Nuclear Security:  
Looking Ahead
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Nuclear Security: 
Looking Ahead



Howard Hall presentation to the 2014 ORAU Council Meeting

Howard Hall presentation to the 2014 ORAU Council Meeting



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  • During 2012, 160 incidents were confirmed to the ITDB. Of these, 17 involved possession and related criminal activities, 24 involved theft or loss and 119 involved other unauthorized activities. Two incidents in the period involved HEU in non-criminal but unauthorized activities. There were also three incidents involving IAEA Category 1-3 radioactive sources2, two of which were thefts.

Nuclear Security:  
Looking Ahead Nuclear Security: 
Looking Ahead Presentation Transcript

  • Nuclear Security: Looking Ahead Howard L. Hall ORAU Annual Meeting, Oak Ridge, TN March 6, 2014
  • UT established the Institute for Nuclear Security in 2012  INS fosters multi- organizational collaborations to conduct interdisciplinary work critical to national and global needs in nuclear security.
  • Nuclear security cannot be satisfactorily addressed by any one entity…  How do we assure that R/N material and technology is where it is supposed to be, being used for its intended purpose, and properly protected – anywhere in the world?  How do we detect things outside the bounds of appropriate use?  How do we effectively deal with bad events?  How well can we understand the line between what we do know and what we think we know?  How do we effectively acculturate good nuclear security values?
  • One of the hardest problems
  • Nuclear benefits abound…  Implementing lower carbon- emitting energy  Providing baseload electricity in the developing world Beijing skyline Temelin NPS Czech Republic
  • … but each brings issues of concern. Fukushima Daiichi environmental impact Suspected DPRK enrichment facility US security forces
  • Significant progress has been made NNSA packaging nuclear materials NNSA Pu recovery mission 2012 Nuclear Security Summit Final “Megatons to Megawatts” shipment
  • But challenges yet remain Strategic arms Cybercrime and Information Security Terrorism Stolen source (Mexico) Y-12 intrusion
  • Hard problems remain unresolved Robert S. Norris and Hans M. Kristensen, "Global nuclear stockpiles, 1945-2006," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 62, no. 4 (July/August 2006), 64-66. IAEA: During 2012, 160 nuclear trafficking incidents. Insider threats
  • Key issues looking forward  Continuing risk reduction activities  Nuclear arms control and reduction, strengthenin g regional security  Global standards, transparenc y, and accountability  Nuclear security culture  Stronger incident response capabilities  Reducing opportunity for diversion/theft in future plans  Human-in-the-loop system reliability  Broaden NS partnership with industry, NGOs, and academia  Strengthen norms and international laws/regulations on nuclear security  Sustainability