Oras Smart Faucets - Reference overview 2012


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Oras Smart Faucets - Reference overview 2012

  1. 1. Oras Smart Faucets – reference overview
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  3. 3. 3 Oras Smart Faucets – an overview of our referencesHigh technology and ecology are the have become an obvious choice This brochure contains an overview ofkey success factors of Oras smart in premises that require water and some of our interesting references.faucets. The first Oras’ water and energy savings and special level of Several widely-used venues with heavyenergy smart faucets arrived in our hygiene. In recent years, touchless use and high demands of flawlesshomes already in the 1970s. As a faucets have become widely popular operation have already chosen user-result of research and development; also in private homes. friendly Oras’ faucets. As utilizationnew, innovative solutions – targeted of technology must never override In the 2010s sanitary fittings are notat increasing the experience of the the most important values of the only touchless but smart productsuse of water, saving of energy and product itself – user-friendliness is that utilize electronics in guiding thethe easy usage of the products – are still the most important feature of user towards more ecological use ofconstantly originated. every Oras faucet. High demands on water and energy by informing the quality, ecology and innovation areOras introduced the touchless faucets user when water consumption could the foundation of Oras smart faucets’to the European HVAC market already be decreased. Oras’ vast product user-friendliness. That is the core ofin the 1990s. During the period of collection provides a right faucet for our brand.two decades, touchless faucets your needs. Index: Page Sport............................................................... 6–11 Entertainment, leisure time................................. 12 Transportation................................................... 13–15 Health care....................................................... 16–20 Historical venues............................................... 21–22 Public premises................................................. 23
  4. 4. User-friendly Oras User-friendliness Ecology Hygiene Oras’ mission is to manufacture user- Pure water is the foundation of all Oras touchless faucets are easy, friendly products. That is why the high life. However, pure water is becoming safe and comfortable to use. They quality of our products, sustainability a commodity we can seldom take are even easier to keep clean. But and practicality are obvious to us. for granted. As a manufacturer of furthermore, Oras touchless faucets Quality is our promise. To us, fulfilling faucets, Oras has learned to respect also offer a hygienic solution for this promise is the starting point of pure water and nature ever since the households and for places like everything. company was founded. As pioneers airports, railway stations, hospitals, on the field we have been able to stadiums, workplaces and schools. Our products have been designed to combine the modern technology with According to the World Health ease people’s everyday life, to serve ecology. Organization (the WHO) there are their needs. That is why our design Continuous product development, thousands of diseases that are spread work is above all; studying people’s technical superiority and eco- by touch. Epidemics spread faster behavior. The better we know our friendliness make us the forerunner than ever and are becoming more costumers’ needs and desires the on HVAC market. Oras’ touchless and more difficult to treat. Enhanced better we can fulfill them. We are faucets are a brilliant example of this. hand hygiene prevents efficiently especially proud that our products are These faucets save water, energy and the spreading of touch transmitted so easy to use and safe that even the environment. That is why we want to viruses. smallest children and elderly people continue as the leading manufacturer can safely use them. of touchless faucets in the world. Luxury For us, elegant design is only one Smart Safety dimension of luxury. We feel that We believe in technology. But we also You will not burn your fingers on design without functionality is believe that technology is a tool, not the surface of an Oras faucet. Nor incompatible with the values for which a value in itself. The utilization of the underneath one: even some of our we stand. Our ideology is that design most modern technology, continuous basic faucets come with a safety- is born by need and is ultimately research work and process button that protects the smallest of perfected into aesthetics. development, courage, innovations hands from harm. Steady temperature and integrity together ensure that The luxury we provide is in the is a crucial safety factor in the we will maintain our position on form of practicality, to facilitate shower, too. And when you choose the market also in the future as a everyday chores. In the hands of our Oras touchless, it will be impossible forerunner and quality leader. And internationally renowned designers, to leave water running unattended. at the same time, maintaining the luxury sometimes reaches a peak that This is why Oras is the choice of capacity of fulfilling our customers’ is simply impossible to resist. In pure families with small children – and needs in the future even better than form, amazing details or smoothness especially households with elderly or today. of flow. Or all of them. disabled people. User-friendliness Smart Ecology Safety Hygiene Luxury Makes your life easier More pleasure with Save water and energy Easy and safe to use Maximum hygiene Form born of functionality innovative functionality with minimum effort4
  5. 5. 5An extensive product collection This brochure presents only some products from our extensive collection. Whether you’re looking for a hygienic and ecological touchless smart faucet or a reliable shower thermostat, our product collection provides high quality solutions for all needs. For more detailed product information, please see www.oras.com
  6. 6. PGE Arena Gdansk, Poland and Me Spectacular venues o The PGE Arena Gdansk, previously called the Baltic Arena, is a football-specific stadium, which means that the turf is not ejected or changeable. For that reason it also lacks an athletics track (running). The capacity of the stands is 43,615 spectators, all seated and roofed. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Lechia Gdansk. PGE Arena Gdansk is the third largest arena in Poland. Construction of the stadium started in 2008 and was completed mid-2011. The stadium is one of the designated venues for the finals of UEFA EURO 2012.6
  7. 7. 7 etalist Stadium, Kharkiv, Ukraine –of UEFA EURO 2012 Last reconstruction of Metalist stadium started in 2008. Today this stadium is the modern sport complex, which has the main and the sub-football fields, 6 gyms, health-recovering center, the hotel for the sportsmen. That`s why the Metalist stadium is the main object of Kharkiv football and one of the four sports arenas in Ukraine on which matches of UEFA EURO 2012 championship will take place. After the reconstruction of Southern and Eastern stands about 40 000 people are able to watch football matches on the stadium. Oras Electra touchless smart faucets won the competition and were chosen for public conveniences on the stadium: about 230 pieces of 6150F installed on washbasins and 300 of 6567 on urinals.
  8. 8. Malmö Arena – multi-purpose entertainment center Malmö Arena is an addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose concert and event venues. Since its opening in November 2008, Malmö Arena has been a premier venue in the region for world- class sporting events, concerts, family shows, full-scale conferences and smaller meetings, wining and dining or a quick snack. On the right: Oras Electra 6250F faucets in the restrooms. Total area: 51,000 sq.m. Seats: up to 15,500 Restaurant- and barseats: 3,250 FastFood locations: 20 Toilets: 3708
  9. 9. 9Copyright 2009 Green Toi www.greentoi.de Fotos: Christian Sauermann An improvement to every golf course Relaxed playing and well-pleased golf players. Greentoi-toilettes with Oras the golf course. players are guaranteed with Greentoi, faucets can be seen on golf courses Oras’ touchless, electronic smart an exceptional toilet developed for all over Germany. faucets save water and energy golf sports. Due to its golf-ball shape design and are easy to use, functional and Equipped with a complex and pollution and its independence of any electric reliable for everyone. free technology Greentoi fulfills the current, water and drains, Greentoi- exclusive requirements of all golf toilettes can be placed anywhere on
  10. 10. Pirbadet – Norway’s largest indoor water park10
  11. 11. 11Pirbadet – located in thetransition between sea andland – is Norway’s largestindoor water park and islocated on the waterfront inTrondheim, central Norway.The spectacular venue houses bothswimming and fitness activities, whichcombine to attract around half amillion visits annually.Most of the attractions are in onelarge room, meaning young and oldalike can enjoy time together. Figures: 96 showers 37 restrooms Daily water consumption: 3,5 million liters
  12. 12. New, fabulous sanitary facilities of the Tallinn Song Stage The largest mass events of Estonia Due to the inadequacy of sanitary basins and the urinals are flushed with are held in the Tallinn Song Stage on facilities the level of hygiene causes Oras Electra 6567 faucets. Heavy the slope of Lasnamäe hill. The venue a huge challenge in mass events. use demands, flawless functionality hosts rock concerts, dance events, In Tallinn, the issue was solved by and good hygiene, but also savings in festivals and in every five years – the building a modern toilet unit which water and energy consumption were Estonian Song Festival. The Estonian was completed in 2009. significant factors. The new sanitary Song Festival brings together facilities came in need and during Since the facilities are under heavy approximately 25 000 performers mass events Oras’ high-quality faucets use especially during mass events, and 100 000 visitors. The Tallinn have proven extreme durability. touchless Oras Electra 6104 smart Song Stage is widely used throughout faucets were chosen for the wash the year.12
  13. 13. 13Alessi by Oras 8527Arlanda Express –Rail link betweenStockholm CentralStation and ArlandaAirportDuring 1990s, it had become increasingly evident thatthe number of air travelers would be dramatically rising.Additionally there were increasingly stringent demands forlessening traffic on the roads to the airport by building a raillink. To build a third runway at the airport and still complywith the demands, a new alternative was necessary fortravelling to and from the airport Arlanda Express is a major step forward for air and landtravel in Sweden. With Arlanda Express, it is possible toeasily and comfortably travel from Stockholm CentralStation to Arlanda Airport in just 20 minutes. Thestreamlined express trains, with its bright yellow, taperedends, are especially adapted for the Arlanda-Stockholmline, with everything this entails in terms of speed,punctuality, comfort and safety. Details: Manufacturer: Alstom Transport Ltd, Birmingham, England Total trains: 7 train sets Maximum speed: 200 km/h Total seats: Each train set has 190 seats
  14. 14. International Airport Kharkiv – A modern gateway to the world International Airport Kharkiv – is one major repairs of the airport terminal New terminal has the most modern of the most important enterprises apron facilities. Technological scheme equipment both related to aviation of the eastern Ukraine, which was of passenger service was designed facilities and to passengers’ comfort in subject to reconstruction as a part by the renowned German company the terminal. Thus public conveniences of preparations for the games of the “Airport Research Center”, which has are equipped with Oras Electra UEFA European cup in 2012. Start to extensive experience in designing touchless washbasin smart faucets, this large-scale reconstruction project major airports in Europe. 6120F. Additionally, Oras single lever was given on 1 April, 2008. faucets with Bidetta hand shower The new terminal with an area of more can be found in child care rooms. The reconstruction project includes than 20 thousand square meters was Shower rooms in personnel area/pilots the construction of a new terminal, put into operation in 2011 and will accommodations are also equipped reconstruction of the existing one, increase volume of passengers flow with Oras single lever faucets and Oras construction of a new runway and to 800,000 passengers a year. shower sets.14
  15. 15. 15 Oras’ showers in an air baseØrland Main Air Station is situatedin the municipality of Ørland, in thecenter of Norway. Ørland is operatedby the Royal Norwegian Air Force andit is an important air base for Norway.The air station is the base of F-16fighter aircraft, Westland Sea Kingsearch and rescue helicopters and alocation for E-3A Sentry AWACS. It isalso the host of NATO exercises and atraining center with 95 000 overnightstays each year.The Norwegian F-16 IRF (ImmediateReaction Force) is stationed at Ørlandtogether with support administration.The squadron can act independentlywithout support from the host nation.
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. 17 High technology and patient oriented approach are the key factors of Turku University Hospital’s new T-hospital. The first phase of T-hospital, located in Turku, Finland, was completed in the year 2003. The new hospital will be fully operational in January 2013. Technically the most demanding and the heaviest functions; such as 14 operating rooms, intensive care unit, polyclinic premises, emergency room and imaging premises will be transferred to the new hospital. T-hospital’s number of employees will be 1600 and there will be 300 beds.Turku University Hospital – the hospital Hygiene with user-friendliness of the future Hospital’s primary goal which is as high level of hygiene as possible will be achieved by using Oras’ touchless smart faucets. User-friendliness was the other important criterion of selection. Hospital aims at high level of independent initiative of the patients therefore also the patients with limited mobility must be able to use the faucet without difficulties. Single lever function is needed e.g. for taking cold drinking water when taking the medicine. Wash basin faucet is equipped with Bidetta hand shower which additionally reduces the workload of the staff. In total, T-hospital represents new thinking. The extensive and stylish lobby with high glass ceiling provides plenty of light to the colossal space. The overall impression is far from a typical hospital milieu.
  18. 18. Oras faucets to the new University Hospital of Trondheim St. Olavs Hospital, of the hospital. The new University Hospital is built at Øya in the central University Hospital of part of Trondheim. The first clinical Trondheim, Norway, is centers were completed in 2006. the local Hospital for the The entire hospital project will be population in Sør-Trøndelag, completed in 2015. The Hospital will have a total area of 197 500. but has several regional and From this will 49,500 m2 be used national tasks serving a total to university and teaching functions. of 630,000 inhabitants. Approximately 80 per cent of the buildings in the previous hospital will be replaced by new ones.  The hospital cooperates closely with the Norwegian University of Science The hospital has about 8,000 and Technology in research and in employees, and is owned by the education of medical doctors. Central Norway Regional Health Authority. Patient treatment, research and education are integrated functions18
  19. 19. 19 X-block represents the latest achievements of high technologyIn the year 2010 North Estonia The hospital has emergency room, Electra 6662FT-shower panelsMedical Centre, a regional hospital imaging unit, 18 operating rooms, were chosen to the bathrooms andlocated in Tallinn, Estonia, opened cancer clinic and the Nuclear additionally Oras Electra 6105 smarta new unit; called the X-block. Medicine Department. With over faucets and over 100 Oras’ singleThe medical equipment of X-block 400.000 patient visits per year – lever and thermostat faucets wererepresents the latest achievements along with Tartu University Hospital installed in the premises. Naturallyof high technology. Hospital’s overall – the unit is the foremost hospital in the recognized high quality of Oras’level of amenities is particularly Estonia. products had effect in the choice.focused in high quality. That is why Equally important arguments for Oras Electra 6120F smart faucetsOras was a natural choice for sanitary choosing Oras were hygiene of the were installed in the hospital – allfittings. touchless faucets, savings in water together around 350 pieces – in all consumption and safety.The hospital employs over 3600 patient rooms, general premisespeople, including 590 doctors. and doctors’ reception rooms. Oras
  20. 20. Steinvegen barnehage Steinvegen barnehage AS is a privately owned kindergarten in AS kindergarten provides Leksvik, Norway. It was founded in 2005. Steinvegen barnehage is a unique day care kindergarten which focuses on giving the children a safe and valuable everyday life. The main goal is that every single child could experience safety, comfort and respect in interaction with other children of same age and staff. Located in the heart of the city, Steinvegen barnehage offers great facilities for outdoor activities. In a small town, the nature, forest and seashore are all close. The children – accompanied by the adults – play and learn outside in all weather conditions. The kindergarten emphasizes outdoor Gerdahallen – the activities but another important issue leading training center is safety. The kindergarten has a traffic and fire protection learning in Sweden system which is designed especially for children. Safety is also added by the use of touchless faucets which cannot be left open nor is the water ever too hot for small fingers. Gerdahallen is a training and health center in the city Lund, in Southern Sweden. Gerdahallen is maintained by a foundation of Lund University and its main purpose is to offer local students and university personnel a variety of training. Of course, Gerdahallen is also open to the general public. In addition to team sports, Gerdahallen training and health center offers tennis, physiotherapy, massage and special memberships.20
  21. 21. 21 The State Hermitage Museum – one of the largest museums in the worldMuseum was started in the 18th Historical buildings need constant extremely smart Oras Ventura 8010century in St. Petersburg, Russia, as maintenance and renovation. Today, wash basin faucets in the Hermitagea private collection of Empress modern facilities are a necessity restrooms have both; single lever andCatherine II and in the 20th century it in the restrooms. Convenient and touchless function.became one of the largest museumsin the world.The main architectural ensembleof the Hermitage situated in the centerof St Petersburg consists of the WinterPalace, the former state residenceof the Russian emperors, and severalother palaces and buildings.
  22. 22. The Bolshoi Theatre – home of ballet The Bolshoi Theatre is a world-famous landmark of Moscow and Russia. It was designed by architect Joseph Bové. The current building was built on in 1824. The Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera are amongst the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world. The theatre is the parent company of The Bolshoi Ballet Academy, a world-leading school of ballet. The main building of the theatre has been rebuilt and renovated several times during its history. On 28 October 2011, the Bolshoi was re-opened after an extensive six year renovation. Naturally also the restroom and shower facilities were updated. There are approximately 200 pieces of touchless Oras Electra 6150F smart faucets in the theatre along with hundreds of Oras’ showers and single lever faucets.22
  23. 23. 23The new,streamlinedSwedbankHead OfficeThe Swedbank Head Office located opens into a wide one-piece space.on the right of the Neris River, in It comprises a café for visitors, botha recently developed but rapidly employees and guests of the bank,growing political, commercial and and also an auditorium and a readingrecreational area of the Lithuanian room, in addition to the customercapital Vilnius. This modern servicing centre and the businessarchitectural building consist of two centre. In the restrooms of themain parts. This building has a 4500 building, the employees and visitorssq m terrace, offering views to the are served by Oras touchless smartriver. faucets.The first building consists of two The finish on the blank facade walls15 and 16 storey structures and has been created by using stainless-the second is a lower structure, metal plates polished in differentcomprising of two blocks – the directions. The ornamental effect wasbroken-lined parterre and the regular obtained by varying the plate polishingfour-storey administrative office. direction which makes the facade lookThe ground floor, under the terrace, multi-coloured.
  24. 24. Oras is much more In this catalogue, we have chosen of faucets. The Oras Group has for development, manufacture, to concentrate on the faucets that production facilities in Finland and marketing, sales and after sales deal with specific tasks as regards Poland. The main goal of Oras is to services of faucets, accessories and hygiene and operation. However, become one of the world’s leading valves. Oras has much more to offer and our operators in its line of business. A The TÜV CERT Certification Body product range naturally encompasses large and versatile collection and of TÜV NORD Zertifizierungs- und numerous designs of more alternatives for different purposes Umweltgutachter Gesellschaft mbH conventional faucets. enable you to find the right faucet for certifies that the Quality Management For a complete view on Oras every water inlet in the home. System of Oras Olesno Sp. z o.o. in products, order our product catalogue Olesno Poland, conforms to the ISO or apply to www.oras.com. Det Norske Veritas Certification 9001, the Environmental Management OY/AB certifies that the Quality System to the ISO 14001 standard Oras develops, manufactures and Management System of Oras Oy in and the Occupational Health and markets user-friendly and innovative Rauma Finland, conforms to the ISO Safety System to the OHSAS 18001 faucet systems and the related 9001, the Environmental Management standard. The certificates are valid valves and modules. The design and System to the  ISO 14001 standard for manufacture, storage, marketing, technical solutions of our products and the Occupational Health and sales and after sales services of are driven by user-friendliness. Oras is Safety System to the OHSAS 18001 faucets, valves and accessories. one of Europe’s largest manufacturers standard. The certificates are valid All Oras faucets are identified with symbols that best highlight the unique features of the product. These product symbols help you to find easily the Oras faucet that fulfills your needs and requests.User-friendliness Smart Ecology Safety Hygiene Luxury Makes your life easier More pleasure with Save water and energy Easy and safe to use Maximum hygiene Form born of functionality innovative functionality with minimum effort ORAS GROUP Isometsäntie 2, P.O. Box 40, FI-26101 RAUMA, FINLAND Tel. +358 (0)2 83 161, Fax +358 (0)2 831 6300 E-mail: info.Finland@oras.com,www.oras.com For the further details please apply to Oras web site at www.oras.com 2.2012 Oras reserves the right to change product specifications without notice.