clear Requirements Professional Services (& Partners) Supplier Take Action • Consulting (design, integration, implement ation) Consumption optimization Customer Success • • Support Services • • • • Customer onboarding Customer engagement Adoption planning Consumption reporting • • Case/escalation mgmt SLA monitoring/reporting Multi-channel support Critical account mgmt • • • • Self-service Knowledgebase Community mgmt Badges & MVPs Education Services • • • Role-based plans E-Learning Certification Customer Take Action • Customer Community Unknown Requirements Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 11
    12. 12. Customer Services Total engagement towards outcome Prevent issues before they occur! See to it that it gets done! Learn from mistakes! Provide multiple communication channels! Jan 14, 2014 Supplier Take Action Solve customer issues quickly! Get it done Tell me Do it with me Help me Teach me Customer Take Action Make it easy for customers to help themselves! Clear Requirements Did it get done? Unknown Requirements @orazavi 12
    13. 13. Cloud Customer Journey
    14. 14. Non-Cloud Customer Journey Journey as segments: Prospect to Customer, Follow-up and Up-sell (Sales) Project Kickoff to Go Live! (Professional Services) Onboard to Renew (Support Services) Contract Days in Advance to Renew (Renewal) Detractor to Promoter (Customer Research) Awareness to Lead… Reference Program (Marketing) Observations: • • • • Multiple overlapping processes, touch points and hand offs Gaps, overlaps and unclear role assignments Inadequate communications (internal and w/customers) Not how the customer sees it! Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 14
    15. 15. Cloud Customer Journey End-to-end customer value and growth Launch Close Value Definition Value Delivery Renew Grow Value Realization Value Validation A journey in four stages: Value Definition: All marketing, positioning, selling, solution architecting, value engineering and ROI calculating to close! Value Delivery: All designing, implementing, testing, customer onboarding and change managing to launch! Value Realization: Adoption analyzing, user and admin supporting, guiding, growing and up/cross-selling. Value Validation: Consumption reporting, optimization, value proving, counting and renewing! Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 15
    16. 16. Cloud Customer Journey Towards customer success and growth Launch Close Value Definition Value Delivery Value Realization Value Validation R- N Days Kickoff Sales Renew Grow Professional Services & Partners R Renewal Mgmt Customer Onboarding (EDU) Customer Success Management Support Services Case Management, Escalation, Resolution Success Metrics & Adoption Programs Metrics, reporting, analytics, mobile, sticky Customer Community/Communications Brand, answers, KB, badges, MVPs, community mgmt Customer Research C-SAT, NPS, competitive/ industry benchmarking Jan 14, 2014 @orazavi 16